SAP QM Module Tutorial: SAP Quality Management Training

SAP QM Course Summary

This SAP QM training module will explain you various inspection stages of SAP QM step-by-step and how to invoke this process automatically. It will also help you learn all the topics about SAP QM module.

What is SAP QM (Quality Management)?

SAP QM is an integral part of several key business processes of SAP like production, sales, procurement, material management, etc. It helps businesses to reduce defects, implement and conduct quality control programs, and continuously improve the business processes. The full form of SAP QM is Quality Management.

Prerequisites of SAP Quality Management Course

This SAP QM training course is designed for beginners with little or no QM (Quality Management) experience. But knowledge of SAP basics is a plus.

SAP QM Training Syllabus

👉 Tutorial Introduction to SAP QM
👉 Tutorial Master Data in SAP QM
👉 Tutorial Incoming Inspection / Raw Material Inspection in SAP QM module
👉 Tutorial Inprocess Inspection in SAP QM
👉 Tutorial Final Inspection after Production goods receipt in SAP QM
👉 Tutorial Quality Notification in SAP QM

What will you learn in this SAP Quality Management tutorial?

In this SAP Quality Management tutorial, you will learn about introduction to SAP QM, Master Data, Raw Material Inspection, Inprocess Inspection, Final Inspection of goods, and Quality notification.

Benefits of SAP QM

Here are the benefits of SAP Quality Management:

  • Quality integration with procurement and production and hence more control over the process.
  • Planning support (usage of inspection plans)
  • Monitoring of vendor and customer complaints by implementing corrective tasks in SAP QM quality notifications.
  • Automation of quality certificates which are printed during sales delivery to customers.