uMobix Review: Best Phone Spy Tool to Use in 2024

In today’s connected world, keeping our loved ones safe online has become a top priority. While advanced technologies bring us closer together, they also expose us to new risks. This is where uMobix comes in – a comprehensive Parental tracking app control and child safety solution for the digital age.

uMobix monitors all internet-connected devices used by children and helps parents supervise their online activities safely. Through its powerful yet user-friendly dashboard, parents can view websites visited and apps used. They can also view messages exchanged and set customized filters and time limits.

Some of uMobix’s key features include screening for inappropriate content and location tracking. It also has SOS alerts in emergencies and detailed usage reports.

Unlike other parental spy apps that work on a single device or platform, uMobix offers cross-device protection across smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

It protects children everywhere – at home on Wi-Fi or away on mobile networks. With this uMobix review, parents can be assured their kids are exploring the internet safely without constant supervision.
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View all incoming and outgoing calls.

Monitor all sent, received, or deleted SMS.

Get an accurate real-time location of the user.

Pull all media files stored on target device. 

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What is uMobix?

uMobix is one of the most popular and effective phone spy tools currently on the market. It allows parents and employers to easily monitor a target Android phones remotely without having physical access.

Some of uMobix’s best features include its ability to track the device’s location in real time. It offers the easiest way to read call and text logs and access photos and videos. Additionally, you can see app usage and even secretly activate the device’s microphone for ambient listening.

uMobix is one of the most full-featured and user-friendly phone spy tools. It continues to be highly effective for monitoring employees and is great for keeping kids safe in 2023.

How Does uMobix Work?

uMobix control panel works through an intuitive control panel and spy apps installed on children’s devices. The app runs silently in the background without disrupting device usage. uMobix captures all online activity, including browser history, app usage, and messaging. It also records videos watched, photos clicked, and social media engagements.

This comprehensive data is sent to uMobix’s secure cloud servers for analysis. Parents can then access the child’s activity and device location through a web-based parental dashboard on their own devices.

Here, they can view detailed reports, set restrictions, and receive alerts on contacts. They also get updated on incoming/outgoing calls and SOS requests from their children anytime, anywhere.

uMobix Review: Features of uMobix

This section of the uMobix reviews will explore some of the key features and functionality that the uMobix spy app provides. From location tracking to activity reporting uMobix aims to give users powerful yet easy-to-use tools. This spying app helps monitor devices, manage screen time, and protect children and seniors from online threats.

uMobix dashboard

iOS version

uMobix dashboard

Android version

uMobix dashboard

The secure online dashboard is the central hub for parents to access all monitoring and safety controls from any device in one place. It provides summarized reports on daily internet and app usage, installed apps, visited websites, images/videos viewed, etc. Through an intuitive interface, parents can set screen time restrictions, app block/allow lists, and filtering categories.

The dashboard allows scheduling restrictions according to day/time and receiving alerts for various activities via email/SMS. uMobix spy app maintains detailed logs of all activity with timestamps that can be accessed or exported anytime for records. Advanced features like keyword alerts and chat monitoring apps help parents steer conversations in a positive direction.

Call log and Recording

Call log and Recording

uMobix records comprehensive details of all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. Parents can view the filtered call log including call duration from their dashboard to stay updated. They also can install uMobix remotely and activate call recording from their device.

Parents can listen to ongoing/past call recordings of their child. This gives them context and helps make safety checks without the other party knowing.

All recorded calls are securely stored on the uMobix cloud servers with end-to-end encryption. This is helpful in situations like monitoring relations with peers and detecting risky communication. It is also helpful to keep records for legal purposes in extreme situations if needed.

Contacts Backup

Contacts Backup

uMobix backs up and monitors the entire contacts list on the target device, including contact names. It can also backup phone numbers, and other profiling details like emails, social media links, notes, etc.

Parents can access this information through their secure dashboard. This helps them vet who their children are connecting with, detect unknown contacts, and spot potential red flags.

The parents also receive alerts on any new contacts added by their children or if contact is made with risky unknown numbers for timely intervention. Its backup feature provides an extra layer of security against contacts database tampering on the device. This helps maintain trusted visibility for parents at all times.

Text Messages

Text Messages

Through the uMobix dashboard, parents can monitor all SMS/text conversations in real time. For each message thread, they get to view the full transcript of both sent and received texts. It also helps view contact numbers/names, and accurate timestamps.

This helps them stay updated on their discussions and detect any signs of cyberbullying. It also helps identify promiscuous chatting, substance abuse, etc., smoothly. In cases deemed necessary by parents, they can also remotely delete specific text messages. All messaging activities are logged securely on the encrypted cloud servers as per privacy laws.

Location Tracking &Geofinder

Location Tracking & Geofinder

uMobix tracks mobile devices by leveraging the device’s GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data. Parents can view their child’s location on maps using the dashboard. This comes in handy to determine if they reached their destinations safely.

Additionally, intelligent geofencing alerts parents when their children enter or leave pre-defined areas like home, school, or play areas. Adjustable radius, schedule, and sensitivity ensure privacy is balanced with safety.

The location history is maintained to check previous locations, which could be useful in emergency investigations. It empowers parents to keep their loved ones from harm without invading their privacy or independence.



The keylogger features installs uMobix remotely and monitors all keyboard activities happening on the target device. Through their online dashboard, parents receive notifications on PC/laptop or on-screen smartphone keyboard inputs in stealth mode. This is helpful in situations like detecting password sharing, monitoring homework activities, etc.

All key logged data is sent over an encrypted SSL channel to maintain privacy and safety according to legal guidelines. It preserves online records of typed texts that parents can access for monitoring communication trends on social media, emails, and messaging apps.

Spy App Scanner

The uMobix scanner is designed to continuously monitor supervised devices for any malicious spy applications installed without consent. It leverages advanced technical algorithms to detect signatures of other keyloggers, remote administrators, or unauthorized monitoring apps.

These may be secretly GPS location tracking, messages, calls, and online activities in the background. Such rogue apps pose privacy and safety risks.

Once detected, uMobix immediately notifies parents through the dashboard. It provides details of the harmful app, like the source, permissions accessed, and data tracked. This helps take appropriate action to remove threats at the earliest. It also scans for program changes to catch unknown monitoring tools.

Target Device Control

Through its browser-based dashboard, uMobix grants parents comprehensive controls over devices being monitored. They can remotely lock devices with a passcode, thereby restricting access and sustaining online safety.

In cases of loss or theft, parents can trigger an audio alarm on max volume. They can even wipe all personal data and registered accounts with a factory reset to prevent misuse of sensitive information.

Additionally, they can block specific apps and manage system settings and location permissions. The parents can also uninstall recent installs and more using an intuitive interface without physical access. During emergencies, these powerful features are helpful for parents to immediately secure compromised smartphones and computers.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

By detecting apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. installed, uMobix continuously monitors profiles. It also manages their privacy settings, posts, comments, followers, likes, and more on social platforms.

Social Media Monitoring

This app notifies parents through the dashboard about new profiles added, profile name changes, or risky engagements for awareness. The social feed monitoring captures previews of all updates shared along with accurate timestamps.

It is also a great option for parents to access the visited history of all identified social media pages and profiles to vet online circles of influence. This support helps encourage responsible networking through open discussions while curbing digital risks.

Messaging Apps Monitoring

Messaging Apps Monitoring

uMobix keeps tabs on private messaging platforms by identifying apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, etc., installed. It retrieves each account registered with phone numbers and profile names used. Through its monitoring, parents gain insights into new contacts being added. They can also see the types of messages and media exchanged, captions used, and timestamps of activities.

Messaging Apps Monitoring

The dashboard provides summarized reports of messaging behaviors and red flags parents to suspicious discussions and topics. It helps identify unrecognized contacts, attempting communication, and signs of sexting or bullying at the earliest.

It also captures message previews to aid effective conversations. This plugs oversight gaps left by individual app monitors and ensures children’s safety across all networks.

Photos and Videos Tracker

Photos and Videos Tracker

Given the risks of inappropriate influences, addiction, or worse, this mobile phone track becomes important for parents. It maintains an organized timeline of all images and video clips viewed, captured, or downloaded on children’s internet-connected devices.

Photos and Videos Tracker

Via the online portal, parents can access thumbnails of photos, videos and other media files with detailed captions. It includes timestamps, file properties, download sources, and sharing activities.

While respecting individuals’ privacy this helps monitor behaviors, spot depression signs, and curb indulgence in harmful content early on. All digital media is backed up on encrypted servers according to regulations.

Moreover, with remote preview and deletion features, parents can counsel children to pursue productive habits through positive discussions.

Browser History Tracker

Browser History Tracker

This feature proactively records web browsing activity across all devices on a timeline with accurate URL links. It also uses search terms, timings, and filters applied, if any, to track history. Parents can conveniently access such logs and analyze surfing patterns directly from their personalized dashboard.

uMobix track mobile devices and helps identify academic activities online and detect risky websites visited due to peer pressure. The parents can also notice early warning signs of mental health issues. It further enables steering screen time towards more constructive internet usage.

Through activity sharing and open communication, parents can thoughtfully guide children’s online exploration in a safe, responsible manner.

Streaming Monitoring

This monitor recognizes streaming platforms installed like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube along with the profiles accessed on them. It then logs programs watched and filters utilized if applicable. Additionally, it provides information on gaming platforms, online interactive games, and time spent engaged in each activity.

Regular reports from this feature aid parents in striking a balance between screen usage and other priorities like fitness, socializing, or skills development. They can also detect risky exposure to unrestricted content and signs of addiction and curb excessive engagement before issues arise.

Combined with discreet guidance through healthy discussions, it nurtures video streaming and gaming as supplementary rather than primary leisure activities.

Access to Deleted Information

Despite data removal on monitored devices, uMobix preserves valuable online activity records. It saves recordings, photos, and messages that otherwise may be deleted to hide activities from parents.

Through the cloud backup, it retrieves past deleted messages and other information for investigation. For example, it could be relevant in situations like a sudden change in a child’s conduct, negative peer influences noticed, or legal complaints requiring digital evidence preservation, etc.

By upholding privacy rules, uMobix aids parents in closing information gaps discreetly in delicate matters through its timely retrieval system.

App Management

This feature grants parents authority over the kinds of apps being utilized through power filters. They can preview a comprehensive list of programs installed on each supervised device, along with usage time statistics and data consumption reports.

Users are given the flexibility to specifically block up to 500 entertainment, games, or social media apps of choice in addition to identifying anonymous surfing tools. It also scans for newly developing Incognito apps to block privacy exploits.

Additionally, parents gain access to AppStudio’s monitoring of coding programs to guard against malware inclinations early. It encourages positive app engagements while safeguarding against potential digital threats or distractions for balanced development.

SIM Card Replacement Alert

With the SIM Card Replacement Alert, you’ll get notified immediately through the uMobix app if the SIM card in your loved one’s phone is changed or replaced without your knowledge or approval.

This helps protect against the growing threat of SIM swap fraud. In such cases, the scammer’s social engineers mobile carriers into transferring a phone number to a new SIM under their control.

Getting this alert allows you to take quick action to contact the carrier. It helps you secure any accounts or services tied to that phone number and mitigate potential financial or privacy risks before they escalate.

Wi-Fi Blocker

The Wi-Fi Blocker feature ensures your loved ones only connect to trusted, safe wireless networks that you approve and have vetted as secure. When enabled through the uMobix app, it will automatically prevent them from being able to access any open or public Wi-Fi networks they come across.

Cyber-criminals often lurk, waiting to launch hacks, install malware, or scrape personal data from unencrypted internet traffic. By limiting the phone’s Wi-Fi functionality to only the networks you’ve pre-approved and added to the approved network lists, you can help shield them from these potential cyber risks.

Remote control settings

Being able to adjust important safety and privacy settings for a loved one’s phone remotely is incredibly convenient. Through uMobix’s intuitive remote-control panel, you can disable functions.

It includes features like the camera when not in use, enable locking patterns or passwords, set app restrictions, and more.

And because life is busy, being able to step in with some virtual parenting or grandparenting from afar helps keep your children, seniors, or at-risk family members securely covered.


Keeping devices protected requires staying on top of the latest OS and app updates, which can patch new vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

However, not everyone remembers or takes the time to manually update regularly. With uMobix’s auto-update feature, you can remotely configure phones under your watch. It also helps install updates automatically in the background.

That way, as soon as security fixes are released, they’re pushed out immediately without having to be initiated by the user. Out-of-date devices are sitting ducks for cybercriminals, but this ensures monitored phones always have the latest defenses. The upgrades occur seamlessly without disrupting normal usage.

Restrict calls

Limiting who can contact a phone is important for some family situations. Using uMobix’s restrict calls feature, you can blacklist unwanted incoming or outgoing numbers based on criteria like safety, appropriateness, and responsibility level.

Need to block an ex from repeatedly bothering your kids? Want to prevent grandma from mistakenly calling premium rate lines? Or manage a young child’s phone contact list for safe supervision?

This control allows selectively setting call filters and allowing emergency bypass for important contacts like parents. It empowers guardians to thoughtfully curate a kids’ or seniors’ communication circle from a distance.

Regulate data usage

Data limits help kids and seniors avoid accidental bills and promote sustainable habits. However, staying within monthly caps requires diligence that isn’t always possible. Leveraging uMobix’s regulate data feature, you have oversight and settings adjustment powers to restrict usage as needed.

Whether putting a hard cap in place or receiving spent threshold alerts to step in with adjustments, you ensure data plans and budgets are handled responsibly from anywhere. No more waking up to excessive fees or going over the family plan – just helpful controls to maintain affordability and guard against waste or neglect.

uMobix Pricing

In today’s world of constant online connectivity, keeping loved ones safe online is more important than ever. At uMobix, they understand that and provide affordable plans packed with powerful parental controls and cybersecurity tools.

For families seeking the best value, their 12-month plan is extremely affordable at just $12.49 per month. At this low price, subscribers have access to industry-leading cybersecurity protections like encryption, backup, filtering, and location tracking.

Their month-to-month Basic plan starts at just $49.99 per month. It allows customization of browsing restrictions and includes antivirus protection. For those willing to commit for 3 months, this plan lowers the uMobix cost to only $29.99 per month.

For $49.99 monthly or only $29.99 on their discounted 3-month option, subscribers get all the features of Basic plus content filtering and advanced monitoring of web and app activity.

At uMobix, they believe every family deserves worry-free connectivity without breaking the bank. Experience their affordable uMobix pricing and unbeatable security features today to safeguard what matters most.

uMobix Pros and Cons

uMobix Pros uMobix Cons
Robust online safety features like Parental tracking apps, content filtering, encryption, and threat protection at no extra cost. This helps protect children from online harms. Some advanced features like location sharing and activity reports are only available on higher-priced plans.
You don’t have to root or jailbreak, unlike other spy apps. No option for by-the-day or pay-as-you-go plans. A monthly commitment is required.
Reliable 4G LTE network coverage, allowing seamless communication nationwide. Data allotments on basic plans are modest at 2-5GB per month, which could be exceeded by heavy streaming or downloading.
You can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied, and it will be initiated within 14 days of the request. Limited phone/device selection is offered directly through uMobix. Must use compatible devices.
Personalized customer support by phone or online to help set up controls and resolve issues. The initial setup of parental controls and security features can take time for non-tech-savvy users.

uMobix Mobile App

The uMobix mobile app allows subscribers to conveniently manage online safety features and monitor activity from any device. Whether using an Android phone, iPhone, tablet, or computer, the app experience is seamless.

Android devices

For Android devices, the uMobix app empowers parents to set granular controls right from their phones. Easily configure daily access times for specific apps or filter inappropriate content from the browser.

Parents can also remotely lock a child’s device if it gets misplaced or override downloads of uncertified apps. Activity reminders notify parents when screen time limits or app restrictions have been reached.


The version of the app for iOS devices carries the same robust set of parental tools. However, its superior connectivity features truly shine. The ability to share live locations between trusted family contacts brings peace of mind.

A lost iPhone can quickly be located on a map without disrupting a child’s activities. Similarly, automated location alerts keep tabs on pick-up/drop-off routines without heavy parental involvement.

Whether using their phone or a child’s device, uMobix puts control at users’ fingertips. Help is always available with a secure family messaging function and priority customer support for urgent issues.

The consistent interface ensures a smooth experience across all devices and operating systems. With the powerful uMobix mobile app, subscribers can truly safeguard their digital well-being wherever life takes them.

How To Install uMobix?

Here are the simple steps to download uMobix on iOS and Android:

Method 1) How to install in iOS device

Step 1) Create your account.

Install uMobix in iOS Device

Step 2) Select the target device to be monitored and choose the iOS from the option.

Install uMobix in iOS Device

Step 3) Now, choose your subscription plan.

Install uMobix in iOS Device

Step 4) Submit your order and proceed with your uMobix login.

Install uMobix in iOS Device

Method 2) How to install uMobix in Android

Step 1) Start by creating an account same as the iOS method.

Step 2) Now, select the option Android from the “select the target device to be monitored” step.

Install uMobix in Android

Step 3) Next, choose the plan that you prefer, the same as the iOS method, and process the payment.

Step 4) Once the payment process is completed you can proceed to login.


If at any point you decide uMobix’s parental controls and security features are no longer needed, uninstalling the app is quite simple.

Steps for uninstallation in iOS devices

Step 1) Open the Settings app

Step 2) Go to “General”

Step 3) Then “iPhone Storage”.

Step 4) Find uMobix in the list of apps and tap it.

Step 5) Select “Delete App” to remove it completely.

Steps for uninstallation in Android device

Step 1) Open the device, Settings.

Step 2) Choose “Apps & Notifications”.

Step 3) Then select “See all apps”.

Step 4) Locate uMobix and tap “Uninstall”.

Step 5) Confirm by tapping “Uninstall” again in the pop-up window.

Even after uninstalling, your uMobix account information and online activity history on the cloud dashboard will still be accessible for 30 days in case you change your mind.

Keep in mind that the removal of the app also deletes the parental controls, screen time limits, and cybersecurity tools for any managed devices. Be sure to have important conversations with your children about expectations if protection is no longer in place.

Support Services

As a leading provider of digital safety and security solutions, uMobix understands that issues may arise even with the best technology and services. That is why they provide reliable round-the-clock support through multiple channels to address any problems quickly.

Through phone, email, and live chat, a friendly and knowledgeable customer support team are available 24/7 to troubleshoot technical difficulties and answer questions. Smaller concerns can often be resolved online through self-help resources available on their website.

For more serious incidents where remote support is not sufficient, uMobix will dispatch a technician within 24 hours. They will visit you in person and fix any hardware or connectivity issues, unlike other spy app.

Why do you need a Spyware application?

In today’s digital world, children and seniors spend increasing time online. Here, they can be easily exposed to dangers like cyberbullying, inappropriate content, identity theft, and more.

As parents and guardians, it is hard to monitor everyone’s online activity constantly. This is where a spyware application like uMobix comes in very handy. It allows you to protect your loved ones secretly by tracking their calls, messages, browser history, and location. You can ensure they are not contacting strangers or accessing harmful websites.

You will get instant alerts on your phone about any suspicious online or offline behavior. This type of extra oversight can be very reassuring and help keep children and elderly family members safe.

Final Verdict

uMobix software is a reliable and user-friendly digital safety solution for remote monitoring and protection of children and the elderly. This mobile phone tracker provides powerful yet discreet tracking and filtering functionality to enhance online safety without invading privacy.

If you are looking for a comprehensive digital guardian to safeguard your loved ones while allowing independent Internet usage, this Umobix review will be helpful for you.


uMobix is a leading cell phone monitoring solution that allows parents and employers to discreetly monitor mobile activity on smartphones and tablets. Through a secure online account, uMobix enables parents to view call logs and messages.

It is the best way to view social media activity, photos, and videos saved or shared. Additionally, you can also view captured screenshots of all online activity and real-time location tracking.

This provides transparency and allows any questionable behavior or potentially dangerous interactions to be identified.

Yes, uMobix has a simple installation process with physical access to the target device for approximately 5 minutes. The user needs to simply visit the uMobix website and follow the prompts to download and secretly install the uMobix monitoring app.

After installation is complete, it runs discreetly in the background without any visible icons. The target phone can then be monitored entirely remotely through the uMobix web dashboard or mobile app from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

User safety and data privacy are top priorities for uMobix. The monitoring activities do not interfere with normal device performance or alert the target user.

All monitored data is transmitted to the authorized user’s online account via bank-grade AES-256 encryption. So you can be assured that your privacy and security are not compromised.

uMobix also complies with international privacy legislation to ensure data protection standards are maintained. With its focus on user consent, responsible usage, and privacy protections, uMobix provides effective monitoring lawfully and ethically.

Yes, the use of phone monitoring software like uMobix is legal for monitoring your minor children with their consent or your employees’ work devices with permission. However, it would be illegal to install secret monitoring on the phones of other adults or peers without their expressed consent.

uMobix is designed and intended for monitoring activity within the legal family or employment relationships. Its transparency and responsible surveillance aim to ensure safety rather than enable privacy intrusion or other violations of law.

With thousands of users globally, uMobix has proven to work powerfully yet discreetly. Its military-grade encryption successfully transmits real-time dashboard updates of all monitored calls and messages. It also transmits social media and location activity without the target user’s knowledge.

Whether revealing questionable contacts, suspicious photos, or navigation to unsafe areas, reviews show that uMobix surveillance capabilities work to successfully monitor devices and achieve its goal of empowering responsible oversight.

While uMobix’s stealth capabilities aim to keep monitoring activities completely hidden, detection is still possible depending on individual device usage and habits. The more actively a device is used, the higher the potential for abnormal activity signs.

However, default configurations and automatic update functionality help reduce these risks. Responsible account usage also influences detectability – briefer, intermittent check-ins versus constant surveillance allow uMobix to better avoid behavioral patterns that could potentially raise suspicion.

Both uMobix and mSpy are leaders in mobile monitoring and have many similar features. However, uMobix has some advantages. It offers more seamless, lag-free monitoring capabilities on iOS compared to mSpy.

uMobix also provides gold-standard support, responding rapidly to user issues. Additionally, the uMobix web dashboard and reports are more visually appealing and optimized for gleaning necessary safeguarding insights effortlessly.