Training Summary

Loadrunner from Micro Focus is the most widely used Load Testing tool. Performance Test Results produced by Loadrunner are used as a benchmark against other tools. This online course is geared to make you a Loadrunner pro!

What should I know?

Nothing! This is an absolute beginner guide to HP Loadrunner. Learn Performance Testing for a heads up!


TutorialIntroduction to HP LoadRunner and its Architecture
TutorialDownload and Install HP LoadRunner
TutorialVuGen(Virtual User Generator) Script Recording Example in LoadRunner
TutorialParameterization, Functions, Transactions in LoadRunner
TutorialCorrelation in LoadRunner with Web_Reg_Save_Param Example
TutorialLoadrunner Controller Tutorial: Manual & Goal Oriented Scenario
TutorialLoadRunner Analysis Tutorial: Report & Graph
CheckTop 80 Loadrunner Interview Questions & Answers
CheckLoadrunner Quiz