15 BEST Test Data Generator Tools (2024)

Test data generation is the process of generating random test data for executing test cases. Many test data generator tools are available that generate synthetic test data to create sensible data values that look like production test data. Test data generators can help create realistic test data even if no existing data is available.

We have reviewed countless test data generation tools to understand their capability and features. Finally, we have sorted some test data generators that look promising. Please go through our review to learn more about their features, pros and cons, pricing, etc. The list contains open-source (free) and commercial (paid) test data generators.
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Best Test Data Generation Tools: Free & Open Source

Tool Name Key Features Link
Avo iTDM • Automatically identifies and manages Personal Identifiable Information.
• Easy-to-plugin customizable modules.
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Mostly AI • Synthetic data seamlessly replaces the actual data.
• It works with different structured data types.
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BlazeMeter • It can develop variable and flexible test data for more accurate testing.
• Synchronizes data for every test, whether the SUT or the mock services.
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K2view • It helps perform a rollback of test data.
• Recreates production issues within a matter of seconds.
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EMS Data Generator • EMS Data Generator allows you to set NULL values.
• You can save and edit generated data in SQL script.
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1) Avo iTDM – Intelligent Test Data Management

Avo iTDM is the test data management platform that empowers you to generate production-like, AI-ML-based test data with a few clicks. With reliable, relevant, and compliant data values quickly available, you can expedite testing and be 100% sure of higher quality.

iTDM helps you identify non-compliant data in non-production environments and keep pace with continuously evolving data privacy regulations. It also enables you to generate test data and provide relevant information downstream.

Avo iTDM


  • Data discovery: With AvoiTDM, you get a detailed overview of the data present. It automatically identifies and manages Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Open architecture: AvoiTDM comes with easy-to-plugin customizable modules. It also supports the open architecture concept.
  • Data obfuscation: It provides data obfuscation, hiding the sensitive data with PII security compliance and preventing hackers from gaining access.
  • Synthetic data: This tool uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language. You can now imitate real-world data easily using realistic test data.


  • Generates synthetic data without writing a single line of code.
  • Supports open architecture with easily pluggable custom modules.
  • Allows random data to be accessible by different systems and applications.


  • Limited 3rd party integration on the Starter Plan.
  • White Glove Support is available only with the Enterprise Plan.

Pricing: AVO offers flexible pricing options, customizable as per the user requirements. You can review the free demo version to better understand this tool.

Visit Avo iTDM >>


MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data generator is one of the few AI-powered test data generation tools where each generated dataset comes with a QA report. After uploading a random data sample, the test data generator can create statistically and structurally identical synthetic versions of the original. It’s 100% privacy-safe and completely realistic with AWS, GCP, and Azure connections.

The downside is that you need a sample dataset to train the algorithm. The upside is that instead of manually trying to assemble a production-like dataset, you can upload some production data, and you can generate test data as little or as much of its synthetic version as you want. Unlike data masking, the resulting synthetic data is representative and doesn’t destroy data utility.



  • Best-in-class accuracy: You get the finest synthetic data from Mostly AI that promises the highest accuracy rate. The synthetic data seamlessly replaces the actual data without hampering the insights and granularity.
  • GDPR compliance: Mostly AI is 100% GDPR compliant and privacy safe with rare category protection. It also generates 100k rows per day for free.
  • Incorporate multi-table setup: This platform easily identifies the relationships between tables within a relational database. Using this setup, you can combine complicated data structures.
  • Time-Series support: With MOSTLY AI, you get full support for time-series data crucial for sectors like healthcare, banking, etc. Mostly, AI also preserves data trends securely and privately.
  • Smart imputation: This tool fills the blank spaces in the data through smart imputation. It improves the data integrity for better modeling and analysis.
  • Star-Schema support: You can generate artificial tables as per the tables shared to maintain correlation across the star schema.
  • Multiple data type support: It works with different structured data types, whether categorical, data-time variables, or numerical. The tool also performs synthetic data generation quickly.


  • Offers easy Upsampling and downsampling.
  • Business rules are automatically retained.
  • DB2, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL support.


  • Custom deployment is not available with the Free version.
  • Dedicated support is available with the Enterprise version.

Pricing: Mostly AI is available for free. Additionally, the paid versions start at $3.00 per credit.

Visit MOSTLY AI >>

3) BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter is an industry-leading test data generation tool. With it, teams can transform their testing through optimized test data generation, vastly expanded test coverage, increased and reliable accuracy, and bolstered the resilience of your app.

Accelerating testing and elevating application quality is faster and easier with BlazeMeter. This AI-Assisted Test Data Function Generator offers premium support, on-the-fly test generation support, and chaos testing. It also acts as an AI-driven data profiler and test data creator.



  • Mobile application testing: BlazeMeter carries out mobile application testing by generating synthetic test data. This tool generates correct test data and can even import data when using 3rd party pass for the testing process.
  • Data consistency: You can now have data consistency for all the tests. Using this tool, you can even perform GUI functional tests. For one-time data generation, you can use it for all the areas.
  • Mock service data: It is possible to generate data for virtual and mock services. BlazeMeter even develops variable and flexible test data for more accurate testing.
  • Data Synchronization: Your data is synchronized for every test, whether the SUT (systems under test) or the mock services. This approach offers a comprehensive testing experience.


  • The tool provides continuous integration support.
  • You can work with custom script libraries.
  • It offers Splunk integrations and secrets management.


  • Limited capabilities with the Freemium plan.
  • Max tax duration is only 20 minutes in the Free plan.

Pricing: The starter plan is free to use. Additionally, premium plans start at $99/month.

Visit BlazeMeter >>

4) K2view

K2view test data management tools (K2tdm) enable software and quality teams to instantly provision the trusted test data they need from any source to any target environment at a fraction of the cost and time of alternatives.

Using these tools, you can also synthesize the missing test data. K2TDM tools also maintain referential context when generating synthetic data. It is also possible to prevent overriding the generated data and concurrent provisioning.



  • Data subsetting: K2TDM uses different business parameters to access a data subset through multiple platforms. You can also perform a rollback of test data.
  • Multiple facilities: This tool lets you carry our version control. It is also possible to have full user access control (based on permissions and roles). Additionally, it integrates with DevOps CI/CD pipelines.
  • Recreation development: It recreates production issues within a matter of seconds. The tool creates a provision for the associated dataset from a high to low environment.


  • Unlimited data sources (relational DBs, NoSQL, legacy, etc.).
  • Inflight data masking (structured/unstructured, persistent/dynamic).
  • Surgical data subsetting (in minutes, based on predefined rules).


  • Location restriction for K2TDM usage.

Pricing: There is a free version available. Additionally, you can also access the demo.

Visit K2view >>

5) EMS Data Generator

EMS Data Generator is a great synthetic data generation tool for creating test data for MySQL database tables. It allows you to populate MySQL database tables with test data simultaneously.

Using EMS Data Generator, you can use SQL query results as a list of values for data generation. It also provides a wide variety of generated parameters for each field type. This tool also lets you see the preview of the generated data.

EMS Data Generator


  • Data encoding: EMS Data Generator supports encoding options for different script files. Additionally, it also supports Unicode files.
  • Program installation: Those files containing test data come integrated with program installation pack. The latest version supports Windows 11 ARM.
  • JSON data type support: It also enables JSON data type support for Oracle 21c, MySQL 8, Firebird 4, PostgreSQL 16, etc.


  • This test data generator supports SET, ENUM, GEOMETRY types, etc.
  • EMS Data Generator allows you to set NULL values.
  • You can save and edit generated data in SQL script.


  • One license can be used only by a single person.

Pricing: You can talk to the company representative to get the best rates.

Visit EMS Data >>

6) Informatica Test Data Management

Informatica Test Data Management is one of the best test data generation tools that automates data connectivity and test data-generation capabilities.

This tool automatically finds data locations for consistent masking (hiding original data with edited content) across databases.

Informatica Test Data Management


  • Automated data identification: Informatica TDM identifies locations prone to sensitive data within a short time. Additionally, it continues masking in and across the databases.
  • Data subset: Creates provision for smaller data sets to improve speed and performance while minimizing the infrastructure requirements.
  • Pre-built accelerators: Masking algorithms let you stay anonymous when handling common data elements, thus eliminating the risk factors.
  • Monitoring & reporting: It also engages the audit teams while focusing on the risk and compliance rules to handle the data governance initiatives.


  • It offers monitoring and compliance reporting.
  • You can store, share, and reuse datasets.
  • Comprehensive masking techniques for continuous data protection.


  • Those needing to become more familiar with data integration may find it complicated.

Pricing: This tool is free before going for the paid premium versions.

Link: https://www.informatica.com/in/products/data-security/test-data-management.html

7) Double

Double is a test data management solution that includes data clean-up, test plan creation, data conversion, and “historic” file conversion. It ensures clean, consistent data files for field testing and regulatory reporting.

You can easily manage data management projects tailored to your business practices. It allows you to organize data across departments, divisions, and regions. Choose the options that are suitable for your organization.



  • Managing data: Data management options are available for a range of test data, including SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis), T-Double Software, and DTA (Domestic Tariff Area).
  • Strong supervision: With Double, you get best-in-class data management supervisory services. This initiative helps instigate best data management practices.
  • Data governance: The database captures data and takes backup of the files in logical folders, ensuring better data management.
  • Database API: The application interface offers a service layer that retrieves test data and results. It also integrates with 3rd party business intelligence tools.


  • Quickly identifies areas of poor data testing practices.
  • Can upload data to private remote data storage.
  • PowerBase for documentation support and device data consolidation.


  • Assessing conditions and managing the same may require expert intervention.

Pricing: Please get in touch with the support team to get pricing quotes.

Link: https://www.doble.com/product/test-data-management/

8) Broadcom EDMS

Broadcom EDMS is a popular test data generation tool/application for generating test data. It can extract specific transactional sets of business objects required for particular tests.

This test data generator tool helps you define and repeatedly leverage application metadata and subset creation policies. You can define and apply the format for preserving and masking policies to secure sensitive data.

Broadcom EDMS


  • Multiple rules: Broadcom EDMS offers many test data generation rules to create subsets containing all production data characteristics.
  • Multiple subset functions: It provides multiple subset functions, including delete, insert, and truncate.
  • High-end security: With the latest security measures, this test data generator tool eliminates unnecessary security risks and significantly reduces infrastructure costs.
  • Wide-scale detection: You can detect data from confidential sources, price lists, etc., stored in a database or directory server.


  • Can detect data in both structured and unstructured formats.
  • Option to schedule indexing regularly.
  • EDM can help identify PII.


  • Very difficult to contact technical support.

Pricing: For pricing, you can request the sales team.

Link: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/symantec-security-software/information-security/

9) SAP Test Data Migration Server

SAP Test Data Migration Server is a tool that helps your development, quality assurance, test, and training systems with real SAP business data. It Increases efficiency by reducing the time required to manage data in development and test systems.

This tool Complies with data privacy laws by scrambling sensitive production data. It often optimizes development, testing, or training activities by providing current data.

SAP Test Data Migration Server


  • Snapshot feature: Using the snapshot feature, you can have a logical version of a specific storage volume using pointers for the associated data blocks.
  • Data selection parallelization: You can schedule different batch jobs simultaneously through the data selection parallelization process.
  • Creating user roles: It is possible to access any activity from the process tree since users are not assigned specific roles for activities.
  • Active shell creation: You can copy every data from an application in one system to another using this process. It uses the core SAP system copy process.


  • It helps you to reduce infrastructure and expenses.
  • You can extract and transfer data for testing.
  • Migrate data across unconnected data centers.


  • Web browsers don’t support the logout feature.

Pricing: Request sales for a quote

Link: https://help.sap.com/docs/SAP_TEST_DATA_MIGRATION_SERVER

10) Upscene – Advanced Data Generator

Upscene is a data generator tool that creates test data in your database tables. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize data types, relationships, and constraints.

Its advanced data generator tool also generates sensible data that looks real. Using this data generator you do not have to enter data by hand and stress test with a huge amount of data prior to deploying.



  • Creating complex data: It allows you to create complex data over multiple related tables.
  • Support for data types: This tool supports various data types, including date and time, integers, binary, and Boolean.
  • Multiple macros: You can use several macros for generating a single value.


  • It offers improved binary file support.
  • The latest version comes with an upgraded LOOKUP.


  • A few instances were noticed where the application crashed when working longer.

Pricing: Free to download

Link: https://www.upscene.com/advanced_data_generator/

11) Mockaroo

Mockaroo is one of the best mock data generator online tools that lets you solve data generation problems quickly. It also allows you to generate 1,000+ rows of test data in JSON, CSV, Excel, and SQL formats.

This testing application offers a large amount of data mocking libraries. It lets you download a huge amount of randomly generated test data based on your specification and then you can directly upload it into your test environment.



  • Data types: It provides a range of data types, including city, country, country code, street address, latitude, phone, state, and more.
  • Mocking libraries: This tool provides numerous mocking libraries for every language and platform.
  • Random test data: You can download randomly generated test data that can be loaded directly into your test environment.


  • It enables you to test with realistic data.
  • You can design your mock APIs.
  • You control the URLs, responses, and error conditions.


  • Those unfamiliar with data generation concepts may need clarification on the tool.

Pricing: The free plan allows up to 1,000 rows per file, with 200 API requests per day and 1x speed. The paid plans start at $60 per year.

Link: https://mockaroo.com/

12) GenerateData

GenerateData is an open-source data generator tool written in PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. It allows you to generate large volumes of custom data in a range of formats for use in testing software.



  • Custom data types: It enables developers to write their own data types to generate new types of random data.
  • Interconnected data: Using this tool, you can add new country plugins that supply city names, region names, and postal or zip code formats.
  • GNU-license: This random data generator tool provides a fully functional, GNU-licensed version.


  • It offers an online demo to learn its functionality.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use.
  • It can generate over 30 types of data.


  • New users may need clarification with so many functional aspects.

Pricing: Talk to their sales team directly to get a quote on plans and available options.

Link: http://generatedata.com/

13) Delphix

Delphix tool helps your company to release software faster by delivering virtual data on demand. It allows teams to maintain and version libraries of test data.



  • Error bookmark sharing: Bookmarks of environments containing errors can be instantly shared with developers to resolve them.
  • Data compliance: This sample data generator can associate and secure sensitive info across millions of rows of data for its key digital apps. It complies with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws.
  • Extensible and open: Delphix has user-friendly UIs, CLIs, and APIs for managing data operations in different setups. It can connect to different data sources while integrating with CM, APM, and CI tools.


  • Users can easily bookmark and reset their data to any previous state.
  • These test data generators can sync with any test data without disruption.
  • It comes with custom and predefined masking algorithms.


  • No live chat support is available.

Pricing: Don’t hesitate to contact customer support to learn about the pricing.

Link: https://www.delphix.com/solutions/test-data-management

14) Original Software

Original Software is a comprehensive test data and verification solution. It tests at both database and UI levels and integrates with numerous other solutions for total application quality.

Original Software


  • Data subsets creation: This test data creation tool lets you create data subsets with complete referential integrity for faster testing without compromising quality. You can also select or sample data by preserving valid data references.
  • Multiple tracking: It is one of the best test data generation tools that enable you to track every insert, update, and delete, including intervening data states.
  • Unit testing: Original Software offers complete unit testing to display in-batch processes and other functional aspects. It is compatible with IBM i-batch testing.
  • Seamless functioning: This test data generator tool promises seamless working with different tools to automate the testing process without lag.


  • These test data generators provide server-side testing for developers.
  • You can compare your data to verify your test results.
  • You can use a variety of obfuscation methods to protect your data.


  • The reduction in UAT testing time should be at least 75%.

Pricing: Their pricing depends on several factors. Hence, talk to their sales team to discuss the pricing.

Link: https://originalsoftware.com/products/testbench/


It would be best to consider the following factors before selecting test data generation tools.

  • Quality of Customer support.
  • License Cost, if applicable.
  • If there is an outsourcing project, you need to factor in customer/Client preference for the data generation tool.
  • The cost involved in training employees on the tool.
  • Hardware/Software requirements of the data generator tool
  • Consider the security options offered by software providers.
  • Support and Update the policy of the data generator tool vendor.
  • Go through the review of the company.

It would help if you did NOT use test data generator tools when testing small and simple software projects, as these tools take a steep learning curve and may involve license costs.

Best Test Data Generation Tools

Tool Name Key Features Link
Avo iTDM • Automatically identifies and manages Personal Identifiable Information.
• Easy-to-plugin customizable modules.
Learn More
Mostly AI • Synthetic data seamlessly replaces the actual data.
• It works with different structured data types.
Learn More
BlazeMeter • It can develop variable and flexible test data for more accurate testing.
• Synchronizes data for every test, whether the SUT or the mock services.
Learn More
K2view • It helps perform a rollback of test data.
• Recreates production issues within a matter of seconds.
Learn More
EMS Data Generator • EMS Data Generator allows you to set NULL values.
• You can save and edit generated data in SQL script.
Learn More