15 BEST Data Generator Tools for Test Data Generation in 2021

Test data generation is the process of making sample test data used in executing test cases. There are many Test Data Generator tools available that create sensible data that looks like production test data. You can use these tools if no existing data is available.

Best Test Data Generation Tools

Following is a handpicked list of Top Test Data Generator tools, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open-source(free) and commercial(paid) test data generation software.


DATPROF simplifies getting the right test data at the right moment. With DATPROF Privacy you can mask your test data and generate synthetic data. Your customer data is protected, but software teams can still use representative test data.


  • Preserve data characteristics
  • High performance on large data sets
  • Consistent over multiple applications and databases
  • Built-in synthetic data generators
  • Supports CI/CD integration (continuous integration vs. continuous delivery)
  • Manage and refresh your test data environments from one central platform.

2) EMS Data Generator

EMS Data Generator is a software application for creating test data to MySQL database tables. It allows you to populate MySQL database table with test data simultaneously.


  • You save and edit generated data in SQL script.
  • This software supports data types like SET, ENUM, GEOMETRY types, etc.
  • You can use SQL query results as a list of values for data generation.
  • You can see the preview of the generated data.
  • It provides a wide variety of generated parameters for each field type.
  • EMS Data Generator allows you to set NULL values.

3) Redgate SQL Data Generator

Redgate SQL Data Generator creates a large volume of data within a couple of clicks. It supports foreign keys for generating consistent data across more than one level.


  • This data generator tool provides flexibility and manual control for creating foreign key data.
  • It has more than 60 inbuilt generators with numerous sensible configuration options.
  • You can save SQL statements and regexp generators to share with your team.
  • This tool provides support for the command line to generate automated data.
  • It allows you to import data from existing data sources.
  • Redgate SQL data generator automatically converts data when source data is of the different data types.
  • It offers flexibility and manual control for creating foreign key data.

Link: https://www.red-gate.com/products/sql-development/sql-data-generator/

4) Informatica Test Data Management

Informatica Test Data management is of the best test data generation tool that automated data connectivity and test data-generation capabilities.


  • This tool automatically finds data locations for consistent masking (the process of hiding original data with edited content) across databases.
  • Informatica support for packaged applications to make sure application integrity and speed deployments.
  • It offers monitoring and compliance reporting.
  • Testers can store, share, augment, and Reuse test datasets to increase their efficiency in software testing.
  • It provides a comprehensive set of masking techniques that can constantly mask various data across applications.

Link: https://www.informatica.com/in/products/data-security/test-data-management.html

5) Double

Double is a test data management solution that includes data clean-up, test plan creation, data conversion, and “historic” file conversion. It ensures clean, consistent data files for field testing and regulatory reporting.


  • Data management options are available for a range of test data, including T-Doble Software, SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis), and DTA (Domestic Tariff Area).
  • It allows you to choose which options are needed for your organization
  • You can easily manage data management projects tailored to your business practices.
  • It allows you to organize data across departments, divisions, and regions.

Link: https://www.doble.com/product/test-data-management/

6) InfoSphere Optim

IBM InfoSphere Optim is a test data creating an application that increases performance, empower collaboration across applications and databases across platforms.


  • You can archive data from historical transaction records and decommissioned applications, decommissioned applications, and historical transaction records.
  • Comprehensive test data management capabilities.
  • It provides a single scalable archiving solution for the enterprise.

Link: https://www.ibm.com/in-en/analytics/optim

7) CA Test Data Manager

CA Test Data Manager is a tool for generating test data. You can use it to store, manage, find, edit, mask, and subset data. It enables you to centrally store data as a reusable asset.


  • It provides dynamic self-service forms to find, view, analyze, and observe test data.
  • You can easily recognize personally identifiable information (PII).
  • It can Generate synthetic test data.
  • It enables you to create virtual copies of test data.
  • This tool helps you to store data centrally store data as a reusable asset.

Link: https://www.ca.com/us/products/ca-test-data-manager.html

8) Solix EDMS

Solix EDMS is one of the popular test data generation tool/application for generating test data. It can extract specific transactional sets of business objects required for particular tests.


  • It helps you to define and leverage application metadata and subset creation policies repeatedly.
  • You can define and apply format for preserving and masking policies to secure and sensitive data.
  • It offers many test data generation rules to create subsets that contain all the characteristics of production data.
  • It provides multiple subset functions, including delete, inserts, and truncate
  • It eliminates unnecessary security risks and significantly reduces your infrastructure costs.

Link: https://www.solix.com/data-management-solutions/test-data-management/

9) SAP Test Data Migration Server

SAP Test Data Migration Server is a tool that helps your development, quality assurance, test, and training systems with real SAP business data. It Increases efficiency by reducing the time required to manage data in development and test systems.


  • It helps you to reduce infrastructure and expenses
  • You can extract and transfer data for and testing
  • It optimizes development, test, or training activities by providing current data often.
  • This tool Complies with data privacy laws by scrambling sensitive production data.
  • Migrate data across unconnected data centers.

Link: https://archive.sap.com/documents/docs/DOC-53507

10) DTM Data Generator

DTM data generator application allows users to create a data generation project by a few clicks. It analyzes the target database structure before each execution in order to prevent the populating of the changing tables.


  • It supports all popular database systems like Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Firebird, MySQL, and more.
  • It has more than fifteen methods to fill in the fields with random and repeatable data.
  • Seventy built-in functions and expression processor.
  • This product checks an existing database schema and automatically solve the master-detail key structure.
  • It provides a wide range of external data sources: databases, CSV or text files, XML documents, Excel, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Variables and Named Generators features provide a way to share data generation properties to similar columns.
  • It supports all modern Windows versions: Vista, XP Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, and more.

Link: http://www.sqledit.com/dg/

11) Upscene – Advanced Data Generator

Upscene is a data generator tool that creates test data in your database tables. It allows you to create complex data over multiple tables related to each other.


  • It generates sensible data that looks like real.
  • This tool supports a range of data types, including date & time, integers, binary, and Boolean.

Link: https://www.upscene.com/advanced_data_generator/

12) Mockaroo

Mockaroo is one of the best mock data generator online tools that lets you solve your data generation problems in a few clicks. It also allows you to generate more than 1,000 rows of test data in JSON, CSV, Excel, and SQL formats.


  • You can design your own mock APIs.
  • It provides a range of data types, including city, country, country code, street address, latitude, phone, state, and more.
  • You control the URLs, responses, and error conditions.
  • This tool provides numerous mocking libraries for every language and platform.
  • You can download randomly generate test data that can be load directly into your test environment.
  • It enables you to test with realistic data.

Link: https://mockaroo.com/

13) GenerateData

GenerateData is an open-source data generator tool written in PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. It allows you to generate large volumes of custom data in a range of formats for use in testing software.


  • This website offers an online demo to know its functionality.
  • This random data generator tool provides a fully functional, GNU-licensed version.
  • It enables developers to write their own data types to generate new types of random data.
  • You can add new country plugins that supply city names, region names, and postal or zip code formats.

Link: http://generatedata.com/

14) Delphix

Delphix tool helps your company to release software faster by delivering virtual data on demand. It allows teams to maintain and version libraries of test data.


  • Users can easily bookmark and reset their data to any previous state.
  • Bookmarks of environments containing errors can be instantly shared with developers to resolve them.
  • It can identify and secure sensitive information across millions of rows of data for its key digital apps.

Link: https://www.delphix.com/solutions/test-data-management

15) Original Software

Original Software is a comprehensive, test data and verification solution. It tests at both database and UI level & integrates with numerous other solutions for total application quality.


  • Select or sample data by preserving valid data references.
  • You can use a variety of obfuscation methods to protect your data.
  • It enables you to track every insert, update, and delete, including intervening data states.
  • You can compare your data to verify your test results.
  • It provides server-side testing for developers.

Link: https://i400quality.com/product-testbench/


🏅 Which factors should you consider while selecting a Test Data Generator Tool?

You should consider the following factors before selecting a tool.

  • Quality of Customer support.
  • License Cost, if applicable.
  • In the case of an outsourcing project, you need to factor customer/Client preference of the data generation tool.
  • The cost involved in training employees on the tool.
  • Hardware/Software requirements of the data generator tool
  • Consider the security options offered by software providers.
  • Support and Update policy of the data generator tool vendor.
  • Reviews of the company.

✅ Which are the Best Data Generator Tools?

Here are some of the Best Data Generator Tools:

  • EMS Data Generator
  • Redgate SQL Data Generator
  • Informatica Test Data Management
  • Double
  • InfoSphere Optim
  • CA Test Data Manager
  • Solix EDMS

❓ When should you NOT Data Generator Tool?

You should NOT use Data Generator Tool when testing small and simple software projects as these tools take to have a steep learning curve and may involve license costs.