8 BEST Facebook Spy App (2024)

Best Facebook Spy Apps

With cybercrime rates increasing rapidly, parents need to keep an eye on the social media accounts of their kids. Some of the best Facebook Spy apps have proven merits if used for noble causes.

Parents can monitor the Facebook activity of their kids. Similarly, employers may also monitor the Facebook activity of their employees to learn about their interests and mindsets.

Here we have handpicked some of the apps with the best features, pricing, and links. Free Facebook spy apps may not have access to all the features like monitoring group chats or sneaking through private messages. Free versions of these apps deprive the users of using some of the most effective features available in the premium paid versions.
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Best Facebook Spy Application & Tools (Free & Paid)

Name Key Facebook Spy Features Supported Platforms Free Trial/Refund Policy Link
đź‘Ť mSpy Monitor Facebook Messenger Conversations Android, iOS Yes/ 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
uMobix Monitor almost every social media platforms Android, iOS Yes/ 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
OverWatch Records data from Facebook, including contact details, while staying invisible Android, Windows, iOS Yes/ 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
eyeZy Can track deleted text messages from Facebook Android, iOS Yes/ 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
Flexispy Monitors everything on your computer and smartphone irrespective of your location iOS, Android, Windows Yes only on the subscription prices Learn More

1) mSpy

In my professional evaluation, mSpy is a premier solution for monitoring Facebook conversations and activities.

We find its ease of use and comprehensive features, including location tracking and call monitoring, exceptionally effective for monitoring a target’s smartphone activities.



  • Snooping Facebook Messages: mSpy secretly tracks the messages from Facebook and other social media accounts like WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, and Snapchat.
  • Spying on Calls and SMS: This Facebook tracker app quietly tracks the target’s calls, be they incoming or outgoing. mSpy also tracks SMS and iMessage. It also tracks deleted Facebook messages.
  • Collecting Caller Info: The tool tracks the caller info while working in incognito mode.
  • Effortless GPS Tracking: A powerful location tracking facility helps to detect the whereabouts of the target user’s phone effectively. It also monitors the history of the routes used.
  • Superior Level Protection: With mSpy, the data monitoring procedure remains secured. Being an admin, you will also have access to the classified data.


  • mSpy tracks through the target phone’s memory and displays all the media files.
  • Offers real-time updates on tracking activities every 5 minutes.
  • The tool can display anything sent through Facebook, be it audio, video, image, or text.


  • For every device, you need one separate subscription.
  • Not all features are available in the iOS version.


There are three subscription types available:

1 Month 3 Months (Billed Quarterly) 12 Months (Billed Annually)
$48.99/month $28.00/month $11.67/month

Visit mSpy >>

2) uMobix

Our review of uMobix, a leading Facebook spying app, found it exceptionally effective for monitoring Android and iOS devices. Its robust capabilities ensure reliable performance, provided there’s a stable internet connection.



  • Contact List tracking: This tool can track the contacts stored in the mobile of the targeted user. It also tracks contacts that have been renamed or even deleted.
  • Application usage tracking: The spy app can detect all the apps your kid is using. It also tracks the amount of time spent on each ap by them.
  • Restrict and delete apps: uMobix also restricts the usage of specific applications on your kid’s mobile. With a simple click, you may delete a specific app from your kid’s phone.
  • Remote video control: Using the kid’s phone camera, this app monitors his/her activities remotely.


  • uMobix allows the users to blacklist sites visited by the kids through Browser History.
  • Using this tool, you can disable sending any message from your kid’s mobile.
  • Deep monitoring of content accessed and searched on the Reddit portal.


  • Very delayed approach for data syncing.
  • GPS tracking may sometimes fail to meet the accuracy.


There are three subscription types available:

1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
$49.99/month $29.99/month (Billed quarterly) $12.49/month (Billed annually)

Visit uMobix >>

3) OverWatch

In my expert review, OverWatch proves to be an exceptionally effective tool for monitoring Facebook Messenger. After installation on the target’s device, it allows access to Messenger, unveiling all messages directly on my smartphone. Additionally, as an Instagram Spy bot, it performs admirably.

OverWatch also extends its surveillance to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Viber, and WeChat. Its robust stealth feature ensures it remains undetected on the user’s phone, making it a top choice in my toolkit for digital oversight.



  • Remains invisible: When the Stealth Mode is activated, OverWatch becomes invisible in the target’s phone.
  • Record all the calls: OverWatch can record all the outgoing and incoming calls on the target’s phone.
  • Effectively tracks phone history: This tool can monitor the phone history effortlessly. It monitors the websites browsed, calls made, and the SMS sent.
  • GPS tracking: Using this app, you can secretly track the location of your target’s phone. Even if the Wi-Fi and GPS facilities are turned off on the target user’s phone, OverWatch still tracks the location.


  • Powerful stealth mode that leaves no traces.
  • Effectively blocks personal messages from entering the target user’s phone.
  • Produces detailed reports of the tracking.
  • This tool tracks 5 devices from one account.


  • Fails to deliver browsing history screenshots most of the time.
  • OverWatch is not available for iOS devices.
  • The auto-update feature does not work as smoothly as promised.


There are three subscription types available:

Personal Professional Business
$24.95 – 1 month $49.95 – 1 month $149.95 – 1 month

Visit OverWatch >>

4) eyeZy

As an expert in digital parenting tools, I’ve explored eyeZy, a comprehensive phone monitoring app. It impressively lets me discreetly track my child’s Facebook activity and conversations on Messenger. Additionally, it serves as an efficient Instagram spy tool and monitors various other social media platforms, ensuring my peace of mind.



  • The Keylogger tool: With the Keylogger tool, you can review your kid’s activity type on their mobile. Whether they are accessing YouTube or Facebook, the tool will show you the phrases typed, and the apps used.
  • Recording screen secretly: This powerful feature takes screenshots from the background while the kids are accessing the phone. It also extracts the deleted messages. eyeZy produces a replica of the conversation that took place on your kid’s mobile.
  • Geofencing tool: Using the Geofencing feature, tracking your kid’s location gets easier. You can even find out where they are planning to go before they start their journey!
  • Call logger tool: This tool effectively tracks the call logs of your kid’s phone. The eyeZy app tracks all the incoming and outgoing calls on their mobile phone and call duration of every call.


  • The easy installation process makes it easier for non-tech-savvy users.
  • The Auto Forward feature provides live updates on the target user’s current phone activity
  • Highly secured protocols for data protection


  • The location tracking feature shows lags if the device is facing poor connectivity issues.
  • It does not work with Android or iOS versions before 2011
  • Delayed syncing with iCloud


There are three subscription types available:

1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
$47.99/month $27.99/month (Billed quarterly) $9.99/month (Billed annually)

Visit eyeZy >>

5) Flexispy

In our comprehensive evaluation, we discovered that Flexispy is a formidable spying tool. It grants unprecedented remote control over mobiles and computers. This software adeptly tracks and scrutinizes all data within the targeted device.

Particularly noteworthy is its ability to monitor children’s Facebook usage across Android, iOS, and computer platforms, ensuring their safety online. Our team appreciates Flexispy’s seamless integration and robust monitoring capabilities.



  • Monitor instant messages: Flexispy can monitor instant messaging platforms effortlessly. It captures conversations in the messaging platform from both ends. The tool can also capture the stickers used inside the messaging platforms.
  • Control remotely: With this FB tracker, you can use your smartphone to control the video recorder and camera remotely. It lets you use the microphone on your phone to capture the sounds in the environment.
  • Monitor audios: This tool records audio from every source, regular calls, or made through Facebook Messenger. This app can also record voice messages and other audio files sent over virtual platforms.
  • Monitor phone screen: FlexiSpy constantly snoops your kid’s phone screen. You can continuously keep a watch on the way your kid is accessing the phone.
  • Check browsing History: Using this app, you can review the type of sites they are browsing, the kind of content they are watching. Additionally, you can also check the amount of time they spend on Facebook and other social media channels.


  • Ability to track USB activities on PCs.
  • Pre-installed FlexiSpy phones are available on their website.
  • It supports the latest Android versions.


  • Recording phone calls is not available under the LITE subscription plan.
  • Call notification alert is only available under the EXTREME subscription plan.


There are three subscription types available:

Lite Premium Extreme
$29.95/month $79/month (Billed quarterly) $119/month (Billed annually)

Visit Flexispy >>

6) KidsGuard

In my expertise, KidsGuard stands out for tracking children’s mobile phones. It is Compatible with Android and iOS and proficiently monitors Facebook activities, browser histories, and call logs remotely.

I find it invaluable for parents seeking peace of mind.



  • Track and read messages: This Facebook spy app stays invisible but keeps tracking the messages on your kid’s phone. It can read the messages, the sender’s name, images attached, timestamp, and any other attachment if available.
  • View videos and photos: Snoop on the videos and photos available on your kid’s device using this tool. You can also download these files on your device.
  • Set-up geofence: Kidsguard allows you to track your kid’s virtual boundary. The app sends alerts once your child enters or exits the geographical boundary.
  • Call recording: It lets you record calls from your kid’s mobile. You download the call recording after listening to them.


  • Can take photos by automatically turning on the phone camera.
  • You can track messages using specific keywords.
  • Secretly records the phone screen.


  • Messages tracked from different sources are not always arranged properly.
  • Facebook Monitoring through iOS devices is not satisfactory.


1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
$39.99 $59.99 (Billed quarterly) $109.99 (Billed annually)

Visit KidsGuard >>

7) Cocospy

My expert review of Cocospy found it incredibly efficient for monitoring Facebook activity on a target device. Its installation and usage are straightforward, ensuring I could begin tracking within seconds.

Importantly, it operates undetectably on the target’s phone, allowing me to easily access data remotely and providing a comprehensive view of the user’s Facebook browsing behavior.



  • Tracking call frequency: This feature allows the tool to track the frequency of calls and mark the most frequent ones.
  • Spying on Facebook Messages: Cocospy effectively reads every Facebook message and can track every group created inside Facebook while going through the messages and posts.
  • SIM card tracking: Tracking the details of a SIM Card becomes easier using Cocospy. It traces the details of the carrier, the IMEI Number, and the network location.
  • Track websites: Search for those websites that your kid has visited most often using this tool. It tracks browser history and produces a detailed report of the sites visited.


  • Detailed monitoring of the dating apps in target user’s mobile.
  • GPS tracking is accurate.
  • No rooting or Jailbreak required.


  • Only 1 device can be tracked under the Premium subscription.
  • SIM Card location tracker is not available under the Basic plan.
  • Some features available on Android device is absent in iOS devices.


There are three subscription types available:

Basic Premium Family
Android $39.99/month $49.99/month $69.99/month
Basic Premium Business
iOS $99.99/month $49.99/month $399.99/month

Visit Cocospy >>

8) Spyera

As an expert, I appreciate Spyera’s robust protection against scams and online threats. It empowers us to closely monitor our kids’ mobile activities, ensuring their safety on social media platforms.

Instant notifications on message receipts or photo shares on Facebook are particularly invaluable.



  • Track the Facebook messages: Any message, be it incoming or outgoing from the Facebook Messenger can be tracked and viewed using this tool.
  • Monitors every Facebook contact: Spyera tracks and creates a report of the contact list on Facebook.
  • Keyword-based search: You may include specific keywords to search in messages using this tool.
  • Fully functional dashboard: The dashboard allows access to all the reports and tracking details.


  • Can modify the FB app preferences remotely.
  • Instant notification through text messages and email.
  • Seamless tracking of live calls on target mobile.
  • Records VOIP calls remotely.


  • Jailbreak needed to use with iOS devices.
  • The geo-fencing feature is missing from this tracking software.


Smartphone Computer Tablet All in One
$89/month $49/month $69/month $479/month

Visit Spyera >>

What’s the Best Facebook Spy App?

Flexispy is one of the best Facebook Spy apps that millions of users have loved. It is also one of the oldest tracking tools that comes with all the features required to spy on your kid’s Facebook profile.

Also, it is always better to judge a spy tool only after using the paid version. There are many free spy apps but they lack the major features available in paid versions.

Are Facebook Spy Apps Legal?

These Facebook tracking apps are legal but under certain conditions. Having said that, you must learn about the local law and order of the Human Rights Commission. Also, you cannot simply install a Facebook profile viewer spying app on someone’s mobile device without his/her consent unless that person is a minor or has proven criminal charges against him/her.

In case of any confusion, it’s better to seek guidance from a legal professional, especially someone who has expertise in cyber law.

Do I need to be Friends with them on Facebook to see their Chats?

Not at all. Becoming friends with someone on Facebook doesn’t provide you the option to sneak onto someone’s private chat. You can only view the chats or monitor someone’s Facebook if there is a spy tool installed in that person’s phone or computer device, and you have the admin rights of that tool.


Reliable Facebook messenger spy apps can remove a lot of stress from your daily life. You may be worried about your kid’s social media activities and their whereabouts. With the help of a suitable spy tool, you not only monitor your kid’s social media but also control his/her usage rights on those platforms.

Here are the top 3 recommendations:

  • mSpy – With more than one million users, mSpy has a very powerful interface and advanced monitoring system for seamlessly tracking a smartphone.
  • uMobix – uMobix is an excellent Facebook profile viewer that comes with a wide range of features and easy installation. With relatively affordable pricing, this tool is a smart choice for lag-free remote monitoring.
  • OverWatch – OverWatch comes with powerful surveillance skills. The SIM Card Replacement feature works seamlessly and informs you as soon as your kid replaces the SIM card on his/her mobile.