10 BEST Hacking Apps for Android (Oct 2022)

Mobile hacking apps break or crack the security measures of a software system by penetrating or interfering with the security layout. They perform network security assessments too.

Android hacking apps are application packages ready to install in a device, APK, and can modify HTML responses. Some apps have features to identify the weak links in the security of a system, control WiFi, lock screen widget, and map devices.

These hacking apps have dozens of free network tools with modifications that make them undetectable by anti-virus scanners.

Following is a handpicked list of the Top best Android hacking apps and great hacking tools, with their popular features and download links. The list contains open-source (free) and commercial(paid) software.

Best Hacker Apps for Android

Name Reason Chosen Founded Link
mSpy Best overall Android hacking software 2010 Learn More
AndroRAT It is versatile and enables access to Android devices remotely, and is undetectable by anti-virus scanners 2012 Learn More
cSploit It is the best hacking app for new hackers because it would allow them to learn new techniques 2017 Learn More
DroidSheep It is the most efficient mobile hacking app for use if you want to hack social media accounts and other messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram on Android devices. 2012 Learn More
Kali NetHunter It runs security analysis efficiently and also has multi-language support. 2014 Learn More
Network Mapper It maps out the security of a system and finds the vulnerabilities on its own 1997 Learn More
NetX Network Tool Its design makes fetching and accessing information from network analysis easy 2008 Learn More
Sniffer Wicap It has a friendly UX, is simple to understand, and does not need root access. 2013 Learn More
Hackode Scans target security system and expose vulnerability 2013 Learn More
zAnti It modifies HTML responses and requests, and access password 2012 Learn More
WiFiKiLL It is able to disable devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. 2016 Learn More

1) mSpy

Reason Chosen: Best overall Android hacking software

mSpy is one of the prominent solutions for hacking Android devices. This software allows you to take a regular screenshot of the target device activities and upload them to your Control panel. You can also block apps and websites and receive notifications about the activities of the hacked device. You can view SMS, call, call logs, history, social media activity, and instant messages without any hassle. mSpy constantly monitors GPS location of your targeted device.


  • mSpy works in secret in the background.
  • You can monitor social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • You can record and listen to any incoming or outgoing calls
  • Offers activity updates of the targeted phone every 5 minutes.
  • You can read incoming or outgoing text messages.
  • It offers 24*7 customer support via a toll-free helpline
  • Free Trial: 7-days Free Trial
  • Supported Android Versions: Android 4 and higher.
  • Money-back guarantee: 14-day Refund Policy

How To Use mSpy?

Step 1) Visit www.mspy.com. Enter your email address and purchase a plan based on your requirement.

Step 2) Install mSpy on the target device. Follow the on-screen instructions. You can get in touch with their customer support for any technical assistance.

Step 3) Click on the mSpy Dashboard

Once your mSpy account setup process is complete, allow some time for the mSpy app to record the activity and send it back to the server. Once ready, you can start hacking the targeted Android device.

Step 4) Start tracking targeted device SMS messages, calls, photos, videos, etc.

In this case, we have selected text messages.

Step 5) You can now check the text messages of the targeted decive.

Visit mSpy >>

2) AndroRAT

Reason Chosen: It is a versatile Android app that enables remote access to an Android smartphone or device and is undetectable by anti-virus scanners.

AndroRAT is an Android hacking app released in 2012. It is a remote access tool that makes it possible to access an Android system remotely. It accesses the vulnerability of a system and can function as a server-side and client-side that is developed in Java Android applications and works on both mac and windows.

AndroRAT is one of the user-friendly apps because of its features that enables the user to have seamless access to control the system of the targeted device.

It also gathers information like SMS, call logs, incoming and outgoing messages, location, WiFi network, device password and uploads other files to the targeted device.



  • It is undetectable by anti-virus scanners
  • Access the browser of the target phone and open the URL
  • You can access the location, sim card details, and IP address of the target phone
  • It is hard to detect, as it is light and runs in the background.

How To Use AndroRAT?

Step 1) Go to your device browser and download the app

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Step 2) You would see a notification informing you that the file may be harmful. Click on the download anyway.

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Step 3) Install on your device.

Step 4) Next you need to decide where you would like to save the data and create a place for it.

Step 5) Get a router port forwarder. A router port forwarder would enable access software running on your computer remotely.

Step 6) Download the AndroRAT binder. This will help you create a light APK.

Step 7) Put the IP address and port number into the AndroRAT binder. Click go and wait for your APK to create.

Step 8) Install the frame.apk file in the target device and launch it.

Step 9) You are all set to monitor the targeted device.

AndroRAT is great because of its versatility. It is also a go-to hacking app because it can function on Mac and Windows.

Link: https://github.com/karma9874/AndroRAT

3) cSploit

Reason Chosen: It is the best hacking app for new hackers because it would allow them to learn new techniques

cSploit is a penetration testing tool that enables scanning local hosts and WiFi networks. It has a friendly UI and is easy to navigate. It is one of the best Android hacking apps for Android smartphones

It scans them and detects vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system. cSploit has dozens of free network tools and helps you access network traffic in real-time.



  • It maps out the internal network
  • Can detect networks connected to it
  • Instills backdoor in a system so that it can have later access
  • It helps you to scans network for vulnerabilities
  • Accesses WiFi networks and passwords
  • Performs real-time traffic manipulation and changes images and text.
  • It can replace the textual, imagery, or visual content on encrypted web pages.

How to use cSploit?

Step 1) You need to update the core of the Android app device system to accommodate the version of cSploit you want to upload.

Step 2) Go to any web browser and search for cSploit

Step 3) Download to your device

Step 4) Then allow permission to install by clicking on the install button

Link: https://github.com/cSploit/android

4) DroidSheep

Reason Chosen: It is the most efficient mobile hacking app to hack social media accounts and other messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram on

DroidSheep is one of the ideal hacking apps that allows you to intercept web browsers that are not well protected using a WiFi connection. It examines and accesses the strength of a network by exposing the vulnerabilities. DroidSheep is an app with features that make it easy to hack social media messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram. This feature makes it stand out from other hacking apps.

DroidSheep uses sessions to access a target social media account and other instant messaging apps. It offers the stand-out feature of hacking social media accounts, making it a preferred Android hacking app. DroidSheep can receive any data transferred through any form of a wireless network. Droid’s official website claims that it can work on any website that uses cookies.



  • Remove a session from the list
  • Get real-time information about cookie sessions
  • Access to the security system of a device with a click
  • Use emails to export cookie information

To download DroidSheep, you would need to download the Busy Box. This Android hacking app needs to be rooted in your device’s OS. DroidSheep can only work on a rooted Android phone. Busy Box makes it easy for the Android app to root and interact easily with the OS.

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How To Use DroidSheep?

To install the Busy Box on your device is pretty easy with simple steps.

Step 1) Head to Google play store

Step 2) Search for Busy Box

Step 3) Click on install

Step 4) Start and allow access to your content

Link: https://droidsheep.info

5) Kali NetHunter

Reason Chosen: runs security analysis efficiently and also has multi-language support.

Kali NetHunter is an open-source Android penetration platform based on Kali Linux. It is a hacking Android app for tight security analysis and auditing. Kali NetHunter can edit files and perform Android application rewrite and functions by finding the vulnerabilities present in a security system and thriving on them.

Kali NetHunter


  • It has multi-language support
  • It has over 600 penetration and analytical tools
  • It is compatible with different devices and can be customized.
  • enables wireless frame injection
  • it is available for all devices, whether rooted or non-rooted devices

How to use Kali NetHunter?

To have this app on your device, it needs root access which means you have to first install other apps like Busy Box or SuperSu to your device to make it easy for Kali NetHunter to interact with your device OS.

You can get Kali NetHunter from their official website

Step 1) Extract the zip file.

Step 2) Install all the apps that you can see on the folder

Step 3) Open the installed root device

Step 4) Then copy all the files and paste them into the system

Step 5) Open the NetHunter App and begin to use

Link: https://www.kali.org/docs/nethunter/installing-nethunter/

6) Network Mapper

Reason Chosen: It maps out the security of a system and finds the vulnerabilities on its own.

Network mapper is one of the hacker apps that maps out a device’s entire security system, checks the system on its own, and reveals the weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Nmap is an unofficial Android frontend of the Nmap scanner. Hackers prefer this app because it is like sending someone on an errand and just relaxing as the person delivers.


  • Identify the security flaws and vulnerabilities of a system
  • open ports in a target host
  • recognizes new servers and sends alert
  • Real-time response analysis and response measurement

How To Use Network Mapper?

You can get a network mapper from the Google play store, Install it on your device and give it access to your OS.

Network Mapper

Link: https://nmap.org

7) NetX Network Tool

Reason Chosen: its design makes fetching and accessing information from network analysis easy

NetX Network Tool is an Android hacking app to help you find the exact device connected to your WiFi.

It exposes all the information about any device connected to your network, making it easy to access important information from the target device.

NetX Network Tool


  • Access IP address, Mac address, vendor, and domain from devices linked to the network.
  • Can remotely turn off the target device when connected to the WiFi network.
  • Scans WiFi networks to detect strength, signals, and encryption.
  • Supports multi-language usage
  • Monitors WiFi connections and gives an alert if a strange device is connected.
  • It can present a graphic design of bandwidth
  • Enables access into a WiFi network that is WPS protocol enabled.

How To Use NetX Network Tool Pro?

NetX Network Tool Pro is a free hacking app for Android that you would be getting on the Google Play store.

It has a mobile penetration testing tool kit and is a great hacking app to get on your Android device.

Step1) Go to the Play Store

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Step 2) download to your device

Step 3) install on your mobile phone.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tools.netgel.net

8) Sniffer Wicap

Reason Chosen: It has a friendly UX, is simple to understand, and does not need root access.

Sniffer Wicap is one of the best hacking apps for Android with easy UX. It does not require root access on the Android device and is simple to use.

It is recommended for anyone just starting out hacking, it is one of the modern Android hacking apps, and as the name signifies, it sniffs WiFi and LTE networks.

Sniffer Wicap


  • Extract passwords from apps in a system
  • This hacker app analyses data and statistics
  • Analyses intricate on device packets
  • Real-time packet information
  • Built-in root terminal

How to use Sniffer Wicap

The older version of sniffer Wicap required a rooted device, but this app has had some upgrades, and the newer version does not require rooted phones.

These new features come with a built-in root terminal that has made it easy for the apps to interact with the OS without installing root-enabling apps.

You can get the sniffer wicap on the Google play store, and it is not one of the free hacking apps, and you have to pay to download it to your device.

There is also a demo app on Play Store.

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Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evbadroid.wicap&hl=en&gl=US

9) Hackode

Reason Chosen: scans target security system and expose vulnerability

Hackode is one of the free hacking apps that is said to have the complete tool for security analysis, network interference, password checks, and port scanning. Hackode contains a mobile penetration testing toolkit to test any device and run satisfactory security, WiFi network, strength, and vulnerability checks.

Hackode is used by IT administrators, ethical hackers, and cyber security experts. The best feature of hack code is its ability to perform reconnaissance action and google hacking. It observes activities in a system, understands how it operates and provides feedback. The functions of this hacking tool are Reconnaissance, Scanning, Exploits, and Security feed.



  • You can access files containing SQL instruction
  • Exposes target domain name and IP information
  • Enables access to information on the target MySQL server
  • Scans for vulnerable sites and allows access to password and DNS lookup.
  • Access to the mail server to retrieve messages sent by email
  • Access to target Domain Name Server.

How to use Hackode?

Hackode does not need rooted devices.

Step 1) Go to the web browser of your choice

Step 2) Search for hackode

Step 3) Download and Install the software on your

Link: https://github.com/ravikumarpurbey/hackode

10) zAnti

Reason Chosen: Modifies HTML responses and requests, and access password

zAnti is an Android hacking app used in testing the security risk of a system. Many Organizations use zAnti often to detect hacks and infiltration. This hacking app accesses the risk of a security system with just the push of a button and then reports the weaknesses and loopholes in a system.

The zAnti hacking app also scans and diagnoses by accessing and giving reports. It is pertinent to use zAnti to scan a system. zAnti has the best hacking tools that expose the techniques that an external enemy may likely use.

This Android application exposes threatening devices connected to WiFi and gives you the knowledge to protect the system from network security risks and think ahead of any attack.



  • Ability to change device address
  • Detect dangerous WiFi hotspot
  • Alter and modify HTTP responses
  • Check the strength of a password and analyze the vulnerability
  • Ability to by-pass Mac filtration when connected to routers and switches

How To Use zAnti?

You cannot find zAnti on the Play Store, But you can find it elsewhere. To get it,

Step 1) Download the zAnti app by searching on the web

Step 2) You will see a notification that it is from an untrusted source. Click on the accept button

Step 3) Install the app. A prompt from mostly SuperSu to grant root access will pop up, grant access.

Step 4) Sign up to get an account- this will require email addresses and accept terms and conditions.

Step 5) Start testing.

Link: https://www.zimperium.com/zanti-mobile-penetration-testing/

11) WiFi KiLL Pro

Reason Chosen: Can disable devices connected to a WiFi network. It is a WiFi kill, as the name suggests.

It is one of the hacking apps that help legal hackers to keep intruders away from penetrating the organization’s security system. It is popularly known as the WiFi kill app because of its efficiency in disconnecting unwanted devices.

WiFi KiLL Pro


  • Ability to know the number of connected devices and detect threatening devices
  • Disconnect malicious apps that may want to interfere with the WiFi network traffic
  • View data transfers and uploads of devices connected to the same WiFi network
  • Access to the names of devices that may become a threat to the WiFi networks.
  • Protects the security system from evil access point setups
  • obstruct threatening devices that may interfere with the WPS connection of the organization’s system

How To Use WiFi kill?

Although the older versions of the app require rooting, it is now updated, and you would not need to root the hacking app on your device because it is better to go for the version that does not require rooting, as rooting your phone reduces security.

Step 1) Go to the play store on your Android device

Step 2) Search for WiFi kill

Step 3) Install on your phone

Step 4) Restart your phone

Step 5) Connect to the target WiFi network

Step 6) Begin to use

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Link: https://www.WiFikill.net

What Is The Difference Between Ethical and Unethical Hackers?

When people hear hacking, the first thing that comes to mind is cybercriminals.

Many people indeed commit cybercrimes with their hacking knowledge of devices, but hacking aims to access vulnerabilities in systems and secure them.

There are many differences between ethical and unethical hackers, and ethical hackers are also known as White Hats.

Ethical hackers:

  • Are highly skilled
  • Works with the permission of the owner of the system
  • Complies with the rules of the organization
  • Do not have any intention to hurt the system
  • They have certificates and training for this
  • Gain unauthorized access to a system before interfering

Unethical hackers:

Unethical hackers are the opposite of professional hackers, and this set of hackers perform illegal activities and are known as Black Hat.

They are cybercriminals who operate to:

  • Access a system to steal data, money or install a virus into a system
  • Do not comply with the codes of hacking
  • They do not work with the permission of the owner


❓ Is hacking legal?

Yes, hacking is not a crime as it is perceived to be. Hacking is legal if you comply with the rules of the organization. You have to gain authorized access to penetrate a system and run security checks and analyses.

Legal hacking does not condone going into people’s security systems because you can. It is an offense in many states, whether you pick some information or not. Legal hacking entails permission.

⚡ What other places can you find a hacking app if you do not find it on the Google play store?

To find the hacking app, you need on your Android store. You can check GitHub and Google chrome web store. You could also type the name of the hacking app you need on a web browser, and it would pop up.

🚀 Is there an app to stop hackers?

There are anti-spy and anti-virus apps that you could put on your Android device to stop accessing private information on your mobile or android phone. Also, you can detect if hackers are targeting your phone by Codes to Check if a Phone is Hacked.

🏅 What is a certified Android hacker?

A certified hacker has certification and permission to access and analyze the security system of a mobile Android phone.

A certified hacker has undergone training and tested his knowledge in cyber security threats, risk, and countermeasures. These training are often comprehensive to make one a system administrator or a system manager.

❗ Can anyone be a certified Android Hacker?

Before you would be a certified hacker, you would have to undergo some assessment and get certificates to prove that you can perform penetration testing, access security, and hack devices.

CEH, GPEN, and OSCP are tests that you can take to get certified.

🌟 What are Ethical Hackers?

These professionals and system security managers are highly skilled with permission to use a hacking tool to penetrate a system and access the vulnerabilities. They are also known as white hats.

They do not penetrate the system to steal data or plant viruses. They penetrate the system to find loopholes and vulnerabilities, then find ways to protect the system and fix the loopholes in the security system of these devices.

👉 What is the use of Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is to evaluate the security of a system and find ways to protect it from attacks using the result from the evaluations.

Penetration testing enables organizations to:

  • Protect their security system
  • Aware of ways that criminals may want to invade their security system
  • Strengthen and tighten their security system
  • evaluate their security system and analyze
  • Use SSH server implementation network protocol to gain secured access over an unsecured network.

✔️ What is the best way to learn ethical hacking?

The best way to learn ethical hacking is to read and take tutorials from classes online that could teach you how to hack and point you to Android hacking apps and hacking tools that you can use to break the security RSS feed of a system.

You could also find organized curriculums online that teach you how to be an ethical hacker for Android mobile phones and other devices.