Business Analyst Training Tutorial: Free Course for Beginners

Business Analyst Course Summary

Business Analysis is the key figure in understanding business requirements and their implementation. This business analyst tutorial for beginners is designed to help you understand Business Analysis right from Software Engineering Methods & Lifecycles to Requirements Preparation, analysis, and presentation. This business analyst course online tutorial will also help you to learn advanced concepts of Business Analysis.

What is a Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is a process that offers concepts and insights into the development of the initial framework for any project. It is a research discipline that helps you to find the business needs and identify solutions to business problems. The purpose of business analysis is to identify business solutions for better improvement.

BA Training Syllabus


👉 Tutorial What is Business Analysis? Process & Techniques
👉 Tutorial What is Business Analyst? Roles, Responsibility, Skills, Certifications
👉 Tutorial EXAMPLE of Stakeholder Analysis & Mapping with Template


👉 Tutorial SDLC: Phases & Models of Software Development Life Cycle
👉 Tutorial Requirement Life Cycle Management

Software Engineering Methods

👉 Tutorial What is Waterfall Model in SDLC? Advantages & Disadvantages
👉 Tutorial What is RAD Model? Phases, Advantages and Disadvantages
👉 Tutorial Incremental Model in SDLC: Use, Advantage & Disadvantage
👉 Tutorial Spiral Model: When to Use? Advantages & Disadvantages
👉 Tutorial Agile Methodology: What is Agile Software Development Model?

Requirements Process

👉 Tutorial Software Requirements Analysis with Example
👉 Tutorial Requirements Analysis Techniques with Example: Complete Tutorial
👉 Tutorial What is a Functional Requirement? Specification, Types, Examples
👉 Tutorial What is Non-Functional Requirement? Types and Examples
👉 Tutorial Functional Requirements vs Non Functional Requirements: Key Differences

Finalizing Requirements

👉 Tutorial How to organize Requirements as a Business Analyst

Managing Requirements Assets

👉 Tutorial Change Control Process in Software Engineering with Steps


👉 Tutorial BRS vs SRS: Know the Difference

Quality Assurance

👉 Tutorial What is Software Testing? Definition, Basics & Types
👉 Tutorial Manual Testing Tutorial: What is, Concepts, Types & Tool
👉 Tutorial Defect/Bug Life Cycle in Software Testing
👉 Tutorial What is User Acceptance Testing (UAT)? with Examples
👉 Tutorial Impact Analysis in Software Testing

The Complete Process

👉 Tutorial Business Analysis Process: Step by Step Tutorial

Must read topic

👉 Tutorial What is ER Modeling? Learn with Example
👉 Tutorial Decision Table Testing: Learn with Example
👉 Tutorial What is Static Testing? What is a Testing Review?
👉 Tutorial Software Configuration Management Tutorial
👉 Tutorial Microsoft Visio Tutorial: What is, How to Use with Examples
👉 Tutorial Drools Tutorial: Architecture of Drools Rule Engine and Example

Must Know!

👉 Tutorial BEST Software Configuration Management Tools
👉 Tutorial BEST Decision Making Tools
👉 Tutorial Best FREE Gantt Chart Software & Online Apps
👉 Tutorial 30 Best Requirements Management Tools
👉 Tutorial 15+ BEST Document Management Software
👉 Tutorial BEST Mind Mapping Software
👉 Tutorial 20 Best Business Analysis Tools for BA Analyst
👉 Tutorial 15+ Best Business Process Management (BPM) Tools
👉 Tutorial BEST Prototyping Tools for UI and UX Designers
👉 Tutorial 25 BEST Wireframe Tools
👉 Tutorial 30 BEST PDF Editor Software
👉 Tutorial 7 Best Open-Source PDF Editors
👉 Tutorial 10 Best FREE PDF Reader Software for Windows 10
👉 Tutorial 10 BEST Free PDF Compressor Software
👉 Tutorial How to Convert a PDF to Word Document: 5 Methods
👉 Tutorial 25 BEST Electronic Signature Software
👉 Tutorial 9 BEST Single Sign-on (SSO) Solution Providers
👉 Tutorial 30 Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives
👉 Tutorial 15 BEST SharePoint Alternatives
👉 Tutorial 20 BEST OCR Software
👉 Tutorial 15 BEST Outlook Alternatives
👉 Tutorial 20 Best (REALLY FREE) Office Suite Software
👉 Tutorial Google Workspace vs Office 365: Select the best Office Suite
👉 Tutorial 20 BEST Google Voice Alternatives
👉 Tutorial 25+ BEST Second Phone Number App
👉 Tutorial 20+ Best FREE Virtual Phone Number
👉 Tutorial 6 BEST Fake Phone Number App
👉 Tutorial 7 Best USA Virtual Phone Number Services
👉 Tutorial 8 BEST Answering service for Small Business
👉 Tutorial What is a Softphone? Software Phone System
👉 Tutorial 45 Best Professional Voicemail Greeting Examples for Business
👉 Tutorial 8 Best FREE Business Phone Number
👉 Tutorial 10 Best VoIP Service for Home (Residential)
👉 Tutorial 8 Best SIP Trunk Providers
👉 Tutorial 8 Best FREE VoIP Software
👉 Tutorial 9 Best FREE VoIP Apps for Android Phone
👉 Tutorial 6 Best FREE International Calling Apps
👉 Tutorial 7 BEST VoIP Service Providers in India
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👉 Tutorial 8 Best FREE Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp
👉 Tutorial 8 Best FREE Burner Numbers App
👉 Tutorial 7 Best FREE Virtual Phone Number Apps for Receive Verification
👉 Tutorial BEST RingCentral Alternative & Competitors
👉 Tutorial 8 Best FREE ZenDesk Alternative
👉 Tutorial 20 BEST Evernote Alternatives
👉 Tutorial 16 BEST Note Taking App for Mac & Windows
👉 Tutorial 15+ BEST IVR Systems
👉 Tutorial 10+ BEST Auto Dialer Software | Free AutoDial
👉 Tutorial 7 Best FREE Online Fax Services
👉 Tutorial 20 Best (Really FREE) Screen Sharing Software
👉 Tutorial 15+ BEST Business Card Scanner App
👉 Tutorial 30+ Best PC Programs for Windows 10
👉 Tutorial 15 Best FREE Task Management Software Tools
👉 Tutorial 25 BEST To-do List Apps for Windows | Android | iPhone
👉 Tutorial 15 BEST Free Voice Changer for Discord, PC, Mobile App
👉 Tutorial 15+ Best PowerPoint Alternatives
👉 Tutorial 25+ Best FREE Slideshow Maker Software & Apps
👉 Tutorial 10+ BEST Presentation Software
👉 Tutorial 25 BEST Webinar Software Platform
👉 Tutorial 27 BEST eCommerce Platforms
👉 Tutorial 8 BEST Online Product Management Courses
👉 Tutorial Best Management Courses with Online Certificate
👉 Tutorial Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers
👉 Tutorial Business Analyst Tutorial PDF (Download)

Why should you learn Business Analysis?

Learning Business Analysis helps in many ways, like for students, and it helps them to get a good job as a Business Analyst. For working Business Analysts, it enhances their knowledge and helps them to enhance their analysis skills, and for Business owners, learning business analysis will help them to better understand their business processes to make better decisions for improvements. Business Analyst training courses are the best option to learn business analysis online.

What will you learn in this Business Analyst course tutorial?

In this Business Analyst tutorial, you will learn concepts like Business Analysis introduction, Requirement Lifecycle, Software engineering methods, Requirement processes, Change control, BRS vs. SRS, etc. In this Business Analysis tutorial, you will also learn some advanced concepts like Quality Assurance, ER diagrams, Decision Tables, Business Analyst interview questions, and many more interesting topics.

Prerequisites for learning Business Analysis tutorial?

This Business Analyst course tutorial for beginners is designed for absolute beginners with having no knowledge about Business Analysis. However, before learning this BA tutorial, it is better if you have basic knowledge about Business processes.

Who is this Business Analyst training tutorial for?

This Business Analyst training for beginners is for the students and learners who want to make a career as a Business Analyst. However, this Business Analyst training is also beneficial for Business process managers, Subject Matter Experts, Business Analysts, Project Owners, etc.

Why become a Business Analyst?

Business Analyst is a good career option nowadays as many companies worldwide are expanding their business operations, and each of those companies requires business analysts to analyze their business processes. So, there is a wide range of opportunities in big companies available for the candidates looking for a career as a Business Analyst. The above BA tutorial guide will help you to know all the basics about Business Analyst.