Is Your Partner Snapchat Cheating? How You Can Find Out!

More than 350 million active users make Snapchat the place to send funny filtered photos and videos. You can share stories, images, videos, and messages with other Snapchat users. However, sometimes you also need to track Snap Chat activity.

Why do you need to track Snapchat?

Here are reasons you might want to hack someone’s account without a password.
  • You may want to read their Snapchat Stories and messages. For example, you found out that your Girlfriend/Boyfriend is cheating on you, and you want to access the messages they sent to their lover as proof.
  • You may want to check your kids’ actions on Snapchat without being overbearing. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure they are safe on social media, which harms your children.

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How To Catch a SnapChat Cheater using mSpy

mSpy is one of the best Snapchat spying applications in the market, with a straightforward interface. The monitoring app provides all the necessary information, especially when spying on a suspicious Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

How To Catch a SnapChat Cheater

You can read all Snapchat conversations and receive instant notifications when specific keywords appear in chats. Additionally, it also provides access to expired Snaps.

How To Catch a Cheater Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1) Visit, Enter your email address, and purchase a suitable plan.

How To Catch a SnapChat Cheater

Step 2) Select the type of mobile device you want to monitor. (Android or iOS devices). You need to make sure that you have physical access to the phone. In this example, we have selected Android.

How To Catch a SnapChat Cheater

Step 3) Next, select your device manufacturer

You get various options from different Android device manufacturers like 1) Samsung, 2) Huawei, 3) Xiaomi, 4) Moto, 5) Google Pixel, 6) LG and 7) any other manufacturers.

Here, we have selected Samsung. Then Press “Proceed,”

How To Catch a SnapChat Cheater

Step 4) Download the mSpy app on your Mobile.

Follow on-screen instructions and configure mSpy.

How To Catch a SnapChat Cheater

Step 5) You need to log in to your mSpy dashboard on the web.

Allow some time (2-3 hours) for mSpy to record the snap chat activity of the targeted phone and send it to the server. This timing also depends on the internet speed of the target device.

How To Catch a SnapChat Cheater

Step 6) Click on the Social Networks click and select the Snapchat

How To Catch a SnapChat Cheater

Step 7) Select the Name of the targeted phone user,

That you want to check snap chat account.

How To Catch a SnapChat Cheater

All the snap chat activity your cheating partner does is visible on the screen.

How To Catch a SnapChat Cheater

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Best Apps to Catch Cheating Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Here are some other best Snapchat monitoring tools apart from mSpy.

Name Key Features Supported Platform Live Demo Free Trial/Refund Link
mSpy Ability to read all Snapchat messages Android, iPhone, iPad Available 14-days Money Back Guarantee Learn More
uMobix It allows you to erase Snapchat messages Android and iOS Available 14-days money-back Guarantee Learn More
Hoverwatch You can monitor Snapchat pictures online Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Available 3-days Free Trial Learn More
eyeZy It helps you to track advanced Wi-Fi network analysis. Android and iOS Available No, but 14-days Money Back Guarantee Learn More
ClevGuard Provide a live control panel Android, iOS, and Windows Available No – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Learn More

1) uMobix

uMobix is a Snapchat spying app that allows Snapchat users to explore the target user’s name, nickname, bitmoji, photos, avatar, and other details. It also allows you to track all Snapchat activities, from chat & contracts to photos that disappear. It also helps you to explore the contact list of the user on Snapchat, including their names & nicknames.



  • It allows you to erase Snapchat messages
  • You can receive screenshots of the already erased photos your child has sent.
  • It helps you to monitor GPS location, text messages, phone calls
  • Track all messaging apps
  • Snapchat lets users set time for deleting photos
  • Allows you to You can check the location of your kids.
  • Supported platforms: Android and iOS.
  • Free Trial: No-14-days money-back Guarantee

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2) Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch helps you spy to monitor your child’s activity on social networks or to ensure that your employees are not using their company’s devices to chat with Snapchat friends. This social media monitoring tool allows users to check all call logs and contact lists. Hoverwatch offers Keylogger the option to capture key stores entered by your spouse.



  • You can monitor Snapchat pictures online
  • It runs in stealth mode on the target device.
  • It enables you to access the Snapchat streak remotely and secretly.
  • Screenshots can be captured without the victim’s knowledge.
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Free Trial: 3-days Free Trial

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3) eyeZy

eyeZy enables you to monitor social media activities and protects your kids from online predators and cyberbullies. You can easily find out your kids’ actions on Snapchat and other social media apps. It also helps you access all their Snapchat conversations the same way they appear on your Snapchat app.



  • You can track advanced Wi-Fi network analysis.
  • It enables you to keep an eye on your child, spouse, friends, and other social media platforms.
  • You can stop your cheating partner from attending events you disapprove of.
  • Supported Platforms: iOS and Android
  • Free Trial: No, but 14-days Money Back Guarantee

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4) ClevGuard

ClevGuard is a Snapchat spy tool that helps you monitor the targeted phone’s Snapchat, WhatsApp messages, and other social media apps. It is one of the best Snapchat spying software that enables you to monitor the Snapchat account’s activity on the targeted mobile device. You can access all the messages and posts on various media apps, including Snapchat.



  • Provide a live control panel
  • It helps you to monitor Snapchat Messages
  • You can track and read text messages
  • It enables you to record all the snaps sent by your kid and received by your kid.
  • Monitor Snapchat Stories
  • Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Free Trial: No – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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5) Spyzzz

Spyzzz is an app that gives you access to your spouse’s messages to monitor all chats and present objective evidence in case your partner deletes them. It is one of the best monitoring apps that tracks everything that your partner type of device.



  • Instantly spy on targeted phone location
  • Get notified when your partner uses a different sim card
  • It helps you to trace any changes
  • You can find hidden pictures
  • It helps you to get push-ups for every activity
  • Supported platforms: Android and iOS
  • Free Trial: No- 14-days money-back Guarantee

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Signs That Your Partner Could Be Snapchat Cheating

Here are some behavioral changes that you may find on your Girlfriend or Boyfriend:

  • They are being possessive of their cell phone.
  • Your partner prioritizes Snapchat and sends more snaps to a specific person than anyone else.
  • They are taking a more serious interest in the appearance
  • Fake profile on social media with a random name
  • They’ve become detached, emotionally and physically.
  • Distance themselves from you
  • You may find an unfamiliar contact with an emoji next to their name.
  • Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend seems to spend excessive time on Snapchat.
  • Become more conscious of his physical appurtenance
  • Your spouse is a frequent user of Snapchat. However, every time you spy on Snapchat, you find nothing.

How Can You Stop Girlfriend or Boyfriend from Snapchat Cheating?

Here are the ways to Stop Someone from Snapchat cheating:

  • Step back and assess the situation.
  • Understand what led up to the cheating and why it happened.
  • If you suspect them of cheating, send them a chat message asking them to stop.
  • You should keep an eye on the pictures and videos they sent.


❓ How Can You Know If Someone Has Multiple Snapchat accounts?

There is no particular method to know if the target phone user has multiple Snapchat. However, if you believe your partner has multiple Snapchat accounts on their Mobile, and if you find multiple profiles, the person may have multiple snap chats.

🏅 Can You Spy on Snapchat for Free?

Yes, you can spy on Snapchat for free using a tool like mSpy or uMobix, which allows you to password-protect your account and view all the messages and videos sent or received. Many reliable third-party apps offer similar functionality. However, they are less reliable.