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Class Summary

AngularJS is a JavaSript framework used for building MVC based applications. In this tutorial, we will learn about AngularJS components like directives, filters, expressions, etc. and explore more of its programming aspect for SPA’s.

What should I know?

This tutorial is designed for beginners and knowledge of JavaScript would be an additional help.


1. AngularJS: Introduction, Architecture, Advantages

2. AngularJS Hello World: Your First Program

3. AngularJS Controller: Learn in 10 Minutes!

4. ng-model in AngularJS – Learn in 10 Minutes!

5. AngularJS Views Tutorial

6. AngularJS Expressions – Numbers,Strings,Objects,Array,$eval

7. Learn AngularJS Filter: Lowercase,Uppercase, json,Number,Currency,Custom

8. Learn AngularJS Directive: ng-app, ng-init, ng-model, ng-repeat, ng-transclude

9. AngularJS Module

10. Learn AngularJS Events: ng-click, ng-show, ng-hide

11. AngularJS Routes ($route) - Learn in 10 Minutes!

12. AngularJS http, Ajax Tutorial

13. Angular Table: Learn in 10 Minutes!

14. AngularJS Validation – Learn in 10 Minutes!

15. ng-include in AngularJS – Learn in 10 Minutes!

16. AngularJS - Dependency Injection

17. AngularJS Testing using Karma: Unit and End to End Testing

18. Protractor Testing