How to Create a New Cost Element

Cost Element Creation in SAP

To create a New Cost Element , In the SAP transaction code box, enter transaction KA01

Create a New Cost Element

In the Create Cost Element Screen

  • Enter the new cost element number.
  • Enter the validity dates of the new cost element.

Optional – In the Reference section:

  • In the Cost Element field, you can enter a reference cost element if the details are similar to the new cost element.
  • In the Controlling Area field, you can enter the reference cost element’s controlling area.

Click Master Data Button

Create a New Cost Element

In the next SAP screen

  • Enter Name & Description
  • Enter a relevant CElem Category
  • Click Save.

Cost Element is created

Create a New Cost Element

Note: Before you create a Cost Element you must create a G/L account with the same number in your SAP system.

Other Noteworthy Transactions

  • Change an existing cost element – transaction KA02
  • Display a cost element – transaction KA03