Best Software Testing Certifications in Demand for QA Testers

The current Job Market is competitive. Taking a certification exam can help you differentiate yourself from peers, broaden your employment chances and result in higher remuneration.

Employers too can benefit since a certification acts as a skills verification tool and improves the staff’s ability to quickly complete on-the-job tasks.

But technical ability, experience, and other soft skills do play a major role in your job interview, and certifications alone should not be considered a trump card to your dream job.

Top Software & Manual Testing Course Certifications

Below is a curated Software Testing Certification list which contains one of the best certifications for Software Testing:

  • ISTQB: International Software Testing Qualification Board is a standardized qualification for beginner software testers. ISTQB is one of the best software testing certifications in demand that consists of 58 members board worldwide represents 81 testing certification courses for certified Agile tester.
  • CSTE: CTSE stand for certified Test engineer. This certifiction is best suited for the tester who wants to prove his/her expertise in the field of Quality control.
  • CSQA: Certified Software Quality Analyst also known as CSQA. This is a specially designed course for an experienced tester who is working as a Quality Control or Quality Assurance Professional.
  • CQA: CQA (Certified Quality Auditor) is a QA tester certification course. The software testing certification helps professional to enhance their testing skills. They are also able to learn the standards and principles associated with auditing.
  • CQE: Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) is a QA certification for testers which allows testing professionals to learn the important principles of product and service quality evaluation control.
  • CSTP: CSTP stands for Certified Software Test Professional Level (CSTP). It is one of the best testing certifications course which helps professionals to develop higher level software testing skills.

Quality Manager Certifications

  • CSQE: Certified Sofware Quality Engineer is a manual tester certification course for a quality managers. It helps them to handle various types of testing projects.
  • CQIA: Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA) is a course for Understanding the quality basic for Quality managers and testers. It helps them to understand various quality concepts.
  • CSPM: Certified Security Project Manager Certification is only Quality management certification which addresses the unique demands of the security project manager.
  • CTM: Certified testing management is a testing certificate for senior testing professionals. It gives them training for test management.