How to Spy (Read) WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone?

Checking WhatsApp messages remotely may be necessary when you’re a parent. As a caretaker, you want to ensure your child is safe when interacting with others online. Monitoring their messages can help you know they’re not in danger while giving them freedom.

You might worry about what activities your spouse is doing on their phone. Using WhatsApp spy apps lets you see everything and stay informed about your relationship.

Monitoring WhatsApp messages also helps business confidentiality, as you don’t want employees sharing your company’s secrets with others. Monitoring their messages ensures no one will implement your ideas and steal profits from your business.

Many people only check someone else’s WhatsApp messages when left alone with their phone. However, you can use alternative tactics. Here are methods to spy on WhatsApp messages without using the target phone.

Method 1: How to Spy (Read) Someone’s WhatsApp Messages using MSpy App

The easiest method to access someone’s WhatsApp is to install a WhatsApp spy app like mSpy. It is available on both iOS and Android phones. So, you do not require to jailbreak the target phone to install it.

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Monitoring WhatsApp

You can remotely track the WhatsApp activities of your child using a mSpy control panel. You just need to log in from any browser of your choice using your credentials.

Here are steps to read WhatsApp Messages using mSpy:

Step 1) Goto Enter your email address and purchase a plan based on your requirement. You will receive the login credentials in your email.

Step 2) Select the type of mobile device on which you want to monitor WhatsApp messages (Android or iOS device)

Monitoring WhatsApp

Step 3) Now follow the on-screen instructions and configure mSpy. Make sure that you can physically access the target device you want to spy. The access is only required once during the initial setup.

Step 4) Give some time (a couple of hours) for the mSpy tool to record the target phone’s activity and send it to the server.

Step 5) The online dashboard will clone the WhatsApp activity of the target device.

Monitoring WhatsApp

You can select a WhatsApp conversation and check the detailed message history

Monitoring WhatsApp

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Method 2: Using Online WhatsApp Web to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without target Phone

Monitoring WhatsApp

WhatsApp Web is not a separate third-party app but a official facility provided by WhatsApp where users can share messages between a PC and a smartphone. With WhatsApp Web, users can send and view messages and download media such as video, photo, or audio files. It can be accessed via any popular internet browser. For the setup, users must have access the target device to scan the QR code.

You’ll have synced messages from the device, visible on your computer as the user sends and receives them. Since the computer shows up as a linked device, this option is best for parents monitoring children, so they know you’re watching their behavior.

To set up the account, follow the steps below.

Step 1) Open the WhatsApp Web homepage on your computer.

Step 2) Get the target device.

Step 3) Open the WhatsApp App and click on the menu.

Step 4) From Settings, you’ll see Linked Devices.

Step 5) Tap that option and capture the QR code shown on the computer screen.

Pros Cons
Free to use software You need to have onetime access to the targeted device to set up the account.
You can scan a QR code to sign in–it doesn’t require a password. It will show as a linked device in the WhatsApp menu.
You can access the account through any browser

Method 3: Using MAC Spoofing Methods to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

Monitoring WhatsApp

Media Access Control (MAC) is the number manufacturers assign to devices that can access the internet. The jumble of letters and numbers ensures no two devices have the same MAC. However, you can spoof the MAC by getting it from the target phone and using it on your device.

This method only works if you’re on the Wi-Fi connection you used to spoof the MAC address. If you try to check on your partner while you’re at work or out of town, you won’t get access to the messages. Also, you get new messages just like the original user does. If you look at them first, they won’t show as new and unread to your partner, which can look suspicious.

This method is the most involved, so make sure you follow each step carefully to ensure you can read other people’s WhatsApp messages.

Step 1) Get the target phone and go to their settings.

For Androids, it’s in the Device menu under Status. For iOS devices, it’s under About.

Step 2) If the phone is on your WiFi network, you can find its MAC through the computer.

For Windows computers, click Connections, Network and Sharing Center, and Change Adapter Settings.

Step 3) Select Status and Details to see the MAC address. On a Mac, open System Preferences, Network, Advanced, then Hardware. You will find the MAC address at the top of the window.

Step 4) Uninstall WhatsApp on your phone if you already have an account.

Step 5) Go into your phone settings as described above and change your MAC address to the one you got from the target device.

Step 6) Reinstall WhatsApp, entering the target phone number instead of your own.

Step 7) The verification code goes to the associated phone number, which means the target phone will ping.

Note: For this step, ensure you can access the target phone and can write down the verification code. You’ll want to delete the text before the phone’s owner sees the message.

Step 8) You can reset the MAC address on your phone back to its original number. For that, you need to reinstall WhatsApp.

Pros Cons
Target user does not know that you’re reading their messages It takes a lot of work to install
It’s a free way to read WhatsApp chats Verification still goes to the target phone, so you need access to it
Works for both Android and iOS devices

Method 4: Use Google Drive Backup to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without their phone

Use Google Drive Backup

Google Drive is an ideal tool for documents and collaboration, but you can also use it to read deleted WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp has a setting where you can back up all your WhatsApp chats and photos to Google Drive, so you just need to access the target device to set it up.

You need an Android device because this method relies on Google Play. Follow the steps below to access any WhatsApp conversation from the target phone.

Step 1) Get the target phone and open WhatsApp.

Step 2) Open Settings and turn on Chat Backup.

Step 3) Go to Google Account and input your Gmail address and password.

Step 4) Select Google Drive and pick the backup frequency.

You can now see all chats, pictures, and video clips in the Google Drive account.

Pros Cons
Free option to read WhatsApp messages without worrying they’ll get deleted Only works for Android devices
Only requires a Google Drive account The target phone user can see that you’ve linked your Google Drive if they look at the settings
Use official, virus-free software to extract content. Backup delays can prohibit the user from reviewing the most recent messages.

Method 5: Whats Web Scan

Whats Web Scan

Whats Web Scan allows you to monitor multiple accounts from one phone. With this method, you can still use your own WhatsApp account. You can also see messages and chats on the target phone.

You can also monitor WhatsApp messages from an iOS/Android device by downloading the app from the Apple/Play store. You’ll appreciate how you can still use your account through the app instead of only using it to spy on other WhatsApp profiles.

Pros Cons
Target phone doesn’t know you’re reading their messages Must use the target phone initially to establish a connection
Always have access to the other account, despite what WiFi connection you use Target phone needs to be online for you to see their messages
See up to four WhatsApp accounts through one app


  • You may need to monitor messages on someone else’s device for many valid reasons.
  • Use the WhatsApp Web application to monitor the target phone from your desktop computer.
  • MAC spoofing methods can help read the target phone’s messages as long as you are on the same WiFi connection.
  • What’s Web Scan can monitor multiple target devices from one phone.
  • Google Drive backup can offer access to your target’s WhatsApp messages.