How to Clone SIM Card: 5 Methods

What Is SIM Cloning, and Why Does it Happen?

SIM cloning refers to creating an exact duplicate of an existing SIM card. In this process, your data from the original SIM is transferred into another SIM or swapped chips between your devices. A clone SIM card is beneficial if you need two separate mobile phone accounts using a single physical machine. In this tutorial, we have discussed various sim cloning methods.

Here are the easy ways to clone your SIM card:

Method 1: Cloning a SIM card using SIM cloning tool

You can also use SIM clone software such as MOBILedit.

Here are steps to clone a sim using MOBILedit:

Step 1) Ensure you have the MOBILedit SIM card reader and rewritable SIM.

Step 2) Next, connect the SIM card reader to your PC.

Step 3) Now that you are all set, run the SIM cloning tool.

Cloning a SIM card

Step 4) Insert the source card and let the tool load the card’s data into the reader.

Step 5) Remove your SIM and place the target card into the reader once your SIM is loaded.

Note: Ensure the card reader does not unplug or disconnect from your PC.

Step 6) Lastly, let the card reader copy the source card’s data into the target card.

Method 2: Clone a SIM card using programmable cards

You can also clone your SIM card with programmable cards. You will need three things for this- a blank SIM, a card reader, and a PC.

Step 1) Prepare a SIM card reader or more complex hardware/software packages to clone SIM cards.

Step 2) Ensure you have installed up-to-date and relevant programs before replicating your SIM Card.

Note: Avoid particular versions that may not be compatible with some cards or OSs.

Step 3) You can now insert the original and writable SIM cards into their respective slots on the reader device.

Step 4) Finally, take both cards out of their slots.

Note: Don’t forget to test them out on various phones and tablets. If they work, then you have cloned your SIM card.

Method 3: Clone a SIM card with only the phone number

If you find using a cloning tool or programmable cards too tricky, you can use only a phone number.

Step 1) First, you must turn off your device and remove your SIM card.

Step 2) Next, take note of the IMSI number that is on your SIM card. Write it on a piece of paper if you must.

Step 3) Place your SIM card into the card reader, extracting the original SIM’s content and copying it into the blank SIM card.

Step 4) Insert your SIM into the designated space and connect the card reader to your PC afterward.

Step 5) It will take time to copy your content until the Ki number finishes.

Step 6) Once it’s done duplicating your SIM’s data, you can now use the SIM clone on another device.

Method 4: Clone a SIM card using IMSI and Ki number

Here, are the steps to clone a SIM card using IMSI and Ki number:

Step 1) Once you remove your SIM from your device, copy the IMSI number.

Step 2) Place your SIM into the PC’s SIM slot.

Step 3) Now that your SIM card is all set, you can connect it to a SIM card reader.

Step 4) Next, you must wait for a few seconds. The PC will take some time to copy the contents of your using the Ki number. This ensures that all your data is already replicated into the clone.

Step 5) Once the procedure is complete, your SIM will have a twin card.

Step 6) Check if it works by inserting it into your mobile device.

Method 5: Spy a SIM Card with mSpy instead of Cloning it

Instead of cloning your SIM alone, you can also use a phone spying app. If you fear your phone number will be compromised once you clone it, you can use apps like mSpy.

However, It is a parental monitoring software, but you can still use this to spy on your target device. It also lets you access your target device’s activities, including text messages, locations, call information, etc.

This tool makes spying on your target device simple and easy. It was designed to gather and transfer the information to your account. There is also no need to sweat as it is very convenient as it lets you log in using any browser, whether you’re using a phone or computer. You can access it anywhere you want as long as there is an internet connection.

It is also not detectable, as mSpy is not visible on the target device. Most importantly, there is no need to worry about security and privacy. They protect your data by using up-to-date encryption protocols. You will rest assured that no one else can access your data.

Here are steps to spy a Sim card using mspy:

Step 1) You must purchase a subscription that corresponds to your needs. To do this, you need to create an account in mSpy.

Spy a SIM Card with mSpy

Step 2) To ensure a smooth process, see that your device is unlocked, charged, and has an internet connection.

Spy a SIM Card with mSpy

Step 3) Next, go to your settings in Play Store and disable the Play Protect feature.

Spy a SIM Card with mSpy

Step 4) Log in to your mSpy dashboard on the web. Allow 2-3 hours for the app to record the target’s activities.

Spy a SIM Card with mSpy

Step 5) You can now spy on someone’s sim with ease.


A SIM clone is a SIM copied from an original SIM. It involves duplicating the unique identifier and contents of the original SIM card into another blank SIM. You can clone a SIM using it in various ways, like using a cloning tool or only your SIM’s number.

SIM cards that belong to COMP128v1 can be duplicated for you to use two phones. The COMP128v2 and COMP128v3 SIM card versions, on the other hand, are impossible to clone because their KI code cannot be determined using conventional methods.

SIM cloning and SIM swapping can be difficult to distinguish at times as they share the same goal. In SIM cloning, a legitimate SIM is duplicated. On the other hand, SIM swapping occurs when you want to transfer the control of your phone line to another device.

Once your SIM card has been cloned, your personal information becomes vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. The best way to avoid this risk is to manage your SIM card. Never let it out of your sight or let another person take hold of it. They must get their hands on it to create a SIM card clone device.

Before you try to clone your SIM card, you must know more than just the whole process of SIM cloning but also the potential risks that come with it. The decision to clone a SIM card will depend on how much risk you are willing to take.