To achieve success in any business, proper management of the project is very important. Project management is a set of activities which include planning, executing, controlling, and finishing projects. A Project Management tool helps streamline this process.

Here, is a curated list of Best 40 Free project management tools and Project management app with popular features and latest download links. The project management software list contains both open source(free) and commercial (paid) software.

Top Open Source Project Management Tools and Apps

Name Price Link Free + Paid Plan Learn More
ClickUp Free + Paid Plan Learn More
Wrike Free + Paid Plan Learn More
Paymo Paid Plan Learn More
Zoho Projects Free + Paid Plan Learn More
Teamwork Projects Free + Paid Plan Learn More


Monday is the work OS that powers teams to run processes, projects, and everyday work their way. It is one of the best free task management tools that helps you to automate routine work and focus on what counts.


  • It allows your teams to run processes, projects, and everyday work their way.
  • You can Integrate with your existing tools and get more done.
  • It allows you to collaborate in one shared workspace.
  • Bring your team together, anywhere, and anytime.

2) ClickUp

ClickUp is software that enables you to manage your task, docs, chat, goal, and more with ease. This application allows you to assign and resolve comments to tasks. It helps you to set priorities of the work with no hassle.


  • It allows you to filter and search for the desired task with ease.
  • Enables you to assign multiple tasks with just one mouse click.
  • You can sync with Google Calendar.
  • Helps you to collaborate with other people.
  • ClickUp enables you to sort tasks by project.

3) Wrike

Wrike is a Cloud-based collaboration and project management tool. It helps you to scale across teams in any business. The tool allows to set priorities and align your team to work faster and smarter.

  • View real-time reports and status for all kind of team projects
  • Helps you to turn strategy into an actionable plan to achieve success
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date info to make them create an exact deadline

4) Paymo

Paymo is a project management application that can be used to manage projects from their inception through completion. It is an ideal project management tool for small to medium-sized businesses looking to simplify and fasten their business processes.

  • Get updated information from a various system when estimating a project.
  • Allows you to access various tools like Portfolio Gantt Chart or Team’s Tasks to keep track of the project.
  • Team Scheduler feature allows you to create a visual timeline of work done by your team members.
  • Time tracking reduces feature offers transparency and accountability among manager and employees.
  • Tools help you to find how specific project takes. It allows you to create an invoice based on timesheet data.

5) Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a collaboration & project management tool created by Zoho. The software helps you to plan your projects, assign tasks, and communicate effectively.


  • Everyone working on a project can log his/her billable & non-billable hours using timesheets
  • Create an issue and track them as they get fixed and tested
  • The team will always access the latest version of all project documents
  • Integrated easily with Third party apps like Google, Zapier, GitHub, Dropbox

6) Teamwork Projects

Teamwork is an easy-to-use, fast, and one of the best project management systems. It is a simple tool which allows companies to maximize their project management processes.


  • Helps you to reduce unnecessary meetings and get things done quickly.
  • Allow integration with Gmail, Dropbox and cloud drive of Hotmail
  • Always know where you stand. Teamwork Projects means you can plan and track the progression of your team

7) Microsoft Project

Microsoft project Integrated planning tools help you seamlessly keep track of your projects. The tool offers a powerful, visually enhanced way to manage a wide range of projects and programs efficiently.


  • The tool provides full visibility for handling multiple projects
  • It connects to a wide range of Microsoft products like Excel, Word, Skype, etc.
  • It is extremely intuitive and offers a great balance of usability and complexity

8) Rational Plan

Rational plan is project management for providing solutions for portfolio management, resource management, and Team Collaboration. It allows you to complete your projects as scheduled, on time and within budget.


  • Helpful for managing projects and shared resources
  • Increase productivity using comments on task and email notifications
  • Estimate budgets and keep the finance under control by using standard or overtime rates.
  • Track project's evolution regarding time and costs

9) Casual

Casual is a visual project and process management software. It helps teams plan and executes projects as simple workflows. It is an ideal tool for small and growing project management teams.


  • Controlling the project is simple with this visual project management tool
  • Automatically document the project and Work proactively
  • Casual offers several plans that can fit the budget of businesses depending on their needs and resources

10) Asana

Asana is an ideal project management software for small teams. It is available in three different versions Free, Premium & Enterprise.


  • This free project management tool allows up to 15 team members' management. It also offers basic dashboard and search
  • Premium version offers Unlimited dashboard, custom fields, advanced search & reporting
  • Enterprise version allows managing team members with advanced admin controls like service account and SAML

Download link:

11) Basecamp:

Basecamp is an effective project management tool which allows you to effortlessly assign tasks, organize your team, and track progress. It's available with 60-day free project management software trial and three different pricing packages.


  • Add recurring tasks
  • Allows resources allocation and forecasting
  • Automated check-ins
  • Search filters & notifications

Download link:

12) Trello:

Trello is a tool designed to replace your team's use of email and chat for task-based communication. It allows you to collaborate for the project from beginning to end.


  • Allow your team to stay organized
  • Integrate the different types of apps to streamline the business process
  • You can organize upcoming projects
  • Trello stays in sync across all your devices

Download link:

13) Podio

Podia is a customizable project management solution. The tool helps teams to communicate and organize in a way to facilitate the completion of tasks and projects. This project management app free for five employees.


  • Break down projects and workflows into easily management pieces.
  • Podio apps are the tools used by teams working on Podio to organize their work
  • It provides visual reports to give you a clear overview of your team's work progress
  • Manage, assign, guide and automate workflows for every team member for tighter collaboration

Download link:

14) Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a collaboration tool for your project management.

It is a work platform that offers exceptional speed to business. Align and execute a process for better, faster and lower-cost onboardings


  • Offer security, user management, and single sign-on capabilities for team and project management
  • Smartsheet allows automating actions using simple rules
  • Helps to simplify budget and planning

Download link:

15) Roadmunk

Roadmunk is a visual roadmap software helpful for the project management. It offers advanced data protection to meet the needs of global enterprise clients. Roadmunk offers 14-day project management app free trial.


  • Helps you to select between Timeline View, Swimlane View, or mix-and-match multiple views of the roadmap.
  • Helps you to create roadmap across multiple products, portfolios, and teams
  • Options for customization with many advanced filters

Download link:

16) Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an user-friendly, story-based project management tool.

It allows to work collaboratively, focus on what's important. It facilitates continuous delivery of the software.


  • Allows real-time Collaboration so that you can see and react to all project changes
  • Access pivotal track from Google universal navigation
  • Share Google Docs and other files with all other Project Members

Download link:

17) Twproject

Twproject is a web-based project management tool. The tool minimizes the effort of administrative work and helps the company to grow. It offers built-in Gantt chart to visualize your work plans.


  • The tool allows you to sperate every project or task in an arbitrary sub-tree of sub-tasks
  • It can handle classical project trees and business processes in the same system, and when needed even in the same project
  • Twproject is highly customizable for functional and reporting as it does not want to force branching from the main update cycle

Download link:

18) LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner eliminates outdated plans, missed deadlines, and streamline your work. It offers features for IT teams, project managers, development teams, and marketing teams.


  • Priority-based scheduling allows you to keep track of deliverables and deadlines
  • Teams can share updates, and recommendations to provide a clearer picture of the project
  • Offers drag-and-drop function which allows rescheduling projects

Download link:

19) Taskworld

Taskworld is a cloud-hosted visual task management and planning application. Helps you to keep track of the changes made to a task in chronological order.

  • Group related tasks together
  • Create tasks, set due dates and assign to yourself or your team members
  • Update tasks on multiple projects
  • Sort your tasks by adding tags and colored labels

Download link:

20) Functionfox:

Functionfox is a project management tool. It helps to reduce admin time, increases productivity and profits. It allows users to compare and analyze information on their finances like real costs and estimates and also look at their project timelines, budget, and productivity.


  • Helps you to understand your business better with instant reports on clients, projects, and personnel
  • Ability to assign and schedule tasks for increased control
  • Review previous projects when developing new quotes with higher efficiency and accuracy

Download link:

21) Axosoft

Axosoft is a project management and bug tracking solution. It is deployable as hosted or on-premises software. The software allows gathering all or specific information to create a correct product backlog.


  • Axosoft custom dashboards offer an overview of your velocity, projected ship date and more
  • Support for workflow automation & Data visualization

Download link:

22) Sciforma

Sciforma tools and data platform facilitate collaboration by making project data transparent, trustable, and easily accessible. It helps project managers administer all aspects of project, resource, risk, and change management.


  • Review the resource assignments and solve resource overallocation
  • Synchronize with your Agile teams and iterations
  • Scroll the details to identify the root problems
  • Define appropriate attributes and criteria for driving the decision-making processes

Download link:

23) Freedcamp

Freedcamp is a free project management software. It allows collaboration of single or multiple users using cloud computing. It is an open source project management software platform for as many projects and users you would like to add.


  • Allows to focus on task lists and stay in touch with what's happening
  • Splitting larger tasks into smaller subtasks
  • This project management tool helps to keep your tasks private

Download link:

24) Version One

Version one is easy to use Project management platform that delivers outstanding performance for managing and tracking multiple teams, tasks, and projects.


  • Portfolio management functionalities help you to determine potential risks, visualize your strategies, create detailed reports
  • Helps you to keep an update on project's progress in real-time and communicate with stakeholders
  • Helps you to create product planning, product road mapping & release planning

Download link:

25) Confluence:

Confluence is content collaboration tool which changes how modern teams work. This tool helps you to organize a robust repository of information, opinions, and knowledge. It also allows you to answer questions, create how-to docs, etc.


  • Helps you to create, organize, and discuss tasks with your team
  • Allows you to collect feedback and encourage discussion
  • Offers advanced Table editing & Task notification
  • Offers an easy Integration with JIRA

Download link:

26) Aha!

Aha! is road mapping and project management platform. It allows businesses to manage their product portfolio efficiently. It enables developing viable business strategies and visual roadmaps.


  • Allows you to set strategy, manage release, prioritize Features, and captures ideas in one place
  • Allows people and organization to interact, facilitate the flow of information, and helps to their business goals
  • Helps to develop Release Planning and Management
  • Offers Visual Reports and Detailed Charts

Download link:

27) ActiveCollab

Active Collab is an easy to use project management and collaboration tool. Helps to combine task management, time tracking, for developing the well-designed app.


  • Helps you to manage task when you need to juggle between multiple projects
  • Organize tasks into lists and filter them by people, labels, or due dates
  • Plan your task in the Gantt-like timeline, move them across, or get an overview in a list
  • Display visual reports and detailed charts
  • Release Planning and Management

Download link:

28) Quire

Quire is one of the best free project management software. It allows users to plan and organize tasks quickly in the form of tree-like structure. The PM tool aims to reduce the burden of managing complex and time-consuming projects.


  • ActiveCollab runs in the cloud, and you can install it on your server.
  • Stay organized with an advanced to-do list to track your work
  • Quire lets you drive your inspirations forward without hurting the main goal

Download link:

29) Workzone

Workzone is a cloud-hosted project management and document collaboration app. Workzone allows to organize projects by tasks, assign responsibilities, and notify when a task is due.


  • Allows to track every client
  • Automatically update old version with the newest version
  • Offer dedicated client workspaces
  • Save and review document without the need for other document applications

Download link:


Nutcache is one of the popular project management tool offers an ideal business-oriented agile solution. It helps in effectively managing the entire project delivery lifecycle. The PM tool lets you plan and manage projects using Kanban boards or any other methods.


  • Check the progress and profitability of a project using various indicators
  • This open source project management software track time & expenses related to stories
  • Keep track of rejected stories in the icebox
  • View burndown by stories, story points, tasks or acceptance tests

Download link:


Brightpod is a cloud base project management service tool that will help you manage your projects more efficiently. It is widely used by a marketing firm in a variety of industries.


  • Receive a daily email notifying you of what happened the previous day and a list of your overdue work
  • This project management software allows adding new users to roles and permissions
  • Users can create and reuse customized workflows
  • Drag and drop function allows you to set priority and notify them via email of the set priority

Download link:

32)'s is cloud-based software. It allows you to manage work anywhere and on any platform. It is a comprehensive system which helps you to perform routine tasks effortlessly. It's available with 30 day free project management software trial.


  • Customizable project dashboard helps you to determine whether your projects and your team are on track
  • Create, monitor and share project plans online, with multiple views of your team
  • Create ready status reports with the push of a button

Download link:

33) ProofHub

ProofHub is a cloud-hosted project management solution. It helps you to manage deliverables and deadline. The software helps managers across the critical phases of a project from planning, managing and delivering outcomes on time.


  • Sync calendar with iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, and other external calendar apps
  • Compatible with popular operating systems like Android, iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Offers feature like Casper Mode, proofing, and time tracking

Download link:

34) Mavenlink

Mavenlink is an online project management tool. It combines advanced project management, resource planning, collaboration, and financial tools. Maven helps you stay in control of workflow quality, instead of managing projects with previously inserted information. Mavenlink offers ten days online project management tool free trial.


  • This tool store organizes and shares all files related to your projects in one place
  • Allows monitoring portfolio health to manage work and get real-time insight into project health. Moreover, it can address issues as they arise
  • Mavenlink supports authentication through a range of identity providers

Download link

35) Azendoo

Azendoo is work tracking task management software that helps teams plan and share tasks, sync on projects and communicates more efficiently. This PM tool helps organizations to increase their productivity, align their teams to accomplish their projects.


  • A collaborative task management system that teams use to plan and organize their daily workload
  • Team collaboration and time reporting all in one place
  • Board View: to help your team track progress through a process
  • Personal task list: to plan and share day's work

Download link:

36) Clarizen

Clarizen is a combination of project management and high-quality collaboration. It is a single solution which provides well-defined work structure.


  • Centralize and share resources, develop strategies and align communication
  • Empower users with a flexible, intuitive interface which suites their style of working.
  • Create automated and repetitive processes quick alerts and workflows
  • Share immediate project data, tracking progress through project management software

Download link:

37) Scoro

Scoro is a cloud-based business management software. It's target id small to medium enterprises. Mostly those working in the advertising, consulting, information technology and other sectors.


  • Plan and track your work with unlimited projects
  • Helps you to manage your business with a single solution
  • The platform can seamlessly integrate with calendar apps like Outlook Google, and iCal.
  • Connect with Mailchimp to synchronize mailing lists

Download link:


Avaza software allows you to run a client-focused business. It allows the team to collaborate on projects, track time, and manage expenses.


  • Collaborate on projects & tasks with team and clients
  • Efficiently manage resources allocated to each project
  • Helps you to streamline your expenses
  • Avaza's all-in-one business management software allows integrating with over 500 popular apps

Download link:


Teamweek is a visual project management software for the team. It allows you to overview your team's advancement.


  • Allows to import from other project management tools like Basecamp or Trello
  • Send tasks via Google Chrome extension
  • Toggle integration for time tracking
  • Organize tasks into folders

Download link:

40) Workfront

Workfront allows you to focus on the right work, do your best work, and deliver the faster result. It helps you to increase project capacity with best work management.


  • Helps you to Manage Digital Work Processes
  • Automate the work processes for regulatory and brand compliance
  • Helps you to deliver the best work with fewer revisions

Download link:

41) Redmine:

Redmine is a project management & web application tool. It can be used as a cross-platform and cross-database tool.


  • News, documents & files management
  • Custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects, and users
  • Support for User self-registration
  • Multilanguage & Databases support

Download link:

Some other important Project management tools are:

Tool Name



Good Agency Software


Widely used by Agile Teams


Painless Project Planning


Get organized your Workflow

Easy Projects

Single platform to plan and manage projects


Engineer Project Success


Brighten Potential's of your Agency


All in one cloud computing Platform


Tackle problems of your team effectively


Enjoy the way you work & Collaborate


No more chaos with Celoxis

Copper Project

Simply your work process


Effective Planning, Scheduling, Collaboration


Simplified Project Management flow


Collaborate better to Celebrate sooner


Clarify, Plan & Deliver

10,000FT PLANS

Resource Management + Time tracking


Simply working process of the Team

Milestones Professional

The fast and simplest way to manage your proejcts


❓ What is the advantage of using Project Management Tools?

Project Management Tools help you to streamline the process of planning, executing, controlling, and finishing projects.

🚀 Which are the Best Project Management Software?

Here are some of the Best Free Project Management Software:

  • Airtable
  • Wrike
  • Paymo
  • Zoho Projects
  • Process street
  • Teamwork Projects
  • Microsoft Project

✅ Do project management tools help in Agile?

Yes, project management tools are designed to support agile methodology. They can be used to continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle of the project.

🏅 Which factors to consider while choosing a project management software?

Don't Slog to Choose the Right Tool. Get Smart. Consider the following factors before you decide.

  • Must allow collaboration on the project so that your business team can work together.
  • License cost
  • Integration with your current systems.
  • Choose the tool that can support the increasing needs of your business.
  • The cost involved in training employees on the tool.
  • Consider the security options offered by software providers.