How to Track Phone using IMEI Number Online

The IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique serial number assigned to every mobile phone, acting as an identity certificate for the device.

One of the most common reasons for tracking an IMEI number is to find a lost or stolen phone. Since the IMEI is unique to each device, people can use it to track the phone even without a GPS.

In case of a stolen phone or even a lost phone, you can use the IMEI number to block or blacklist the phone.

People also need to track their phones using the IMEI number to find their exact location. This helps prevent unauthorized use or aid in recovery by law enforcement, such as with a police IMEI tracker.

Key Takeaway:

Tracking a phone using its IMEI number is viable through various methods, including online tools like mSpy and Spokeo, contacting mobile carriers, filing police reports, and using government services like CEIR. It’s a critical tool for locating lost or stolen phones and preventing unauthorized use.


Method 1: How to Find the IMEI Number

Finding the IMEI number is the first step in using an IMEI tracker. Here’s your answer to “How to track phone with IMEI number?”:

For Android Devices

Step 1) First, select the ‘Settings’ app on your Android phone.

Step 2) Scroll down and select ‘About phone’ or ‘About device’.

Find the IMEI Number For Android Devices

Step 3) Here, you’ll see the IMEI number listed. Sometimes it might be under a subsection like ‘Status’ or ‘Phone identity’.

Find the IMEI Number For Android Devices

For iOS Devices

Step 1) Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.

Step 2) Go to ‘General’ and then select ‘About’.

Step 3) Search to check IMEI number.

Android and iOS devices often print the IMEI number on the original packaging or the purchase receipt.

This number is crucial if you need to track a phone using IMEI or when reporting a stolen or lost mobile phone to the authorities.

We recommend you write down your phone’s IMEI number and keep it safe. This can be a valuable piece of information in the event your phone is misplaced or taken.

With IMEI number tracking, you can find lost phone locations more efficiently, especially when the usual tracking methods aren’t available.

Method 2: How to Track Phone Using IMEI Number Tracker Online

In the digital age, several online tools exist for IMEI tracking. These tools help locate your stolen or lost cell phone using the IMEI number. Let’s look at two such tools and how to use them.

1) Find My Device (IMEI Tracker)

Find My Device, a service provided by Google, is an effective IMEI tracker online. While primarily used with Google accounts, it can help track a phone based on its IMEI number.

Find My Device can also work even if your phone wasn’t stolen. If your phone is in the silent mode, you can make it ring loudly to find it if it’s nearby.

Track Phone Using IMEI Number Tracker Online


  • Locate Device: Find My Device tracks the exact location of the device.
  • Total Control: No matter where you are, you can erase all the data on the phone or lock it.
  • Shows History: This IMEI number tracker displays the last known location if the device is currently offline.

How to Use Find My Device

Step 1) Visit the Find My Device website, it is a free IMEI tracker online.

Step 2) Use the Google account linked to your lost phone.

Step 3) The service will display the phone’s last known location using its IMEI number.

Step 4) You can lock the phone or erase its contents for security purposes.


2) IMEI Info

IMEI Info is another useful online tool for IMEI number tracking. This tool provides detailed information about your device based on the IMEI number.

This tool allows you to check if a mobile phone has been reported lost or stolen. Devices on the blacklist are often blocked from accessing cellular networks.



  • Comprehensive Report: It provides detailed information about the device, including model and brand.
  • Mode Display: IMEI Info checks the status of the IMEI number (e.g., if it’s blacklisted).
  • Detailed Info: This app is best for getting insights into the phone’s warranty and technical specifications.

How to Use IMEI Info

Step 1) Visit the IMEI Info website.

Step 2) Enter your phone’s IMEI number in the provided search bar.

Use IMEI Info

Step 3) The tool will then provide various information associated with that IMEI number.

Step 4) While it doesn’t directly show the phone location, it can be instrumental in understanding the status and details of your device.


Both Find My Device and IMEI Info are valuable resources for how to track phones with IMEI numbers, but they have different functionalities. Find My Device is a great option for locating lost or stolen mobile phones according to our review. On the other hand, IMEI Info offers the best way to understand the details and status of your device based on its IMEI number.

Using these tools can provide a sense of security in knowing that you have ways to track and manage your phone, even when it’s not physically with you.

Method 3: Contact Your Mobile Carrier

Contacting your mobile carrier is a vital step in the process of tracking your phone with an IMEI number. Most carriers have procedures in place for dealing with a stolen or lost device and can use your IMEI number to track the device.

Step 1) Call your mobile carrier’s customer service number.

Step 2) Provide them with your phone’s IMEI number. This is why it’s important to have your IMEI number noted down somewhere safe.

Step 3) The carrier can then use their resources to track your phone’s location and search mobile by IMEI number. In some cases, they might be able to remotely lock it to prevent unauthorized use.

Step 4) They may also blacklist the IMEI number, making the phone unusable with any carrier.

Method 4: File a Police Report

Filing a police report is another crucial method, especially if your phone has been stolen. The police can use the IMEI number as part of their investigation to track down your phone. Here are the steps to help if you are wondering how to find my phone by IMEI with the help of a police report.

Step 1) Visit your local police station to file a report about your lost or stolen phone.

Step 2) Provide the police with the IMEI number of your phone. This will be used as a unique identifier in their search efforts.

Step 3) The police may collaborate with mobile carriers or use their own IMEI tracker tools to locate your phone.

Step 4) Keep a copy of the police report, as it may be required by your insurance company if you’re claiming the loss.

Filing a police report is critical in the process of locating a lost phone using the IMEI number. They not only aid in potentially recovering the phone but also ensure that necessary measures are taken against its unauthorized use.

Method 5: How to Find Lost Phone with IMEI Number Using CEIR

The Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) is a government-run service by the Department of Telecommunications in India. It provides a centralized system for IMEI number tracking, specifically for lost or stolen phones. CEIR’s portal helps in both tracing and blocking lost or stolen mobile devices across all telecom operator networks in India, preventing their misuse.

Here’s how to use CEIR for IMEI tracker purposes:

Step 1) Firstly, report the lost or stolen phone to the police and keep a copy of the report.

Step 2) Ask your service provider for a duplicate SIM card of the lost number. This step is crucial as it’s needed for the OTP verification process in the request submission.

Step 3) Gather all of the necessary papers, including a copy of the police report and identification. The mobile purchase invoice might be useful as well.

Step 4) Go to the CEIR website and fill out the request registration form to have the IMEI of the lost or stolen phone blocked. Attach any required papers to the form.

Step 5) After submitting the form, you will be given a Request ID, which you may use to track the status of your request and unblock the IMEI in the future.

CEIR’s system not only facilitates tracing the lost phone but also ensures that if a phone is blocked, its traceability is generated if someone tries to use it. This provides extra security, making it tricky for stolen or lost phones to be misused. Once the phone is located and found, it can be unblocked on the portal for regular use.

Method 6: Track Phone with IMEI Tracker Online

An online IMEI tracker is a tool or service used to track the location or status of a mobile device based on its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. While there are many tools, not all of them are reliable, and some could even be dangerous.

Here are some top phone tracker app that will offer you help if you are wondering “how to find my device with IMEI?”

1) mSpy

mSpy is an advanced monitoring tool primarily used for parental control and security purposes. It offers various features that can help track a phone using its IMEI number.

The software can easily track the GPS location of the device, providing real-time location updates as well as location history. Users can set up virtual boundaries and get notified when the device enters or leaves these designated areas. Additionally, mSpy is also one of the most used IMEI tracker online for lost mobile in India and across the globe.



  • A Third Eye: You can access call logs and text messages.
  • Keeping it Checked: mSpy can monitor internet usage and social media activities.
  • Software Versatility: It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

How to Track Using mSpy:

Step 1) Sign up and purchase a suitable plan on the mSpy website. Install the mSpy app on the target device by selecting the version and following the provided instructions.

Track Phone Using mSpy

Step 2) Access the mSpy control panel from your device to start tracking the phone using its IMEI number.

Step 3) Monitor the phone’s location and activities remotely. Thus, in case the mobile is lost of misplaced you can find phone with IMEI using mSpy.

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2) Spokeo

Spokeo is a digital search tool that aggregates data from various online and offline sources. It’s primarily used for finding people and understanding public records.

Spokeo can also be used for tracking purposes. This includes using it to find a phone IMEI number. There, it can track mobile by IMEI number in case of theft or misplacement instantly.



  • Phone History: Spokeo provides detailed information on phone ownership and history.
  • Wide Database: It allows you to access public records linked to the phone number or IMEI number.
  • Ease of Use: This IMEI number finder has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

How to Track Using Spokeo:

Step 1) Visit the Spokeo website. Enter the IMEI number or associated phone number in the search bar.

Track Phone Using Spokeo

Step 2) Spokeo will compile a report based on the entered IMEI number.

Step 3) Review the report to gain insights into the phone’s details and potential location.

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Both mSpy and Spokeo offer unique capabilities for IMEI number tracking, providing valuable resources in the event of a lost or stolen phone. While mSpy focuses more on real-time monitoring and control, Spokeo excels in aggregating and presenting data from various sources. Both tools help track and identify devices.


Not all IMEI trackers are fake, infact most “IMEI tracker find my device” option in spy apps are helpful. Legitimate tools like mSpy, Spokeo, and services provided by law enforcement or telecom operators can effectively use IMEI numbers for tracking. However, be cautious of fraudulent or misleading services that are offered by non-reputable providers.

Police IMEI tracker refers to the system used by law enforcement agencies to track and locate lost or stolen phones using their IMEI number. This often involves cooperation with mobile carriers and specialized tracking technology.

Yes, technically, thieves can change an IMEI number, but it’s illegal in many countries. Changing the IMEI number makes it harder to track a stolen device.