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Class Summary

In this class, you will learn test automation using QTP now called as HP Functional Test. It is recommended you refer the tutorials sequentially.

What should I know?

The tutorials are designed for beginners with little or no automation experience. Before you begin, refer this guide to install QTP. Knowledge of VBScript will help.


  1. Introduction to QTP & ADD - Ins
  2. How to Download and Install UFT or QTP Version 12
  3. First Look Flight Reservation Application
  4. - How to use QTP IDE
  5. Record & Run Settings | Recording the Script 
  6. Object identification process of QTP (HP UFT) is the core of its automation technology. Understanding the object identification process of QTP is key to becoming successful automation engineer. Pay attention to following lessons.

  7. Object Identification  (Must Watch)
  8. Understanding Expert View 
  9. Understanding Recorded Script 
  10. Replay | Run Settings 
  11. Test Results for QTP 
  12. Parameterization enables you to run the same QTP test for different test data. Checkpoints adjudicate the pass or fail status to your automation tests.

  13. Parametrization 
  14. Checkpoints - Standard CheckPoints 
  15. -  OutPut Values 
  16. If & Else Loop 
  17. Reporter.Report Event | Results Formatting 
  18. Actions 
  19. The biggest challenge in automation is recognizing GUI objects and manipulating those objects. QTP provides a range of tools like smart identification, ordinal identifiers, to deal with these challenges. Let’s study them-

  20. SMART Identification 
  21. Object Property Modification 
  22. Ordinal Identifiers 
  23. Local Object Repository 
  24. - Develop Script in EXPERT View
  25. - Recording Modes in QTP
  26. - User Defined Functions
  27. - Transactions 
  28. The goal of QTP automation is to run the test scripts unattended 24X7. But things can go wrong. A robust automation script should be able to handle any exceptions that may arise during script execution. Recovery scenarios will check and fix any error that occur during the automation of the script.

  29. - Recovery Scenarios
  30. - Optional Step
  31. - GetROProperty | Object Spy
  32. - Descriptive Programming - Part 1
  33. A frame work is a set of guideline for test automation which when followed during automation scripting produce beneficial outcomes like increase code re-usage, higher portability , reduced script maintenance cost, etc. Let’s study different types of frameworks.

  34. - Test Automation Frameworks - (This is an Article not a Video)
  35. - Creating Automation Frameworks with QTP
  36. - Definite Guide to QTP Certification
  37. - Business Process Testing(BPT)
  38. - Using Excel with QTP
  39. - Mobile Testing with QTP
  40. - Environment Variable in QTP
  41. API are becoming very popular since it is time efficient, language independent, have easy GUI integration. QTP gives you a broad spectrum of features to do API testing.

  42. - API Testing with QTP