9 Best FREE Spy Apps for Android (2024)

Android spy apps help you monitor your children’s mobile phones and protect them from addiction. You can also use these tools to secretly monitor the online activities of your staff. These apps make it possible to track emails, texts, calls, and other activities on your child’s phone.

After rigorous efforts, in-depth review, and meticulous research, we have shortlisted a few top picks. We have tried to enlist their most effective features, pros and cons, and website links. These spy apps can secretly spy on someone without getting detected. All these tried and tested tools either have a free trial, demo, or money-back guarantee.
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Top Pick

mSpy is one of the best spy apps for Android devices. It helps you easily monitor your target’s activity remotely. You can view all their SMS and instant messages without any hassle. With up-to-date features, mSpy has an easy-to-use interface to manage the tracking process.

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Best Spy App for Android: Free & Paid

Name Hidden/Remote Android Versions Supported Live Demo Free Trial/Refund Policy Link
👍 mSpy Yes Android 4 and later. Yes 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
Spokeo Yes Supports all Android phones and tablet Yes 7-Day Free Trial Learn More
Clevguard Yes Android 4.0 or higher Yes 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
uMobix Yes Supports all Android phones and tablet Yes 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
Social Catfish Yes Supports all Android phones and tablet Yes 5-Day Trial for $5.73 Learn More

1) mSpy

Best Overall

mSpy is one of the best spy apps for Android devices. It helps you easily monitor your target’s activity remotely. You can view all their SMS and instant messages without any hassle. Whether it is about tracking the live location of the target, recording the screen, or secretly accessing the phone’s database, mSpy performs these things and a lot more with proficiency.

This free hidden spyware helps you with GPS location tracking of your spouse’s device. With up-to-date features, mSpy has an easy-to-use interface to manage the tracking process. It supports Android versions 4 and later.

#1 Top Pick

Supported Phones: Android, iPhone, iPad

24/7 Support: Yes – Offers a toll-free helpline as well

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

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  • Track and block: mSpy lets you block inappropriate websites on the target cell phone. It also helps you to see call logs, snoop through text messages, and track phone calls on the target device. Whether the target is sending or receiving a message, mSpy will notify you.
  • Location alerts: It is possible to set alerts using the Geo-Fencing feature. You will get location alerts if the target phone crosses the location boundary.
  • Modify phone settings: It enables you to change the settings of the target smartphone as often as you want. Alternatively, mSpy can monitor chat apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Viber, etc.
  • Additional features: This Android spy app can remotely block an application or website, collect the target’s keystrokes, and browse the gallery to view photos and videos.
  • Support service: I emailed the customer support team and they replied within 24 hours with a suitable solution.
  • Pricing and demo: You can use this tool for free. Additionally, there is a demo version available for your convenience. For paid versions, the company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • It helps you to identify cyber-bullying.
  • Rooting is optional for advanced tools only.
  • You can read any SMS text messages, incoming or outgoing.


  • It cannot record surrounding sounds.
  • You need to root your device to monitor instant messenger.

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14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

2) Spokeo

Spokeo is an easy-to-use parental control app for Android devices that you can use to find the identity of a caller. It accesses billions of public records and cross-references them to ensure data accuracy.

Spokeo accesses numerous databases to identify spam callers and telemarketers. This free spy app performs reverse phone number lookups to reveal the caller’s identity, review their location details, background checks, etc.


Supported Platforms: Android, Windows & iOS

24/7 Support: Yes

Free Trial: 7-Day Free Trial

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  • Social media link: Unlike other free spy apps for Android, Spokeo only provides someone’s social media profile links so that you can search for additional info.
  • Public records: Spokeo extracts data from different public records like official documents, property records, and court records to ensure the originality of data.
  • Background check: This cell phone spy app can reveal a person’s educational history, criminal records, and employment status.
  • Verify address: It can extract detailed info about an address, for example, the current residents, current owner, past owner, location and neighbourhood details, and more.
  • Customer support: I was guided by a helpful support manager over the helpline to resolve the issue. Users can also email them or directly discuss over the chat window.
  • Pricing: Although Spokeo offers free trials, premium paid plans are also available with additional features.


  • Spokeo allows users to access someone’s address history, which can help carry out background checks.
  • A user-friendly platform that makes it easy to search for information.
  • This tool can effectively search for long-lost family members, classmates, and friends.


  • Information search is primarily focused on the United States.
  • Although Spokeo assures strong data security, many users want to improve the data handling process.

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7-Day Free Trial

3) Clevguard

Clevguard is a phone monitoring app that tracks all your kid’s activities remotely. You can use this tool to quickly access phone files from anywhere.

You can easily monitor and record call logs, contacts, and messages and track browser history. This Android spy app is safe and requires no rooting of the target device. It remains undetectable on the target device.


Supported Phones: Android, iOS, Windows

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

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  • Social media tracking: ClevGuard easily tracks the target’s profile from different social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Telegram, etc.
  • Record remotely: Apart from taking screenshots of the targeted device, ClevGuard can also record the phone screen in real time while incognito.
  • GPS tracking: This spy app has an active GPS location tracker to monitor the target device’s location from anywhere. It also provides real-time data sync via a 3G/4G network or Wi-Fi.
  • Sensitive words: ClevGuard lets you set up alerts for specific words. You will immediately receive an alert if the target types or receives any of those sensitive words.
  • Capture photos: This spy app can turn on the target phone’s camera and take photos secretly. Alternatively, it can also record phone calls.
  • Technical support: I was stuck with a technical dispute and hence, notified them via their online support form for quick support.
  • Pricing: You can try this tool free of cost. A demo version is available to understand this spy app’s functional aspect. ClevGuard comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for those availing of paid plans.


  • It offers Multi-Language Support for the app.
  • The stealth monitoring feature allows you to stay invisible while snooping through the target device.
  • It has easy remote-control functions.


  • It only allows you to track a single device with one registration.
  • You cannot install this tool remotely on the target device.

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30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

4) uMobix

uMobix is mobile spying app that helps you track phone calls, SMS, GPS location, social media, and more. It also captures screenshots on the target cell phone.

Using this tool, you can view incoming or outgoing calls on the target phone. It also provides detailed info on the call duration, timestamps, and caller. uMobix can also read the text messages received on the target phone. Please check the demo version on the portal to learn about its working process.


Supported Phones: Android, iOS

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

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  • Access gallery: uMobix lets you access the gallery and other files of the target phone. You can use this tool to access the photos and videos from the target device.
  • Keylogger support: It is one of the best hidden spy apps for Android, with an integrated keylogger to track the target’s keystrokes.
  • Monitor social media: You can monitor popular social media apps like Skype, WeChat, WhatsAppTelegram, Kik, Hangouts, Instagram, etc.
  • Quick setup: The installation process is fast and takes no more than 10 minutes. No rooting of your Android device is required.
  • Android compatibility: No matter which Android version you have, uMobix is compatible with all of them. It also works with Android tablet devices.
  • Customer support: I contacted their support through the Contact Us page for assistance.
  • Pricing: You can use this tool for free, however, paid versions are available with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • Offers a keylogger feature that shows all the data copied to the clipboard.
  • Accurate tracking of browsing history.
  • The data sync speed is very good, it shows the messages sent and deleted immediately.


  • Does not show any bookmarks.
  • Updates on social media could be more consistent.

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14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

5) Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a safe and reliable Android spy app that allows you to monitor your kid’s Android devices secretly. You will be able to track their call logs, message details, contact lists, files stored, and apps used.

This Spy app for Android also eyes all their emails and keeps track of which sites your employees and kids visit. It also lets you record and listen to their phone recordings. Alternatively, it also maintains a history of past searches to assist research.

Social Catfish

Supported Phones: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

24/7 Support: Yes

Free Trial: 5-Day Trial for $5.73

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  • Trace the target: You can trace the target’s location on your mobile using the GPS and Geo-fencing feature. You can impose specific geo-boundaries beyond which the tool will send you an alert.
  • Monitor social networks: You can monitor social networks like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, etc. It lets you access the posts, galleries, and messages.
  • Location history: This tool lets you find the location history of the target user. It also notifies you via email or SMS if the target crosses a specific geographical boundary that you have set.
  • Reverse email lookup: Social Catfish lets you perform reverse email lookup to find out someone’s social media accessibility linked with a specific email.
  • Reverse phone search: With the help of reverse phone search, Social Catfish lets you trace the identity of an unknown caller. Using this mechanism, you can detect fraud and scam calls.
  • Help and support: I could reach its support team using the email address on their website for general queries. You can also receive assistance over call using their support number.
  • Pricing: You can use this tool free of cost and it provides paid premium plans.


  • It’s accessible and easy to use.
  • Provides instant search result display.
  • Offers business information for both local and international businesses.


  • The people search is limited as it’s more focused on business profiles.

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5-Day Trial for $5.73 – Unlimited Searches

6) Eyezy

Eyezy is one of the trusted phone monitoring apps that you can use to view call lists, pics, videos, and apps without being noticed by the targeted phone user. It is easy to find out what your kids say on social media.

You can restrict your spouse from attending events you don’t approve of. Alternatively, it allows you to review the events in their phone’s calendar, including the event name, location, and date and time.


Supported Phones: Android, iOS, iPads

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

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  • Block the sites: You can monitor the sites your kids visit frequently. If you find a site with potential threats, use Eyezy to block it.
  • Track phone calls: This app lets you find out whom your kids have interacted with over the phone. Everything will be visible to you, including the caller info, call duration, date, and timestamp.
  • Messenger monitoring: This tool can monitor any social media message window, whether Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp.
  • Capturing keystrokes: A keylogger tool integrated with Eyezy can capture every keystroke on the target mobile. It lets you detect everything the target user types on the mobile.
  • Location spying: The app provides a map to track the target’s actual location. Alternatively, you can also detect locations the target may have visited.
  • Support: I was able to get quick support by accessing their always-active chat portal.
  • Pricing: You can avail the free demo version. Additionally, there are paid plans also available with a 14-day refund policy.


  • Excellent social media monitoring.
  • See and control websites they can visit.
  • Easy to track browser bookmarks and history.


  • Does not come with a free trial version.
  • Android devices require rooting.

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14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

7) FamiGuard

FamiGuard is a mobile spy application that lets you track phone calls, view messages, and snoop on the social media accounts of your kid, spouse, or someone else. You can also track the live locations of the target user using active Wi-Fi and GPS. It supports most popular phone brands like LG, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc., and is compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

This all-in-one spy app for Android lets you stay updated on your kid, spouse, or employee’s phone access. It has a user-friendly interface and provides a convenient way to monitor someone’s online activities secretly.


Supported Platforms: Android & iOS

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit FamiGuard


  • Monitor call logs: FamiGuard lets you monitor call logs from the target mobile and saves them on your phone. You can monitor all the calls of the target user from your Android device.
  • Snoops through messages: This Android app allows you to snoop through text messages received over the target phone. It also spies on messenger tools from different social media apps.
  • Spies on social apps: You can now spy on every popular social media app like Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, TikTok, Line, Discord, etc.
  • Track phone data: This tool makes any phone data easy to track. You can track them anytime and also save them for future reference.
  • Support service: I submitted my queries on their online support form for quick assistance.
  • Pricing: You can avail the free demo version. Alternatively, there are premium paid plans also available. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee with the paid plans.


  • You can record videos even if you are offline.
  • It offers a real-time view of the target phone’s screen remotely.
  • This free Android app checks the usage of the phone every hour.


  • No refund will be available for devices that are not compatible.
  • Historical data is available only for 7 days.

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30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

8) FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is a phone track app for Android smartphones and tablets. This spy phone app helps you spy on a computer or mobile phone. As per review, it is the best spy app with a hassle-free remote installation service and comprehensive features.

This free spy app for Android allows you to access any type of file on the target mobile. You can access pictures, videos, and files from your phone’s FlexiSPY dashboard.


  • Records calls and surroundings: You can record calls and the surroundings using the ambient recording option. You can manually adjust the setting for the best recording.
  • Manage spoof SMS: This hidden spy app for Android allows you to remotely send SMS from your target phone to any number. You can send these spoof SMSs from FlexiSpy’s control panel.
  • Track online activities: Flexispy can track the online activities of the target phone’s person. It can secretly monitor the website and social media profiles they access.
  • Detailed GPS Navigation: It is possible to manage different geographical coordinates to track the target. You can integrate with Google Maps for tracking and recording the movements of the target user.
  • Technical support: I used the always-active chat portal to contact their support. Users can also avail the 24/7 helpline number for any kind of assistance.
  • Pricing: You can access the free demo of FlexiSPY to understand the functional aspect of this tool.


  • It offers real-time dashboard alerts.
  • Allows you to monitor users’ log-on/off activity.
  • It can send remote commands from the web to the target device.


  • There is no auto-renewal option available once the plan expires.
  • Data stored in the server gets deleted after 90 days.

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1-Day Free Trial

9) Spyera

Spyera is one of the best Android spy apps to spy on someone’s online activity using your smartphone. This undetectable spy app for Android can monitor your kid’ device and always update their whereabouts, as you can track their actual location using a GPS tracker.

This spy app has an easy installation process and a user-friendly web control panel. It also supports tracking SMS messages, and email monitoring and offers free remote updates. It supports all Android OS, including v12.


Supported Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, MacOS

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 10-Days Money Back Guarantee

Visit Spyera


  • Record phone calls: Spyera lets you record all the incoming and outgoing calls automatically. It can also set call recording for specific contacts as well. The calls are uploaded automatically to the dashboard.
  • Notification alert: You receive a notification alert every time the target user receives or makes a call. It will also display the associated details.
  • IG direct messages: This tool can spy on Instagram direct messages. You can view messages sent via the Instagram chat window in real-time.
  • MMS track: Whether the messages are available on the target phone or deleted, Spyera can track and display the MMS on your device.
  • Calendar spying: The target may have marked certain dates for special events. With Spyera, it is easy to snoop on calendar-specific dates.
  • SIM replacement alert: You will be notified instantly whenever the target changes the SIM. Also, the SIM change will not affect Spyera’s functioning ability.
  • Support service: I contacted their live chat support for my query related to the tool for instant clarification.
  • Pricing: There are different paid premium plans available. If unsatisfied with the product, the company offers a 10-day refund policy.


  • You will never require any rooting to use this free Android spy app.
  • It stores detailed call logs and web browsing history.
  • It not only offers a reliable connection but also good Sync speed.


  • Limited payment modes are available.
  • To use some advanced features, you need to root your device.

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10-Days Money-Back Guarantee

How to Spy on Android Phone?

Here are the following steps to read someone’s text messages without installing software using the mSpy app:

Step 1) Open your Internet browser.

Visit www.mspy.com website.

Step 2) Login mSpy account.

Then click on the “Sign In” button.

Spy on a Phone

Step 3) Select your language.

Select the language as English and click on the Confirm button.

Spy on a Phone

Step 4) Set Up a monitored device.

You need to press the “Get Started” button.

Spy on a Phone

Step 5) You can choose the type of device you want to monitor.

You will get two options: Android or iOS device. Here, you need to select an Android Phone.

Spy on a Phone

Step 6) Select Full Access To The Device.

You must select this option to have complete access. It will ensure mSpy has complete physical access to the target phone.

Select the “Yes” tab and click on the “Proceed” button.

Spy on a Phone

Step 7) Select your Phone’s manufacturer.

Here, you get many options from different device manufacturers like 1) Samsung, 2) Huawei, 3) Xiaomi, 4) Moto, 5) Google Pixel, 6) LG, and 7) any other manufacturers.

Here, we have selected Samsung. Then, press the “Proceed” button.

Spy on a Phone

Step 8) Select your Android Version.

In the next window, select Android Version. You can find the Android version below the given method.

Spy on a Phone

Step 9) Disable the PlayProtect option.

It would help if you disabled PlayProtect on the device that you like to monitor.

  1. Open the PlayStore
  2. Next, tap on the three icons in the upper left corner of the profile icon in the top right.
  3. Search and click on Play Protect.
  4. Next, you need to tap on the Settings icon located at the top right corner
  5. Disable Scan Apps with Play Protect.

Spy on a Phone

Step 10) Open the Browser on your target device.

Open your mobile browser on the target device in the next step.

  1. Visit https://b55y.net/a
  2. Draw the Captcha
  3. Click the “Download” Button
  4. Press OK to ignore the warning

Spy on a Phone

Step 11) ) Once downloaded, Open the APK.

Click Allow from this source option.

Spy on a Phone

Step 12) Configure mSpy Process.

mSpy will open. After this, you can continue with the configuration process.

Spy on a Phone

Step 13) mSpy Configuration done.

Allow some time (1-2 hours) for mSpy to record the activities and then send it to the server. It will depend on the internet speed as to how long the synchronization process will commence.

Spy on a Phone

Step 14) Check History.

You can even verify important information like SMS, Social Media, Calls, Photos, ETC.

a) SMS history:

Spy on a Phone

Spy on a Phone

b) Calls:

Spy on a Phone

c) Photos:

Spy on a Phone

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Who can use Android spy apps?

The individuals who can use hidden spy apps are:

  • Parents: Monitoring children’s Android devices, including tracking their location, is important for safety reasons. Hence, Parents can use sneaky spy apps.
  • Employers: Organizations must watch employees’ activities on company-provided mobile devices to promote productivity and prevent data breaches.
  • Spouses: Partners with trust issues or suspect their spouses of unapproved behavior can use spy apps to view their call logs, SMS, pictures, videos, location, listen to calls, and more.
  • Law enforcement agencies: These agencies can use the best spy app in their investigations to collect reliable evidence.

You can find both paid and free spy apps on the market. According to our review, some of the best Android spy apps are mSpy, uMobix, and Eyezy.

How Android Spy Apps Work?

Here is how Android spy apps work:

  • Step 1: First, download and install the spy app on the targeted device. Visit the desired website of the app or go to the App Store and download it.
  • Step 2: Now, you must set up an account with the spyware provider for Android to use it as a control panel to monitor the targeted device.
  • Step 3: Once installed and set up, it will collect data silently in the background. It shall then start tracking calls, call logs, text messages, browsing history, location, etc.
  • Step 4: After gathering information, it transmits the data to the app’s server with the help of the internet. They use encrypted transmission for privacy and security.
  • Step 5: Next, the transmitted data is available for you to access and monitor the device remotely. You can get these phone spy apps for free or with a subscription.
  • Step 6: You can also configure it to receive notifications and alerts when the activities you have selected to be notified occur on the targeted Android device.

Free Spy Apps VS Paid Spy Apps for Android

Here are the key differences between paid and free spyware for Android.

Free Spy apps:

  • Limited features: Free spyware apps tend to have limited features, and they may provide only basic functionalities like call logs, SMS, and GPS tracking.
  • Detection: Free spy apps sometimes struggle to function in stealth mode. Therefore, you have a chance of being exposed.
  • No updates: If it is one of the best free spy apps for Android, there will be regular updates. Thus, it may fail to provide reliable data solutions in the long run.
  • Security issues: Free applications lack strict security measures. Thus, there is a possibility of data leakage and unauthorized access.

Paid Spy apps:

  • Feature-rich: Paid spy apps for Android have advanced features like ambient recording, remote camera access, keylogging, geo-fencing, social media monitoring, and more.
  • Stealth mode: The paid apps can run quietly in the background without being discovered.
  • Updates: In paid applications, you do not have to trigger updates in the targeted device. These apps are powerful enough to self-update.
  • Security and support: The subscription-based spy apps prioritize data encryption. Hence, you receive high-end security features. They make reliable support available so that they can assist you with any queries and technical issues.


An undetectable Android Spy App is capable enough to stay incognito even with other apps. Users may install apps that detect hidden apps on their phones. The best hidden spy apps remain undetected even with the strongest of tools. The application hides so the target phone doesn’t appear in any searches, allowing it to move around without being detected.

You can use the Android spy app to track your phone’s location. However, this is not recommended as it may invade your privacy and personal space.

Therefore, before downloading any Android hacking app, be aware of the consequences.

Yes, most of these spy apps for Android are compatible with version 4.0 and above.

Mobile spy apps such as mSpy, UMobix, MobileSpy, and all others given in this list are 100% legal. However, users must check their local laws to verify before using them for spying purposes.

Yes, you require physical access to the target device for most Android devices. You may also need to root the target Android phone to use advanced surveillance features.

No, it is not necessary to use multiple apps. You can use one app to spy on an Android phone, which is enough for your needs.

Once the process is carried out properly and a good Android hidden spy app is installed, it will take at most five minutes to commence with the spying activity. However, it will take around a couple of hours to upload the data into your phone.

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Name Hidden/Remote Android Versions Supported Live Demo Free Trial/Refund Policy Link
👍 mSpy Yes Android 4 and later. Yes 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
Spokeo Yes Supports all Android phones and tablet Yes 7-Day Free Trial Learn More
Clevguard Yes Android 4.0 or higher Yes 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
uMobix Yes Supports all Android phones and tablet Yes 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
Social Catfish Yes Supports all Android phones and tablet Yes 5-Day Trial for $5.73 Learn More