AngularJS Tutorial for Beginners: Learn AngularJS Step by Step

AngularJS Tutorial Summary

This is an AngularJS tutorial for beginners step by step guide to learn AngularJS from scratch. This Angular JS tutorials guide will help you learn AngularJS basics and components like directives, filters, expressions, etc. and explore more of its programming aspect for SPA’s.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for building MVC-based web applications. It allows you to split the business logic layer, data layer, and presentation layer. It uses HTML as a template language to extend its syntax for creating various application components. It also helps to reduce the code by data binding and dependency injection features.

AngularJS Syllabus

AngularJS Basics for Beginners

👉 Lesson 1 What is AngularJS? — Introduction, Architecture & Features
👉 Lesson 2 AngularJS Hello World — Your First AngularJS Program
👉 Lesson 3 AngularJS Controller Tutorial — What is, How to build with Example

AngularJS Scope Model View

👉 Lesson 1 Angular Scopes — What is $Scope in AngularJS? Tutorial with Example
👉 Lesson 2 ngRepeat — AngularJS ng-repeat Directive with Example
👉 Lesson 3 ngModel — How to use “ng-model” in AngularJS with Examples
👉 Lesson 4 ngView — AngularJS ng-view with Example

AngularJS Expressions

👉 Lesson 1 AngularJS Expressions — ARRAY, Objects, $eval, Strings [Examples]
👉 Lesson 2 AngularJS Filter Example — Lowercase, Uppercase & JSON
👉 Lesson 3 AngularJS Custom Filter — How to create Custom Filters in AngularJS with Example
👉 Lesson 4 AngularJS Directive with Example — ng-init, ng-repeat, ng-app, ng-model
👉 Lesson 5 CUSTOM Directives in AngularJS — How to Create a Custom Directive? [Examples]

AngularJS Fundamentals Step by Step

👉 Lesson 1 AngularJS Module — AngularJS Module Tutorial with Example
👉 Lesson 2 AngularJS Events — ng-click, ng-show, ng-hide Directive [Example]
👉 Lesson 3 AngularJS Routing with Parameters — Single Page Application Example
👉 Lesson 4 AngularJS $resource & $http — AngularJS AJAX Call using $resource, $http [Example]
👉 Lesson 5 AngularJS Table — Sort, OrderBy & Uppercase Filter [Examples]
👉 Lesson 6 AngularJS Form Validation on Submit — Form with Example
👉 Lesson 7 AngularJS Form Submit Example — How to Submit a form using ng-submit
👉 Lesson 8 ng-include in AngularJS — How to include HTML File [Example]
👉 Lesson 9 AngularJS Dependency Injection — Which Components Injected

AngularJS Advance Stuff!

👉 Lesson 1 AngularJS Unit Testing — Karma Jasmine Tutorial
👉 Lesson 2 Protractor Testing Tutorial — Automation Tool Framework
👉 Lesson 3 AngularJS vs Angular 2 vs Angular 4 — What’s the Difference?
👉 Lesson 4 React vs Angular — 10 Most Important Differences You Must Know!

AngularJS Interview Questions, Books & Tutorial PDF

👉 Lesson 1 AngularJS Interview Questions — Top 75 AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers
👉 Lesson 2 AngularJS Books — 10 BEST AngularJS Books for Beginners and Experts
👉 Lesson 3 AngularJS Tutorial PDF — Download AngularJS Tutorial PDF for Beginners

What will you learn in this Angular JS tutorial?

In this AngularJS for beginners tutorial, you will learn Angular JS basics like What is AngularJS, controller, scope, ng-model, ng-view, AngularJS Expressions, Modules, Events, Table, Form, etc. and advanced concepts like AngularJS unit testing, Protractor testing, AngularJS versions, AngularJS interview questions, etc.

Why learn AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source framework that is widely used for creating client-side MVC web applications. Moreover, it is widely used in every industry by individuals and businesses worldwide, so there are huge career opportunities for candidates who have a good knowledge of Angular JS.

Prerequisites to learn AngularJS

This Angular tutorial is designed for beginners. However, if you have the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, it would be an additional help.

Features of AngularJS

Following are the main features of Angular JS:

  • It is an open-source JavaScript MVW Framework
  • Extends HTML support by adding tags, attributes, and expressions
  • Allows easy event Handling
  • Provides support for Data Binding
  • Offers built-in template engine and routing
  • Provides form validations and animations
  • Offers dependency injection

Simple AngularJS Program Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=""></script>
    <meta chrset="UTF 8">
    <title>Basic AngularJS Program</title>
<body ng-app="">

<h3>This is AngularJS Tutorial for Beginners..!!</h3>



This is AngularJS Tutorial for Beginners..!!