How to Open Snap Without Them Knowing (5 Methods)

Snapchat garnered popularity due to its unique feature where images, videos, and messages disappear once viewed. If a user sends a picture or message and the recipient opens it, it vanishes permanently. As the platform grew in popularity, Snapchat introduced a notification system to let users know when their snaps were opened.

Nevertheless, there are some ingenious methods to bypass this notification system. This article will explore 5 methods to view a Snapchat message without triggering the ‘Opened’ notification.

Method 1: Use Parental Control App – mSpy to open Snapchat without them knowing.

One method to covertly view snaps is by using monitoring apps like mSpy. Primarily designed as a parental control tool, mSpy enables guardians to oversee their child’s online activity.

While not affiliated with Snapchat, this app allows users to access and view Snapchat content without alerting the sender. It functions discreetly, providing remote access to snaps and other related data. Here’s how to open the Snapchat app without being detected using third party app:

Step 1) Visit and purchase a suitable plan using your email address. Upon confirmation, you’ll receive login credentials in your inbox.

Use Parental Control App

Step 2) Select the type of mobile phone you want to monitor; download the mSpy app onto your target’s mobile phone. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to configure the app properly.

Use Parental Control App

Step 3) After completing the installation, access the mSpy online dashboard. Allow 2-3 hours for mSpy to gather and transmit phone activities to the server. The duration might differ depending on the target device’s internet speed.

Use Parental Control App

Step 4) Next:

Navigate to “Snapchat” on the dashboard.

Choose the individual whose snap you aim to capture.

Read Snapchat messages or Screenshot the Snap. Rest assured, the other party won’t receive any notification.

Use Parental Control App

Visit mSpy >>

Method 2: Utilize Airplane Mode

Snapchat, like many apps, requires the internet to function. Yet, there’s a way to screenshot a snap without notifying the sender.

By activating airplane mode, you can view snaps offline without alerting the sender.

Here’s how:

Step 1) Launch Snapchat

Ensure the snaps are loaded but refrain from opening them.

Step 2) Activate Airplane Mode

Disconnect from Wi-Fi and data by switching your phone to airplane mode.

Step 3) Open & View Snaps

With airplane mode on, open and view your snaps.

Step 4) Screenshot

Feel free to screenshot while in airplane mode. Keep airplane mode on for at least 30 seconds after screenshotting to stay discreet.

Method 3: How to Spy On Snapchat Using the Peeking Method

The Peek Technique is a widely known strategy for discreetly reading Snapchat messages. This method can be handy if you’re interested in checking a Snapchat message without the sender being notified.

However, it’s important to note that this trick no longer applies to viewing snap or chat message. Snapchat has ensured that any attempt to glimpse or screenshot a snap result in the sender being notified immediately?

Nonetheless, the Peek Technique is effective for text messages, especially when no snap is attached. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1) Open Snapchat app and navigate to the chat section.

Step 2) Hover your finger just above the avatar of the user’s chat, ensuring you don’t tap on it.

Step 3) With caution, tap and swipe to the right, but only up to about three-quarters of the screen. This prevents triggering any notifications.

Method 4: Clear Cache and Storage for Discreet Viewing (Android & iOS)

The Clear Cache & Storage tactic is another approach to open snaps without alerting the sender. First, switch your phone to airplane mode and then open the snap. Once viewed, you can proceed to take a screenshot and subsequently clear the cache of the Snapchat app, ensuring no trace of your actions remains.

This strategy is particularly effective for Android and iOS devices. To clear the cache, navigate to your profile settings and select “clear cache.”

Method 5: Half Open a Snapchat without Them Knowing

Once upon a time, Snapchat users had a neat trick up their sleeves, regardless of whether they used iOS and Android devices. This trick, known as the “Half Swipe,” lets you slowly swipe right from the camera tab to partially view a message, allowing a discreet peek at snaps.

Unfortunately, as of recent updates, Snapchat has addressed this loophole, rendering the “Half Swipe” trick obsolete.

However, there are whispers in the user community suggesting that reverting to an older app version might restore this feature’s functionality.

Refer to our dedicated guide for a deeper dive into the “Half Swipe” history.

Reasons for Viewing a Snapchat Message Without Notifying the Sender

One may view a Snapchat message without alerting the sender for various reasons. Some of these include:

  • Privacy: There are instances where one might want to ensure personal privacy and prefer to keep the sender informed that their snap has been viewed.
  • Preventing Miscommunication: At times, being busy or unavailable might delay a response from your end. The sender could misinterpret this as a lack of interest or oversight. By not opening the snap immediately, you can sidestep potential misinterpretations.
  • Satisfying Curiosity: There might be occasions when you’re intrigued by what the snap might contain but prefer the sender to remain unaware of your peek.
  • Evading Immediate Response: Keeping the snap unopened lets you respond quickly without feeling pressured to do so immediately.


While it isn’t a direct breach of Snapchat’s Privacy Settings, it’s evident that the platform prefers users to notify senders when their chat messages are viewed.

Yes, some clever ways exist to beat the system and capture screenshots without the sender knowing. Check here methods to screenshot someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing.


There exist multiple techniques to view a Snap without notifying the sender. While some methods are straightforward, others might require external devices such as computers or televisions. Moreover, for concerned parents, parental control applications offer an avenue to oversee their child’s phone activities and set specific app restrictions, ensuring awareness and peace of mind.