Training Summary

In this course, you will learn how to manage accounts and financial transactions to operate a successful business. This tutorial includes tons of interactive exercises to help you create financial accounts. Make sure to take them.

What should I know?

Nothing! This is an absolute beginner guide to accounting.


Tutorial What is Accounting? Importance, Purpose & Need
Tutorial What are Assets & Liabilities in Accounting? Definition & Example
Tutorial What is Accounting Equation? Example Problems
Tutorial What is Revenue, Expense & Drawing in Accounting? [Examples]
Tutorial Expanded Accounting Equation with Examples
Tutorial Basic Accounting Transaction with EXAMPLES
Tutorial How to make Journal Entries in Accounting [Examples]
Tutorial How to Make a Ledger Account [Examples]
Tutorial How to Calculate Depreciation: Straight Line, Dimnishing Value Examples
Tutorial How to Prepare Trial Balance with Example
Tutorial How to make Profit and Loss(Income) Statement with Example
Tutorial How to make Balance Sheet with Example
Tutorial Importance of Cash Flow Statement with Example
Tutorial How to Analyze Financial Statements with Example
Tutorial Top 100 Accounting Interview Questions & Answers