VB.NET Tutorial for Beginners: Learn VB.Net Programming

VB.NET Tutorial Summary

This VB.NET tutorial is a step-by-step guide to learn Visual Basic programming. This free Visual Basic tutorial covers topics like Arrays, Strings, Operators, Switch, Loops, etc. This VB .NET tutorial will help you learn VB.NET basics and advanced concepts.

What should I know?

This online VB tutorial guide is designed for beginners to learn VB.NET concepts. Refer this link to install Visual Studio.

VB.NET Training Syllabus


👉 Lesson 1 What is VB.Net? — Introduction, History, Features, Advantages, Disadvantages
👉 Lesson 2 VB.Net Program Structure, Module, Classes — Hello World Example
👉 Lesson 3 VB.Net Data Types and Variable Declaration — Definition and Explanation
👉 Lesson 4 VB.Net Operators — Arithmetic, Comparison, Logical with Examples

Advanced Stuff

👉 Lesson 1 VB.Net Arrays — String, Dynamic with Examples
👉 Lesson 2 VB.NET Substring Method — Learn With Example
👉 Lesson 3 For Each…Next, Exit, Continue Statement in VB.net — Learn With Example
👉 Lesson 4 What is a Select Case? — Select…Case Statement in VB.Net with Example
👉 Lesson 5 VB.NET Exception Handling — Try…Catch…Finally, Throws, User Defined
👉 Lesson 6 VB.Net ComboBox Control — Learn With Example
👉 Lesson 7 VB.Net TEXTBOX Control Tutorial — Properties with Example

Must Know!

👉 Lesson 1 VB.Net Interview Questions — Top 50 VB.Net Interview Questions & Answers
👉 Lesson 2 VB.NET Tutorial PDF — Download VB.NET Tutorial PDF for Beginners