Test Case Template (Download Sample Excel)

What is Test Case Template?

A Test Case Template is a well-designed document for developing and better understanding of the test case data for a particular test case scenario. A good Test Case template maintains test artifact consistency for the test team and makes it easy for all stakeholders to understand the test cases. Writing test case in a standard format lessen the test effort and the error rate. Test cases format are more desirable in case if you are reviewing test case from experts.

The template chosen for your project depends on your test policy. Many organizations create test cases in Microsoft Excel while some in Microsoft Word. Some even use test management tools like HP ALM to document their test cases.

Test Case Template for Excel

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Test Case Template for Word

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Irrespective of the test case documentation method chosen, any good test case template must have the following fields

Test Case Field Description
Test case ID: Each test case should be represented by a unique ID. To indicate test types follow some convention like “TC_UI_1” indicating “User Interface Test Case#1.”
Test Priority: It is useful while executing the test.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Name of the Module: Determine the name of the main module or sub-module being tested
Test Designed by: Tester’s Name
Date of test designed: Date when test was designed
Test Executed by: Who executed the test- tester
Date of the Test Execution: Date when test needs to be executed
Name or Test Title: Title of the test case
Description/Summary of Test: Determine the summary or test purpose in brief
Pre-condition: Any requirement that needs to be done before execution of this test case. To execute this test case list all pre-conditions
Dependencies: Determine any dependencies on test requirements or other test cases
Test Steps: Mention all the test steps in detail and write in the order in which it requires to be executed. While writing test steps ensure that you provide as much detail as you can
Test Data: Use of Test Data as an input for the test case. Deliver different data sets with precise values to be used as an input
Expected Results: Mention the expected result including error or message that should appear on screen
Post-Condition: What would be the state of the system after running the test case?
Actual Result: After test execution, actual test result should be filled
Status (Fail/Pass): Mark this field as failed, if actual result is not as per the estimated result
Notes: If there are some special condition which is left in above field

Optionally you can have the following fields depending on the project requirements

  • Link / Defect ID: Include the link for Defect or determine the defect number if test status is fail
  • Keywords / Test Type: To determine tests based on test types this field can be used. Eg: Usability, functional, business rules, etc.
  • Requirements: Requirements for which this test case is being written
  • References / Attachments: It is useful for complicated test scenarios, give the actual path of the document or diagram
  • Automation ( Yes/No): To track automation status when test cases are automated
  • Custom Fields: Fields particular your project being tested due to client/project requirements.

    Test Case Template

Test Case Template for Excel and Word

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