How to use Recovery Scenario in QTP/UFT with Example

Using Recovery Scenarios you can instruct HP UFT to recover from unexpected events and errors that occur in your Testing environment during a run session.

Recovery scenario becomes crucial for large tests, which run unattended and are paused until recovery operation, is performed increasing the test execution time.

Steps to use Recovery Scenario in QTP/UFT

There are 6 steps involved in creating a recovery scenario

Step 1) In Micro Focus UFT, Select Resources > Recovery Scenario Manager. Create new Scenario

Step 2) Specify the Trigger Event. A Trigger Event is an event that interrupts your run session

Step 3) Specify the Recovery Operation which is the corrective action you take when the trigger happens

Step 4) Specify Post-recovery test run options which specify how to continue the run session after Quick Test Professional has identified the event and performed all of the specified recovery operations.

Step 5) Check and verify Summary of the scenario you created.

Step 6) Add Recovery Scenario to your test using File > Settings > Recovery. The test results window show the details of the recovery scenario

Following video explains the steps in detail

Click here if the video is not accessible

Use can also use statements

  • On Error Resume Next :
  • On Error Go to 0 :

to handle errors in your script