Must Learn!

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Class Summary

Linux is the most popular server OS. Linux is a clone of UNIX. Knowing one is as good as knowing the other. In this tutorial series, we will be using GNU/Linux as its freely available. The training will require you to execute certain commands. Make sure to practise them!

What should i know?

Nothing. This tutorial is for absolute beginners. You don't even have to buy a new PC to learn Linux. You can run Linux, right within your existing Windows or Mac OS systems! (Detailed steps given in tutorials).


Linux Fundamentals

1 – Introduction to the Linux Operating System

2 – Linux Distributions & Installation

3 – Linux Vs Windows

4 – Terminal V/s File Manager

Getting Started

5 – Must Know Linux/Unix Commands

6 – File Permissions in Linux/Unix

Advance Stuff!

7 – Print Email & Installing Software

8 – Redirection in Linux/Unix

9 – Linux/Unix Pipes , Grep & Sort Command

10 – Linux - Regular Expressions

Know the OS!

11 – Linux - Environment Variables

12 – Communication in Linux

13 – Managing Processes in Linux

14 – The VI Editor

Let's Code!

15 – Introduction to Shell Scripting

16 – Introduction to PERL Programming

17 – Unix - Virtual Terminal

18 – Unix/Linux Administration