Project Management Tutorial for Beginners: A Complete Guide

Project Management Tutorial Summary

This Project Management for beginners course teaches you basic to advance level project management concepts to make you a great manager.

What is Project Management?

Project Management is a series of different processes designed to assist managers in accomplishing definite goals by carefully organizing, controlling, and executing the project. The main challenge of software project management is to achieve project goals while keeping in mind the project scope, time, quality, and cost.

Prerequisites for learning Project Management Tutorial?

This free online project management beginners guide is designed for beginner project managers with little or no IT project management experience.

Project Management Tutorial Syllabus


👉 Lesson 1 What is Project Management? — Objectives & Methodologies
👉 Lesson 2 What is PMP? — Certification Cost & Benefits

Advanced Stuff

👉 Lesson 1 Project Management Life Cycle Phases — What are the stages?
👉 Lesson 2 Project Cost Management — Project Cost Estimation and Budgeting
👉 Lesson 3 Risk Analysis & Risk Management — What is, How to Manage?
👉 Lesson 4 Project Management Methodologies — Learn With Example

Must Know!

👉 Lesson 1 Six Sigma Certification Guide — Green, Yellow, Black belt details
👉 Lesson 2 Best Project Management Software — 40 Best Free Project Management APP
👉 Lesson 3 Project Manager Interview Questions — Top 50 Project Manager Interview Q & A

Why Learn Project Management?

This project management beginners tutorial helps you enhance the capacity to achieve the goals by setting realistic objectives, planning, and scheduling within certain time frames. It also helps you to estimate and evaluate resources, time, and risk assessment of a specific project.

What will you learn in this Project Management Tutorials for Beginners?

In this Project Management tutorial for beginners, you will learn project management concepts like an introduction to Project Management and PMP, Project Management Life Cycle, Financial Planning, Risk Analysis, Project Methodologies, Project Management Tools, and Interview questions.