PMP Tutorial Summary

PMP course is a recognized credential for project managers. It enhances the skills, competency and other management attributes required to lead and direct projects by managers. This course covers various modules of PMP in-depth, which includes project management process, HR management, cost management, and so on.

What should I know?

Familiarity with basic fundamentals of project management would be an additional help.

PMP Course Syllabus


Lesson 1 What is Project Management? — Objectives & Methodologies
Lesson 2 Project Management Life Cycle Phases — What are the stages?

Advanced Stuff

Lesson 1 Project Integration Management Tutorial — Definition, Process & Plan
Lesson 2 Project Scope Management — What is, Why It is Important
Lesson 3 Project Cost Management — Project Cost Estimation and Budgeting
Lesson 4 Stakeholder Analysis & Mapping — Example with Template
Lesson 5 Risk Analysis & Risk Management — What is, How to Manage?

Must Know!

Lesson 1 Trello Alternatives — 30 Best Trello Alternatives
Lesson 2 Microsoft Project Alternatives — 20 Best FREE Microsoft Project Alternatives
Lesson 3 Top Wrike Alternatives — 12 BEST Wrike Alternatives for Project Management