How to Call Someone Who Blocked You: 9 Methods

Call-blocking feature on iPhone and Android is handy until your number gets blocked. Mobile companies include this option for privacy, security, and the best user experience. People get frustrated due to this feature when they fail to contact someone in an emergency.

Although it is a matter of privacy, you can still call someone who blocked you. Especially if you are a parent or a friend, bypass this restriction when you have no other option. Several solutions are available, but first, you need to confirm the other person has blocked your number.
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Anonymity is the core offering of RingCentral, making it one of the best apps to call someone who blocked you. The Hushed app lets you make calls and send messages while hiding your identity with a fake number.

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How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

Here are a few indications that tell you if you are blocked:

  • No Response: Are you calling someone for a long time and not getting answered? That person might have blocked you.
  • Voicemail After One Ring: You hear several rings when you call someone. But if you are blocked, you only hear one ring before the voicemail.
  • Automated Message & No Ring: Every time you call that one person who might have blocked you, a recorded message plays without a ring.
  • Check from a Different Number: Network-related issues can also cause the inability to connect with someone. Use the phone number of a mutual friend to confirm that you are blocked.

How to Call Someone Who Blocked Your Number on Android & iPhone

Check out the best solutions to call someone who blocked you:

Method 1: Apps to Call Someone Who Blocked You

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) apps are reliable substitution for conventional phone service. They allow you to have multiple numbers at a time, so if one line gets blocked, you can use others to make calls.

Several calling apps are available on Android and iPhone. Here are some of the best options:

1) Hushed

Make Anonymous Calls to Anyone

Anonymity is the core offering of Hushed, making it one of the best apps to call someone who blocked you. The Hushed app lets you make calls and send messages while hiding your identity with a fake number. It offers over 300 US, Canada, and the UK area codes.

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Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local and International

Supported platforms: Android and iOS.

Price: Lifetime Plan for $25

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  • Random Phone Number: Hushed promises complete anonymity using fake numbers.
  • Free Calls: With the VOIP service, use the Wi-Fi to make free calls on that person’s number.
  • Temporary Number: Avail temporary numbers, also known as burners. They are cheap so you can dispose of them after use.
  • Customizable Voicemail: Have the option to customize your voicemail greetings.
  • Auto-respond: The hushed app sends a prompt auto-response on your behalf.
  • Device Support: Android and iPhone


  • No record-keeping for anonymous calls.
  • Offers audio calls and messages on one platform.
  • Easy and quick sign up with a 3-day free trial.
  • Own multiple mobile numbers simultaneously.


  • Does not offer video calling.
  • There is no free trial outside the US and Canada.


Paid Plan: One-time payment of $25

Free Trial: 3-day trial

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Lifetime Plan for $25

2) Google Voice

Call a Number that Blocked You

Google Voice does not let you down when contacting someone who blocked you. Beyond its basic features, the VOIP app offers advanced functionalities, including masking your identity. You can enable the Anonymous caller ID feature from the app settings. With multiple lines, choose which number to show on the other person’s phone.

Google Voice


  • Multiple Numbers: Get multiple lines on the same account. You can receive and make calls from different numbers with one device.
  • Identity Masking: Hide the number with no caller ID or use a different number for masking.
  • Lifetime Subscription: You can obtain a number for a lifetime by paying a nominal fee.
  • Pay per minute: The charges for each call are based on a per-minute rate, similar to cellular service.
  • Multi-media sharing: Send Pictures, Videos, and gif files using the Google Voice app.
  • Device Support: Android, iOS, Web


  • Automatically blocks spam calls using a filter.
  • Google Voice users can see the ID of an unknown caller.
  • Record and save calls to listen to in the future.
  • Free calls within the United States.


  • Only available in the US and Canada.
  • Call rates can go up $2 per minute.


Paid Plan: Start at $10 to $30 per month

Free Trial: No


Method 2: Hide Your Caller ID For Everyone

Both Android and iOS blocking features rely on the caller ID. You can use their hide caller ID feature to become a hidden caller. So, when you call someone, it will display No Caller ID instead of your number. With this capability, your privacy is secured.

Hide Number On iPhone:

Step 1) Launch Settings on your iPhone device.

Hide Number On iPhone

Step 2) Navigate to the Phone section.

Hide Number On iPhone

Step 3) Scroll and tap on Show My Caller ID.

Hide Number On iPhone

Step 4) Hit the toggle to disable showing caller ID.

Hide Number On iPhone

Hide Caller ID On Android:

Step 1) Access the Phone app of your Android Phone.

Hide Caller ID On Android

Step 2) Tap on the option icon and then Settings.

Hide Caller ID On Android

Hide Caller ID On Android

Step 3) Go to the More section of the affected SIM.

Hide Caller ID On Android

Step 4) Locate the Caller ID and tap on it.

Hide Caller ID On Android

Step 5) Turn off Display my number in outgoing calls.

After deactivating the caller ID, try calling someone that blocked you to check if it successfully masks your identity.

Method 3: Use a Different Phone Number for Calling

Using a different phone number is the easiest and yet result-oriented approach. It takes little effort if you already own a second number. Otherwise, contact your cellular service provider and ask to change the number.

Even after getting a new number, you still need to be cautious. Contacting someone who blocked you previously is risky, as they can do it again. You may only get a chance to make one phone call.

Method 4: Borrow Your Friend’s Phone for A Call

A good friend always helps you in your time of need. Failing to call a number from your phone could be one of those situations. You may borrow your friend’s phone to call somebody that blocked you. Although this solution is not accessible all the time, it can prove to be effective in some cases.

Method 5: Include *67 Code Before Number (Only For US)

Available for US citizens only, the 67 code hides the caller’s identity. Add 67, followed by the phone number, and initiate the call to use this service.

The cellular service replaces your ID with a Private number, Anonymous, or no-caller ID. Review the number before hitting the call button. Here is an example of how the number would look after including this code: *67-1234567890.

Method 6: Leave Voicemail from Blocked Number

In case you are still wondering how to call somebody that blocked you, try sending a voicemail. There is a possibility that voicemail remains open for the banned number.

People can enforce restrictions to avoid talking to you, but you can still convey your message with access to voicemail. When they receive your note, they have no option except to listen.

Method 7: Use a Public Phone to Call a Blocked Number.

Getting blocked by someone on the phone does not mean you can never call them again. Public phones are easily accessible to everybody, and you can use them without worrying about restrictions. Calling from a different phone every time maintains anonymity and also adds an extra layer of protection.

Method 8: Consider Making a Call to a Landline.

Android and iOS users can benefit from the advanced features on their mobile devices. Call blocking is also one of those functionalities.

Most landlines rely on old technology whose users cannot block unwanted calls. If the other person owns a landline, then you are in luck. Dial the person’s home phone number and hit the call button.

Method 9: Send Messages Through Social Media App

Social media apps are replacing cellular networks as the primary means of communication. People prefer calling through apps like WhatsApp and Facetime. You may try contacting someone who has blocked you on one of these apps.

In addition to calls, most of these platforms allow sending texts, documents, voice notes, and multimedia. You can leave a message inquiring why they have blocked your number. If it was not intentional, they can undo it if pointed out.


Calling with the 82 code displays your caller ID on the phone of somebody who blocked you. This approach is useful when the other person has blocked you by mistake. Once you contact them using the 82 code, ask them to unblock you.

Even after getting blocked by someone on WhatsApp, you can still call them. Create a new account with a different number and enjoy calling.

You may contact your service provider or use VoIP to get the new number. If these solutions are not viable, try contacting them through other social media apps.

Here are the steps to bypass the iPhone call block and call someone who blocked you:

Step 1) Open your iPhone Settings app.

Step 2) Scroll down and tap on the Phone option.

Step 3) Locate Show My Caller ID and open it.

Step 4) Tap on the green Switch to turn it off.

Calling someone who blocked you on Android has become easy with the hidden caller ID option. Access the advanced settings of your SIM and disable caller ID on outgoing calls. Besides this, you can use a social media app to send voicemail, VoIP service for a different number, or *67 code to mask your identity.