QA Software Tester Resume Example: How to Write Job Seeking Resume

What is a Software Tester Resume?

A software tester resume is a formal document that is mostly one or two pages long. It highlights all the skills and experience required for software testing professionals.

This document should show whether you are entering the field as a junior or senior software tester. Depend on the experience, you need to mention the skills required and knowledge of software testing practices.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

Tips for writing Software Testing Resume:

All of us come from different educational backgrounds, different professional exposure, and comes from various proficiency levels. Your resume should have a snapshot of everything unique to you. Therefore, your resume is the most important piece of paper that depicts your software testing knowledge.

Here are steps to create your resume:

Step 1) First, you need to create a list of all skills, education, work experience, platforms, technologies, projects you have to work on, etc.

Step 2) Next, start studying other job descriptions and use keywords in your resume.

Step 3) Make a list of relevant skills and education and experience that you want to highlight in your resume.

To begin with, use Sticky notes, a piece of paper, or notepad on your computer. Write all your skills in those sticky notes.

The list could look something like this:

In this, the first note writes only the technical skills of the software tester.

Here, you need to mention all your experience as a software tester and mention all their education qualifications.

All your work experience is mentioned in this sticky note. You should include the number of years you are working with the company name and position you owned.

Next, you need to pick up the technical skills section and try to sort them in the order of your proficiency. Here, you can use the rating method to highlight your expertise. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the expert and 1 being just familiar- try to assign a rating to your list.

Take some time to review your readiness regarding the skill needed to apply for the job of your choice.

For Example, From the above-given list, it is very much clear that the tester should not apply where automation testing concept skill is important. To enhance your strengths, you must know our weaknesses. This method helps us in that regard.

After creating sticky notes and deciding what to highlight and what to need, it is now time to work on the template for creating an attractive software testing resume.

Template for Software Testing resume:

Here are things which you need to include in your template

1) The Header:

This section has some basic information about how to reach you, Name, Address, Email Id, Phone Number. You also need to link to your profile on a professional network, and all your testing certifications, etc.

2) Objective:

In this section, you need to mention why you want to get this job or want to change the job. You can also mention if you have been from a specific branch of IT and want to transition to another one.

3) Summary of the work experience:

Here, you need to mention your skills, your strengths, roles performed by technologies you know, achievements & awards, and certifications. You should first start with the points that you need to highlight.

4) Certifications:

In this section, include only that certification or degree relevant for a software testing job. However, if you have a certificate in another area, then you should create a different resume and mention in it.

5) Work experience:

Use your sticky note list and write-down everything you worked until now. Here, table format is best for your resume. You should order the columns in the table by keeping your most recent experience in the first row.

6) Technical (IT) Skills:

Mention the list of your technical skills needed for on-job and off-job according to categories.

7) Educational Information:

Include all your education in the table format. Start with your highest education as the first row. Mention all the information like graduation/10+2 year of passing, institution/city you went. You can also include your percentages.

8) Projects:

Projects are the last but most important section in your resume. In this section, you need to mention specific data about the kind of software tester job you have performed during your previous employment leading up to now. If you have worked on multiple projects, your report should start with your most recent project and move to the next.

Sample Resume:


<title- > (For example, Senior Software Tester)

Contact info <email ID>

<Mobile number>

Certifications- (Mention all the certificates you have)

You should include LinkedIn links or any other professional blog links if you have.


<Mention the reason to choose QA field. Keep this information short.. >

Professional summary:

<The following are some examples while mentioning skill, use many keywords possible and present it effectively in this section>.

  • Well versed with Agile, Scrum, waterfall methodologies.
  • The person should undergo 100 hours of professional training in the software testing.
  • Good understanding of the STLC & review process, and test case documentation.
  • Familiarizing with automation testing using QTP and JIRA.
  • Involved in testing during the system testing or UAT phases.
  • Defect management using Bugzilla.

Educational details:

It should be in the table format and always include the highest degree first until your high-school level education.

Name of the highest degree University Year of passing


<In this portion include if there are any certifications>

Work experience:

<Include your job details>

Technical skills:

<Use the following order as testing is the primary focus. You need to mention all your testing related tools >.


  • Windows tools and MS office


  • Project Name: Test
  • Client: (Optional and wherever relevant)
  • Duration: 3 month/12 weeks

Role: QA engineer

Environment: Windows 8, Web application

Tools: JIRA, Bugzilla, HP ALM and HP QTP.

Roles and Responsibilities:

(Sample roles and responsibilities you need to mention according to your work type)

  • Contribute in the preparation of the defect management, communication and Test scope sections of the test plan
  • Performing requirement feasibility analysis and identified test scenarios/test objectives.
  • Identifying end-to-end test cases, regression suites, and system test cases.
  • Document test cases and performed peer reviews on the teammate’s work.
  • Perform elaborate functional testing for the Admin module.
  • Able to perform browser compatibility testing on browsers Google Chrome 2.0 and Mozilla Firefox 5.0 versions.
  • Work on feasibility analysis to make sure if is a good candidate for automation using HP QTP.
  • Created a traceability matrix to ensure 100% test coverage.
  • Take part in daily Scrum meetings
  • Perform functional testing for exploratory testing in the admin module.
  • Responsible for the sanity and smoke test.
  • Use of Airtable/ Jeera for test management and defect management.