15 Best FREE Virtual Phone Number For Business in 2023

A Virtual Phone Number, also called as direct access or inward dialing number is a telephone number without a directly connected telephone line. Usually, such numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to other telephone, chosen by the client, VoIP, fixed, or mobile.

Virtual numbers can be used to setup a phone system without any technical knowledge. Virtual phone numbers are ideal for recording voice messages and share the same number with other people.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Free Virtual Phone Number with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.
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Best Virtual Phone Numbers

#1 Best Overall


✔️ Free Trial: 15 Days

✔️ Setup Fees: Free

✔️ Voice to text/email: Yes

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#2 Top Pick


✔️ Free Trial: 30 Days

✔️ Setup Fees: Free

✔️ Voice to text/email: Yes

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✔️ Free Trial: 30 Days

✔️ Setup Fees: Free

✔️ Voice to text/email: For some plans

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✔️ Free Trial: Life Time Validity for $25

✔️ Setup Fees: Free

✔️ Voice to text/email: Yes

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✔️ Free Trial: 30-day money-back guarantee

✔️ Setup Fees: Free

✔️ Voice to text/email: Yes

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1) RingCentral

Best Overall

RingCentral is one of the best virtual business number made for collaboration. It offers video meetings, calling, and messaging from a single integrated platform. This feature-rich software lets you utilize a VoIP service without additional hardware while providing a wide range of integrations as well as notifications for missed calls and received faxes.

#1 Top Pick

Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Business and Toll-Free Numbers

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: Canada, USA

Free Trial: 15-Day Trial

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  • Phone System: RingCentral offers a robust VoIP call system with 99.999% SLA that allows you to add new phone numbers easily. It provides advanced features like Call transfer, Call recording, Call park, Call flip, Call forwarding, and built-in analytics.
  • Multilingual IVR: Provides 18 languages for settings, multilingual IVRs, and localized voice prompts to keep global offices and remote workers connected.
  • Countries: RingCentral provides services in over 100 nations with a local plan for dialing and international virtual phone numbers.
  • Push to Talk: Offers cloud walkie-talkie solution with Push to talk feature that seamlessly connects desk-based and frontline workers.
  • Contact Center: Customers can interact using 30+ digital channels, including voice, chat, and email. RingCentral offers agents with advance AI tools to enhance engagement and solve customer problems.
  • Integrations: Has an extensive app gallery with ready-made integrations to more than 500 Apps. It also offers a Robust API to develop custom workflows and applications.
  • Microsoft Teams: Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams with unlimited calling in the USA and Canada with essential business analytics.
  • Fax: You can send and receive faxes online without any hardware. You can broadcast faxes to up to 50 recipients and schedule them ahead of time. RingCentral offers readily available templates for cover pages, or you can design your own.
  • Unified Number: You can use the same number for voice calls and send SMS, MMS, and faxes.
  • Team Messaging: RingCentral offers a robust app with instant messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, and built-in task management. Easily start a call or video meeting from the app, bookmark important group messages, share files, search by keyword, and filter by mentions.
  • Video Conferencing: Offers seamless HD video and audio conferencing across multiple devices for up to 200 participants, with no time limits. Automated meeting summaries and voice transcription, complete with speaker identification.
  • Webinars: You can invite up to 10,000 webinar attendees and 100 panelists to join directly from their browsers without installing anything. RingCentral offers detailed post-event engagement, quality, and performance analytics.
  • Price: Starting price is $20 a month. It offers a discount on annual payments.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It lets you record the calls for future requirements. Support team takes a long time for resolving issues.
Unlimited calling in USA/Canada RingCentral is more complicated for using and expensive than other platforms.
Offers Single Sign On
Offers Incoming Caller ID for easy spam detection.

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15-Days Free Trial

2) Nextiva

Best Unified Communications (UC) solution

Nextiva is a VoIP number system that offers unlimited calling within the USA and Canada with free Local and Toll-Free numbers. You can also start video and audio conferencing with only a single mouse click. With this application, all your conversations happen in one place. Apart from its primary features, it includes productivity tools and customer experience management.


Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local and International

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: Canada, UK, USA, Puerto Rico

Free Trial: 30-Day Trial

Visit Nextiva


  • Business Phone: Nextiva offers TLS & SRTP encrypted VoIP phone service with the proven reliability of 99.999% uptime. It offers a cloud-based Unified communication system that includes VoIP, video, & chat.
  • Conference calling: You can host unlimited audio and video meetings with Crystal-clear HD audio with a call recording and screen share feature.
  • Integrations: Nextiva offers out-of-the-box integrations with Google, Microsoft, and other CRM systems that allow clicking to dial phone numbers within business apps
  • Voicemail: Listen, manage, and view business voicemails right from your inbox or Nextiva mobile app.
  • SMS/MMS: You can easily send and receive text and MMS from your business phone number.
  • Collaboration: You can keep track of projects by creating groups to connect via chat, video, or audio. Easily keep track of conversations and securely share files with your team.
  • Survey: Nextiva surveys allow short or long surveys with various question types. Understand your audience and solve customer issues through customer satisfaction and market research surveys designed with custom options.
  • Text Messaging: Nextiva lets you send and receive unlimited text messages from desktop or mobile using the NextivaONE App. You can send appointment confirmations or respond to missed calls using your local business or toll-free number.
  • Fax: Nextiva allows you to send and receive electronic faxes from any device in PDF and TIFF formats. The service is HIPAA-compliant and uses 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your sensitive information secure. You may have faxes delivered to an email inbox of your choice.
  • Call Center: Provides a robust call center solution with no setup fees, automatic call distribution (ACD), IVR options, and more. Offers compliant IVAs who can easily handle repetitive tasks while live agents are free to take a call that needs a human touch.
  • Video meetings: Present, screen share, and share files without downloading on an app or browser.
  • Call Pop: Before a customer calls, the call pop feature displays important caller details like last interaction, experience score, survey responses, and the value of the account on the screen. It helps in personalized sales and service to the customer.
  • Analytics: This VoIP tool offers visibility of your clients individually in real-time. As a result, issues are identified and resolved faster.
  • Reputation Management: Easily manage reviews across all review sites.
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • Price: Paid plans begin at $30.95 per month. 27% of Discount on Annual Payments. It has extra discounts if a higher number of users is purchased.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Support is available through website tickets and live chat. Users need some knowledge to use it for the first time, as it has a tough learning process.
Nextiva has HD-quality audio that cuts off background noise and static and has a reliable service. You can get numbers only in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Puerto Rico
It has a streamlined process for onboarding and preset phones.
Nextiva lets you route, monitor, and schedule calls effortlessly.

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30-Days Free Trial

3) Ooma Office Phone

Best for simplifying sophisticated communications

Ooma Office Phone offers customizable phone calls, video calling, and messaging for all types of businesses, like health care, insurance, real estate, hospitality, etc. This provider also comes with residential solutions like phone services and smart security that assist you to build your own safety system, professional monitoring, etc. Moreover, you can dock your existing port number without any hassle using Ooma.


Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local number, toll-free number

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: Canada, Mexico, China, UK, India 55+ more countries

Free Trial: 30 day free trial (30-day money back guarantee)

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  • Virtual receptionist: Automate the incoming call management, and it also helps you set up several menus for the caller.
  • Multi-rings and ring groups: Allow your business phone to ring the office phone, external devices, and mobile app. Help customers reach extensions like support, sales, etc.
  • Desktop and mobile app: Send texts and use the business phone system from the desktop itself. A free mobile app is available so all the employees can manage business calls from their phones.
  • Call queuing: Automatically put the callers on hold and route them to the next available agent.
  • Call Blocking: Block telemarketers and all kinds of spammers
  • Video conference: Conduct a meeting with up to 25 participants anytime from anywhere.
  • Virtual fax: It has virtual faxing capabilities as offices still rely on fax
  • Seven digits dialing: Simplify calls by just using your area code and dialing seven digits instead of ten.
  • 911 service: This free US virtual phone number is regulated by FCC to offer 911 services to its customers so that you can reach a 911 dispatcher immediately during emergencies.
  • Advanced voicemail options: It has a private voicemail that sets up automatically every time the admin creates a user extension.
  • Call recording: It has both always-on and on-demand recording, which helps in retrieving calls.
  • CRM integration: You can integrate it with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce
  • Local Numbers of Countries: Mexico,India, China, Canada, United Kingdom, and above 55 countries.
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • Types of VoIP Numbers offered: Local and toll-free number
  • Price: Starting price is $19.95 a month.
  • Free Trial: 30-day free trial (30-day guaranteed money refund)
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
You do not require software to use this app. Logging in can be a bit slow on both desktops and cell phones.
It offers a local and toll-free number of your choice. Fax allows you to add only one page at a time
Ooma can transform any phone into your business phone for a day There is not much hardware selection
Get a toll-free number with 500 minutes of inbound calls every month
Schedule up to five calls for the virtual receptionist and get other advanced call management.

Visit Ooma >>

30-Days Free Trial

4) Hushed

Best For Anonymous texting and calling

Hushed is a virtual phone number service software that helps you make calls, send texts and pictures. It provides over 300 area codes all over US, UK, and Canada. Hushed is capable of automatically responding to text messages. You can keep the Hushed number for a lifetime at just $25, and its plan includes 6000 SMS or 1000 call minutes that are auto-renewed every year.


Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local and International

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: USA, Canada & UK

Free Trial: Life Time Validity for $25

Visit Hushed


  • SMS and MMS: Send and receive text, images, emojis, gifs, and audio messages instantly.
  • Multiple numbers: Hushed lets you manage and add multiple numbers.
  • Easy access: You can access your virtual number with the help of a WiFi or data connection.
  • Multiple devices: Log into your account from any device and use the Hushed app.
  • Integrations: It easily integrates with Dropbox and Slack. You can send messages directly from Slack and also save messages, pictures, etc., in your Dropbox.
  • Call forwarding: You can set up a call-forwarding number to redirect the incoming calls to any number you like with Hushed.
  • Customize voicemail greeting: Record personalized voicemail for every Hushed number.
  • Routing: Use the voice minutes from the wireless plan instead of wifi and data while still getting excellent call quality
  • Unlimited local talk and text: One of its plans includes unlimited calls and messaging and auto-renewal of subscription with no expiry date
  • Countries: United Kingdom, Canada, Puerto Rico, United States
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • WhatsApp Support: YES
  • Price: Plans begin at $1 .99 per month. 20% Discount on Annual Payments.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Hushed provides international calling and unlimited options for calls. Free trials are available only in Canada and the USA.
End-to-end encryption keeps conversations private. Its international plan is high-priced for users who want it for casual use.
It doesn’t record any personal information; hence, it is secure.
You don’t need to use any wireless plan or SIM cared is not required.

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Life Time Validity for $25

5) Phone.com

Best for making business communications

Phone.com is a platform where you can make changes in your phone without any hindrance. It is capable of blocking unwanted calls by putting those numbers into your Phone.com account. You can choose numbers from local, toll-free, vanity numbers, or your current number, and also you can dial any number using the name directory.


Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local, Global, Toll-Free, Custom

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: USA, UK, and 25+ more countries

Free Trial: 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit Phone.com


  • Call analytics: Get full caller data with returning and new call breakdowns. Details of incoming and outgoing calls by number or extension and get your choice of graph view for clear analysis.
  • Notifications: It lets you set up notifications about incoming calls through email and sms. These notifications contain details of the caller with their ID, the extension they dialed, etc.
  • Click-to-call: Provide a small code on your website so the customer can make a call only by providing their number. This helps Phone.com to call back customers and connect them directly to your business.
  • App Integration: Receive screen-pops, call tracking, and click-to-dial all from the browser
  • Fax: Upload documents from your computer with just a click and send them anywhere you like, including the cover page.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Get a secure phone system in the cloud for all services, including video conferencing
  • Menus: Set up a customized menu according to your business requirement to help the callers
  • Text-to-greeting: You can create customized audio messages that are voiced by more than 40 automated voices and sound effects.
  • Voicemail: It lets you listen to voice messages from the online account, email them to yourself in mp3 format, or transcribe it for reading
  • Video conferencing: Get excellent audio, video, and web conferencing from any device
  • Do-not-Disturb: Send a do-not-disturb within just a click, and it will automatically direct it to voice mail or the next available agent
  • Schedules: It lets you create custom schedules.
  • Address book: It can synchronize your phone’s address book with the mobile app.
  • Organize: This virtual phone number service provider helps you to organize and create your extensions and groups.
  • Supports Conference, Call Recording, Forwarding, and Routing
  • Provides more than one number: No
  • Price: Subscription starts at $14.99 per month and Discount of 20% on Annual Payments.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Get e911 coverage nationwide No free trial included
Trained professional support on all 50+ features It may be difficult to navigate at first due to the confusing names of its buttons.
Connect up to 300 participants worldwide with HD voice quality.
No extra hardware is required to use it.
Includes whiteboard in video conferencing

Visit Phone.com >>

30-Days money-back guarantee

6) Vonage

Best for Advanced VoIP features

Vonage is a cloud-based virtual phone service that provides over 50 integrated solutions and phone features. It has voice calls, team messaging, fax, SMS, and video meeting. Vonage also provides a video I collaboration solution that is intuitive and can be used inside your organization. It gives priority to your communication traffic for satisfactory performance and quality.


Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Business phone or toll-free numbers

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: USA, Canada and 25+ more countries

Free Trial: Unavailable

Visit Vonage


  • Auto attend: Automate the ability to route calls to an available agent in specific departments or direct it to a virtual assistant
  • Block caller ID: Use it to block outbound calls with this caller ID blocking feature
  • Business call recording: Record all the important business calls and use them for various purposes
  • SMS and MMS: Connect with co-works and customers with SMS and MMS available both in mobile and desktop apps
  • Business phone app: Take your business calls anywhere with you and never miss a customer
  • Video and voice conferencing: Schedule or initiate meetings and use powerful collaboration tools
  • International company number: Simplify your business by allowing international customers to reach your business via calls
  • Local phone numbers: Get local numbers for extra visibility in the local market
  • Call hold: Move from one call to another with an easy call hold feature
  • Contact history and call logs: Get detailed business call records and extract important information from past conversations
  • Call announcement: Announce the reason for the incoming call before handing it over to the staff.
  • Call flip: Transfer calls on devices while remaining connected to the conversation.
  • QoS: Offers 99.999% global reliability and Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Integrations: Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Microsoft Team, Office 365, ZohoCRM, etc.
  • Countries: Above 60 nations, including the United States, China, Canada, Guam, Macau, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc.
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • Support for WhatsApp: YES
  • Types of Phone Numbers offered: Toll-free and business phone numbers.
  • Apps: iOS, Android
  • Pricing: Subscription begins at $13.99 per mobile and per line.
  • Free Trial: 14-day free trial
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Provides three phones on just one extension. Cannot reach customer service immediately.
Phone call quality is high in Vonage. Voicemail transcription is not accurate at times.
It doesn’t charge high rates for making international calls.
Send unlimited team messaging.

Visit Vonage >>

14-Days Free Trial

7) GoToConnect

Best All-In One Messaging and Meeting software

GoToConnect is a business communication software that syncs GoToMeeting, Jive’s cloud-based PBX, and Last Pass. This application provides text messages, virtual voicemail, video meetings, and a support center. Its video conferencing also comes with unlimited duration, audio conferencing, and predictive real-time data. This service provider also has a chargeless international calling and an uptime SLA of 99.999%.


Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Business and Toll-Free Numbers

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: Canada, USA

Free Trial: 14-Day Trial

Visit GoToConnect


  • Call forwarding: This feature lets you direct the call to your smartphone or the appropriate person in charge without dropping the call
  • Dial plans: It comes with a drag-and-drop feature and has customizable dial system for call routing.
  • Webcams: Get a view of 50 webcams simultaneously during meetings
  • Messaging: Its messaging includes file sharing and team chat and also lets you jump to a meeting with just a click
  • Screensharing: Sharescreen for easy collaboration, live feedback, view control, etc.
  • Call routing: Get intelligent call routing with GotoConnect
  • PBX admin tools: Intuitive admin tools are available, so you don’t need a technician to help you with the software
  • Call flows: It has call flows for building visual patterns for your after business-hour calls.
  • Support: Contacting customer service is accessible via email, tickets, and phone.
  • Call Analytics: Its call analytics administer calls by time, day, location, week, issue, and length.
  • Custom messages: You can create greetings and custom messages for your business’s operating times.
  • Call filtering: Block spam calls, enable digital interactions, etc.
  • Porting: It allows call transfer and easy number porting to different devices.
  • Integrations: Integrate with, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Marketo, and GoTo.
  • It functions on Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows.
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
GoToConnect has one year of recording storage available. The quality of the audio is not up to the mark.
Work solutions of the GoToConnect function on any app It has less integrations
You can get unlimited call queues
View up to 25 video feeds in a video conference.

Visit GoToConnect >>

14 Days Free Trial

8) Zoom Phone

Best for Making calls worldwide

Zoom Phone Zoom Phone is feature-rich software that offers cloud solutions for voice calls, messaging, video calls, etc. It is a highly intuitive VoIP and is scalable and easily customizable software. Zoom Phone delivers HD quality and enterprise-class reliability in its services. It is one of the best virtual business numbers as it includes native phone PBX features while allowing users to interact in innovative ways.

Zoom Phone

Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: toll-free numbers

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: USA and Canada

Free Trial: 30 day free trial

Visit Zoom Phone


  • Voicemail: Manage voicemail from any device with notification and voice message transcription
  • Elevate to a meeting: Move from Zoom phone to meet seamlessly without requiring the participants to join again manually
  • Call park: Park a call and then retrieve it from another Zoom endpoint
  • Barge and takeover: Supervisor can enter the call while the three parties can carry on with their conversation. The monitoring supervisor can also enter the call anytime and take over the conversation.
  • Integration: It has a salesforce integration which means you get features like screen pop-ups, automated call activity logging, and click-to-dial. You can make direct calls from Slack’s interface, and it includes other business app integrations.
  • Presence: It lets you see if the contact is available before calling or transferring a call to them.
  • HD video: It provides high-quality conferencing for video calls and has screen sharing.
  • Speech analytics: This virtual phone number service provider has interaction analytics and advanced speech
  • Shared line: It provides a delegate with the ability to place a call on hold for the manager to see and then retrieve it.
  • Customizable dashboard: You can manage many users and phone numbers over the user-friendly dashboard.
  • Supports Conference, Routing, Forwarding, Recording, Call blocking, and Call transfer
  • Provides more than one number: Ye
  • WhatsApp Support available: YES
  • Price: Pricing starts at $120/year/user.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It has a chatbot for 24/7 replies to questions. The UI is not seamless; hence, difficult to set up and navigate.
Its Whisper feature lets a user privately speak to the person who is silently monitoring the call
It makes callers aware if you are on a different call, available or busy.
All the plans come with team texting.

Visit Zoom Phone >>

30-Days Free Trial

9) Dialpad

Best AI match clients to agents

The Dialpad is a combination of contact center, conferencing, and calling, all in one business communication service. It offers these features to off-site teams as well on any device and location. Dialpad provides 100% uptime and includes advanced features even without upgrading.

Dailpad also has unlimited, texts, voice call, and file sharing. Furthermore, Dialpad allows you to sign up for multiple phone numbers and comes with international texting.


Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local, Global, Toll-Free, Custom

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: Brazil, Australia, and 50+ countries.

Free Trial: 14-Days Free Trial

Visit Dialpad


  • Interactive voice response: This (IVR) system makes calls whenever the agents are unavailable.
  • Scaling: It is designed to scale as your business grows from one phone line to a full-blown office.
  • Call routing: Route incoming calls to a specific unit or your smartphone for customers to get the right assistance
  • AI assistance for after hours: The AI helps transcribe and send all the voicemails automatically to your inbox.
  • File sharing: Share files one on one or send them in a group, and also make a quick call from a message thread
  • Unlimited meeting: Get unlimited video meetings on all devices, join within just a click, and let AI take notes
  • Easy call, message, and meet: Move in between all the collaborations and remain connected in a single workspace
  • Built-in-AI: AI does all your work, like taking notes, tracking action items, and transcribes calls
  • AI sales: The Dialpad AI also helps with live coaching and sentiment analysis so the sales team can close deals faster
  • Security: It has TLS in all its apps to secure the communications.
  • Voice Intelligence: Dialpad has Voice Intelligence (VI) for note-taking and other client requests.
  • Real-time assist: It has the capability to trigger (RTA) Real time assist cards for helping employees at the time of calls.
  • Integrations: Microsoft 365, Slack, Google Workspace (G Suite), and Zapier.
  • It supports Linux, Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS.
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • Starting price: Pricing starts at $15 a month.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Find co-workers instantly and start a meeting, send a message, or get on a call. Customer service provides less support on calls for lower plans.
It allows you to add employees and easily set up phone numbers without delay. A minimum of three users are needed for upgrading.
The video meeting offers high quality.
It lets you search keywords and channels while team chat.

Visit Dialpad >>

14 Days Free Trial

10) Voiply

Best for making unlimited calls

Voiply is a VoIP number system that has 24/7 support service. It provides call forwarding and helps you personalize the settings of the voice menu. This platform has local numbers in over 50 countries with 99.9999% uptime. It also comes with an enhanced 911 service for your emergency needs.



  • Auto attendant: Transfer calls automatically to the virtual assistant
  • Ring group: You can let the team members answer calls in turns.
  • Conference calling: HD voice and easy conference calling.
  • Simultaneous ring: Voiply allows the incoming call to ring on several devices so you can pick up the call from anywhere
  • Voicemail to email: It also helps you send voice notes to your email account.
  • Caller name: Shows the complete caller ID when the phone rings
  • Unlimited calls: Your line will never ring busy with Vioply, as it can manage concurrent calls
  • Free virtual phone: This free VoIP app improves customer communication via cloud-based numbers.
  • Supports Conference Calls, Forwarding, and Recording
  • Countries: Above 50
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • Types of Phone Numbers offered: National, Local, and Toll-Free Numbers
  • Price: Plans start at $7.16 monthly.
  • Free Trial: 30-Days (does not require a credit card)
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
You can receive calls immediately when you activate this software. It has poor voice quality
It lets you specify how calls are routed during business hours You may face slight issues while porting
Has excellent and responsive customer service
It has a hassle-free return policy within 30 days after the delivery.

Visit Voiply >>

11) Grasshopper

Best for helping small businesses grow

Grasshopper is a virtual number app that provides communication services for a growing business. It provides a cost-effective professional phone number that can be operated on landlines and cell phones. This app has seamless virtual number porting. You will never miss a call using Grasshopper as it has call routing, and you can receive and make calls from anywhere at anytime.



  • Incoming call control: Set customized schedules for your meetings, screen the callers, and block unwanted calls.
  • Call transfer: Put callers on hold or transfer them to another number if required
  • Business phone number: Choose toll-free numbers local, vanity, etc.
  • Reporting: Get detailed call reports to manage your business better
  • Simultaneous call handling: Take calls from multiple numbers and never leave anyone on a busy line
  • Virtual fax: Receive the incoming calls in the form of a PDF attachment directly to your email
  • Voicemail: Set up voicemail for calls and receive mp3 of the messages via email
  • Extensions: Provide the departments and employees with personalized call-forwarding rules
  • Custom greetings: Record professional custom greetings for customers
  • Voicemail transcription: It helps in transcribing your voicemails so you don’t have to listen to the messages
  • VoIP Wifi calling: Use the internet connection for making and receiving calls during poor cellphone reception
  • Texting: Give updates and instant replies with text messaging
  • Visibility: It offers a complete view of the organization’s interactions over multiple channels.
  • Supports Call Routing, Call Forwarding.
  • Countries: US, Canada
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • Types of Phone Numbers offered: Toll-Free, Vanity, Local Numbers.
  • Price: The subscription fee begins at $26 per month. 10% Discount on Annual Payments.
  • Free Trial: 30-day (Credit card not needed)
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Make and receive calls using a desktop app as well Sometimes the messages are not sent, or you may not receive texts
It lets you know when the call is business related so you to prepare before answering the call The extension schedules have to be set up manually as they do not automatically switch
Grasshopper has added features like a Voice studio, call blasting, etc.
It helps your customers know if you are available.

Visit Grasshopper >>

30-Days Free Trial (No credit card required)

12) VirtualPBX

Best VoIP for text messaging

VirtualPBX lets you control your calls in real time and provides (ACD) Automatic Call Distribution to take care of the traffic of a particular department. Virtual PBX lets you display your business number and name on the ID of outgoing calls for a more personalized approach.



  • Call blasting: You will never miss a call with its alarm clock-like effect, and it also lets you add multiple devices to locate you.
  • Auto-provisioning: Add users, change greeting audios, and manage groups
  • Auto attendant: Get simple yet intuitive options for the customers to navigate through your business.
  • Automated directory: Any of the system admins can open the automated directory control in the dashboard interface. Add virtual numbers and transfer calls without needing to go through the dashboard.
  • Business texting: Send and receive text messages, share the workload in the group, etc.
  • Outbound caller ID: Keep your professional image safe while connecting with clients and partners with the help of outbound caller ID that manages your calling identity
  • Call forwarding: Forward calls to any of your devices so you can be in touch with your customers from anywhere
  • Business and holiday hours: You can enter specific hours in days and weeks, which will automatically switch business to personal number
  • Integration: CRM like Salesforce
  • Status indicator: It provides a status sign that shows the status of the VirtualPBX platform.
  • Supports Conference, Routing, and Call Recording
  • Countries: United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Philippines, Germany, and more
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • Types of Phone Numbers offered: International, Vanity, Toll-Free, DID, Local,
  • Price: Starting price is $19.00 per month.
  • Free Trial: 14-Day
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
You make calls from your web browser You cannot log in without an internet connection to view reports, etc.
It allows your current business number to be transferred to Talkroute A high-quality connection is required for clarity in calls and call recording
You can choose your on-hold soothing music or informative vocals
It has virtual extensions that help you cut costs.

Visit VirtualPBX >>

13) CallHippo

Best for automating workflow and increasing productivity

CallHippo virtual phone lets you integrate with 100+ tools. This VoIP provider is known for increasing agent productivity, improving team performance, and reducing overall communication costs. CallHippo has Zero latency and in-depth CRM and help desk integration.



  • Power Dialer: It automatically dials uploaded numbers for each campaign and saves time
  • Call transfer: Direct calls from your end to a team member and help the customer find the right assistance for the best experience
  • Smart call forwarding: Forward your calls to another number, jump the calls to your personal number after work hours, or pass it through several numbers without the customer’s knowledge
  • Smart switch: Leave all the connectivity issues behind and empower the employees to choose from the best provider with a smart switch
  • Call conference: Instantly join calls and also get high-resolution for a productive collaboration
  • Call queueing: It helps to keep your customers busy with personalized messages during peak hours.
  • Call barging and whispering: Listen to the agent’s interaction with the customer and get the chance to guide them to provide better solutions to the buyers. You can also speak privately with another individual while the conference is running with its call whisper feature.
  • Analytics: Improve your team’s performance with detailed insights and find the weak spots to work on.
  • Local numbers: It helps you acquire local phone numbers instantly.
  • Interaction: This platform allows you to connect with callers, route calls to accurate numbers, and collect details.
  • Countries: Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia, United States, and above 45 countries.
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • Types of Phone Numbers offered: Local
  • Price: Starting price is $20 per month. Yearly Discount is 25% Payment.
  • Free Trial: 10-Day (Credit card not needed)
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It helps you make calls from the web browser. The integration is not smooth
Get a multiple-level IVR It is on the expensive side compared to its counterparts
It provides role-based access control
Includes one free number in its basic plan

Visit CallHippo >>

14) Google Voice

Best for IT teams and individuals who want a simple software

Google Voice offers services like voicemail, text, voice messaging, call forwarding, and call termination. This application also comes with spam filtering, which is taken care of by its AI. It lets you switch between configured phones. while receiving a call. This service is a part of Google WorkSpace.

Google Voice


  • Unlimited locations: Using its premier plan, you can reach unlimited locations.
  • Text messaging: It has unlimited text messaging in the US
  • Calls: Google Voice lets you make Calls to Canada, the US, and within European countries.
  • Ad-hoc user call recording: Includes both manual and automated Ad-hoc user call recording.
  • Screen calls: You get screen calls before you answer
  • Reporting: It has advanced reporting in its premier plan
  • Call blocking: Easily block unwanted calls and messages
  • Customization: Customize it to meet your design of daily workflow.
  • Voicemail transcribe: Your voicemail gets automatically transcribed.
  • Collaborate and organize: Arrange your work by connecting and collaborating.
  • Configuration: Its PBX is easily configurable
  • Integrations: It easily integrates with your Google Meet and Calendar.
  • Supports Forwarding Calls
  • Countries where it is available: No data
  • Provides more than one phone number: No data
  • Types of Phone Numbers offered: Local and International
  • Price: Starting price is $6 a month.
  • Free Trial: Yes
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Get an unlimited number of users with higher plans Sometimes the voicemail transcriptions may not be accurate
Starting plan has no setup fee The interface is odd as it includes empty spaces
It has eDiscovery for voice mails, calls, and text message recordings It allows only upto 10 users in its basic plans
It has AI assistance technology

Visit Google Voice >>

15) Avoxi

Best for Microsoft Direct Routing

Avoxi is a smart cloud-based platform that helps businesses provide an excellent customer experience. It is an easily expandable voice solution, and you can seamlessly SIP, customize, access several numbers, and integrate using its services. Avoxi is trusted by over 7000 Global brands like Hyatt, Marriot, ZOHO, etc.



  • Call forwarding: Get top-call forwarding with Avoxi, build seamless call flows, and enjoy local to Global call forwarding.
  • SIP Trunking and Integrations: Customize, configure, and integrate with CRM and CPaaS
  • Microsoft Teams direct routing: This direct routing provides Teams with enhanced voice service with coverage in over 170 countries
  • Porting: Get free calls for the first month when you transfer your business number to Avoxi
  • Network and security: Its fully resilient cloud structure offers high quality and reliability in hard-to-reach countries and is backed by Google Cloud Network, and has 99.995% uptime.
  • Fax: It helps you receive and send fax.
  • WhatsApp: This free US virtual number for the WhatsApp support allows you to access WhatsApp even without a smartphone or number.
  • Caller ID: You can use this app to get a custom caller ID.
  • Unlimited calls: Make unlimited calls with above 500 participants.
  • Programmable Voice APIs: You can build a customizable voice solution most suitable for your business and customers. It lets you program the inbound and outbound calling capabilities.
  • Supports Conference, Routing, Forwarding, and Recording
  • Countries it is available in: 170 nations
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • Types of Phone Numbers offered: Local, Toll-free, and non-geographical numbers for business.
  • Price: Plans start at $0 a month.
  • Free trial: free and subscription plans available
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It has 24/7 365 support available There might be voice quality issues sometimes
Avoxi comes with unlimited storage for platform analytics and call recording. It doesn’t have a mobile app or a desktop phone as of now
It includes a real-time dashboard
You get unlimited concurrent calls on all plans.

Visit Avoxi >>

16) OnSIP

Best for businesses that want a completely customizable platform

OnSI is built to match how your work functions; hence, it is trusted by over 100,000 businesses. It allows you to communicate through HD video and voice calls. This service provider also helps you generate custom click-to-call links from the instant messaging platform. OnSIP is a fully customizable platform, so you can add and remove features as per your liking and pay only for the services you add.



  • Call management: Mute calls, put them on hold, transfer them to the right employee or colleagues, etc.
  • International dialing: Make International Calls from your onSIP account
  • Voicemail to email: The callers can record messages when you are busy and send this audio file to your email.
  • Call Parking: It lets you put callers on hold and then let another employee continue the conversation on other devices.
  • Announcements: You can record a message and play it for the callers when they are in a queue or reach a menu.
  • Auto attendants: It lets you set up a touchtone menu for the customers.
  • Dial-by-name-directory: You can create a directory for the customers so they can reach a particular employee using the touchtone to spell their names
  • Business hour rules: It lets you set up company business hours; this helps you direct the calls to the endpoint of your choice so you can still know about the calls even when you are closed.
  • HD calling: Get HD sound quality through expanded frequencies
  • Personal ring strategy: This lets you decide how long you want your calls to ring and when to forward the call in case you do not answer.
  • Emergency dialing: This VoIP number is capable of emergency calls.
  • ACD queues: It lets you automatically distribute the calls among sales representatives and support individuals and also provides a waiting room when there is call overflow
  • Inbound bridge: You can use toll-free, local, and international numbers from another provider with OnSIP’s hosted PBX feature
  • Music on hold: The caller can listen to music they are on hold.
  • Group: This free VoIP app enables you to arrange your team in a group-based role.
  • You can plus these IP phones to the internet connection for making calls.
  • Make test calls using a mobile app or desktop.
  • Supports Conference, Routing. Forwarding, and Recording
  • Countries: Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, and above 15 more nations.
  • Provides more than one number: Yes
  • Types of Phone Numbers offered: No data.
  • Price: Starting price is $18.95 monthly.
  • Free Trial: Yes (Credit card not needed)
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Its standard calling area is spread across more than 20 countries and is included in the unlimited plan. There is only one dial-by-name directory in the basic plan
You can host audio calls for up to 15 participants in a conference with your choice of extension The Basic plan is expensive
It has an unlimited plan where all the features come with no cap
It provides admins with network status updates.

Visit OnSIP >>


Here are some of the best Virtual phone number providers in US and India:

A Virtual Phone Number, also called as direct access or inward dialing numbers is a telephone number without a directly connected telephone line. Usually, such numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to other telephone, chosen by the client, VoIP, fixed, or mobile.

Virtual phone numbers are required when you run eCommerce store or small business. It offers customers a fast way to contact you. This will help you to grow your business.

VoIP number is a phone system that allows you to communicate with other people over the internet. These applications enable you to make a conference call, send an online fax, text message, SMS, and more.

Yes, it is legal to buy and use free US virtual phone numbers in all countries, but you cannot use them for illegal activity. Much like these virtual numbers, there are also other virtual services, like virtual mailbox services, that can provide a practical and lawful solution for managing your correspondence.

Virtual phone numbers enable you to differentiate between personal and business phone calls that are taken on landline or phone. It can be easily done by getting second line phone number.

Here are the important factors that you need to consider while choosing a US VoIP Number:

  • You need to consider Price and features.
  • Check how the convenient setup process is.
  • Focus on call management services like call forwarding, recording, screening, etc.
  • Ease of keeping the business phone and personal phone separate on mobile phone and landline.
  • Consider the quality of phone calls.
  • Check the availability of automated attendants to route or greet callers to the appropriate line.
  • Analyze customer support.

Business phone systems provide businesses with a dedicated business number that can be a toll-free, local area code prefix, or a customized number like 1-800-BOOKS. You can use them to forward calls to other numbers. You will get many impressive features like mobile apps, automated attendants, call queuing, and provides a real-time view of your clients.

Here is how you can get free VoIP number in India:

  • Step 1) Go to the virtual phone number provider’s website
  • Step 2) Sign up with your individual or business details
  • Step 3) Then buy any virtual phone number and start customizing the virtual business number settings
  • Step 4) Once you purchase the number, an executive from virtual phone number service provider will contact you and help you to set up the number and will answer your questions
  • Step 5) You can also call the service provider directly or fill the contact form on their website to get a virtual phone number

Below is a step by step process to get a free virtual phone number in USA:

  • Step 1) Sign up on any of the above listed virtual phone number service provider who gives free trial
  • Step 2) Enter your details and completer the Sign up process
  • Step 3) Once you sign up, it will allow you to use all their features for the trial period
  • Step 4) Choose the business location and major consumer hotspot
  • Step 5) After choosing the location, your virtual phone number will get activated and running by the virtual phone number service provider

Best Virtual Phone Numbers: VoIP for India & US

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