SAP CO (Controlling) Module Training Tutorial

SAP CO Training Summary

SAP CO – Overview

The Controlling (CO) module of SAP provides information to managers & decision makers to understand where the company’s money is being spent. It not restricted by any legal requirements as in case of FI & is essentially an internal cost accounting tool.

What should I know?

The course is designed for beginners but knowledge of SAP basics is a must.

SAP Controlling Course Syllabus

Cost Center

👉 Tutorial How to create a new COST CENTER: SAP KS01
👉 Tutorial How to Create a New Cost Element

Internal Order

👉 Tutorial All About Internal Order in SAP
👉 Tutorial Settlement of Internal Orders Tutorial: KO02 & KO88 in SAP

Profit Center

👉 Tutorial SAP Profit Center Tutorial: Create, Group, Posting & Planning
👉 Tutorial Creation Of Profit Center using Standard Hierarchy in SAP
👉 Tutorial How to assign Cost Centers to Profit Center in SAP
👉 Tutorial How to assign material master to Profit Center in SAP

Must Know!

👉 Tutorial SAP CO Tables: Important Tables in Controlling Module
👉 Tutorial Cost Center and Profit Center in SAP: What is the Difference?