What is Non Destructive Testing?

Non Destructive Testing is a software testing type that involves testing and interacting with the software application correctly. In other words, NDT (Non Destructive Testing) can also be called Positive Testing or Happy path testing. It gives the expected results and proves that the software application is behaving as expected.

Example:- Entering the correct data in a login module and checking whether it accepts credentials and navigates to the next page

Non destructive testing Example

In this tutorial, you will learn-

To perform Non destructive testing in the above example, enter numeric characters in the username textbox. As such we have entered the numeric character, the desired outcome will be positive.

Why do Non destructive testing (NDT)?

  • The major benefit of NDT method is that it results in improved quality of software and bugs get fixed.
  • To demonstrate that software functions are working according to the specification.
  • The verify performance requirement has been met
  • To verify that the requirements of end users are met
  • To check the small section of code or functionality is working as expected and not breaking the related functionality.

When Non-destructive testing (NDT) is performed?

  • It is also the first form of testing that a tester would perform on an application.(i.e., at the initial stage of SDLC)
  • Non destructive testing is usually done when we do not have enough time for testing.

Test Strategy for Non destructive testing

  • Approach to NonDestructive testing should be positive.
  • The intention of NDT technique is to prove that an application will work on giving valid input data.
  • There is no special requirement to perform Non destructive testing.
  • Best practice for Non destructive testing is to check whether the system does, what it is supposed to do.
Test Strategy for Non destructive testing

Test Strategy for Non destructive testing


  • An application has 5 modules viz, login page, home page, user detail page, new user creation and task creation, etc.
  • Suppose we have a bug in the login page, the username field accepts less than six alpha-numeric characters. This is against the set requirements which state that username should not accept less than six characters. So in the above scenario, it is a bug.
  • Now the bug is reported to the development team, and it is fixed and again sent back to the testing team. The testing team not only checks the login page where the defect is fixed but also tests the other modules as well. While testing all the modules, it performs the Non-destructive type of testing, just to check the whole application is working properly.


  • Software Testing is a process used to reveal defects in software, to establish a specified degree of quality.
  • NDT means Non destructive testing, which is verifying positive outcomes in the software that meet the requirments.

This article is contributed by "Suchita Rao"

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