Course Summary

Test Management is a series of planning, execution, monitoring and control activities that help achieve project goals. This course is designed for newly appointed Test Managers and gives you the tips, tools & procedure to steer your project to success.

What should I know?

Fundamental knowledge of Software Testing principles is a must.


Tutorial Introduction to Test Management for curious Managers
Tutorial Test management phases: A complete guide for testing project
Tutorial How precaution becomes cure: Risk analysis and Solutions in test management
Tutorial An expert view on test estimation
Advanced Stuff
Tutorial How to organize a Test Team
Tutorial What everybody ought to know about Test Planning
Tutorial Achieve your Project Goals through Test Monitoring & Control
Tutorial Issue Management in your Testing Project
Tutorial How Test Reports predict tde success of your Testing Project
Tutorial Software Quality Assurance: Test audit review makes your life easy
Tutorial Defect Management Process in Software Testing (Bug Report Template)
Tutorial A complete guide to Test Process Improvement
Tutorial Testing Automation: Why Right tools are necessary for Testing Success
Tutorial How not knowing PEOPLE Skills blocks your success as Test Manager
Must Know!
Tutorial Top 20 Test Management Tools
Tutorial Top 20 Test Manager Interview Questions
Tutorial TEST Management PDF