How to View Private Instagram Accounts & Profile

There are numerous reasons why you would want to view someone’s Instagram account. You may want to find out what your old connections or friends are up to. It may also be purely out of curiosity about someone you are interested in, or to check a candidate’s background before hiring them. Moreover, you may be enticed by their content for personal reasons but do not want to follow them.

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Hence, we have found these legal ways to view a private Instagram profile to feed your curiosity. We spent over 78 hours exploring these methods, understanding how they work and what results they can provide. Our team aims to offer the readers only genuine methods that actually work after a first-hand experience. Therefore, you can now go through this article to choose which method suits you the best.

Key Takeaways:

You can use apps like GlassaGram, specifically designed for viewing private IG accounts, or third-party apps like mSpy , Eyezy, and xMobi. However, following Instagram privacy guidelines and keeping it ethical while using these apps is important. For a direct approach, send a follow request, create a fake account, or ask a mutual friend. Additionally, you can use Google search or check their other social media accounts.

Method 1: View Using Private Instagram Viewer App GlassaGram

GlassaGram is an anonymous Instagram viewer app that offers full access to an Insta account and manages all activities of the IG account. It is a secure app that can provide complete information about an IG post in a calendar view.

You can use it to monitor multiple private accounts and switch between these accounts as you wish. All you need to do is add these profiles to your GlassaGram account and check them whenever you want.

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  • Real-time stories: GlassaGram lets you view Instagram stories in real-time, so you get updates on the target account’s stories like a regular follower. It also lets you view reactions and comments on their stories.
  • View and download: Along with viewing, you can also download videos, be it in stories or post format. You can also save the stories up to 3 months and rewatch them.
  • Track likes: This feature lets you view who double taps often on the posts of your person of interest. It also lets you see someone’s increase in interest on your target profile by tracking their likes on the target’s posts.
  • DM checker: GlassaGram is powerful enough to let you get into the Direct Message. Thus, you can view who your target profile chats with and what they are chatting about.
  • No IG account required: You can still view the profiles even if you have not registered with the Instagram account. It lets you view private and public profiles, giving you full access to any Instagram account.
  • Quick setup: It has an instant setup that can be completed within 5 minutes. All you have to do is choose your subscription plan, purchase, receive an email, enter the username of the target profile in your account, and wait for GlassaGram to retrieve data and start monitoring.


  • It requires no installation.
  • You get a dashboard to view all the activities of the target profile.


  • Every additional account you add for viewing needs a separate subscription.


Here are the pricing plans of GlassaGram:

Monthly 3 Month Annually
$49.99 $89.97 $149.88

Free trial: It has a free version with limited features.

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Here are steps on how to view private Instagram profile using GlassaGram:

Step 1) Get a subscription or select the free version of GlassaGram by going to

Step 2) Select the type of Instagram account you want to monitor between Open and Private. Here, select Private and hit Next.

Private Instagram Viewer App GlassaGram

Step 3) Now type in the user name or paste a URL of the Instagram account and tap on Watch @

Private Instagram Viewer App GlassaGram

Step 4) Next, enter your email address, click on Sign Up, and start viewing their profile.

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Method 2: How to See Private Instagram Account Using a Third-Party App

If you are still wondering how to see someone’s private Instagram using third-party apps like mSpy, Eyezy, and xMobi can also be your solution. These spy apps run silently in stealth mode and let you view all the activities happening on any individual’s phone. Let us now look into each of these applications one at a time.

1) mSpy

mSpy is one of the best private Instagram viewer apps that can track every activity on a target phone. Once you install it on the phone you wish to track, you can view the owner’s activities anonymously, as it runs in stealth mode.

This tool lets you view calls, deleted messages, social media apps, photos, videos, etc. It also lets you record or listen to calls, restrict app usage, and more. With this app, you can view the phone’s screen on your device as if it were your own. mSpy is mainly helpful for parents who wish to monitor their kid’s phone activities.


See All chats, photos, videos, attachments and other media

Get the exact timestamps and details of every action.

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  • View Instagram profile: You can download it on the target person’s phone and view their IG profile. It will also let you view other people’s social media profiles they visit, thus, you can watch additional private profiles.
  • Insta stories and videos: mSpy is capable of monitoring every post, story, and reel that goes up on a private account. Therefore, you can easily view what they share on their story, what reels they make or view, and more.
  • Likes and other activities: Using mSpy, you can find out where they have double-tapped and where they left a comment. You can also view the visited profiles, reels shared, people followed, and more.
  • Keystroke: Its keystroke tracker lets you know what they are typing and what activities they are engaging with on their phones.
  • Direct Message: mSpy lets you view all the chats, deleted messages, pictures, and videos shared and calls made in the DMs without hassle.
  • GeoTracking: Its geolocation tracking feature keeps you updated about the target individual’s location. mSpy offers a detailed route history plus real-time tracking to let you keep a watch on them.


  • You can view websites shared in their DMs and make sure nothing violent or controversial is shared.
  • It lets you set up a “safe and danger zone” in its GPS tracking so you are alerted if your kids or loved ones leave the safe zone.


  • You might have to jailbreak to access all features.


Here are the pricing plans of mSpy:

12 months 3 months 1 month
$8.33 monthly $20.00 monthly $34.99

Free trial: No, but 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit mSpy >>

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Follow these steps to use mSpy and view private Instagram profiles:

Step 1) Visit and click on Get Now.

See Private Instagram Account Using mSpy

Step 2) Now type in your email address and tap on Continue.

Step 3) Next, choose the operating system between Android and iOS, or you can also click on decide later. Then, choose the most suitable plan, complete the payment, and start monitoring.

See Private Instagram Account Using mSpy

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14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

2) Eyezy

Eyezy tracks all activities on an Instagram account, as it can monitor all actions on any target device. It includes a geofencing feature that offers alerts even before the individual gets to a destination.

With Eyezy, you get a dashboard where you can view all the target device’s activities clearly. It can track every message on Instagram and give you access to the photos, videos, and voice notes shared via DM.

See Private Instagram Account Using Eyezy


  • View all activities: Eyezy monitors the complete phone activity, so you can easily view their private profile. This includes viewing their stories, pictures, videos, and conversations.
  • Visited websites and profiles: It lets you keep track of the websites and profiles visited on Instagram. You can view how often they visit a certain profile, which websites they will visit from the IG app, and why.
  • Likes and comments: You can view the posts they like, where they comment, how many likes they get on their posts and from whom, etc.
  • Review time and date information: This Spy App gives you a complete report on when a message was sent or received.
  • Connection blocker: You can use Eyezy to block any harmful sites with its site blocker. This keeps your kids and grandparents safe from visiting websites that may have harmful content or malware.
  • Plans Breaker: It lets you check the target’s social calendar so you can view their plans. This helps you stop them from visiting inappropriate gatherings or events you simply do not approve of.


  • It has a keylogger feature that lets you view all the keystrokes.
  • You get a web magnifier to discover your target’s web habits.


  • It is more expensive than its competitors.


Here are the Eyezy’s pricing for iPhone:

12 month 3 month 1 month
$9.99 Monthly $27.99 Monthly $47.99

Free trial: No

Visit Eyezy >>

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Here are steps on how to use Eyezy for Instagram monitoring:

Step 1) Go to and click on Try Now.

See Private Instagram Account Using Eyezy

Step 2) Next, enter your email address, click “I accept for Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” after reading it carefully, and hit Continue.

Step 3) Here, choose the type of device you want to track between iPhone and Android. Select the pricing plan you want and pay to start monitoring.

See Private Instagram Account Using Eyezy

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14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

3) xMobi

xMobi is a complete phone tracker app that allows you to watch all your kids and spouse’s activities. It can keep tabs on all incoming and outgoing calls with time duration.

You can also see all received and deleted SMS with time stamps and complete contact details. xMobi also provides updates in real-time about all activities happening in the target phone every 5 minutes.

See Private Instagram Account Using xMobi


  • Social media: It can track all social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Private account: Even if the target individual may not have accepted your request, xMobi can let you view their private IG account as if it were your own profile. This includes viewing their posts, stories, chats, and more.
  • Access all files and contacts: You can use it to access all photos, videos, gifs, and contacts on your kid’s and spouse’s phone.
  • GPS location: xMobi lets you view the current location of the individual you are tracking. It also provides a complete route history of the visited places so you know where they have been, even if you miss updates.
  • Browser history: You can view all their browsing history along with timestamps and what they have bookmarked. It offers a detail on the websites visited, links followed, how often a site is being visited, etc.


  • It has an easy installation and setup that is completed within 10 minutes.
  • You do not need a SIM card to use xMobi.


  • It lets you monitor 1 target device per subscription.


Here are the iOS plans of xMobi:

12 months 3 months 1 month
$12.49 Monthly $29.99 Monthly $49.99

Free trial: No

Visit xMobi >>

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Here are the steps that you can follow to use xMobi and view private Instagram accounts:

Step 1) Go to and enter your email address and hit Try Now.

See Private Instagram Account Using xMobi

Step 2) Next, select the phone type you plan to track.

See Private Instagram Account Using xMobi

Step 3) After selecting the device option, choose the pricing plan you want among 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. Then, complete the payment and start tracking the device.

Visit xMobi >>

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Method 3: How to View Private Instagram Profiles Using Google Search

If you are still wondering how to view Instagram’s private profile, then Google Search might be the easiest way. It will not be as insightful as the above methods or private Instagram viewers but it can surely show you the person’s pictures as the user leaves trails of their images with search engines like Google.

Thus allowing Google to create a gallery with the person’s previous posts. The posts you see will be from the time when the account was public.

Here are the steps on how to view private Instagram profiles using Google:

Step 1) Go to Google and enter their username @thekupkakefairy, or you can add the Instagram word with it, to be precise.

View Private Instagram Profiles Using Google Search

Step 2) See if the results show any of their previous posts, then click on All Images, News, and Videos to view the rest of the pictures. There is a good chance that this person has left a trace of one or more pictures.

View Private Instagram Profiles Using Google Search

Using this method you will not be able to view private Instagram posts but still get some idea about the user’s account.

Method 4: Send a Follow Request to View Someones Private Instagram

This is one of the best ways to access private Instagram accounts. If you are unwilling to go into spy mode or compromise with old posts presented by Google search, then sending a follow request is a great option.

This method will instantly provide you access to all their recent posts, stories, and updates. The only drawbacks would be if they have blocked you or they do not accept your request. In such cases, please respect the user’s privacy.

Method 5: Ask a Friend to View the Private Profile

This is another easy way to view a private Instagram profile. Check if you already have a friend who is following the person and ask them to visit the target individual’s profile so you can see what they are up to.

If you do not live nearby you can simply request your friend to screenshot and send you their posts and stories. They can also screen-record video posts, reels, and video stories. Using this method you can look at someone’s private Instagram without creating any fake profile.

Method 6: Create a Fake Instagram Profile

This method is useful if they do not accept your follow request. Simply create a believable fake profile and send them a friend request.

Creating a fake profile is easy, you just have to follow the same steps of creating an Instagram account by just using a fake username. This method is not illegal, although it can be slightly unethical.

While creating the fake account, make sure your username has nothing to do with your real name and keep your account private.

Method 7: Check their Profile on other Social Media Platforms

You can use this method if you do not want to go through any trouble of asking others or using a fake ID for private Instagram account viewing. There is a high chance that if a person created an Instagram account they must also have created other social media profiles. People usually post the same pictures across their other social media accounts, and there is a possibility that they might not have made it private.

Therefore, if you want to check their pictures, you can check their other accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.

Chances are they post their latest pictures and offer updates about their whereabouts on these platforms. This way, you can get an idea of what they could be posting on their Instagram. However, do keep in mind that being a social media stalker is not an ideal behavior, thus checking their profile sometimes is okay but being obsessed is something you must reflect on.

How to Make your Instagram Account Private?

Making your Instagram account private is not a difficult task. Here are the steps that you can follow to make your account private:

Step 1) Go to your account and click on the three lines in the top right-hand side corner.

Make Instagram Account Private

Step 2) A menu will slide up where you must select Settings and Privacy.

Make Instagram Account Private

Step 3) In Settings and Privacy, scroll down and go to Account Privacy.

Make Instagram Account Private

Step 4) Tap on Account privacy and slide the button to make your profile private.

Make Instagram Account Private

Your account is now visible only to your followers. You can follow this same process if you want to make your profile public again.

Reasons why People Make their Instagram Accounts Private

Making an Instagram account private benefits people differently, and the reasons could vary. Here are some of the reasons why people make their Instagram accounts private:

  • They like to keep their life private and want to connect with only a select few that they already know in real life.
  • Nosy relatives are a common issue everyone faces, therefore, some people prefer to keep their account private to avoid such relatives.
  • Some people might have stalkers like exes, haters, or simply an obsessed individual. Hence, they choose to remain private on Instagram.
  • Some content creators keep their accounts private to increase curiosity and gain more followers. They also do this to get more authentic followers who are actually interested in their content.

There might also be some other personal reasons due to which a user might have an Instagram private profile. However, the above reasons are some of the most common cases.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Making Instagram Account Private

There are numerous benefits and drawbacks to keeping an Instagram account private, let us look at both sides individually.


  • Privacy: If you are a very private person and love your privacy, then keeping your Instagram account private can help maintain your secrecy.
  • Avoid stalkers: Keeping your account private can steer clear of stalkers like crazy exes, obsessed admirers, haters, and more.
  • Testing: Private mode is a good option in order to test your account and how your posts look once uploaded before you show them to the public.
  • Create an exclusive aura: You can create a sense of exclusivity by keeping your Instagram private. Therefore, you can also increase the eagerness among the users to send you more follow requests.
  • Business: If you are a business owner, you can manage operations and gain real leads by setting your Instagram account as private. This also helps you focus on the correct target audience and nurture your leads instead of trying to cater to everyone.


  • Manual work: In a private account, you have to select and manually approve follow requests. This can be overwhelming if you get a huge number of requests every day.
  • Small audience: While less audience can be a good thing if you are a private person, but if you are trying to grow your account, it will take you nowhere.
  • Limited reach: If you want your content to reach more people, no matter what hashtags you use or tips you follow, your posts will only reach your followers. Hence, you can showcase your content to a large number of users only if your account is set to public.

Understanding the Legality and Safety of Private Instagram Viewer Apps

Using private Instagram viewer apps must be carried out by understanding their legality and safety. While viewing a private Instagram account is not illegal it is necessary to know that bypassing an Instagram’s privacy policy for viewing private content may raise legal questions.

It is also crucial that you respect a user’s privacy if they have decided not to let you into their Instagram account and follow the IG guidelines. Since there is always a possibility that your actions may land you in trouble with the law.

Additionally, not every third-party Instagram viewer application adheres to privacy and safety rules. Certain apps might compromise your data privacy and expose you to phishing and malware. Moreover, per Instagram’s guidelines, if you send suspicious messages or phishing links to extract a user’s private information out of desperation, your account shall be banned or deleted.


Yes, private Instagram viewer is safe to use if you are using well-known Instagram viewer apps such as the ones mentioned above in this article. However, you must be careful not to use certain private Instagram account viewers that are not reputable, as they may share your data with third parties.

Yes, you can view private Instagram account stories without them knowing using Glassagram, tool, and other spy apps.

Final Thoughts

Accessing Instagram’s private account is possible using software designed for this specific purpose and other third-party apps. However, certain risks might be associated with some of the applications if you fail to comply with their policies.

You may also feel a sense of ethical dilemma even if they do work so it is best to go for a direct approach and send a follow request. This being said, you can still use all the above methods to view private Instagram accounts, as the apps that we have selected are risk-free.

Yet, you must still keep in mind not to be a stalker and stay within Instagram guidelines.