How to Replay a Script in QTP/UFT with Example

Once the script is recorded, you need to REPLAY the script to ensure the test steps have recorded correctly. When you click the Run Button, a Run Dialog Box Opens

The Run Box enables you to specify the location in which you want to save the run session results.

It displays the default path and folder name in which results are stored. By default results are stored in Test Folder. A new sub-folder is created with the name RESn.The number n is incremented for each run. You can accept the default settings or specify a folder of your choice.

Temporary run results folder options save the results of the QTP program run in a temporary folder. This option overwrites any results previously saved in this folder. Its recommended that while developing your test script choose the Temporary option and once the script is baseline you can use the new folder option?

One you click run, execution starts. In HP QTP/UFT window you can see a yellow marker pointing at the step which is currently being executed.

As per the example shown in the below video, during Replay the script performed exactly the same 5 steps that were recorded which signifies that there were no errors in recording. Test Results are also shown

Click here if the video is not accessible

Micro Focus UFT 14.03 is the latest version available in the market as of July 2018.