How To Hack an Android Mobile Phone?

Android is the most targeted mobile platform across the world by hackers. To protect yourself against sophisticated hackers, you need to understand how they operate and the methods they use to hack Android devices. Many Android hacking apps allow you to spy on your spouse, read their messages, record phone calls, and more.

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How to hack Android Mobile Phone using mSpy

mSpy is a parental tracking tool installed on the Android operating system. Many people also use it to spy on their spouses, but you need physical access to the Phone you’re installing it on.

How to hack Android Phone


  • Track geolocation history
  • Read texts, including deleted messages
  • You can see who they called and when
  • View their browsing history
  • Read social media messages
  • You can see the pictures they have sent
  • Log keystrokes to discover passwords and more
  • Record their screen without them knowing

How to Hack Someone’s Mobile Phone with mSpy

Step 1) Visit, Enter your email address, and purchase a suitable plan.

How to Hack Someone's Phone

Step 2) Select the type of cell phone device you want to monitor. (Android or iOS devices). You need to make sure that you have physical access to the Phone.

In this case, we have selected Android.

How to Hack Someone's Phone

Step 3) Next, the device manufacturer

You get several options from different Android device manufacturers like 1) Samsung, 2) Huawei, 3) Xiaomi, 4) Moto, 5) Google Pixel, 6) LG, and 7) any other manufacturers.

In this example, we have selected Samsung. Then Press “Proceed,”

How to Hack Someone's Phone

Step 4) Download the app on your Mobile. Follow on-screen instructions and configure mSpy.

How to Hack Someone's Phone

Step 5) You should log in to your mSpy dashboard on the web.

Allow some time (2-3 hours) for this phone tracker app to record your social media activities.

How to Hack Someone's Phone

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Other Tools to Hack Android Phone

1) mSpy – Best Overall

mSpy is one of the best spy apps for Android devices. It helps you easily monitor your target’s activity remotely. You can view all their SMS and instant messages without any hassle. This free hidden spy app helps you check the GPS location of your spouse’s device.



  • You can block inappropriate websites on the target cell phone
  • It helps you to track phone calls, see call logs, and text messages on the target device
  • You will get location alerts with Geo-Fencing
  • It enables you to change the settings of the target Android phone as often as you want
  • Monitor chat apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Viber, etc.

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2) uMobix

uMobix is another parental tracking tool for Android phones and tablets. You can install it without the person you’re tracking knowing that you’ve installed it. It runs in the background and only takes a few minutes to install.



  • Read all SMS messages, including deleted ones
  • View call logs, including timestamps, call duration, etc.
  • See the person’s real-time GPS location
  • See messages on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik, and more
  • See all photos and videos
  • Get alerts when someone changes their sim card
  • View someone’s contacts

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3) eyeZy

eyeZy is one of the best phone tracker apps for you if you want to know where someone is. Using this app, you can track targeted devices in real time.

eyeZy also offers location tracker features, which help you set a zone on the Map. You will get instant notifications if the device leaves or enters this zone.



  • Easy spying on media social apps
  • You can prevent your spouse/ child from attending events you disapprove of.
  • Find a hidden picture of your camera.
  • Uncover all sent, received, or deleted messages
  • Your phone’s calendar provides information about events, including their name, location, date, and time.

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7 Ways to Hack an Android Mobile Phone

While there are numerous ways to hack an Android device, most Android security attacks use one of the following eight methods.

Study these methods of how to hack Android phones carefully so you can learn how to defend yourself.

Method 1: Social Engineering

Scammers often use social engineering to hack your Phone or steal personal information. This technique is unique in that it doesn’t require advanced hacking skills. Instead, the scammer manipulates you into giving over personal information.

For example, a hacker may call you and pretend to be someone calling from your bank, saying there is an issue with your account. They may advise you to open your banking app. In the process, they may ask you to give over your online banking password or social security number.

Android hacking apps are explicitly designed to allow people to hack your Phone, as these Android applications are not available in the Play Store. Instead, hackers can install them from third-party sites.

Developers target these apps toward spouses and partners who want to track what their significant others are doing. They allow you to read your partner’s text messages and browsing history. It also offers geolocation features that let you see exactly where your partner is at any time. You can check if they installed Tinder; some apps even allow you to record their calls.

These apps fall into the social engineering category because they don’t require advanced IT skills or hacking knowledge. Your partner will also need access to your Phone – you can’t install them remotely. They’ll need to think of a reason to use the Phone. This could be something small, like wanting to check the news on your phone or to send themselves a picture you took.

Method 2: Malvertising

Malvertising is a term that refers to injecting ads with malware. Clicking on these ads might cause malware to download to your laptop. It is maybe more widespread than you thought.

So, only using “safe” websites won’t help you, as hackers have managed to inject malware into ads on sites like the New York Times, Spotify, and the London Stock Exchange.

Remember, many sites use ad distribution networks to run ads. These networks can be compromised. Once the attacker has managed to get malware to download to your device, they can spy on your activities. They may be able to see passwords you enter or view your photos and even able to control your camera.

Method 3: Smishing

Smishing is a type of phishing attack in which hackers will send you text messages that seem to come from reputable businesses. Companies often use shortcodes to send alerts, including banks, apps like Airbnb, and others.

A hacker may use a shortcode claiming to be your bank. For example, they may send a text message with a link and ask you to review your account security details. The link is usually malicious in one of two ways.

  • The first method attackers use is to inject malware into the URL. When you click on it, the malware downloads to your device, and they can then use that malicious software to view your sensitive information.
  • The second method is using a link that leads to a fake website pretending to be your bank’s login page, a Facebook page, etc. The page may ask you to enter your details and password. You might think you’re logging into your bank account, but you’re just handing over your online banking password to a hacker.

There is an aspect of social engineering to smishing because hackers have to use trustworthy language in their text messages, so they seem to come from your bank. Often, they use fear tactics, such as fake fraud alerts, to make you act quickly without thinking.

Method 4: Malware

Malware is a word that refers to malicious software in general. While smishing is one-way hackers spread malware, there are many other ways malware can get on your Android operating system.

For example, if you visit pirating sites and download videos, movies, or series, you may inadvertently download malware as part of the download package. The same applies to downloading apps from unofficial sources (not available in the Google Play Store).

You may also accidentally install malware on your Phone by clicking a malicious link on a website or in your emails. Some apps – even those on the Google Play Store – are infected with malware.

There are many types of malwares as well. Some types of malwares log your passwords and text messages, while others hack your camera. Ransomware is an insidious form of malware that locks your data or device until you pay to have it released. Hackers will demand money in the form of cryptocurrency to avoid tracking. To protect against this, you should install an anti-malware tool.

Method 5: Place Exploit in Android App

One of the reasons Android is a lot more vulnerable to attacks than iPhones is that Google doesn’t do nearly as good of a job regulating its apps as Apple. The Apple Play Store is pretty safe, but malware has found its way into apps that Google approved for the Google Play Store time and time again.

Dozens of apps have had malware in them. People have installed these malware-infected apps alone three million times! Most of these apps often appear innocent enough.

They might make pretense as game apps, educational apps, or music apps. However, they contain malicious code that can modify your device’s work, show you unsolicited ads, or even track your activities.

Usually, Google removes these malicious apps from the Play Store once it gets wind of what’s happening. However, that can sometimes take a while.

There are two ways which help you to protect yourself against malicious apps:

  • The first is to only download well-known apps from developers you trust. If you have two apps that do the same thing, always go with the app with better reviews and more downloads.
  • The second thing you must do is install an antivirus program to scan the apps you downloaded and check them for viruses.

Method 6: Pretexting

Pretexting is a specific form of social engineering that involves using pretexts to contact you and ask for personal details.

Some examples of pretexts can include:

  • Pretending you have won the lottery
  • Pretending you need to secure your account after a failed unauthorized login
  • Pretending to be your friend who needs you to help them

The latter form is insidious because you often don’t realize anything malicious is happening. Many people are smart enough to realize that it probably is if an offer sounds too good to be true. Many other people also double-check unsolicited text messages to ensure they come from a legitimate source.

However, if someone hacks into your friend’s Instagram account and sends you text messages, you will likely not think twice about trusting them. They’re your friend, after all, and you know them in person.

An attacker might hack into someone’s Snapchat account and send messages with suspicious links to all their friends. Or they may use the pretext of needing help getting a verification code because they lost their Phone. You may think you’re helping your friend log back into their Facebook or bank account, but you’re helping a hacker log into your bank account.

Method 7: Using Multimedia Message (MMS) to Exploit

While you can send malicious links over text, a more dangerous form of hacking involves sending MMS messages. Sophisticated hackers can send malicious videos with lousy code that will execute when you play them. You may not realize what’s happening because this attack is not as evident as a malicious link.

How To Know That Your Phone Is Hacked

The best way to determine if someone hacked your Phone is by running antivirus scans.

Usually, there are other warning signs like:

  • Lagging Phone
  • Freezing and crashing
  • The battery dies much quicker than before

If you notice an unexpected change in battery or overall performance, download antivirus software and run a scan immediately.

How To Prevent Hackers from Getting into Your Phone

Here are the ways to prevent Hackers from Getting into Your Phone:

  • First, lock your Phone using a password or biometric data. Nobody can install a spy app on your Phone when you’re not looking.
  • Next, be smart when using your Phone. If you see an unsolicited text message from your financial institution, Uber, Airbnb, or another website, verify that it’s coming from the company before clicking on any links.
  • Practice application security (For example, only download apps you trust), and don’t visit pirating websites that may contain malware.
  • Finally, use antivirus software and run scans regularly. It’s best to use an app with a firewall or continuous monitoring to prevent malware from infecting your Phone.

Why Does Someone Want to Hack Your Android Phone?

There are numerous reasons someone might want to hack your Android Phone.

  • A suspicious spouse or partner might try to hack your phone to discover your whereabouts and uncover infidelity.
  • Hackers target your Phone to steal sensitive information. Most people have financial apps, like banking apps, on their phones. Many people store sensitive details on their phones, like their social security numbers or bank account passwords. Some even have pictures of their passports or driving licenses.
  • Cyber thieves can steal your money and empty your bank accounts by hacking your Phone. They may also be able to access personal information and use that to commit identity theft. For example, they might take out a loan using your Social Security number.

How You can Remove a Hacker from My Phone

If a hacker did manage to get into your Phone, here’s how to remove them.

  • Get rid of suspicious apps: Find the app tracking you by going to your app list in your phone settings. Make sure to include system apps. Remember, these apps don’t usually show up on your home screen, as they hide their app icons from your screen.
  • Tell your contacts that you’ve been hacked: If the hacker posted anything to your social media feeds or sent messages to your friends. You should tell them that someone hacked you as soon as possible, so they don’t fall for the hacker.
  • Install an antivirus application: Install an antivirus application that can scan for malware and remove it.
  • Find the reason behind your phone hacking: Finally, figure out how the hacker hacked your Phone in the first place and be smarter next time.