Training Summary

In this course, you will learn basic skills and Software Testing concepts. Lessons are taught using REAL-LIFE Examples for improved learning. Refer the tutorials sequentially one after the other.

What should I know?

This online video tutorial is specially designed for beginners with little or no manual testing experience. But before you begin, refer this comprehensive guide on choosing QA as your career

Software Testing Syllabus

Testing Fundamentals
TutorialWhat is Software Testing? Definition, Basics & Types
TutorialSoftware Testing as a Career Path (Skills, Salary, Growth)
Tutorial7 Software Testing Principles: Learn with Examples
TutorialV-Model in Software Testing
TutorialSTLC - Software Testing Life Cycle Phases & Entry, Exit Criteria
Types of Testing
TutorialManual Testing Tutorial for Beginners: Concepts, Types, Tool
TutorialAUTOMATION TESTING Tutorial: What is, Process, Benefits & Tools
TutorialAutomation Testing Vs. Manual Testing: What's the Difference?
TutorialUnit Testing Tutorial: What is, Types, Tools, EXAMPLE
TutorialIntegration Testing: What is, Types, Top Down & Bottom Up Example
TutorialWhat is System Testing? Types & Definition with Example
TutorialSanity Testing Vs Smoke Testing: Introduction & Differences
TutorialWhat is Regression Testing? Definition, Test Cases (Example)
TutorialWhat is Non Functional Testing? Types with Example
TestCase Development
TutorialTest Documentation in Software Testing
TutorialWhat is Test Scenario? Template with Examples
TutorialHow to Write Test Cases: Sample Template with Examples
TutorialWhat is Test Analysis (Test Basis) in Software Testing?
TutorialWhat is Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)? Example Template
TutorialTest Data Generation: What is, How to, Example, Tools
TutorialDownload Sample Test Case Template: Example Excel, Word Formats
Testing Techniques
TutorialSoftware Testing Techniques with Test Case Design Examples
TutorialBoundary Value Analysis & Equivalence Partitioning with Examples
TutorialDecision Table Testing: Learn with Example
TutorialWhat is State Transition Testing? Diagram, Technique, Example
TutorialWhat is Use Case Testing? Technique, Examples

Test Management & Control
TutorialSoftware Test Estimation Techniques: Step By Step Guide
TutorialHow to Create a Test Plan (with Example)
TutorialTest Plan Template: Sample Document with Web Application Example
TutorialTest Environment for Software Testing
TutorialDefect Management Process in Software Testing (Bug Report Template)
TutorialDefect/Bug Life Cycle in Software Testing
TutorialTop 50 Software Testing Tools
TutorialAgile Methodology & Model: Guide for Software Development & Testing
TutorialWhat is Agile Testing? Process, Strategy, Test Plan, Life Cycle Example
TutorialScrum Testing Methodology Tutorial: What is, Process, Artifacts, Sprint
TutorialAutomation Testing Framework for Agile/Scrum Methodology
TutorialSAFe Methodology Tutorial: What is Scaled Agile Framework
Testing Different Domains
TutorialWeb Application Testing: 8 Step Guide to Website Testing
TutorialWeb Application Testing Checklist: Example Test Cases for Website
TutorialBanking Domain Application Testing: Sample Test Cases
TutorialeCommerce Testing: How to Test an E-Commerce Website
TutorialPayment Gateway Testing Tutorial with Example Test Cases
TutorialMainframe Testing - Complete Tutorial
TutorialTesting Retail Point Of Sale(POS) Systems: Example Test Cases
TutorialHealthCare Domain Testing with Sample Test Cases
TutorialTesting Insurance Domain Applications with Sample Test Cases
TutorialTesting Telecom Domain with Sample OSS/BSS Test cases
TutorialBusiness Intelligence (BI) Testing: Sample Test Cases
WhiteBox Testing
TutorialWhat is WHITE Box Testing? Techniques, Example, Types & Tools
TutorialWhat is Static Testing? What is a Testing Review?
TutorialMccabe's Cyclomatic Complexity: Calculate with Flow Graph (Example)
TutorialCode Coverage Tutorial: Branch, Statement, Decision, FSM
TutorialPath Testing & Basis Path Testing with EXAMPLES
Performance Testing
TutorialPerformance Testing Tutorial: What is, Types, Metrics & Example
TutorialLoad Testing Tutorial: What is? How to? (with Examples)
TutorialWhat is STRESS Testing in Software Testing? Tools, Types, Examples
TutorialWhat is Volume Testing? Learn with Examples
TutorialWhat is Scalability Testing? Learn with Example
TutorialWhat is Soak Testing? Definition, Meaning, Examples
TutorialStability Testing in Software Testing
TutorialWhat is Spike Testing? Learn With Example
TutorialLoad Testing vs Stress Testing vs Performance Testing: Difference Discussed
TutorialWhat is Response Time Testing?
TutorialWhat is Benchmark Testing? Test Plan, Tools, Example
TutorialWhat is Endurance Testing in Software Testing? (with Example)
TutorialReliability Testing Tutorial: What is, Methods, Tools, Example
Tutorial13 BEST Performance Testing Tools | Load Testing Tool
Advance Testing Topics
TutorialSoftware Testing Metrics: What is, Types & Example
TutorialHow to create Test Strategy Document (Sample Template)
TutorialWhat is Testing as a Service? TaaS Model Explained
TutorialWhat is Test Maturity Model (TMM) in Software Testing?
TutorialSeverity & Priority in Testing: Differences & Example
TutorialWhat is a Test Script? How to write with Example
TutorialTest Strategy vs Test Plan: What's the Difference?
TutorialStatic Testing vs Dynamic Testing: What's the Difference?
TutorialDifference Between Retesting and Regression Testing
TutorialQuality Assurance Vs Quality Control: What's the Difference?
TutorialDifference Between Verification and Validation with Example
TutorialPositive Testing and Negative Testing with Examples
TutorialWhat is TEST HARNESS? Tools & Examples
TutorialWhat is Defect Density? Formula to calculate with Example
TutorialDifference Between Globalization Testing and Localization Testing
TutorialTest Condition vs Test Scenario: What's the Difference?
TutorialUnit Test vs Integration Test: What's the Difference?
TutorialFunctional Testing Vs Non-Functional Testing: What's the Difference?
TutorialBlack Box Testing Vs. White Box Testing: Key Differences
TutorialFrontend Testing Vs. Backend Testing: What's the Difference?
TutorialSDLC vs STLC: What's the Difference?
TutorialWhat is SDET? Full Form, Meaning, Role and Responsibilities
TutorialDo Testers have to Write Code?
TutorialTest Case vs Test Scenario: What's the Difference?

Testing Types - Mega List
TutorialTypes of Software Testing: 100 Examples of Different Testing Types
TutorialAPI Testing Tutorial: Learn in 10 minutes!
TutorialWhat is BLACK Box Testing? Techniques, Example & Types
TutorialAlpha Testing Vs Beta Testing: What's the Difference?
TutorialWhat is Functional Testing? Types & Examples (Complete Tutorial)
TutorialWhat is User Acceptance Testing (UAT)? with Examples
TutorialREST API Testing Tutorial: Sample Manual Test Case
TutorialREST Client Testing using Restito Tool
TutorialREST Assured Tutorial: How to test API with Example
TutorialWhat is Security Testing? Types with Example
TutorialGUI Testing Tutorial: User Interface (UI) TestCases with Examples
TutorialSoftware Testing Methodologies: Learn QA Models
TutorialEND-To-END Testing Tutorial: What is E2E Testing with Example
TutorialWhat is Exploratory Testing? Techniques with Examples
TutorialMutation Testing in Software Testing: Mutant Score & Analysis Example
TutorialWhat is Adhoc Testing? Types with Example
TutorialKeyword Driven Testing Framework with Example
TutorialRisk Based Testing: Approach, Matrix, Process & Examples
TutorialBackend Testing Tutorial: What is, Tools & Examples
TutorialWhat is Smoke Testing? How to do with EXAMPLES
TutorialAccessibility Testing Tutorial: What is, Tools & Examples
TutorialWhat is Quality Assurance(QA)? Process, Methods, Examples
Tutorial Quality Management Plan Template: Download with Sample Example
TutorialWhat is SOA Testing? Tutorial with Example
TutorialPenetration Testing Tutorial: What is PenTest?
TutorialWhat is Compatibility Testing? Forward & Backward Testing (Example)
TutorialWhat is System Integration Testing (SIT) with Example
TutorialTest Coverage in Software Testing
TutorialWhat is Usability Testing? UX(User Experience) Testing Example
TutorialProtocol Testing Tutorial: L2 & L3
TutorialWhat is Cloud Testing? SaaS Testing Tutorial
TutorialCookie Testing: Example Test Cases for Website
TutorialWhat is Grey Box Testing? Techniques, Example
TutorialModel Based Testing Tutorial: What is, Tools & Example
TutorialWhat is Pilot Testing? Definition, Meaning, Examples
TutorialWhat is Orthogonal Array Testing (OATS)? Tools, Techniques & Example
TutorialWhat is Alpha Testing? Process, Example
TutorialFuzz Testing(Fuzzing) Tutorial: What is, Types, Tools & Example
TutorialWhat is Localization Testing? Example Test Cases & Checklist
TutorialWhat is Interface Testing? Types & Example
TutorialWhat is Vulnerability Assessment? Testing Process, VAPT Scan Tool
TutorialWhat is Configuration Testing? Example Test Cases
TutorialApplication Testing Tutorial: What is, How to, Tools
TutorialWhat is Negative Testing? Test cases With Example
TutorialWhat is Interoperability Testing in Software Testing? (with Examples)
TutorialConformance Testing (Compliance Testing) - Complete Guide
TutorialWhat is Loop Testing? Methodology, Example
TutorialWhat is Component Testing? Techniques, Example Test Cases
TutorialWhat is Dynamic Testing? Types, Techniques & Example
TutorialWhat is Parallel Testing? Definition, Approach, Example
TutorialWhat is Operational Acceptance Testing(OAT)? Example Test Cases
TutorialWhat is Module Testing? Definition, Examples
TutorialWhat is Workflow Testing in Software Testing? with Examples
TutorialStorage Testing Tutorial: What is, Type, Concepts
TutorialWhat is Recovery Testing? with Example
TutorialWhat is Concurrency Testing in Software Testing?
TutorialWhat is Thread Testing in Software Testing?
TutorialWhat is Destructive Testing? Techniques, Methods, Example
TutorialWhat is Continuous Testing in DevOps? Definition, Benefits, Tools
TutorialLevels of Testing in Software Testing
TutorialIoT Testing Tutorial: What is, Process, Challenges & Tools
TutorialWhat is Test Driven Development (TDD)? Tutorial with Example
TutorialWhat is Data Driven Testing? Learn to create Framework
TutorialWhat is Monkey & Gorilla Testing? Examples, Difference
TutorialWhat is Front End Testing? Tools & Frameworks
TutorialWhat is Embedded Testing in Software Testing?
TutorialWhat is Domain Testing in Software Testing? (with Example)
TutorialSalesforce Testing Tutorial: What, Process, Tools, Best Practices
TutorialDesign Verification & Validation Process
TutorialNon Destructive Testing (NDT)
Tutorial10 Best Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Tools
Tutorial20 Best Bug/Defect Tracking Tools
Tutorial20 Best Web Application Testing Tools
Tutorial20 BEST Automation Testing Tools
Tutorial15 BEST Test Data Generation Tools
Tutorial13 Best Crowd Testing (Crowdsource) Companies
Tutorial10 BEST Exploratory Testing Tools
Tutorial15+ BEST Open Source Testing Tools
Tutorial20 BEST Software Testing Services
Tutorial20+ TOP Performance Testing Service Companies
TutorialTop 150 Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers
TutorialTop 15 Automation Testing Interview Questions & Answers
TutorialTop 25 Database Testing Interview Questions & Answers
TutorialTop 40 QA (Quality Assurance) Interview Questions & Answers
TutorialQA Software Tester Resume Example: How to Write Job Seeking Resume
Tutorial Software Testing Tutorial for Beginners PDF
Tutorial6 Testing eBook Bundle
Tutorial Testing Quiz
TutorialISTQB Certification: Complete Exam Study Material with Mock Test
TutorialCSTE Certification Guide with Study Material
TutorialCertified Software Quality Analyst(CSQA) Certification Guide
Tutorial ISTQB CTAL (Advanced Level) Exam with Study Material
Live Testing Project
Join Live Manual Testing Project: Online Software Testing Practice
Join Free Software Testing Live Project: Insurance Domain


✅ Why learn software testing?

Here are the reasons for learning software testing:

  • Software testing is in demand.
  • It is relatively easy to start a career in product/software testing.
  • Testing tools are easy to learn.
  • Software testing is an important process of the software development life cycle.
  • It is a evergreen sector in the IT sector.

💥 What are the Benefits of Software Testing?

Here are the benefits of software testing:

  • Software testing ensures that you deliver a quality product to the customer.
  • Testing helps in removing risks and problems earlier.
  • Testing any IT project on time helps you to save your money for the long term.
  • The main aim of any product is to give satisfaction to their customers. UI/UX Testing ensures the best user experience.

❓ Who can learn Software Testing?

Software testing can be learned by the people who want to start their career in the IT industry but not interested in coding. It can be learned by the people who want to learn various testing tools and enjoy finding bugs.

✅ Why choose software testing as a career?

Here are the reasons to choose software testing as a career:

  • You can get a good salary and growth as a software testing professional.
  • Solving and tracking bugs is a fun activity
  • You contribute to the quality of the software product, which is a very rewarding experience.
  • People should choose software testing if they like to work in a challenging environment.

🔒 How do I get real-time exposure to Testing?

You can get real-time exposure to Testing by analyzing the live projects and finding bugs and errors. You can join our Live Testing Project to get your hands dirty in QA.