7 Best FREE Cross Browser Testing Tools (2024)

Cross Browser Testing Tools are essential to check that your web app works fine across Desktop, Mobile, Tablets, and other device Categories. These tools check UI inconsistencies, validate code, responsiveness across Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, and other browsers. They help deliver a consistent user experience across devices and platforms.

There is an ad-infinitive choice of Cross Browser Testing Tools in the market, and choosing one could be difficult. Following is a curated list of Best Cross Browser Testing tools with popular features and the latest download links. The list contains free (open source) and paid (commercial) software.

Best Free Cross Browser Testing Tools: Top Picks!

Name Integrations Free Trial Link
BitBar AlertSite, Gradle, Jenkins, Slack, Zephyr 14 Days Free Trial Learn More
TestGrid CircleCI, Travis, Jenkins, GitLab, BitBar Life Time Free Basic Plan Learn More
Browsershots Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Azure Pipelines, CircleCI, Bitbucket etc. 30 Days Free Trial Learn More
Browser-Stack Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Azure Pipelines, CircleCI, Bitbucket Pipelines etc 30 Days Free Trial Learn More
SauceLabs Bamboo, Jira, Slack, Jenkins 28 Days Free Trial Learn More

1) BitBar (formerly CrossBrowserTesting)

BitBar by SmartBear, offers the most reliable cloud-based web and app testing solution to ensure a consistent customer experience. Ditch the hassle: instant access to browsers and devices without the need to obtain and maintain yourself.

It can easily run manual and automated testing in the cloud on the latest and most popular browsers and devices. This tool also has the ability to run Selenium and Appium Tests in the cloud

#1 Top Pick

Customer Support: Email, Phone, and Contact Form

Free Trial: 14 Days Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)

Visit BitBar


  • Live testing: Use its live testing feature to find more bugs across real devices and browsers. It lets you capture sharable videos, screenshots, and logs.
  • Automated testing: You can run automated tests parallel across all devices. It provides unlimited users and testing minutes and has a firewall-secured testing grid that is enterprise ready.
  • Local testing: In its local testing, you can access your app behind a firewall locally or on a staging server. BitBar includes a secure tunnel to find numerous bugs before it is launched for customers.
  • Cloud-side execution: Use its cloud-side execution to increase the speed of your testing. It lets you test hundreds of real devices parallelly and produce reliable results.
  • Device cloud: You get all the popular real browsers and real devices. It provides real outcomes by allowing you to test on all models of actual devices.
  • Integrations: It integrates with AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM API Connect, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Apigee.
  • Supported platforms: You can test Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 12, iPhone X, and more. It also offers Chrome, Firefox, and Edge headless browser support.
  • Support: BitBar provides customer support via email, phone, and contact forms.


  • Real device testing in the cloud or with its own hardware
  • It supports numerous mobile testing frameworks.
  • This tool is integrated with a variety of continuous integration systems.


  • Emulators cannot test all mobile apps, and touchscreen problems cannot be emulated.
  • Hosted services can be expensive, depending on your setup.

Pricing: Its starting plan, Live Testing, offers services for $39 a month. Its Desktop Browser plan costs $129 per month, BitBar Unlimited is $177 per month, and all these plans are billed annually. This tool also offers an Enterprise plan that has custom pricing.

Free Trial: 14 Days Free Trial (It doesn’t require a Credit Card)

Visit BitBar >>

14 Days Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)

2) TestGrid

TestGrid allows you to test your website or web app on real devices hosted on the cloud or on-premises. Test in both manual or automated manner to ensure faster release time. You can engage your testing and business teams to build and execute test cases without any prerequisites of programming knowledge.

It lets you test your locally or privately hosted websites for an error-free launch. Furthermore, you can run automated tests on a secure, reliable, scalable selenium grid on the cloud or on-premise.


Customer Support: Chat, and Contact Form

Free Trial: Life Time Free Basic Plan

Visit TestGrid


  • Performance testing: It provides rich insights for UI, API, and device performance with benchmarking to help you optimize and improve functionalities.
  • AI+ No code automation: You can automate test cases by using simple keywords and use its AI for auto-healing and accessing the code.
  • Robotic test automation: TestGrid lets you automate POS devices and OTT devices with the help of Robotic arms built on open-source components.
  • Security: This testing tool generates a SAST report on every build execution that identifies the root cause of the vulnerabilities and provides remedies. TestGrid also supports DAST reports and helps locate weak spots.
  • IoT automation: You can perform scriptless automation testing on voice-enabled devices like Google Home, Alexa, Echo, smart speakers, and more.
  • API testing: With the help of TestGrid, you can perform web-based full-scale API testing without needing tools like Postman.
  • Integrations: It seamlessly integrates with CircleCI, Travis, Jenkins, GitLab, BitBar, JIRA, TestRail, and MS TFS.
  • Supported platforms: You can use TestGrid to test Samsung, iOS 11, iPad, Galaxy, OnePlus, Pixel, Xiaomi, and all the latest and legacy devices. It also offers CI/CD integration support and PhantomJS headless browser support.
  • Other features: It also offers reporting automation and notifications, transaction analysis detailing performance, no code/low code test case writing, robust test data management, and more
  • Support: It provides customer support via chat and contact forms.


  • You can test above 1000 browsers.
  • It lets you access 100s of public devices.
  • The performance and network-related data are captured by default for every test run.


  • You can only test one browser and one device in 200 minutes in its freemium plan.
  • It doesn’t let you access device settings and customizations in its free and basic plans.

Pricing: It costs $49 a month for its Public Cloud plan, and it charges $23 for its Private Dedicated plan, these plans are billed annually. This tool also provides custom pricing on its Enterprise/On-Prem plan.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan.

Visit TestGrid >>

Life Time Free Basic Plan

3) Browsershots

Browsershots is one of the free cross-browser testing tools, which is an open-source web browser testing platform. It allows you to test websites in any browser and operating system.

Browsershots is one of the popular cross-browser testing tools that allow you to take website screen-shots in almost 61 browsers and various operating systems.



  • Cross-compatibility tests: You can run cross-compatibility tests with useful customization options like operating system, browser type, color depth, JavaScript status, and flash enable/disable settings.
  • Screenshots: It allows web designers to view screenshots of their pages in several browsers with different plugins and screen resolutions.
  • Community cooperation: It allows everyone from the community to add URLs to the job queue on the central server. The volunteers then use tiny programs to create screenshots of the browser and upload the results.
  • Security: The private screenshots are not visible on the public screenshot page and factory details pages. It uses robots.txt files to hide your screenshots from search engine results.
  • Integrations: Browershots seamlessly integrates with tools like JIRA and Bugzilla.
  • Supported platforms: It lets you test iPhone and Samsung, thus, it supports both iOS and Android. Browsershots also offers Chrome headless browser support.
  • Support: It provides customer support via Contact Form.


  • A wide range of browsers are supported in emulation.
  • Browsershots offers XML-RPC Methods.
  • It allows you to write your own screenshot factory in your choice of programming language.


  • Its performance is slow.
  • This tool requires a lot of computing power.

Pricing: This application allows free Download.

Download Browsershots

4) Browser-Stack

With BrowserStack, it is possible to perform web-based browser testing on desktop and mobile browsers. It is one of the browser compatibility testing tools which is cloud-based, so it does not require any installation.

With BrowserStack, you can set up a comprehensive testing environment with support for proxies, firewalls, and Active Directory. This cross-browser testing tool allows you to test your pages remotely.



  • Multiple desktop browsers: Its cross-browser testing tool can test more than 3000 desktop browsers, both new and old versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE, on macOS and Windows.
  • Real-time debugging: You can debug cross-browser tests on desktop browsers and mobile using Browser-Stack’s pre-installed developer tools.
  • Real device cloud: It lets you run cross-browser tests on actual iOS and Android devices and get the most reliable and accurate results.
  • Test on dev environment: You can test websites hosted on staging environments and internal dev or behind firewalls without any setup or configurations.
  • Security: It allows you to run tests on physical devices and desktops that are secure, as all the data are wiped clean after every session.
  • Integrations: You can integrate it with Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Azure Pipelines, CircleCI, Bitbucket Pipelines, GitHub, Bitrise, Selenium, Jenkins, Slack, Appium, Travis CI, Jira, Cypress, and Gitlab.
  • Supported platforms: You can test Samsung, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Redmi, Motorola, HTC, Wildfire, and more. And it also supports Opera mobile, Android, Windows (XP, 7, and 8), iOS, OSX Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and so on.
  • Other features: It can also test Mobile DevTools, GPS Geolocation, IP Geolocation, Network Throttling, Local IP for Google Analytics, and more
  • Support: Browser-Stack provides customer support via chat and Contact Form. It also has priority on-call support from senior engineers.


  • Offers Chrome headless browser support.
  • You can use different resolutions to test the application.
  • It lets you leverage SSO to integrate your team seamlessly into BrowserStack.


  • The response time is not as good as that of a locally installed virtual machine.
  • GPS and IP Geo location testing are not available for the starting plan.

Pricing: Its starting plan Desktop charges $29 a month, the Desktop and Mobile plan costs $39 monthly, and the Team plan is $150 a month, all these plans take Yearly Payment. It also includes an Enterprise plan that offers customized pricing.

Free Trial: It offers a 30 Day Free Trial.

Download BrowserStack

5) SauceLabs

It is one of the leading cloud-based cross-browser test tools for web and mobile app testing platforms. It allows you to run tests in the cloud on more than 260 different browser platforms and devices. There is no VM setup or maintenance required. With access to live breakpoints, you can easily take control of the system to investigate a problem manually.

With Sauce Lab, you can list the recently run tests in chronological order, with information about the runtime, testing platform, build, and whether they passed or failed.



  • Parallel testing: It provides a cloud-based continuous testing platform that is optimized for running multiple test suites in parallel, covering every browser and OS combination you require.
  • Live testing and Dev Tools: You can validate user experience and functionality in real-time with live testing on thousands of real devices, emulators/ simulators, and browse/OS configurations. It also provides Safari Web Inspector and Chrome Dev Tools for instant bug identification and debugging.
  • Zero maintenance: It keeps browsers, real devices, emulators/simulators, and operating systems updated, therefore, you never have to worry about maintenance.
  • Integrated results: Sauce Labs provides screenshots and allows you to capture an entire video of the test. The Metadata and Selenium logfiles help you share results easily with the dev team.
  • Supported platforms: You can test Samsung Galaxy 21 5G, iPhone 13, Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL, Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL, and more. It also offers Chrome and Firefox headless browser support.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, Bamboo, Team City, Travis CI, and CircleCI.
  • Other features: It offers Comprehensive coverage, scalability for CI/CD, a single platform for 360° view, increased efficiency, enterprise security, mobile emulators, real device testing, debugging tools, test analytics, and more.
  • Support: Sauce Labs provides customer support via chat and contact form


  • It supports both Appium and Robotium testing tools.
  • Sauce Labs allows unlimited users in its free plan.
  • It allows a continuous integration process.


  • It may function very slowly at times.
  • The 2000 credits on the free plan expire weekly, so you cannot carry them forward.

Pricing: It has various monthly and yearly plans depending on the number of credits per month. Its monthly plan starts at $50, and it has a yearly plan that starts at $600.

Free Trial: 28 Days Free Trial

Link: https://saucelabs.com/products/cross-browser-testing

6) Virtuoso

Virtuoso leverages AI to automate your end-2-end tests on any browser, operating system, or device. Build functional tests using Natural Language Programming (plain English like you would write a manual test script), integrated API testing, and Visual Regression tests.

It lets anyone easily create API calls and store them for use in functional tests and helps you understand the root cause of test failures and eliminate them.


Customer Support: Contact Form

Free Trial: 14 Days Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)

Visit Virtuoso


  • Low-code/No-code tests: It is a truly low-code and no-code test automation tool that can increase the speed and scale by writing tests for dynamic applications in plain English.
  • Self-healing: You do not have to waste your time by maintaining tests and fixing errors, as Virtuoso comes with self-healing capabilities.
  • Snapshot testing: It lets you set baselines at the DOM level and notifies you of Visual Regression. Therefore, your application always remains ready for release.
  • End-to-end testing: You can perform end-to-end user-centric tests by merging functional tests with visual regression and out-of-the-box APIs.
  • Test more and earlier: It allows you to build complete tests from requirements, wireframes, and Gherkin syntax. Thus, you can generate tests from requirements or wireframes before your app is built.
  • Integrations: Virtuoso integrates with GitHub, Slack, Microsoft Azure, Jenkins, CircleCI, Git, XebiaLabs, TestRail, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Supported platforms: It supports testing of Samsung, iPhone, Google Pixel, and more. This tool also offers Chrome and Edge headless browser support.
  • Other features: It offers Live Authoring, AI and ML-Driven, CI/CD testing in parallel, root cause analysis, and more
  • Support: You can get hold of Virtuoso customer support via its contact form, chatbot, and chat support. It also provides assistance for onboarding over call.


  • It allows you to execute on any device, browser, or operating system at scale.
  • This tool allows unlimited test creation and test editing.
  • You can perform unlimited parallel testing.


  • Reporting formats need to be improved.
  • The professional plan doesn’t offer chat support.

Pricing: It has two plans, Professional and Enterprise. You can request a quote from Sales as per your requirement.

Free Trial: 14 Days Free Trial (It doesn’t require a Credit Card)

Visit Virtuoso >>

14 Days Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)


Cross Browser Testing tools are used for the testing of applications and websites in all the different browsers that users use in day to day life like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera mini, etc. These cross-browser testing tools give ideas and ensure the best user experience. If you’re looking for some great tools to help with this process, check out this list of top web testing tools.

Here are some of the best cross browser testing tools:

You should consider the following factors before selecting a tool

  • License Cost if applicable
  • Quality of Customer support
  • The cost involved in training employees on the tool
  • Software requirements of the browser testing tool
  • Support and Update policy of the cross browser tool vendor.
  • Reviews of the company

Best Cross-Browser Testing Tools (Free, Open Source, Paid)

Name Integrations Free Trial Link
BitBar AlertSite, Gradle, Jenkins, Slack, Zephyr 14 Days Free Trial Learn More
TestGrid CircleCI, Travis, Jenkins, GitLab, BitBar Life Time Free Basic Plan Learn More
Browsershots Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Azure Pipelines, CircleCI, Bitbucket etc. 30 Days Free Trial Learn More
Browser-Stack Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Azure Pipelines, CircleCI, Bitbucket Pipelines etc 30 Days Free Trial Learn More
SauceLabs Bamboo, Jira, Slack, Jenkins 28 Days Free Trial Learn More