Training Summary

In this course, you will learn how to use and play with Photoshop CC - The number #1 photo editing tool. The online tutorials are video based to help you grasp the Photoshop IDE quickly.

What should I know?

Nothing! This is an absolute beginners guide to Photoshop.


Tutorial What is Photoshop CC? Complete Introduction
Tutorial How to use Workspace in PhotoShop CC
Tutorial Photoshop LAYERS Tutorial
Tutorial Photoshop Layer Mask Tutorial with Example
Advanced Stuff
Tutorial How to use Photoshop Layer Styles & Effects [Example]
Tutorial How to Draw Shapes in Photoshop using Shape Tool
Tutorial What is Smart Object? How to use Smart Object in Photoshop?
Tutorial Blending Modes in Photoshop
Tutorial How to use Pen Tool in Photoshop? Complete Tutorial
Tutorial How to Remove Background in Photoshop?
Tutorial How to use Brush Tool in PhotoShop?
Tutorial How to use Photoshop Text Tool to add Text
Tutorial How to use Filters & Effects in Photoshop
Must Know!
Tutorial 30 Best Screen Capturing Tools for Screenshot
Tutorial 29 Best FREE Drawing & Art Apps
Tutorial 15 Best Snagit Alternatives
Tutorial 11 BEST After Effects Alternatives
Tutorial 14 BEST 2D Animation Software
Tutorial 20 BEST 3D Animation Software
Tutorial 25+ Best FREE 3D Modeling Software
Tutorial 30 BEST 3D Printer Software
Tutorial 16 BEST InDesign Alternatives
Tutorial 20+ BEST Web Design Software
Tutorial 26 BEST Adobe Premiere Alternative
Tutorial 16 BEST Photoshop Alternatives
Tutorial 16 BEST Screen Recorder
Tutorial 15 BEST Screen Recording Software for MAC [Free/Paid]
Tutorial 20 BEST Webcam Software for Windows
Tutorial 17 BEST Stock Videos Sites
Tutorial 22 BEST Sketchup Alternatives
Tutorial 36 BEST Video Editing Software
Tutorial 25+ Best FREE Green Screen (Chroma Key) Software
Tutorial 20+ BEST Video Cutter (Trimmer)
Tutorial 25+ Best FREE Photo Editing Software for Windows 10 PC
Tutorial 15 BEST Unlimited Design Services (Free On Demand Graphics)
Tutorial 20+ Best GIF Maker (Free Download)
Tutorial 40+ Best FREE MP4 Video Editor
Tutorial 15+ BEST Video Compressor
Tutorial 30 Best FREE Stock Photos Sites
Tutorial 18 Best FREE Stock Videos Sites
Tutorial 19 BEST Media Server Software
Tutorial GIMP vs Photoshop: Key Differences
Tutorial 9 BEST Adobe Premiere Pro Courses Online
Tutorial 10+ Best FREE Blender 3D Courses & Tutorials
Tutorial 15+ Best FREE Video Editing Courses Online
Tutorial Best Visual Effects (VFX) Courses & Online Classes (Free/Paid)
Tutorial 10+ BEST Revit Courses & Online Training Classes
Tutorial 90 Best Adobe Illustrator Courses
Tutorial 90 Best Drawing Courses
Tutorial 80 Best AutoCAD Courses
Tutorial 95 Best Graphic Design Certification Courses
Tutorial 80 Best UI/UX Design Courses
Tutorial 50 Best Web Design Courses