10 BEST Location Tracking Apps (2024)

The most important requirement for selecting a location tracker app is accuracy. Hence, it is important to research and select these applications carefully. Choosing a poor location tracking app leads to inaccurate directions, slow maps, unauthorized sharing of your sensitive data, rapid battery draining, delayed location updates, and a lack of advanced features.

Therefore, I spent over 10 days trying out numerous applications and using them first-hand to track my family members and friends. After meticulously researching on numerous top location tracker apps, I created this list, keeping all user requirements in mind. I also made sure to note down the cons of the tools so that there is complete transparency before you select them. Let me now take you through my review and help you find the tool that meets most of your needs.
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Best Location Tracking Apps: Top Picks!

Location Tracker App Supported Platforms GPS Tracking Free Trial Link
👍 mSpy Android, iPhone, iPad Yes 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
GEOfinder Android, iOS, Windows Yes Basic free plan Learn More
uMobix iPhones, iPads, Android Yes Not available Learn More
Google Family Link Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android Yes Free app Learn More
iSharing iOS, Android Yes 7-days Learn More

1) mSpy

mSpy is one of the top location tracking tools that offers you peace of mind by updating where your loved ones are. It helped me monitor the device location of a target user and follow them virtually on its map.

Using mSpy, I could easily find the target with its latitude and longitude address. Along with pinpointing the area, it showed the accurate date and timing.



  • Geofencing: Its geofencing feature helps me watch over my younger sibling when they are away from me. I make sure that she is not exploring any other location or taking a detour and goes only to the places she has mentioned before leaving the house.
  • Notifications: I have received instant email notifications when my sibling or the target user crosses the safe zone. This helps me instantly contact them to find out why they have left the fenced zone.
  • Travel history: mSpy offered me a complete route history of the target person, allowing me to view all the places they have been. It even shows the time and date when these locations were visited, so I know that they are not whitewashing their story.

mSpy Travel History

  • Other features: In addition to location tracking, mSpy can track and record calls, help read messages, look inside social media platforms, and much more.
  • Support: I used its chatbot for queries, and it directed me to helpful links. Users can also contact them via phone and email.


  • Its map is easy to understand.
  • It runs in a completely invisible mode.


  • Some iOS users have complained about challenges during the installation process.


Here are the pricing plans of the mSpy location tracker app.

12 Months 3 months 1 month
$11.67/month $28.00/month $48.99/month

Free trial: No, but 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit mSpy >>

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

2) GEOfinder

GEOfinder is a location-tracking app that can find a smartphone’s whereabouts using its number. I tried it to find a friend’s location abroad and realized that it is powerful enough to function worldwide.

There are no restrictions on geolocations, therefore, you can make unlimited searches. All I had to do was enter the number of the target person and click on Find to locate them.



  • Precise location: It helps locate the coordinates of the location with complete address details. This ensures that you receive only the precise location.
  • Covers all networks: I faced no issues while trying it out with different networks. Be it, T Mobile, Verizon or any other network, it performed seamlessly to identify the locations.
  • SMS tracking link: While using it, I could send an SMS to the target person along with a tracking link that helped me follow them using my device.
  • Easy online access: I did not face any installation hassle while using GEOfinder as it has a free web version.
  • Support: The support team answered all my queries on live chat. You can also go through their FAQ section if you have any questions or doubts.


  • You can customize an enticing message to lure the target to click the tracking link.
  • I could use it on all the phone models.


  • Unlike other tools I tried, it lacks device monitoring features.


It offers services for $49 per month

Free trial: 24 hours

Visit GEOfinder >>

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

3) uMobix

uMobix is one of the fastest connecting GPS tracking tools, that can link to the target phone within 5 minutes. It can determine your child’s location instantly, allowing you to find them no matter where you are.

I found its dashboard easy to navigate, as it presented me with a simple map that showed the date and time. It also included the longitude and latitude and displayed a route on how to get to a particular destination easily.



  • Track lost or stolen phone: To try out its features, I left my spare phone at a far location in one of my friends’ places. It instantly detected its location and showed me all the places it had been in real-time.
  • Geofinder: Using its Geofinder, I sent an SMS to my target and asked them to follow a link that led me to their location. This feature is handy as I didn’t have to install any app on their device to track them.
  • SIM card replacement: One of its powerful features that I encountered was the ability to notify if the target person changes the SIM. I asked my friend to try it out on my spare phone, and I instantly received an alert. Hence, even with a different SIM, I could still locate my target device.
  • Notifications: You receive notifications when the user is online, their battery is running out, new calls or messages arrive, etc. Hence, you can easily monitor the target individual and find them without losing track.
  • Support: I reached out to the uMobix support team through their website form and received instant assistance. You can also use their email and blogs for usual queries.


  • You can keep all the activity logs that you require up to 180 days.
  • I could install it in a single click.


  • You have to jailbreak to access certain features.


Here are the pricing plans of uMobix

12 Months 3 months 1 month
$12.49/ month $29.99/ month $49.99/month

Free trial: 1-day trial for $1

Visit uMobix >>

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

4) Google Family Link

Google Family Link, founded in 2017, helps protect your family by allowing you to share and monitor the location of your loved ones.

I often use it to keep my family aware of my whereabouts as it gives them peace of mind knowing where I am. Google Family Link also helps parents track their child’s location plus manage the privacy settings on their mobile devices.

Google Family Link


  • Stay connected: It is easy to locate a target person no matter where you are. I tried it first-hand on a family member’s device, and it provided me their exact location in real-time Additionally, I received notifications when they left the area or arrived at a location.
  • Battery life update: Not only could I view a person’s location but I could also tell how much battery life their device had.
  • Permissions: In order to ensure that your child has a healthy online life you can restrict certain websites and applications. It let me configure app permissions on a family member’s device, which is a really helpful feature for parents.
  • Privacy: I trust Google Family Link with my data as it lets users select types of activity that they want to save and don’t. You can also manage your data and hide it from viewers as you like. Users can read their complete privacy policy on their Privacy and Terms page.
  • Support: I had an issue with the app, therefore, I checked out their Help Center page, which helped me troubleshoot it without any complex procedures.


  • You can manage your child’s account and data settings.
  • It lets you ring the devices that you are tracking.


  • As per my observation, I found a few settings and configurations hard to find on its interface.


Google Family Link is a free tool.

Link: https://families.google/familylink/

5) iSharing

iSharing is a complete location tracking app that offers real-time GPS location of a phone. During the research process, I tried it on my sibling’s device, and I could view their entire journey history.

It showed me the routes that they had taken, with exact locations. The visual route was the best part, as it depicted exactly how they reached a certain location instead of just showing how far it is and how to get there from your current point.



  • Driving report: It gives a complete driving report with the speed of the car, rapid accel, phone usage, high speed, and max speed. This provides full insight into a person’s driving habits and dangerous activities while they are in the car.
  • Notifications: It lets me track my sibling’s arrival and departure to and from a location with the help of alerts.
  • Panic alerts: You can simply shake your phone and send alert messages to your family and friends when you are in danger.
  • Street view: One of its unique features that I liked the most is its real-time street view. This helped me asses the surroundings of my target as it showed me the location as if I were standing on the same street.
  • Support: I contacted its support via email and social media. They were quick to answer my queries on social media, such as Instagram; however, my email took a few hours to get a reply.


  • It lets me send messages and photos without leaving the app.
  • You can easily track multiple people simultaneously.


  • I received a few inaccurate alerts, as it tends to send them when the target device is shaken.


It is free to use, however, it includes in-app purchases.

Lowest premium service 1-month premium service 3 months of premium service
$3.99 $7.99 $49.99

Free trial: 7-days for paid features, and has a free plan with limited features.

Link: https://isharingsoft.com/

6) Find360 – Safe Location Tracker

Find360 – Safe Location Tracker is an app that can monitor multiple people’s whereabouts in one go. It is available for both Android and Apple, additionally, you can download its APK directly.

By tracking a family member, I received their weekly driving report. This analysis showed me the total miles traveled, their driving speed, total drives, full driving time, speed per day, phone usage while at the wheel, and more.

Find360- Safe Location Tracker


  • Customize notifications: You can customize the notifications for every target. For example, I customized alerts for my friend and sibling separately, such as Get Notified when Doris leaves home and Get Notified when Alex arrives at Los Feliz Café.
  • Unlimited location history: It helps me keep complete tabs on the target, allowing me to view their daily route. There are no limitations to location history, hence, you can check it anytime you want.
  • Check-in button: It has a check-in button that lets you be at peace without having to continuously follow the target’s journey. I simply ask my sibling to tap on the check-in button when she gets to the destination so I can get notified.
  • Multiple languages: Find360 Safe Location Tracker is available in English, French, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Italian, and more.
  • Support: I contacted its support through email, and they replied to my query within 24 hours. Even if it was not instant, they answered my question in detail.


  • All locations are presented in real time.
  • You can add timing in notifications, such as Get Notified when the target doesn’t leave the current location by 4 pm.


  • Make sure to turn off your location when it is not in use, as it drains your battery.


This app is free to download but has in-app purchases. You can pay $9.99 for its premium services.

Link: https://toolbox.easeus.com/find360/

7) FamiSafe

FamiSafe ensures the safety of your loved ones with its real-time location-tracking features. You can check a person’s location anytime, anywhere, and follow them virtually to prevent them from going to dangerous locations.

It is compatible with numerous devices, as I could use it on Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, and Kindle. Hence, no matter the device my target carried, I could follow their steps seamlessly.



  • Complete History: It helped me view all the recent activity areas of my target individual. I could also identify places that they frequently visit and the routes that they take to get there.
  • Set Geofencing: You can set up geofencing for certain locations along with time. For example, I set a piano practice location as a safe zone for my sibling from 4:30 PM to 6:15 PM, hence, I can check on her if she does not leave the practice on time or bunk it.
  • Activity report: Apart from location tracking, you can get a full activity report of your child. In this report, you will find their daily online activities such as the sites they visited, apps they installed, troubling calls received, and more.
  • Enable safe driving: It helped me virtually escort a friend who has a habit of rash driving. I got their complete driving report which highlighted all the dangerous activities they participated in while driving. Such as their daily average and maximum speed.
  • Support: You can receive assistance via message and Help center. Users can also fill up a form to get in touch with the support team.


  • I received activity reports separately for every app, which was a really helpful analysis.
  • You can block apps based on days.


  • While monitoring your kid’s phone, it may not be able to block certain sites.


You can try it for free for a single device, however, it includes in-app purchase plans for monitoring multiple devices.

Monthly Quarterly Yearly
$9.99 $19.99 $59.99

Free trial: Free for one device

Visit FamiSafe >>

Free for one device

8) Life360

Life360 provides advanced location tracking features to ensure the safety of your family and friends. I could get unlimited alerts, hence, I always knew where my family members were while using it.

Apart from location tracking, I found out that Life360 also ensures digital safety with features such as data breach alerts, credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and more.



  • Location sharing: This feature offered me complete location history, place alerts, notifications, Tile Bluetooth tracking, and more.
  • Phone tracking: With this feature, you can track and locate a stolen or misplaced phone anywhere.
  • Roadside services: This is a unique and extremely useful feature of Life360 that I came across. You can get services such as automatically enabled crash detection, emergency help for road accidents, tire changes, free towing, and even lockout.
  • Individual driving reports: I could track multiple people and receive individual reports on each of their driving habits. Furthermore, you can get a complete family driving summary for a glance.
  • Support: I reached out to its support via live chat and was guided by its Virtual Assistant. You can also contact them through their website form.


  • You can get up to 50 miles of free towing.
  • All plans offer family driving summary and crash detection.


  • The lifetime free plan can provide only 2 days of location history.


Here are the plans for Life360 on a monthly basis

Gold Platinum
$14.99 $24.99

Free trial: 7-day free for paid plans and includes a lifetime free plan with limited features.

Link: https://www.life360.com/intl/

9) Google Maps

Google Maps is a complete navigation app that includes almost all the locations on Earth. From the smallest local shops to hidden eateries and tiniest lanes, everything is visible on this map.

I use it for my daily navigation, whenever I am checking out a new place to eat. It is easy to use and helps find locations along with the distance that will take on foot, car, and public transport. I find it quick and simple to follow as it shows all directions and lanes clearly along with a voice navigation system.

Google Maps


  • Location tracking: You can ask the individual to share their location via text message, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media for tracking. Using their location, you can track them on a Google Map.
  • Explore tab: I usually depend on it because of its convenience. It helps me explore my surroundings when I am at a new location with suggestions on places to go to different cuisines, things to do, transit, ATMs, medical shops, etc.
  • Make plans: If I want to call a place and book an appointment, I don’t have to search for its contact when I am on Google Maps. The locations usually list their contact information, ambiance images, etc., in the application itself, along with reviews.
  • Real-time updates: Whenever I go out, I make sure I know which is the fastest route. This is particularly easy with Google Maps, as it provides real-time traffic updates. You will also get real-time updates on various public transport, such as at what time a certain bus will arrive and depart, etc.
  • Live View: One of the most appealing features of Google Maps, in my experience, is its live view. It shows images of the real location, that I can turn 360 degrees and view which lane I will be taking, what its surroundings look like, and more.
  • Support: For any support assistance I take help from its Q and A page. You can simply type in a keyword or a question and it will show all related questions that you can choose from to find your answers.


  • It uses differential privacy that includes two ways to protect your data.
  • Google Maps shows the temperature, air quality, travel time, and more.


  • Sometimes, it shows a longer route instead of a convenient shortcut.


It is a free application.

Link: https://www.google.com/maps

10) Family Locator

Family Locator is one of the most helpful applications for parents and people who live with elderly family members. It helped me keep tabs on all my family members and showed their real-time location throughout.

I could also instantly get in touch with them when required via messages and chat with them to get their updates. Family Locator has been approved by 70,000 families, indicating its credibility.

Family Locator


  • SOS button: If you cannot locate your child on the map, simply hit the SOS button, which will instantly send you the exact GPS location.
  • Set safe zones: The Family Locator helped me set safe and unsafe zones for my family members. It sent me instant notifications when a family member left a safe area and entered an unsafe zone.
  • Share real-time location: I received my friends’ real-time location, as they could share their live location with me via smartphone instantly.
  • Location History: It helped me access seven days of every family member and friend’s location history. I could view all their routes, GPS location points, and movements.
  • Multiple languages: Family Locator is available in English, French, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German and more.
  • Support: I could reach out to its support team by submitting a request, the reply wasn’t instant, however, they replied to me after a day. You can also use its FAQs for any general queries.


  • The latest version comes with optimized battery consumption.
  • It has in-flight mode, that can locate where your family member’s plane is.


  • If you use its free version you will be able to create a limited amount of safe and unsafe zones.


Here are some of the lowest premium in-app purchase plans of Family Locator.

Monthly Premium Lifetime Unlock all access
$9.99 $14.99 $11.99

Free trial: It is free to use with limited features. You can ask for a refund for any in-app purchases within 30 days.

Link: https://family-locator.com/index.html

What are Location Tracking Apps?

Location Tracking apps are software that can track the location of a person or a device with the help of a GPS. These applications can track people through their smartphones from another user’s device or find a missing item with a GPS.

They can provide real-time location of a person anywhere in the world. These devices can also show routes taken by an individual and help how to get there from your current location. Location trackers come in devices like smartphones, laptops, tabs, pet chains/ trackers, smartwatches, and more.

How Location Tracking Apps Work?

Here are some of the ways how location-tracking apps function:

  • GPS Technology: The location Tracking apps use GPS that takes the signal from the satellites to locate a person/ device.
  • Data collection: Once the app gets the data from the satellite, it forwards this information to a server. Then, it provides real-time location by collecting data like time, date, and the speed of the target.
  • Data transmission: The server is the main center that collects data and stores information from several devices. Location tracking apps then use these data to offer you the real-time location of a person/ object.
  • Location access: Users can then view the interface of the app to access the real-time location.
  • Privacy: If you are worried about being tracked, you can simply turn off your device’s location to maintain your privacy or turn it on to show where you are.

Types of Location Tracking Apps

There are numerous types of location tracking apps, let us look at them briefly:

  • Map apps: Apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps are known as map apps that use GPS to help you locate places on a map. They can help you find anything to everything, such as where exactly the Eiffel Tower is located, the nearest supermarket to your location, the nearest hospital, etc.
  • Cell-Phone trackers: Apps like Life360 are cell phone tracker apps that use GPS to locate a device. Such apps must be downloaded on both the user’s device for it to track the target person.
  • Ride-Hailing Apps: Cab booking applications like Uber offer a complete map and can pinpoint the location of the driver and the passenger. They show routes for the driver and passenger to follow along with the estimated time of arrival, traffic, etc.
  • News and Weather apps: These apps get their data from the weather stations, radar systems, and satellites then they track your location to provide accurate reports of temperature, rainfall, wind, etc.
  • Car location tracking apps: An application like My Vehicles is a good example of a car tracking app. Such apps offer real-time updates of your car’s location from time to time.
  • Public transport location apps: These apps allow you to put in information about your requirements, such as where you will be traveling to and at what time. Analyzing such input, these apps offer details about what time a public transport will be arriving and departing, where to book, the route it will take, the duration of the journey, and more.

How did We Research the Location Tracking Tools?

In order to choose the best location-tracking apps, here’s how I conducted the research:

  • Real-time tracking: First of all, I started the research by checking if a tool can provide real-time tracking. There is no point if you cannot track a location in real-time, as a person or a mobile device is always on the move.
  • Intuitive Interface: I tried all these apps to see if their interfaces helped me find my target easily, showed me all that I needed in the same interface, and had a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Data encryption: The applications that I shortlisted collect your data for targeted ads and location accuracy, but they ensure that your data is encrypted. For some, you can also opt out of their information collection system.
  • Parental control and business use case: For parental control and business use cases, I emphasized on the features like safe and unsafe zone settings, check-in, instant location sharing, immediate tracking, travel history, and more.
  • Integration: Apps that can easily integrate with social media, messaging and calling apps, cameras, wearables, IoT, etc., improve the tracking experience. Thus, during my research, I also made sure to include apps that help message instantly, allow camera access, send email, message notifications, and so on. Tools like Life360 integrate seamlessly even with pet wearables and provide peace of mind to pet parents.
  • Customer support: Most of the tools in this list provide direct human support, if not, I ensured that they have a reliable FAQ and knowledge base for all necessary answers.
  • Reviews and Ratings: The tools in this list are highly or decently rated by their users. I also went through their reviews while trying out the apps myself to see if certain issues were faced by all users or just by a particular individual.
  • Emergency and SOS features: Most of these software offer alerts and notifications. I also researched apps with SOS features, free towing, crash alerts, and accident site services, to create this list.

Privacy Concerns, Ethical Usage and Legality

Let us look into the privacy concerns, ethical usage, and legality of location tracking apps.

  • Societal implications: Constant use of location tracker apps can have its own drawbacks, although it is helpful or required for safety reasons. First of all, it has made it easy to locate or track places which lets you know where exactly a certain store, hospital, etc., is. Unfortunately, it also shows the landmarks for people’s residences instantly which raises privacy concerns.

    The other issue that I noticed is helicopter parenting that may arise from these apps, which can lead to teens and young adults living in a suffocating environment. Additionally, encouraging continuous tracking habit can lead to mistrust among partners and family members.
  • Security concerns: With all the sensitive data being collected by location tracking apps, hackers can easily find your location, daily routes, name, etc. This can be avoided by ensuring that the app developers use the best encryption with highly strict policies to avoid security breaches.
  • Legal and regulatory framework: Getting consent before tracking individuals is crucial, no matter their age. Just because they are your child or a minor does not automatically give you the right to track them. For example, my sibling usually shares her location only when she wants to be tracked, otherwise I do not interfere with her routine.

    Tracking someone without their permission is unlawful and comes under stalking offenses. In America, every state has a different law related to GPS tracking. For example, in West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, it is considered an offense under the law if you track someone using a GPS device without their consent. In Virginia, there’s a penalty for this action; in Alabama, it comes under criminal surveillance according to section 13A-11-32 and so on.
  • Privacy impact: While researching these apps in depth, I went through each of their privacy policies. For example, mSpy takes your consent before it collects your data, which is necessary to use its services. However, it ensures data privacy and gives full disclosure of how your data is stored and used. Moreover, all the personal data collected by mSpy aligns with GDPR. In the case of Google Family Link, you are provided with the choices for how you want your data to be collected and used.

    All the applications I reviewed have strict privacy policies that are reliable and trustworthy. They are also quite transparent about how they store and process your data. It is important for the users to go through all their privacy policies before giving their consent. However, I’d like to recommend using as many fewer applications as possible that collect sensitive information and never store your passwords in the browser if they require signing in.

Are location trackers accurate?

The current modern GPS tracking systems can provide highly accurate results. They offer accuracy using advanced GPS receivers and satellites such as Galileo of Europe, GLONASS of Russia, the total 31 satellites of the States, and more.

Apart from the satellite data, these GPS apps also use Wi-Fi networks and cell tower information for added accuracy. Hence, they can pinpoint precise locations no matter what you are looking for. However, certain apps may load maps slightly slow, look less user-friendly, show longer routes, or may not be able to detect a few locations at times.


All the location trackers in this article provide accuracy when it comes to tracking an individual or finding a particular landmark. These applications not only track locations but also include advanced features like geo-fencing, SOS, instant messaging, etc. Although I found all of them quite impressive, I’d have to say the top three tools in this list will prove themselves as winners for anyone looking for a location-tracking app, and here’s why:

  • mSpy: Its location detailing with longitude and latitude was easy to grasp, and notifications were accurate.
  • GEOfinder: I recommend it as it doesn’t need any setup process, you can simply visit its site, enter a number, and start tracking.
  • uMobix: This tool’s SIM card replacement alert can be extremely helpful for parents with mischievous or rebellious teens.

Best Location Tracking Apps: Top Picks!

Location Tracker App Supported Platforms GPS Tracking Free Trial Link
👍 mSpy Android, iPhone, iPad Yes 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee Learn More
GEOfinder Android, iOS, Windows Yes Basic free plan Learn More
uMobix iPhones, iPads, Android Yes Not available Learn More
Google Family Link Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android Yes Free app Learn More
iSharing iOS, Android Yes 7-days Learn More