What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing is manipulation or understanding text or speech by any software or machine. An analogy is that humans interact, understand each other views, and respond with the appropriate answer. In NLP, this interaction, understanding, the response is made by a computer instead of a human.

What is NLTK?

NLTK stands for Natural Language Toolkit. This toolkit is one of the most powerful NLP libraries which contains packages to make machines understand human language and reply to it with an appropriate response. Tokenization, Stemming, Lemmatization, Punctuation, Character count, word count are some of these packages which will be discussed in this tutorial.

Here is what we cover in the Course

Tutorial NLP (Natural Language Processing) Tutorial: What is, History, Example
Tutorial How to Download & Install NLTK on Windows/Mac
Tutorial Tokenize Words and Sentences with NLTK
Tutorial POS (Part-Of-Speech) Tagging & Chunking with NLTK
Tutorial Stemming and Lemmatization with Python NLTK
Tutorial WordNet with NLTK: Finding Synonyms for words in Python
Tutorial Tagging Problems and Hidden Markov Model
Tutorial Counting POS Tags, Frequency Distribution & Collocations in NLTK
Tutorial Word Embedding Tutorial: word2vec using Gensim [EXAMPLE]
Tutorial seq2seq (Sequence to Sequence) Model for Deep Learning with PyTorch

Various NLP Libraries

NLP Library Description
NLTK This is one of the most usable and mother of all NLP libraries.
spaCy This is completely optimized and highly accurate library widely used in deep learning
Stanford CoreNLP Python For client-server based architecture this is a good library in NLTK. This is written in JAVA, but it provides modularity to use it in Python.
TextBlob This is an NLP library which works in Pyhton2 and python3. This is used for processing textual data and provide mainly all type of operation in the form of API.
Gensim Genism is a robust open source NLP library support in python. This library is highly efficient and scalable.
Pattern It is a light-weighted NLP module. This is generally used in Web-mining, crawling or such type of spidering task. p
Polyglot For massive multilingual applications, Polyglot is best suitable NLP library. Feature extraction in the way on Identity and Entity.
PyNLPl PyNLPI also was known as 'Pineapple' and supports Python. It provides a parser for many data format like FoLiA/Giza/Moses/ARPA/Timbl/CQL.
Vocabulary This library is best to get Semantic type information from the given text.

In this tutorial, we will only discuss one of the most popular NLP library NLTK.