Following is the step by step process to install LoadRunner Community Edition(Free version). Vugen comes bundled in the community edition. Microfocus has now taken over the LoadRunner tool. Installing LoadRunner is a 2-step process

We will cover them one by one

Part 1) Download

Step 1) Go to

Enter Data and Click Sign Up

Step 2) In the next screen, you will see a message registration was successful.

Step 3) Check your Inbox and confirm your email.

Step 4) Go to Login Page -

  1. Enter your email
  2. Click continue

Step 5) In the next screen,

  1. Enter your Password
  2. Click "Sign In" button.

Step 6) You will be taken to your Dashboard. Click the download button

Step 7) In the next screen, Click on HPE LoadRunner 12.55 Community Edition.

Step 8) Download will begin. Extract the Downloaded file.

Part 2) Install LoadRunner

Step 1) Click HPE LoadRunner in the unzipped folder

Step 2) Select the Destination folder and click on install button.

Step 3) Installation process starts

Step 4) Once installation is done. In the next screen,

  1. Select Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package
  2. Click OK button

Step 5) Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Setup installation will begin

Step 6) Once dependency installation is complete, In the welcome screen

  1. Select on LoadRunner
  2. Click on Next Button

Step 7) In the next screen,

  1. Select all checkbox.
  2. Click on next button

Step 8) Choose the Destination Folder and Click Next

Step 9) In next screen, Click on the Install button

Step 10) If the Windows Firewall shows up, Click on Allow access

Step 11) In the next screen, Unselect option "LoadRunner Agent" and click Next

Step 12) In next screen, Select HR Network Virtualization

Step 13) Installation will begin

Step 14) Finally you will be shown the license details

Step 15) In the next screen, Select Restart Now

Step 16) After reboot, Click on Loadrunner Icon on Desktop to start MicroFocus Loadrunner