HP Loadrunner Tutorial for Beginners

Training Summary

Loadrunner from Micro Focus is the most widely used Load Testing tool. Performance Test Results produced by Loadrunner are used as a benchmark against other tools. This online course is geared to make you a Loadrunner pro!

What should I know?

Nothing! This is an absolute beginner guide to HP Loadrunner. Learn Performance Testing for a heads up!


👉 Tutorial Introduction to HP LoadRunner and its Architecture
👉 Tutorial Download and Install HP LoadRunner
👉 Tutorial VuGen(Virtual User Generator) Script Recording Example in LoadRunner
👉 Tutorial Parameterization, Functions, Transactions in LoadRunner
👉 Tutorial Correlation in LoadRunner with Web_Reg_Save_Param Example
👉 Tutorial Loadrunner Controller Tutorial: Manual & Goal Oriented Scenario
👉 Tutorial LoadRunner Analysis Tutorial: Report & Graph
👉 Check Top 80 Loadrunner Interview Questions & Answers
👉 Check Loadrunner Quiz