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There is a plethora of Requirements Management tools out in the market. That's why it is very difficult to choose one for your project. Here is the list of top Requirements management tools with their features and download links.

1) Modern Requirements

Modern Requirements, formerly eDev Tech, is recognized worldwide for its products, Modern Requirements4TFS and Smart Office4TFS; that provide a collaborative requirements environment, as extensions to Microsoft TFS or VSTS. The software reduces time to value delivery by providing users with end to end traceability, ingenious process automation, online document authoring, visualization support.


  • AI inspired BA Assistant- Alice
  • Customizable document generation
  • Three visualization types: Diagrams, Mock-ups, Use Cases
  • Online review and approval
  • Baselining, Requirements reuse and Impact assessment
  • Test Case Automation and User Story generation
  • Online document authoring in pre-defined templates- Smart Docs
  • Planning boards and Customizable dashboards
  • Supports BABOK, BABOK Agile, Scrum and Hybrid taxonomies

2) Visure

Visure Solutions, Inc. is a trusted specialized requirement ALM partner for companies of all sizes across safety-critical and business-critical industries.


  • Support of various development processes, Agile, V-model, Waterfall
  • Round-Trip integration with MS Word/Excel
  • Collaborative role-based sign-off for Review & Approval process
  • Full traceability from system requirements all the way down to testing
  • Risk Management, Test Management, Bug Tracking
  • Requirements quality checker using Natural Language Processing and semantic analysis
  • Customizable standards compliance templates for ISO26262, IEC62304, IEC61508, CENELEC50128, DO178/C, FMEA, SPICE, CMMI, etc.
  • Open environment integrated with several tools such as DOORS, Jama, Siemens Polarion, PTC, Perforce, JIRA, Enterprise Architect, HP ALM, Microfocus ALM, PTC, TFS, Word, Excel, Test RT, RTRT, VectorCAST, LDRA and other tools

3) ReQtest

Top 20 Bug/Defect Tracking Tools In 2017

ReQtest is a cloud-based requirement management tool which offers end-to-end traceability. It can be your preferred ALM tool while working with requirements such as business, marketing, functional, non-functional, UI or any other requirements. It has a highly customizable requirement module that helps you to review and track changes instantly.

  • Organize, review & prioritize requirements intuitively
  • Well suited for agile requirements management
  • Agile Board for effortless requirements tracking
  • Customize fields to change status values
  • Attach design documents, mockups, or any other helpful files to requirements
  • Filter & visualize data in a bar or pie chart in a single click

4) Rational Doors:

Rational DOORS is a requirements management application. It is a useful tool for optimizing, collaborating, and verifying requirements across the organization. This RM tool allows to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to information.


  • Requirements management is performed from the centralized location for better team collaboration
  • It provides tractability by linking requirements to design items, test plans, test cases, etc.
  • It offers scalability to address changing requirements management needs
  • Test tracking toolkit for manual test environments to link requirements to test cases
  • It helps users to manage changes to requirements either with pre-defined change proposal system or a more customizable change control workflow

Download link: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/r/ordng/index.html

5) IRIS Business Architect:

It allows business owners to plan, deliver, and implement their corporation's strategies. It also provides rich design, modeling, and management functionality to track changes instantly. It contributes to cut risk and enhance the decision-making process.


  • It is easy to use and user-friendly tool
  • It allows easy Collaboration
  • It supports Cloud, Saas, Mac, Windows, and Web
  • Easy option for history tracking
  • Offers complete status Reporting
  • Provides complete summary Reports
  • Easy option for traceability
  • User Defined Attributes

Download link: https://biz-architect.com/request-free-trial/

6) Accompa:

Accompa is a requirements management software. It helps users to capture, track and manage requirements for any products & projects. It is cloud-based which means there is no need to download or install


  • Store & Manage Requirements in a Central Repository
  • Can be customized according to specific business needs
  • Allow automatic Requirements Gathering
  • Automatically detects & track Changes as well as Dependencies
  • Share Requirements & collaborate in Real-Time
  • Prioritize requirements using systematic methodology
  • Save Time & Eliminate time for requirement management

Download link: http://web.accompa.com/free-trial/

7) Innoslate:

Innoslate is another useful requirement management tool. It allows users to import or create requirements documents easily. They can edit and review requirements directly in requirement view.


  • It is easy to use tool with 24/7 customer support
  • Analyze requirements using natural language processing technology
  • Quickly capture requirements from other tools with import analyzer
  • Manage project's changes with version control and baselines
  • Extend and customize according to project's needs
  • It runs on various devices like MAC, PC, Android, etc.

Download link: https://www.innoslate.com/

8) Jama:

Jama is designed according to meet the needs of today's enterprises. It offers collaborative requirements management solutions. It embraces modern approach to product delivery.


  • Capture, discuss, review, approve and manage all requirements in one central place
  • Track relationship between use cases, test cases, and other related items
  • It helps to save user's time by reusing existing strategic assets
  • Provide real-time status to stakeholders across the organization
  • Control scope and track change requests by keeping complete full version history

Download link: http://www.jamasoftware.com/

9) Gatherspace:

Gatherspace is one of the first hosted on-demand web-based requirements management solutions. It helps to address the problems of project management failures.


  • Easy Report generation
  • Test cases/issues tracking
  • Allows role-based permissions
  • Support for REST and email API
  • Acts as a dedicated account manager
  • Commenting and collaboration

Download link: http://www.gatherspace.com/

10) Polarian Requirements:

Polarian is a Requirement management tool. It gathers, approves and manage requirements for complex systems during the project lifecycle.


  • All the requirement display to all other stakeholders for review, approval or development
  • Easily import existing assets with the help of the rule-based Import Wizard
  • Support for offline collaboration so that changes made outside of Polarion can be imported seamlessly
  • Invite stakeholders to sign the specific documents as reviewed or approved electronically
  • Unified solution for building test cases in parallel with requirements

Download link: https://polarion.plm.automation.siemens.com/try-polarion-alm-qa-requirements

11) Enterprise Architect:

Enterprise Architect is a requirement management tool. It integrates seamlessly with other development tools by creating requirements in the model.


  • Allows to build robust and maintainable systems
  • It loads extremely large models in seconds
  • Collaborate effectively globally
  • Offers complete traceability
  • Improve business outcomes
  • Model and manage complex Data effectively
  • Supports Single click HTML and document generation
  • Code execution to visual diagrams

Download link: http://www.sparxsystems.com/

12) Agile Manager:

Agile project management solution to plan, track and execute agile projects. It helps users to remove latencies and adopt continuous improvement using SaaS or on-premise deployment.


  • Drag and drop interface allows easy task allocation and capacity management
  • Task and release planning boards allows getting quick insight into the entire project
  • Advanced development analytics to the aggregate source code.
  • It also allows information to get the meaningful insights into application changes
  • Aligning and empowering agile teams with enterprise business objectives
  • Offers the highest quality of code

Download link: https://saas.hpe.com/en-us/try

13) Tosca Testsuite:

Tricentis Tosca is a requirements management tool. It accelerates testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps. It uses innovative, functional testing technologies.


  • It supports Model-Based Test Automation
  • Allows all types of automated, hybrid, and manual testing
  • It allows Image Based Test Automation
  • Extendable technological adaptors

Download link: https://www.tricentis.com/tricentis-tosca-testsuite/software-test-management-execution/

14) CA Agile Central:

CA Agile Central is an enterprise-class platform. It is built for scaling agile development practices. It allows checking productivity, predictability, and responsiveness using the real-time performance metrics.


  • A collaborative SaaS platform for agile software development
  • Real-time status tracking
  • Customizable dashboards
  • It is highly scalable platform
  • Helps business owners to achieve their business goals

Download link: https://www.ca.com/us/trials/ca-agile-central-trial-editions.html

15) iPlan:

iPlan requirement management tool it helps organizations to manage the entire project lifecycle. This tool also helps organizations to plan their projects and monitor its processes.


  • Easily manage enterprise project portfolio and quality management
  • It is designed and supported by project management domain experts
  • Increase productivity of the entire organization
  • Automate CMMI metric generation for all kind of projects
  • Reduce project management overhead
  • Significantly cut down redundancy, data collection, and collation effort

Download link: http://www.iplanenterprise.com/

16) RaQuest:

RaQuest is a Requirements Management software for UML Modeling. It can be used for managing the requirements of systems and applications effectively. It is an ideal tool for the enhanced software testing and analysis.


  • Define and manage Requirement items
  • Print list of Requirement items
  • Approve Requirement items
  • Set new Baselines and compare it with an earlier one
  • Glossary feature to manage terms used in the Project
  • Add-in for importing Requirements from MS-Word

Download link: http://www.raquest.com/products/raq_downloads.htm

17) Cradle:

Cradle is a requirement management tool. It is user-definable, scalable, flexible and secure. It can be deployed locally to remote sites. It can deliver through SaaS from any private or public cloud.


  • It allows loading information from external sources
  • Analyze the user needs, optionally with models
  • Define the architecture, optionally with models
  • Create the design, optionally with models
  • Define and track tests, issues, and defects them quickly
  • Manage user acceptance and system validation
  • Allows to publish documentation with user-defined layouts
  • Manage work breakdown structures to track the actual progress of the project
  • Reuse and share information between two or more projects

Download link: https://www.threesl.com/

18) Helix RM:

Helix ALM is Requirement management application. It allows users to centralize and manage requirements, test cases, issues, etc.


  • Limit the Risk of Product Development
  • Increase Visibility into Project Health
  • Streamline Development and QA Processes
  • It allows traceability across All work Items and Data

Download link: https://www.perforce.com/try-perforce-free

19) Agile Designer:

CA Agile Designer is a requirements gathering, test automation, and test case design tool. It is a useful tool to reduce manual testing efforts. It allows organizations to deliver quality software at less price.


  • Helps to develop close collaboration between the user, business and IT
  • Deliver fully tested software with lower costs
  • Keep up with changing user requirements
  • Helps to improve test quality with CA Agile Requirements Designer

Download link: https://www.ca.com/us/trials/ca-agile-requirements-designer.html

20) CodeBeamer:

CodeBeamer's is a requirements management tool. It also has many ALM Management capabilities. It can associate with source code, tasks, bugs, tests, releases and all other artifacts. It offers gapless traceability across the entire lifecycle.


  • Integrations with MS Office, JIRA, IBM DOORS, Enterprise Architect using a REST API
  • Advanced Requirement Workflows & Process Enforcement
  • Efficient collaboration using documents management features of the codeBeamer
  • Agile Planning Board enables the convenient planning and management of releases

Download link: https://intland.com/download-codebeamer/

21) ReqView:

ReqView is a simple but powerful requirements management tool. It allows capturing requirements in structured documents. It collaborates offline with the team by storing project data on a shared network drive.


  • Organize requirements into a tree hierarchy
  • Manage document data in a single view
  • Enhance requirements text description using rich text format
  • Customize requirements, tests, risks, and other objects
  • Allow attaching images, PDF or other documents
  • Link objects by custom link types
  • Browse live view to the traceability matrix
  • Allows to restore deleted objects or purge them from a document Templates
  • Compare two project versions side-by-side
  • Automatically generate HTML reports for review, print or export to PDF
  • Allows to encrypt documents for secure sharing via Internet
  • Allows collaboration with projects stored on a shared drive

Download link: https://www.reqview.com/download.html

22) Modern Requirements4TFS:

Modern Requirements4TFS is a web-based requirement management solution. It includes a series of modules to help users to define and manage requirements.


  • Define requirements visually with diagrams by using cases and mock-ups
  • Automatically generate test cases and scenarios using diagrams and use cases
  • Analyze the impact of adding, changing, or removing new requirements
  • Automatically generate custom-formatted Word or PDF documents
  • Initiate review and approval requests online
  • Run traceability analyses to ensure quality and find gaps or dependencies
  • Avoid conflicting and outdated requirements by using comprehensive configuration settings
  • Allows to manage reviews and approval requests online
  • Use a series of HTML and Java script controls to organize thoughts, design user interfaces, and wireframes
  • Auto-generate HTML reports directly from the backlog or query view

Download link: https://www.modernrequirements.com/download-3/

23) Topteam analyst:

Top team analysis is a useful require management tool. It converts textual requirements into easy-to-understand diagrams. This tool helps to understand requirements without reading too many documents.


  • Easily Visualize and Manage End-to-End Traceability
  • Simulate the real time behavior of any Application
  • It can easily access from anywhere in the world
  • It offers real time web access for collaboration
  • Complete version history of all artifacts and audit trail of all actions
  • Baseline Version difference views
  • Integrations with other tools like Visual Studio and HP Quality Canter

Download link: http://www.technosolutions.com/topteam-analyst-download.html

24) Case Spec:

CASE spec is a modern requirements management tool. It helps users to manage any project artifact with complete traceability. It allows tracing requirements through design, testing, impact analysis, and gap analysis.


  • Manage project's scope by organizing requirements and related lifecycle artifacts
  • Effortlessly generate system for documentation including requirement documents, change reports and traceability reports
  • Effortlessly migrate from a Document-Centric Process to a Database-Centric Process
  • CASE Spec is flexible and fully configurable
  • Easily customizable and adaptable to any project size and type
  • Built-in encryption for secure data transfer
  • Easy deployment with zero configuration

Download link: http://casespec.net/free-trial

25) VersionOne:

This requirement management tool simplifies product planning with easy backlog management. This tool provides stakeholders with a centralized view of the backlog. It has a drag-and-drop interface.


  • Simplify backlog management with an online, centralized repository.
  • It allows users to prioritize stories and defects using the drag-and-drop function.
  • Manage Business Initiatives with Portfolio Items
  • Allows to group Items by Theme
  • Provide result according to Business Goal
  • Capturing all Feature Requests in One Place
  • Helps users to ensure alignment between corporate objectives and product deliverables
  • It provides a forum for engaging directly with more customers to better understand their needs and priorities

Download link: http://info.versionone.com/v1-trial-free.html

26) Dimensions RM:

Dimensions RM is a useful require management tool. It helps to increase visibility and collaboration across business and delivery teams. It offers powerful reporting, tracking and provide end-to-end tractability.


  • Provides comprehensive traceability and metrics to check the status of the product quickly
  • It Improves efficiency and reduce inconsistencies while working with complex scenarios in multiple projects
  • Reuse requirements and helps to manage variants

Download link: https://www.microfocus.com/products/dimensions-rm/trial/

27) Atlassian Jira:

JIRA Core is a requirement management and business analyst tool. It helps every business person to plan, track, and create a report of their work.


  • Task Management helps to track of simple tasks
  • Everyone get the glance of the project's status without having to email or set up a meeting
  • Project Management feature allows to organizes corporate website designs or employee training programs
  • It allows measuring performance in different ways for quick overview and pre-defined report
  • Use out-of-the-box templates or customize them according to specific business needs

Download link: https://www.atlassian.com/try

28) Silkroad Alm:

Silkroad is an ALM system for high-reliability software. It has interlinking routes for the various legacy management system. It is a multi-purpose software which can act as requirement and test management tool.


  • Provide support for Version Control & Comparison of Requirements Documents
  • Requirements Impact Analysis
  • Data Integration between Task, Issue and Test System
  • Manage Requirements including Images, Tables & Equations
  • Upstream or Downstream Traceability Management
  • Change History Management

Download link: http://www.silkroadalm.com/main.do

29) Reqchecker:

Reqchecker is a requirement coverage tool. It provides support to checks the coverage of the requirements between multiple documents. It also gives the benefit of requirement engineering to projects.


  • Requirements can be extracted from various data sources like Open Office, PDF, Open Office WRITER, etc
  • Declare requirement with Syntax, Heading and Database methods
  • Coverages can be declared everywhere in documents by using simple syntax with markers
  • Allows users to check the status of propagation of all requirement
  • GUI and tool tips are available in multiple languages like English, French, and German

Download link: http://reqchecker.eu/download/

30) RMTrak:

RMTrak is easy to use management tool for tagging, tracking, allocating, and verifying requirements. It is ideal software for anyone who wants simple and easy-to-use requirements tool for their organization.


  • Support for Microsoft Word 2007/2010
  • Support for Windows Vista and 7 and higher versions
  • Feature of Reverse Tree View
  • Filters to limit data displayed in Reports and Views
  • Tag Macro support for MS-Styles
  • Improved Matrix View with System Attributes
  • Alpha-Numeric Document Numbers

Download link: https://www.rmtrak.com/evaluation_info.aspx

31) TargetProcess:

Targetprocess is a visual requirement management and project management software solution. It focuses on the agile software development. It can be customized to provide support for customizing project management and workflows.


  • Targetprocess makes it easy to get a distraction-free overview of the projects. It offers the ability to scroll down or scale up for details from any level of the hierarchy
  • It allows scaling Agile across the enterprise using such Agile at scale frameworks as SAFe, NEXUS, LeSS, and SOS
  • It helps to plan and execute high-level strategy in a team-friendly environment
  • Create custom views to show just what is relevant to the users
  • Integrate with other tools for creating central hub for collaboration and work management
  • Select multiple cards so that user can move them into any place
  • Boards give options for handling large amounts of cards seamlessly
  • Allows to share boards with any person to broadcast information

Download link: https://www.targetprocess.com/sign-up/