3 BEST Tradeline Companies for Sale (May 2024 Reviews)

A tradeline company is an organization that works as a broker of authorized user tradelines. They provide ecommerce product solutions with credit sponsors who have aged credit card accounts. A tradeline company may sell authorized user placements directly to their clients or purchase on a client’s behalf.

Legitimate tradeline companies:
  • Do not use CPN numbers
  • Have positive customer reviews
  • Have great customer service
  • Represent account age as important
Following is a handpicked list of top tradeline companies with their popular features, pros and cons, and website links.
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Top Pick
Tradeline Supply

Tradeline Supply Company, LLC makes it easy to buy, sell, and broker authorized user tradelines. You can find the largest aged tradeline selection on their website and they offer postings that are guaranteed or your money back.

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Top Cheap Tradelines Companies

Name Best for Link
👍 Tradeline Supply Lowest prices in the tradeline industry Learn More
SuperiorTradelines One of The Fastest Ways to Boost Credit Scores. Learn More
CreditPro Provides 2,000 cards to choose from with varying ages. Learn More

1) Tradeline Supply

Why Selected: Offers lowest prices in the tradeline industry

Tradeline Supply is an ecommerce business that sells credit sponsor products. They provide universal access to tradeline products that are guaranteed to post and be in good standing.

You will receive phone support throughout the week. Ordering a new tradeline is also intuitive to automate entire checkout process.

#1 Top Pick
Tradeline Supply

Offers lowest prices in the tradeline industry

Guarantees the card history will post to your credit profile.

Universally available tradeline shopping access.

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  • Guarantees the card history will post to your credit profile.
  • Provides details about the availability of tradeline, including the price and age.
  • You will get two reporting cycles for your account.
  • Tradeline Supply guarantees postings to at least two of the three credit bureaus.
  • Tradeline Supply makes it easy to buy, sell, or broker authorized user tradelines.
  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Helpful customer support.
  • Universally available tradeline shopping access.


  • Does not guarantee how tradelines will impact your credit profile.
  • Does not advise on which tradelines to purchase.
  • Is not able to consult about your overall credit situation.

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2) SuperiorTradelines

Why Selected: One of The Fastest Ways to Boost Credit Scores.

SuperiorTradelines is a company that provides a free consultation in buying tradelines. This organization can post your tradeline in 60+ days.

SuperiorTradelines has a large variety of authorized user tradelines for sale. One interesting thing about this specific company is that it has a step-by-step process once you commit to signing up. The company has a blog that contains a FAQ about buying tradelines to improve your credit score.



  • SuperiorTradelines 101 publicly lists out all their tradelines.
  • It provides a good amount of tradelines available, with about 200 with at least one open spot as of this article.
  • This cheap tradeline company provides free consultation for those looking for tradelines.
  • If your tradeline does not report to 2 bureaus, they will provide you with a full replacement or refund.
  • Offers large variety of tradelines for sale with many options to choose from.
  • You will get the resource on their website for credit education.
  • It is one of the best primary tradelines that has been operational for an extended period, so it is trustworthy.
  • All purchases tradelines will post to your credit report. Otherwise, you’ll get a full refund.
  • Allows you to sort tradelines by lender, price, credit limit, statement day, and age.
  • This organization uses an encrypted server to keep the information of tradeline safe.
  • SuperiorTradelines eliminates all customer data after 90 days.
  • Carefully verifies all parties, sellers, and buyers to reduce fraud risk.
  • Offers adequate education on their blog.
  • You will get assistant over the phone call from a financial professional.


  • You must communicate with a consultant to buy any tradeline.
  • SuperiorTradelines doesn’t offer special deals or bundles for their tradelines.
  • Tradelines at SuperiorTradelines are generally more expensive than similar ones at other companies.

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3) CreditPro

Why Selected: Provides 2,000 cards to choose from with varying ages.

CreditPro is one of the most established tradeline companies in the industry. They have a soundtrack record and tradeline inventory, making them one of the best tradeline companies.

It provides the lowest prices in the industry and helps you save as much as 40%–60% on purchased tradelines. The website of this reputable tradeline is user-friendly, and you can easily contact them. However, the duration time it takes for your Credit to be fixed may vary from each person, depending on your circumstances.



  • It offers tradelines with utilization rates 15% or lower
  • You can choose from more than 2000 cards
  • Offers more than 2,000 tradelines with many high-quality accounts.
  • CreditPro encourages those looking for tradelines, to begin with, a free consultation with their staff
  • It offers higher quality tradelines at a more reasonable price compared to the market average
  • You can buy and sell tradelines
  • Regularly provide package deals and discounts to purchase cheap tradelines
  • Offers a large variety of highly aged credit lines


  • You cannot see the available wholesale tradelines on CreditPro.
  • Do not provide any professional advisor to guide you through the process.
  • CreditPro does not publicly list the tradelines they have for sale, and you must register an account with them before you can view them.

Link: https://www.callcreditpro.com/

How can you buy a Tradeline?

Here are some important characteristics of the best tradeline companies.

Step 1) You should check Industry Reputation

First, you should look to buy a tradeline from a firm that commands industry experience. Do your search and check that the tradeline company has been in business for at least five years or more.

Then ask the tradeline company to provide some statistics which includes.

  • Number of Years in Business
  • Success Rate
  • Average Credit Score
  • How Often They Report
  • Location of Headquarters
  • Number of Employees
  • Credit Consultation Services

These are important metrics you should try to uncover before purchasing a tradeline. However, legit tradeline companies will publish this information on their website for public review, and you should do a extensive research and find this information.

Step 2) It should be affordable

You should only buy a quality tradeline from reputable dealers, and it is not worth the risk of buying a cheap tradeline with an unreliable source. You want a tradeline with long account history and is established. However, you also need to buy a tradeline that aligns with your financial goals and will not break the bank.

Step 3) Transparent & Honest

The best tradeline companies will remain honest and transparent about their operations. They will be upfront about their pricing, often listing them on their website for public consumption.

Moreover, they will publish data about previous customer experiences and highlight their strengths. However, you should also remember that buying a tradeline is not an ‘immediate fix’ or permanent solution.

Step 4) Check their customer service

Reputable, legit tradeline companies will have a supportive staff. They will take their time to get to know your requirements and help to search for a perfect tradeline that aligns with your financial goals.

However, should select a tradeline company that has dedicated customer support representatives. This is crucial when you run into any account troubles or administrative errors.

Step 5) Mailing Address

The easiest method to tell the difference between a legit tradeline company and a scam is to list their physical mailing address. The legit tradeline companies always list their mailing address, phone number, hours of operations, and more.


A tradeline is a financial instrument that allows the holder to borrow money from one company and lend it to another.

Tradeline company helps you reduce trading costs and allow you to enter and exit trades at will, without having to worry about margin calls or stop-loss order. They can also help you avoid liquidating stocks when you’re in a losing position and need money instantly.

Adding a credit card tradeline can have a positive impact, a negative impact, or no impact at all on your credit score. Everything is relative to one’s own credit file.

While reputable tradeline companies will not specify exact credit profile score results, they do advise that credit card age is the most significant scoring factor. Utilization ratios are also important, but often authorized user accounts do not affect utilization ratios as much as one might believe. Age is king when it comes to tradelines.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when buying a Tradelines for Sale:

Not Understanding How Tradeline Works:

Most customers are not aware of how tradelines work, and they are under the impression that a tradeline might be a permanent solution for their credit situation.

However, it is not valid. It would also help if you remembered that this report couldn’t stay on your report for an extended period, so it can’t be considered a permanent help for a bad credit score.

Relying On Disreputable Company:

You won’t enjoy the experience unless you choose a reputable company that knows how credit repair works. There are many frauds and scammers, so you need to learn how to choose the right tradeline company for your needs. Take your time!

Thinking that Tradelines Automatically Repair Credit:

Credit scores are sometimes confusing, and many people do not fully understand them. Unfortunately, many people are using their scores to indicate their financial situation. However, credit scores are only one factor used to decide how much debt a person can handle.

Tradeline companies alone do nothing to repair your credit score, and Tradelines add information to your credit report, which can increase your score.

Adding Bad Tradelines:

It is useless to add tradelines while fraud alerts or credit freezes on your account. A new credit line can be added to an account with a fraud alert or credit freeze by verifying the information with the company that issued the alert. However, if there is no way to verify this information, adding tradelines will not be successful because creditors cannot verify the user’s identity when they request them.

Selecting Quantity Over Quality:

Buying multiple cheap tradelines might not do you any good, and it is better to find a few tradelines that may be expensive but more reputable and helpful. Good tradelines are typically pricey because of their stability and long history.

Select as a substitute For Credit Repair:

Tradelines are not a permanent solution for your poor credit score, and they help temporarily boost, so it will only stay on your report for some time.

However, suppose you want to improve your score over time. In that case, you should adopt permanent, long-term methods such as genuine commitment to better money management, timely payments, and less credit utilization ratio.

Here are some basic differences between Tradeline and Credit Repair companies:

Tradeline Credit Repair
Tradelines are used to build credit, re-build credit, or become credit visible. Credit repair takes care of bad credit by working closely with the lender.
Tradelines are not used to remove payment history that is incorrect or unwanted. Credit repairs companies remove errors from your credit file to help improve your credit score.

First, a credit account tradeline should be selected that reports to the credit bureaus–not all credit cards report to the major bureaus.

On your own, you can open primary tradeline accounts and keep them in good standing to positively impact your credit worthiness.

There may be a primary account holder who you know is willing to add you to their account as an authorized user. Not every person has access to these free tradelines.

A reputable tradeline company can connect you with a credit sponsor who has an aged credit card account with a history of on-time payments and low usage of the credit limit.

After a tradeline is purchased, the payment history will be visible during the reporting period. Extensions can be purchased to continue to keep the relationship current.

A trade line mostly stays on your credit report for up to seven years. For example, if you have a credit card account with a balance that is still open and you don’t make any payments, the trade line will remain on your credit report until one year after the account has been closed.

Credit line is an amount of money you can borrow from a bank. Your credit limit is the maximum amount you can borrow up to your credit limit. The credit utilization ratio is the ratio of the outstanding balance to the credit limit.

The answer depends on the type of tradeline and the company you use. On average, you can expect the tradeline to stay on your credit report for around two reporting cycles, which is in between two to six months.

For example, let’s assume that you have a credit limit of $12,000 and an outstanding balance of $3,000, and your credit utilization ratio is 25%. For your first tradeline, you can get a $1,000 limit, which will cost you $79.95.

No, a credit limit is not affected by other tradelines. The credit score determines the credit limit of a cardholder.

Yes, using a tradeline to raise your credit score is legal. However, some factors help you to select the best tradeline company. Honesty and transparency are vital factors to consider when looking for a good trading company.

Established tradeline companies are more transparent about their services. This provides you the confidence to work with them because you are assured that they conduct a legitimate business according to law compliance.

The cost of tradelines varies greatly, and you can buy in the range of a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Therefore, you need to remember that older tradelines are more expensive than newer ones.

Tradeline costs are calculated based on the amount of interest that is charged. The fee is calculated by the number of days you have left until your loan expires.

Numerous factors affect the cost of a tradeline, such as

  • If you have a higher credit score, your tradeline will be cheaper because it will take less time to pay off your credit builder loan.
  • Your lender may charge an annual percentage rate (APR) or another fee if you choose to extend your loan term.
  • If you don’t make any payments on time, this could increase your APR and the cost of the tradeline itself.

Top Cheap Tradelines Companies

Name Best for Link
👍 Tradeline Supply Lowest prices in the tradeline industry Learn More
SuperiorTradelines One of The Fastest Ways to Boost Credit Scores. Learn More
CreditPro Provides 2,000 cards to choose from with varying ages. Learn More