MySQL Tutorial Summary

MySQL is the most popular open-source database management system. This MySQL tutorial for beginners covers all concepts like MySQL basics, normalization, and MySQL Workbench installation. Later in this MySQL tutorial, Commands like Select, Insert, Group By and advance topics like Wildcards & Functions are covered.

What should I know?

This MySQL for beginners tutorial is designed for both experts and beginners having no prior Database experience.

MySQL Syllabus

Database Fundamentals

Tutorial What is a Database? Definition, Meaning, Types, Example
Tutorial MySQL Workbench Tutorial for Beginners: How to Install & Use

Database Design

Tutorial Database Design Tutorial: Learn Data Modeling
Tutorial What is Normalization? 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF Database Example
Tutorial What is ER Modeling? Learn with Example

SQL Basics

Tutorial What is SQL? Learn SQL Basics, SQL Full Form & How to Use
Tutorial MySQL Create Database, Tables, Data Types
Tutorial MySQL SELECT Statement with Examples
Tutorial MySQL WHERE Clause with Examples - AND, OR, IN, NOT IN
Tutorial MySQL INSERT INTO Query: How to add Row in Table (Example)
Tutorial MySQL DELETE Query with Example

Data Sorting

Tutorial ORDER BY in MySQL: DESC & ASC Query with EXAMPLE
Tutorial MySQL GROUP BY and HAVING Clause Tutorial
Tutorial MySQL Wildcards Tutorial: Like, NOT Like, Escape, ( % ), ( _ )
Tutorial MYSQL Regular Expressions (REGEXP) with Syntax & Examples
Tutorial MySQL Functions: String, Numeric, User-Defined, Stored
Tutorial MySQL Aggregate Functions Tutorial : SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN , COUNT, DISTINCT

Must Know Stuff!

Tutorial MySQL IS NULL & IS NOT NULL Tutorial with EXAMPLES
Tutorial MySQL AUTO_INCREMENT Tutorial with Examples
Tutorial MySQL LIMIT & OFFSET Tutorial with Examples

Most Dreaded Topics!

Tutorial MySQL SubQuery Tutorial with Examples
Tutorial MySQL UNION - Complete Tutorial
Tutorial Views in MySQL Tutorial: Create, Join & Drop with Examples
Tutorial MySQL Index Tutorial - Create, Add & Drop
Tutorial Your First Application using MySQL and PHP
Tutorial Oracle MySQL 5.6 Certification with Study Guide
Tutorial SQL vs MySQL: What's the Difference Between SQL and MySQL?
Tutorial 20 Best SQL (Database) Management Tools
Tutorial Top 50 SQL Interview Questions and Answers

What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open-source database management system used to organize data into one or more tables, having data types related to each other. These data types are used to extract, modify, or structure the data. It also allows implementing a database in computer systems, managing users, database integrity testing, and backup creation.

Why Learn MySQL?

Learning MySQL helps to understand how database management systems work. It also enhances your logical thinking and problem-solving ability. Moreover, database management systems are used in every industry, so there is a huge demand for MySQL professionals in the market. You can learn MySQL to get a job and for knowledge purposes as well.

Prerequisites for learning MySQL Tutorial?

This MySQL course is designed for beginners having no prior Database knowledge. However, if you have a basic knowledge of computer, database, and Database Management Systems, it will help you learn MySQL more easily and efficiently.

What will you learn in this MySQL Tutorial?

In this MySQL tutorial, you will learn about database fundamentals, MySQL Workbench, MySQL basics, Normalization, ER model, Data sorting in MySQL, MySQL Wildcards, MySQL functions, Advanced MySQL operations, SQL interview questions, and many more interesting concepts about MySQL.