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Verification v/s Validation in a Software Testing


 Verification Validation
  • Verifying process includes checking documents, design, code and program
  • It is a dynamic mechanism of testing and  validating the actual product
  • It does not involve executing the code
  • It always involves executing the code
  • Verification uses methods like reviews, walkthroughs, inspections and desk- checking etc.
  •  Whether the software conforms to specification is checked
  • It checks whether software meets the requirements and expectations of customer
  • It finds bugs early in the development cycle
  • It can find bugs that the verification process can not catch
  • Target is application and software architecture, specification, complete design, high level and data base design etc.
  • Target is actual product
  • QA team does verification and make sure that the software is as per the requirement in the SRS document.
  • With the involvement of testing team validation is executed on software code.
  • It comes before validation
  • It comes after verification


Example of verification and validation

  • Consider following specification
  • A clickable button with name Submet
  • Verification would be check the design doc and correcting the spelling mistake.
  • Otherwise development team will create button like

Verification v/s Validation in a Software Testing

  • So new specification is
  • A clickable button with name Submit
  • Once the code is ready, Validation is done. A Validation test found –

Verification v/s Validation in a Software Testing

  • Owing to Validation testing, the development team will make the submit button clickable