Editorial Policy & Guidelines of Guru99

Our Team

We are a team of seasoned writers and experienced reviewers with years of knowledge about different software products and services.

Our writers are equipped with an in-depth understanding of software functions, and our reviewers have an expert grasp of the product market.

Guru99 writers present intricate descriptions as easily consumable content. On the other hand, our professionals scout for the best products and analyze them rigorously. We also offer free tutorials from beginners to expert levels like SAP, Testing, Java, Python and more. Ultimately providing you with the most powerful and helpful tools to accommodate your business needs and tutorials to make your life easier.

We boast a diligent team that strives to perfect their skills every day and are passionate about each step of the process that goes into creating our articles and reviews.

Our Principles & Ethics


  • Confidence: Software products and tools are complex items and an enormous topic that can have an overwhelming effect. Therefore, we provide detailed information in a simplified structure to drive true confidence in you no matter the level of your experience.
  • Accuracy: Our prime objective is to provide our readers with accurate, transparent, and updated software information. We work constantly to ensure that our data is as precise and reliable as possible. Any kind of inaccuracies found in content and misconstruction by our readers is thoroughly investigated and corrected instantly.
  • Unbiased: Our articles and reviews are completely impartial. We research every piece of information and fact-find to make sure that our reviews do not support any particular economic or political viewpoint.
  • Inclusive: We aim to provide content that serves, respects, and dignifies people of all age groups, gender identities, religions, nationalities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship statuses, family types, and mental and physical abilities.


We sincerely comply with the Codes of Ethics of the SABEW (Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing). Our content abides by the Society for Professional Journalists Foundation of Ethical Journalism by being accountable and honest, accurate and equitable, mitigating harm, and self-subsisting.

We also stand by The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines on publishing wherever considered appropriate.

Guru99 produces content with purely informational motives; they are not a replacement for the official service provider’s suggestion or a recommendation by expert IT personnel and other certified software professionals.

Why You Should Trust Us

Guru99’s product recommendations are entirely editorial. We never allow vendors, distributors, public relations agencies, or sales executives to impose ideas or influence our content. Instead, we do the meticulous reviewing process ourselves by testing every software manually with the help of our experts before publishing any review to help you make a smart choice.

All the data we provide in our articles are fact-checked by our team before uploading, therefore, we try our best to leave no room for errors. Our materials are updated frequently to ensure data accuracy, and we provide only the precise details without any additional decorative information.

How we test and review software

Guru99 software reviewers test the products and services from the consumer’s or a small business owner’s point of view. Thus, we look into their performance, ease of use, security, service level agreement, value for money, and pros and cons. Our goal is to create accurate, extensive, and up-to-date reviews. To get a faultless report, we follow a set of intelligent procedures and strategies in a like-for-like method.

We review the following types of services and products:

  • Different types of hosting providers
  • VPNs
  • VoIP Services
  • Phone Spy Apps and Softwares
  • Security service products
  • Communication tools
  • Online backup
  • Video and picture editing tools
  • Test management tools
  • Trading sites and tools
  • Finance-related services and products
  • Online courses and more

Our reviews include factual details such as server speed, performance, and storage capacity. We also provide subjectively introspect about the user interface, billing practices, and support. The writers and reviewers we hire understand creating content about software is more than mere marketing tactics and technical language.

Guru99 testing methods are consistent and remain uniform for all reviewers for every type of product and service. Our team of experts conducts advanced software tests using their years of experience, developers’ suggestions, and genuine user feedback. We only use industry-standard methods to conduct reviews for curating the list of top tools and services.

Editorial independence

  • Our editorial team of reviewers, writers, editors, and other professionals is entirely in charge of creating all our articles, lists, reviews, and guides.
  • The information and point of view written in our reviews are entirely editorial based on our extensive research, comparison, and evaluation of similar products. Our reviews are factual and unbiased based on the real features provided by the product.
  • Guru99 advertisers and business partners in no way hold control or influence our reviews and other content decisions.
  • Our company editorial team’s compensation and performance assessments are never affected by favorable or unfavorable reviews of the products.

Fact-checking and corrections

  • Guru99 always remains committed to correcting any form of errors and informing our content consumers about them. This includes minor and major mistakes and news, but only if the error occurred at the time of original publication.
  • The corrections are displayed clearly on our page to retract when the correction is made. If you come across any errors, kindly let us know so we can fix them promptly.
  • Our content is updated frequently to offer our readers reliable and accurate content. These changes are made in the existing articles and do not appear as separately published content.
  • All our editorial content is fact-checked to provide accuracy. We seek to ensure that the data in every article is correct and up to date as of the publication date.
  • The content travels through multiple fact-checking processes that include reviewers, writers, editors, and other involved experts.
  • Our writers and researchers rely solely on the providers’ official websites and use only authoritative sources, including contacting higher levels of support and managers.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, opinions, comments, or suggestions that you’d like to share with our editorial team, kindly contact us using the contact form on our website.

You can also reach out to us for advertising, affiliate programs, and other options listed in our contact form.