7 Best FREE VoIP Call Apps for iPhone & iPad (2023)

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected with loved ones is essential. Fortunately, iPhone and iPad users have access to several free call apps. These VOIP apps provide a virtual number that gives freedom from telecom companies. Whether you are making a local or international call, there is no need to spend a lot of money or worry about network congestion.

You only need a stable internet connection with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps. These apps provide seamless communication, clear voice quality, and versatile features. However, selecting the appropriate VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application can be challenging due to the availability of several options. Therefore, this article lists the top 7 free call apps for iPhone & iPad.

Top Pick

Hushed is a virtual phone number provided offering area codes from USA, Canada and UK. You can get multiple contact details for business or personal use to ensure security and privacy. Hushed provides thousands of text messages and phone calls, depending on the plan.

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Best Free Call Apps for iPhone (using WiFi)

Name Cross Platform calls Key Features HD Video Calls Free? Link
Hushed Yes • Customized Voicemail
• Auto-reply Message
• Integrates with Slack/dropbox
No Yes $25 for Lifetime Free Plan Learn More
FaceTime Yes • End-to-End encryption.
• Live transcription on video calls.
• Text chats available with a video call.
Yes Yes Learn More
WhatsApp Yes • Group chat
• File sharing
• Voice message available
Yes Yes Learn More
Skype Yes • Video calls with HD quality
• Call recording and transcription on a video call
• Screen sharing
Yes Yes Learn More
Facebook Messenger Yes • Watch together option on video chat
• Chat themes
• App lock
Yes Yes Learn More


1) Hushed

Best Calling Application For iPhone With Virtual Number

Hushed is a virtual phone number provided offering area codes from USA, Canada and UK. You can get multiple contact details for business or personal use to ensure security and privacy. Hushed provides thousands of text messages and phone calls, depending on the plan.

#1 Top Pick

Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local and International

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: USA, Canada & UK

Free Trial: Life Time Validity for $25

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  • International Calls: Calls and messages internationally with 30 Day Pay-As-You-Go package.
  • Multiple Phone Numbers: Get multiple phone numbers on one device.
  • Share media: Share Photos and videos without any restriction.
  • Call Forwarding: It has a call forwarding feature to receive an incoming call on another number.
  • Prompt response: You can auto-reply to your customers based on custom rules you set.
  • Free Messaging: Free of cost Messaging with other Hushed app users.
  • Third-Party Integration: It lets you link your Hushed account with Slack & Dropbox.
  • Network: Hushed uses VoIP technology to make phone calls over the Internet.


  • End-to-end encryption is available for privacy and security
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee for all paid plans.
  • Use the app with the Internet from Wi-Fi or a mobile network.
  • Customizable Voicemail with an auto-reply feature
  • Does not require separate app installation for landline and Mobile.


  • Limited and expensive options in international packages.
  • Errors causing automatic cancellation of users’ subscriptions
  • Free trial is only available in the USA and Canada.
  • Requires using your lifetime number at least once within 6 months to keep your subscription active.
  • Hushed does not support HD or any video quality facility.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Android & iOS.
Pricing: Lifetime Validity for $25.
Free Version: No.
Trial: 3-Day Trial with Selected Plans.

Visit Hushed >>

Lifetime Validity for $25

2) FaceTime

Best Pre-installed VOIP App for iPhone

FaceTime is a calling app from Apple that comes pre-installed on iPhones & iPads. It enables Apple device users to connect with friends and family through high-quality video calls. You may also use this Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service for audio calls. FaceTime lets you enjoy group calls with up to 32 people.

This service is exclusively available on Apple devices. Only iPhone, iPad, iMac, and other Apple device owners can call each other. Non-Apple users can also be invited to a Facetime call with the release of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. However, they are still not able to initiate the chat.



  • Overlays: FaceTime has many effects, filters, Animoji, and Memoji to use during the video call.
  • Immersive Sound: Spatial Audio feature for immersive quality to enhance your calling experience.
  • Group Calls: Organize Group Video calls to meet with your colleagues.
  • Screen Sharing: Facetime lets you share your device screen with the meeting members.
  • Picture in Picture: It lets you have video calls with anyone while using other apps.
  • Portrait Mode: This Allows you to have video chats with others while blurring your background.
  • Live Captions: Turn on live captions in a Facetime video chat to understand the audio.
  • Privacy & Security: End-to-End Encryption lets you have privacy. It also protects you from unauthorized access.
  • App-Only Calling: It gives free and unlimited In-App Calls to anyone.


  • Free calling app with audio and video capability
  • Get 1080p Video Quality with iPhone 8 & later.
  • Comes Built-in with iPhone, iPad, iMac, and iPod touch
  • Take Live Photos during video calls on Facetime.
  • Enhances virtual conversation experience with natural eye contact.
  • Get group video calls to talk with up to 32 people.


  • Only available for Apple devices
  • Cannot call a landline or a number that is not registered for Facetime
  • Use a lot of mobile data. It works better with Wi-Fi.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: iOS, MacOS & (Invite Android & Windows Users.
Pricing: Free Calls with the Internet.
Free Version: Yes.

Link: http://facetimeapp.com/

3) WhatsApp

Most Popular VoIP App in India

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging and calling app used by billions of people around the globe. With the acquisition by Facebook, several features were added to the application. In early 2015, WhatsApp Calling was launched. Since then, calling on WhatsApp has come a long way.

WhatsApp allows you to make unlimited audio and video calls without any cost. All you need is a good internet connection on your iPhone and iPad. It has a group chat feature with a capacity of 1024. You can also make a group call including up to 32 people. With the help of end-to-end Encryption, WhatsApp ensures you are secured from spies.



  • WhatsApp Business: Empowers you to manage your store on the platform with added functionalities.
  • WhatsApp Payment: Send or receive money using the WhatsApp Payment feature.
  • Voice Messaging: Simultaneously sending a personalized audio recording to multiple people.
  • HD Video Quality: Free phone app for iPhone to make unlimited High-definition video calls.
  • Backup: It allows you to store the backup of your chats, audio, videos, and images to change your device.


  • Free calling app without any advertisement
  • Let you share your current or live location
  • Instant messages, including text, Photos, Videos, Documents, etc.
  • Enable you to reduce data consumption.
  • Listen to the voice note in your ear like a phone call without headphones.
  • Let you make group calls with your friends, family, and colleagues.


  • Uses your mobile phone number to sign up
  • Requires mobile network and Wi-Fi for the Internet
  • Cannot share the large file. Media file sharing is limited to 16 MB, and documents at 100 MB.
  • Need a mobile to use WhatsApp on your computer.
  • Only In-App Calls. No Landline or Mobile Number calls

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, Windows, iOS, macOS & More.
Pricing: Only for WhatsApp Business Premium.
Free version: Yes.

Link: https://www.WhatsApp.com/stayconnected

4) Skype

Commonly Used for Business Purposes

Skype VoIP is one of the high-end services commonly used for business meetings. It allows you to make video calls and audio calls and send messages using the Internet. Skype-to-Skype calls are free of cost over the Internet. However, to make contact on the phone number or landline, you need to buy credits or subscribe to a plan.

This VoIP app has different paid services. You can purchase credits to pay for minutes or opt for a subscription. Additionally, you must have a Skype Number to receive calls from landlines or mobile numbers.



  • Translate: It translates any language for you during video and audio calls.
  • Screen Sharing: Share your screen for presentations or collaboration during calls.
  • Call Forwarding: Free phone calls app on iPhone with Call forwarding to receive incoming calls on your other phone number.
  • Privacy: End-to-End Encryption ensures protection from unwanted people spying on your conversations.
  • Caption: It has subtitles feature for video calls to learn what the other person is saying.
  • Accessibility: Easily accessible through the app store of all devices, including iPhone and iPad.
  • Group Calling: You can make group calls with up to 100 Participants.
  • Versatility: Skype users can make unlimited In-App plus calls. Also, Local/International calls on Landline and Mobile Numbers.
  • Low Rates: Subscription starting at $2.99 monthly and Skype Number at just $6.50 monthly.


  • Send text, voice notes, multimedia, location, and more.
  • Make free calls to other Skype users.
  • Avail number from the US, UK, Canada, or any other country
  • High-definition video calls with Up to 1080p


  • Need to get a subscription to receive calls from a landline.
  • Internet speed and network congestion can affect call quality.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS & more.
Pricing: 400+ Mins For £10.00 Skype Credit
Trial: For a Month in Certain Regions
Free version: Yes

Link: https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/

5) Facebook Messenger

Best For Quick Video & Audio Calls

Facebook Messenger’s offers place it among the finest free calling apps over WiFi. It lets you create high-quality video and audio calls to friends & family anywhere in the world. You can also send or receive text and audio messages.

Furthermore, the VoIP app includes several exclusive features rare on other platforms. On top of the screen, you will see stories and friends who are currently online. It lets you share and receive multimedia. With an internet connection, you can enjoy all these services free of cost.



  • Group Chats: Create a Facebook group chat with up to 250 people.
  • Video Conferencing lets you make group calls with up to 50 participants.
  • HD Calls: It has high-definition video call quality for a better experience.
  • Add Friends: Use the search bar to find and add more friends to start the conversation.
  • Visual Effects: It comes with Gifs, Emojis, Message Effects, Stickers, AR Effects, and more to express yourself.
  • Security: Access your chats with Fingerprint or FaceID to keep them protected.
  • Auto Reply: Quick and easy way to communicate with businesses. Increase engagement with customers with features like autoreply.
  • Payments: It allows you to send or receive money using its payment feature.


  • Free WiFi calling app with messaging
  • Only require permission on iPhone & iPad when using that particular feature.
  • Create groups to collaborate on a large scale
  • Share your device screen in the video calls.
  • Connect with other apps like Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Available in the Apple App Store on your iPhone and iPad.


  • Requires a lot of space on your mobile phone.
  • Drain battery very quickly even when running in the background.
  • Need a Facebook account to use the Messenger app.
  • Only In-App Calls, no landline or telephone calls.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: iOS, macOS, Android, & Windows
Pricing: Free of Cost
Trial: No
Free version: Yes

Link: https://www.Messenger.com/

6) Viber

Best VoIP App for Quick Video & Audio Calls

Viber is a free calling app for iPhones with some additional functionality. It lets you exchange text messages, voice notes, documents, images, videos, and more. Viber works perfectly on all devices, whether mobile or computer. It is one of the best free phone call apps for iPhones, requiring an internet connection. After you sign up using your mobile number, you can call any Viber user free of cost.

With Viber Out, call any mobile or landline number by purchasing credits or a subscription. Moreover, as a versatile VoIP application, Viber offers several benefits for businesses. With Viber Business Messages, you can easily send various messages through a single channel. These includes transactional, promotional, and conversational messages.



  • Call Quality: Free phone call app with high-quality video calls.
  • Group Chats: With group chats on Viber, bring 250 people together in one group.
  • Create Stickers: It has a feature that lets you Create your stickers to express your emotions in a more personalized way.
  • Edit Message: Viber lets you delete or edit the sent messages already seen by the receiver.
  • Disappearing Messages: Set the timer for the messages to disappear after a particular time.
  • International Calls: Make international calls on mobile and landline numbers at cheap rates.


  • Free calling app that works on almost all devices like mobile, computers, and TVs.
  • Share the Viber desktop video call screen with your mobile
  • No need for mobile to use Viber on your computer
  • End to End encryption to protect from spying.
  • Cheap international calling plans start from unlimited calls in 60 countries for $5.99.


  • Unable to block unknown callers.
  • Low-quality calls with weak Wi-Fi or 3G signals.
  • Requires phone number to sign up

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, & Windows, iOS, & macOS
Pricing: 60 countries for $5.99/Month
Trial: 7-day trial
Free version: Yes

Link: https://www.viber.com/en/

7) Google Voice

Best Free VOIP App for iPhone

Google Voice is one of the best free calling apps for businesses. It is a must-have free tool for businesses running in the US and Canada. You can still get a free US number if you are outside of these countries. However, to make international calls, you must pay through credit.

VoIP is very user-friendly as it provides voicemail and also Calls Forwarding. Google Voice lets you manage multiple phone numbers. Built-in automated attendant enables call transfers between extensions without intermediary operators. It also has a call recording feature, allowing you to record calls and listen to them afterward.

Google Voice


  • Conferencing: It lets you make conference calls with up to 10 people in a call. Add up to 25 people with the paid version.
  • Custom Voicemail: Voicemail comes with the option of customization.
  • Call Forwarding: It allows you to receive incoming calls on a different phone number.
  • Quick Setup: Easy and rapid setup using your Google account.
  • Messaging: Send or receive unlimited free text messages around the globe.
  • Block Numbers: You can ban unknown or unwanted calls and messages.
  • Free Calls: Make PC-to-PC voice calls free of cost worldwide.
  • Versatility: You can make Local and International Calls on Landline and Mobile with Google Voice.


  • Transcribe your audio messages.
  • Record calls to listen afterward.
  • Integrates with almost all other Google Workspace services
  • Enjoy the basic version and only pay for additional services
  • Customizable Voicemail option


  • No third-party integration except for Google apps
  • Expensive compared to other VoIP services
  • Toll-free numbers are not available.
  • Put a Limit on users. Only 10 people are allowed, even with a subscription.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: iPhone/iPad, Android, & Windows
Pricing: $10 to $30 Per Month
Trial: No
Free version: Yes

Link: https://voice.google.com/u/0/about


❓ What features should you consider when selecting an Internet calling app?

Here are the features to consider when looking for the best VoIP app for the iPhone:

  • In-App Calls (Voice & Video.
  • Text Messaging.
  • Media Sharing.
  • Mobile Number (From US, UK, or Canada.
  • Phone and landline calls.
  • Local plus international calls.
  • Competitive Rates.

App-to-app calls are usually free of cost. However, you will have to pay for landline and mobile phone calls. These charges can be based on credits or subscription plans that you can purchase. Famous Voice over Internet protocol services includes FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, and Google Voice.


When selecting the best VoIP app for iPhone & iPad, choose the option that best suits your requirements.

  • Google Voice supports audio calling but cannot make video calls or share media files.
  • Skype and Viber offer a more extensive range of features, including video calling and media sharing.

As a result, Google Voice is preferred for commercial use and the other two for all-around performance.