How to Hack Someone’s Phone (9 Methods)

People hack phones for many reasons. For example, parents might want to check up on kids to ensure they are safe. Or you might want to check your loved ones’ location for safety reasons. There are many reasons why someone would hack someone’s cell phone. Some are malicious, while others are more valid for what some people deem a good reason.

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Using hacking software, like mSpy, is a common method to remotely access someone’s iPhone or Android phone. It quickly became one of the best parental control app for ensuring children could safely use technology.

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Key Takeaway :
No matter why you need to hack someone’s phone remotely, there are a few ways you can do so:
  • Hacking software
  • A spying up via the phone camera
  • Phishing
  • Bluetooth hacking
  • SIM card swapping
  • Social engineering
  • Malvertising
  • Pretexting
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
Be sure to only use this information for responsible and kind purposes, not maliciously.

Method 1: Using Mobile Phone Hacking Software (mSpy)

Using hacking software, like mSpy, is a common method to remotely access someone’s iPhone or Android phone. This software was initially launched in 2011 as a tool for parents. It quickly became one of the best parental control app for ensuring children could safely use technology.

Hack Someone’s Phone

Many other people need the software these days. It’s easy to operate, and some software comes loaded with helpful features.

Follow these steps to use mSpy to hack into a phone:

Step 1) Install mSpy onto the device that you want to hack

Hack Someone’s Phone

Step 2) Select the type of cell phone device you want to monitor. (Android or iOS devices).

Hack Someone’s Phone

Step 3) ) Download the app on your Mobile. Follow on-screen instructions and configure mSpy.

Hack Someone’s Phone

Note: Remember that you need physical access to the person’s phone to set up mSpy.

Step 4) You can visit dashboard, and starts tracking calls, text messages, and photos that the phone’s owner takes. It can even store passwords for websites they access.

Hack Someone’s Phone

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Method 2: Hack a Cell Phone using Phone Camera

Here, are steps to Hack Phone using Phone Camera:

Step 1) Download a spyware app like FlexiSPY on the person’s phone you want to hack.

Step 2) You can then download and install the software onto the phone.

Step 3) When you install the software into the other person’s phone, you can gain complete control over the user’s camera.

Step 4) After that you can use your iPhone/Android phone’s camera to take photos and record conversations or videos.

Method 3: Phishing Attacks

Phishing attrack is a cyberattack that sends a suspicious link to the target person. When that person clicks the link, it downloads malicious attachments or sends personal information to the hacker. Most people fall for these because the links don’t look suspicious immediately.

You can use a phishing attack to hack someone’s phone remotely. It works by sending them an iMessage/text message with some realistic claim. It has to be something you know they’ll believe in getting them to give up private information like passwords. After they give you the information you want, you can use it how you will. Not everyone will fall for this method, but it’s worth a shot if you are looking for ways to hack Android/iPhone devices.

Method 4: Bluetooth Hacking

Bluetooth technology has made a lot of things in our world more seamless. You can connect your phone to cars and TVs and listen to music or make phone calls more efficiently. Another popular way to remotely access someone’s phone is via Bluetooth hacking.

The best part about this method is that you don’t necessarily need physical access to the phone to hack into it. Here’s how you can use Bluetooth technology to hack someone’s phone:

Step 1) Make sure the device you’re trying to hack has a Bluetooth connection.

Step 2) If it doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection, you’ll need to turn Bluetooth on yourself or get the owner to do so

Step 3) You’ll connect to the phone via Bluetooth so you can access information and data.

Step 4) Download the data while you’re within range of the phone (you’ll need to stay within 30 feet or less)

Tip: if you’re worried about someone hacking into your phone, never connect to an unknown Bluetooth device. While it could be an accident, it could also be an attack.

Method 5: Hack Someone’s Phone using SIM Card Swapping

All Android and iPhones have a SIM (subscriber identity module) card. One way to access information on someone’s phone is by swapping the SIM card. Hackers will get a mobile carrier like Version, T Mobile, or another to give them a new SIM card so they can deactivate the old SIM Card.

You can easily take control of the person’s phone with the new SIM card. When you swap the SIM card, you’ll have access to all their phone calls, text messages, etc. However, this method isn’t as standard for people checking in on their children.

Method 6: Social Engineering

Social engineering is a useful tactic that can be used in more than just hacking someone’s phone. It is a deception or manipulation that allows someone to influence human interactions to get a desired outcome.

This tactic is commonly used in other areas of life for positive reasons. While social engineering can have positive outcomes, more and more hackers can access other people’s devices. So, social engineering is a viable option if you want to check in on your kids or partner.

Here are ways you can conduct social engineering to hack a phone include:

  1. Phishing schemes trick users into giving up personal information, like banking information.
  2. Malvertising refers to a newer cyberattack that inserts malware into digital advertising blocks. When a user clicks on a legitimate ad, they get infected with malware.
  3. Smishing schemes are a specific phishing attack that goes through text messages.

You can use social engineering in person with someone if you know who you’re trying to hack. You can speak with them and convince them to give you access to their password and, therefore, get into their phone and see what they’re doing.

Method 7: Malvertising

Malvertising is something that combines advertisements and malware. Malware is dangerous, so no one wants to install it on their devices on purpose. Those who use malvertising try trick people into clicking on the advertisement.

When they click on the free offer advertisement or malvertisement, it can trigger malware to download onto their phone or another device.

Once this malicious program is installed on their phone, the hacker can spy on everything they’re doing. They can see text messages, phone calls, and pictures you already have on the phone or are currently taking. Being able to spy on their phone can also help them get access to sensitive information like passwords or other information.

Method 8: Pretexting

Pretexting falls under social engineering, but we felt it should be mentioned separately. This approach involves using pretexts to speak with someone and get their details. There are a few ways to use pretexting to hack into someone’s phone.

Here are a few examples of pretexting that some people might use to gain access to a phone or other personal details:

  • Pretending they won the lottery and need access to an account to send the money
  • Needing a verification code because they lost their phone

There are a lot of other pretexting attacks out there, but these are a few that many people use. Some people do this via text message, but with the rise in popularity of social media, more people will send messages over these platforms.

Method 9: Man-in-the-Middle Wi-Fi Attacks

Wi-Fi is necessary for most of modern life, but you can use that to perform man-in-the-middle Wi-Fi attacks to hack someone’s phone. If this is the method you want to go with, here’s how you can perform these attacks:

Man-in-the-Middle Wi-Fi Attacks

Step 1) Set up a fake Wi-Fi access point

Step 2) Make sure the access point is near the device you want to hack so it looks legitimate

Step 3) Wait for them to connect to the network

Step 4) They’ll be redirected to your app or website as the hacker

Step 5) You’ll be able to gain information sent over this network and use it as you wish

Step 6) Install malware or spy software to have more control over their device

How To Prevent Your Phone from Being Hacked

Hackers are on the rise and keeping your phone safe is critical to prevent hackers from getting ahold of your sensitive information. So, knowing how to avoid hackers is useful whether you’re worried about your partner, parent, friend, or someone else hacking you.

To help you avoid getting hacked, here are some helpful tips:

  • Only download apps from trusted stores and not third-party app stores
  • Lock your phone with a strong password.
  • Regularly update apps so they’re secure against attacks.
  • Use antivirus software and firewalls for protection.
  • Keep your phone’s operating system up to date.
  • Use comprehensive security software.
  • Don’t connect to an unknown Bluetooth device.