25 Best FREE Virtual Phone Number (Mobile, WhatsApp) in 2022

A Virtual Phone Number, also called as direct access or inward dialing number is a telephone number without a directly connected telephone line. Usually, such numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to other telephone, chosen by the client, VoIP, fixed, or mobile.

Virtual numbers can be used to setup a phone system without any technical knowledge. Virtual phone numbers are ideal for recording voice messages and share the same number with other people.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Free Virtual Phone Number with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Best Virtual Phone Numbers: VoIP for India & US

Provider Trial Period Setup Fees Link
Phone.com 30 days Free Learn More
Grasshopper 7 day trial $25 Learn More
Hushed free trial £300 Learn More
PhoneBurner free trial $149 Learn More
ConXhub 30 days Free Learn More

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1) Phone.com

Phone is an application that helps you to configure your phone system fast and easy. It allows you to block calls by adding the number in your phone account. This tool supports call blocking, forwarding, and screening. Phone.com enables you to dial any number by name dictionary. It plays music when you hold the phone.


  • Phone.com can be setup instantly.
  • It allows you to create custom schedules.
  • You will receive a notification whenever you get incoming calls.
  • This app allows you to route called depend on the time and day a call is received.
  • You can sync your address book with Phone application.
  • It enables you to personalize your call with greetings, messages, voices, and music.
  • You can send and receive SMS on any local number.
  • Phone.com helps you to create and organize your groups and extensions.
  • You can set your unique caller ID.

2) Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a virtual phone application that provides a communication solution for small businesses. It gives one professional phone number that can be used on existing cell mobile or landline. This app enables you to port your virtual number without any hassle. It allows you to take multiple calls simultaneously by routing to another phone or tam member.


  • It provides a full view of your business interactions across more than one channel.
  • You can make and receive calls using a desktop or mobile app.
  • This tool converts voicemail to text so that you can read them without listening to it.
  • It enables you to record professional messages that welcome your clients.
  • You can reply via text messaging on your office number.
  • It allows you to send a fax as a PDF attachment from your email.

3) Hushed

Hushed is a phone number application that enables you to call, send pictures, and text. This application helps you to keep your real phone number safe and secure. It can automatically respond to any text messages sent to the number.


  • It enables you to add and manage more than one number.
  • You can easily access your number using WiFi/data connection.
  • It helps you to keep your conversation private and secure.
  • You can record and customize voicemail.
  • Allows you to forward a call.
  • You can integrate this application with DropBox or Slack.

4) PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner is a dialer software that enables you to make good business sales. It offers quality conversions and closed deals. This tool can be integrated with numerous tools like Salesforce, Zapier, Zoho, etc. It allows you to dial from any mobile phone without any hassle.


  • Enables you to dial numbers from local area codes.
  • This tool provides dedicated inbound phone numbers.
  • You can transfer a call to any number with ease.
  • Offers support from the team to setup your account.
  • It helps you to simplify the process of remote sales.

5) ConXhub

ConXhub is a user-friendly business phone system. It is a highly advanced business phone system that allows users to create multiple profiles and numbers. You can also make & receive calls from multiple numbers.


  • It offers highest HD quality calls
  • You can forward calls to Mobile Phones or any Phone around the World
  • You can get a Toll Free, Local, or International Phone Number from the country of your choice

6) YouMail

YouMail is a virtual phone number service provider that helps you to protect yourself and mobile device network.
This application can automatically block robocalls and enables you to block custom calls.


  • You can identify the missed caller with ease.
  • Offers custom voicemail greetings.
  • Provides visual voicemail.
  • Helps you to protect your privacy with a second phone number.
  • It automatically replies to missed callers.
  • Enables you to make a conference call.

7) VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX is one of the best virtual phone number systems that helps you to monitor your calls in real time. This tool provides Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to manage call traffic of a specific department.

It allows you to customize the phone number that fits your brand. VirtualPBX enables you to show your business name and number on an outgoing caller ID.


  • Your current business number can be transferred to Talkroute.
  • Set a date and time when your phone is available.
  • This app supports audio conferencing.
  • You can forward call to any devices you have chosen.
  • It provides Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration.
  • You can make a call from your web browser.
  • It has a status indicator that helps you to know the status of the VirtualPBX platform.

8) TalkRoute

Talkroute is a virtual phone number providing service that enables you to make and receive business calls in less effort. This application provides varieties of numbers according to your business. It allows you to forward or route calls anywhere. Talkroute can be used to send a message to your customers. It offers easy to manage voicemails.


  • It enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Provides detailed history reports.
  • You can customize your welcome message.
  • Offers 3 or 4 digit direct-dial extensions.
  • Send and receive MMS and SMS.
  • You can set time and date when your phones are available.
  • It helps you to manage user accounts and permissions.
  • TalkRoute can be easily accessed from Android or iOS phones.

9) CallHippo

CallHippo virtual phone system can be setup without any hassle. It enables you to integrate with more than 100 tools. This service provider enables startup and businesses to have a local number from 50+ countries. It offers easy to use interface and a robust backend facility to setup a customer support center.


  • This service provider enables you to make calls from the browser.
  • It allows you to quickly get local phone numbers.
  • Supports call forwarding, recording, and queuing.
  • It helps you to collaborate with your team.
  • The app enables you to interact with callers, gather details, and route calls to the right person.

10) RingCentral

RingCentral is a tool that offers virtual phone number collaboration solutions for businesses. It helps you to better serve with all in one video conferencing, cloud phone, team messaging, etc. This application enables you to use virtual phone service without new hardware. RingCentral helps you to install and setup with minimal effort.


  • It provides a call forwarding facility.
  • This tool offers HD quality video and web conferencing.
  • You can host a maximum of 100 participants in an online meeting.
  • It enables you to manage both incoming and outgoing faxes online.
  • RingCentral is available in 100+ countries with local dialing plan as well as international virtual numbers.
  • It allows you to share file tasks and file online.

11) Ooma Office Phone

Ooma Office Phone is an online virtual number service provider. This tool offers voicemail, automatically call distribution facility, and more. It allows you to receive calls from your phones. This software can be easily setup in less time. Ooma Office Phone enables you to port your current port number with ease.


  • You do not need any software to use it.
  • This free VoIP number tool is integrated with a cloud voice and business app.
  • It provides a local and toll-free number of your choice.
  • You can transfer your incoming call to another Ooma office phone.
  • Ooma provides 24/7 customer support.
  • It allows you to block any call.
  • You can manage your phone calls from a smartphone.
  • The app provides one virtual fax service for the user.

12) Voxdirect

Voxdirect is a simple and Effective Text Marketing that helps you to grow your business.
It runs your growing business from anywhere with a professional phone system.


  • You can calls via virtual receptionists.
  • Allows you to transcribed voicemails to email.
  • Transfer calls to the right person
  • It helps you to quickly read through your voicemails.
  • Allows you to connect with actual customers, not spammers.

Link: https://www.voxdirect.com/

13) Nextiva

Nextiva is a virtual phone number system. It allows you to start audio and video conferencing with just one mouse click. This application offers a local toll-free number. It provides alters of voicemail via email. Nextiva easily allows you to receive SMS and text messages from your mobile app.


  • You can know the customer’s information when they call.
  • Automatically get feedback from your clients.
  • All your communication and data can be managed centrally.
  • You can track the interaction of a customer with your business.
  • This VoIP tool provides a real-time view of your clients at an individual level.
  • You can send an online fax, text message, and SMS.
  • Supports unlimited conference calling.
  • Offers professionally recorded greetings.

Link: https://www.nextiva.com/

14) Google Voice

Google Voice is a virtual telephone service that offers voicemail, call forwarding, text, and voice messaging, as well as a call termination facility. It works on smartphones and the web. Therefore, you can make calls from anywhere. This application filters spam calls using AI.


  • The tool can be customized that suits your everyday workflow.
  • It automatically transcribes your voicemail.
  • Google voice is easy to use.
  • You can easily connect with other people to organize your task.
  • This free virtual number provider lets you configure your PBX.
  • Can be integrated with Google Calendar and Meet.

Link: https://voice.google.com/

15) eVoice

eVoice is a free virtual phone number provider that offers call forwarding and auto attendant. It enables you to welcome your customers using studio-recorded greetings. This application enables you to read your voicemails with ease. You can use eVoice to get a local number in your city and forward it to the existing phone lines.


  • It allows you to choose a landline phone number for your local, international, and national business.
  • You can work remotely with no hassle by using video conferencing.
  • Make or receive calls from mobile or your desktop.
  • This virtual number free application provides a choice of a phone number that suits your business.
  • It allows you to record a call.
  • The app supports speed dialing.
  • eVoice plays music when you put the phone on hold.
  • It enables you to block the phone number.

Link: https://www.ereceptionist.co.uk/geo/evoice

16) Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is one of the best free virtual phone number providers that offer automatic dialers and IVR. This application enables you to greet your customer through a welcome message.

It allows you to record and forward call. Bitrix24 offers phone number rental in more than 43 countries. It has an automatic call distribution (ACD) facility.


  • It allows you to work with any equipment, including computers, iOS, and Android, etc.
  • This free virtual number USA application has a fully featured phone system.
  • It provides free CRM software.
  • You can transfer calls to other departments of your organization.
  • Bitrix24 enables your computer to interact with the telephone.

Link: https://www.bitrix24.com/uses/free-virtual-phone-number.php

17) Virtualphone

Virtualphone is a service that offers numbers in more than 120 countries. It enables you to quickly start receiving calls. This application allows you to record incoming or outgoing calls.

Virtualphone can be used to send SMS to your phone number. This app gives a detailed information of callers like local time, web browser, operating system, geolocation, etc.


  • Supports live chat with voice.
  • It allows you to forward calls to anyone.
  • You can send voicemail and fax.
  • It enables you to schedule a call.
  • The tool allows you to easily place international calls.
  • VirtualPhone application offers easy setup.

Link: https://www.virtualphone.com/

18) Exotel

Exotel is a virtual phone number system for SMEs, startups, and enterprise. This application offers both call recording and forwarding. It enables you to identify call patterns according to the volumes so as to avoid missing any call.

The system can be completely customizable to suites your business requirement.


  • It provides real time notification when you miss a call.
  • This cloud system offers unlimited channels.
  • The application includes a visual drag and drop dashboard.
  • Exotel has a visual API that works on WYSIWYG.
  • You can track your productivity through your call stats.
  • It has automated call distribution functionality that redirects call to the right agents.
  • Exptel provides detailed analytics of each call.

Link: https://exotel.com/virtual-phone-number/

19) Vonage Virtual Number

Vonage is an application that offers scalable and flexible voice, message, and video calling facility. This application offers a telephone keypad for dialing numbers. It allows you to place an international call. You can use this tool to block or unblock numbers using a mobile or online account.


  • It enables you to link any mobile phone.
  • This program supports call forwarding.
  • You can change the Voicemail PIN.
  • It supports the customization of voicemail.
  • You can turn on and off caller ID or call waiting facilities.
  • Vonage allows you to easily setup the system.
  • The tool is easy to add a phone line to your account.
  • Vonage helps you to quickly turn on/off the call forwarding feature.

Link: https://www.vonageforhome.com/personal/features/virtual-phone-number/

20) Blacktel.io

Blacktel.io is online service that offers virtual phone numbers to use with any browser. It enables you to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and more. This application allows you to get your phone number from a preferred country. blacktel.io is easy to protect your original number and forward calls over a virtual number.


  • It enables you to send and receive fax documents.
  • This free virtual number for WhatsApp application enables you to use WhatsApp without a cell phone or number.
  • Supports call recording, forwarding, and more.
  • It allows you to redirect incoming SMS to any email address.
  • This system automatically response the call through SMS.

Link: https://www.blacktel.io/

21) Avoxi

Avoxi is application that enables you to buy virtual phone numbers online. It allows you to forward a call to any location you like. This tool provides a call routing facility.


  • Supports more than 160 countries.
  • You can use this app to get a custom caller ID.
  • This virtual mobile number India free service includes all the features of VoIP.
  • You can host unlimited calls with more than 500 participants.

Link: https://www.avoxi.com/india-virtual-phone-numbers/

22) TollFreeForwarding.com

TollFreeForwarding.com is a cheap virtual phone number system that offers 24/7 customer service. It offers call forwarding and enables you to adjust voice menu settings. This application provides a local number in more than 120 countries.


  • You can receive calls immediately when you active this software.
  • This free virtual phone number app helps you to improve client communication through quality cloud-based numbers.
  • This tool enables you to expand your business internationally.

Link: https://tollfreeforwarding.com/free-virtual-phone-number/

23) GlobalCallForwarding

GlobalCallForwarding is a service that provides mobile, local, and toll-free numbers. This application offers you easy to use high-quality call forwarding service. It helps you to connect and communicate your customer efficiently by adding SMS to your number.


  • Supports call recording.
  • This free phone number service provides unlimited extensions.
  • You can customize a greeting message.
  • The app allows you to set the time of routing.
  • Forward calls in sequence.
  • You can filter your calls using a black and white list.
  • It offers customer supports through chat.
  • This application has a user-friendly control panel using which you can set unlimited extensions.
  • GlobalCallForwarding app enables you to manage your account with ease.

Link: https://www.globalcallforwarding.com/

24) CountryCode

CountryCode is a system that provides a free virtual phone number. It enables you to quickly forward your call. This application offers details like country, are, and ISO codes.


  • Offers easy to use interface.
  • This free virtual business phone number application supports international calls.
  • You can make a call simply by clicking on the country available on the site.
  • It helps you to easily find dialing codes.

Link: https://countrycode.org/free-virtual-number

25) OnSIP

OnSIP is one of the best virtual business number provider that helps you to generate custom click to call links from the instant messaging platform. It enables you to make HD video and voice calls. This tool allows you to block the call you don’t want. OnSIP application can be used to dial international numbers.


  • The application allows for emergency dialing.
  • Onsip provides a call blocking facility.
  • It plays music when you put your phone on hold.
  • This app helps you to organize your team into a group-based role.
  • Support extension dialing.
  • You can plug your IP phones into an internet connection and make a call.
  • It provides a virtual receptionist that intelligently routes your call.
  • You can make a test call using a desktop or mobile app.

Link: https://www.onsip.com/


❓ What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A Virtual Phone Number, also called as direct access or inward dialing numbers is a telephone number without a directly connected telephone line. Usually, such numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to other telephone, chosen by the client, VoIP, fixed, or mobile.

⚡ Which are the best Virtual Phone Number Providers in US & India?

Here are some of the best Virtual phone number providers in US and India:

❓ When Do You Need a Virtual Business Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers are required when you run eCommerce store or small business. It offers customers a fast way to contact you. This will help you to grow your business.

👉 What is a VoIP Number?

VoIP number is a phone system that allows you to communicate with other people over the internet. These applications enable you to make a conference call, send an online fax, text message, SMS, and more.

❗ Are Virtual Phone Numbers legal?

Yes, it is legal to buy and use virtual phone numbers in all countries, but you cannot use them for illegal activity.

🏅 What factors to consider while choosing a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers enable you to differentiate between personal and business phone calls that are taken on landline or phone. It can be easily done by getting second line phone number.

Here are the important factors that you need to consider while choosing a Virtual Phone Number:

  • You need to consider Price and features.
  • Check how the convenient setup process is.
  • Focus on call management services like call forwarding, recording, screening, etc.
  • Ease of keeping the business phone and personal phone separate on mobile phone and landline.
  • Consider the quality of phone calls.
  • Check the availability of automated attendants to route or greet callers to the appropriate line.
  • Analyze customer support.

🚀 Why use a Business Phone?

Business phone systems provide businesses with a dedicated business number that can be a toll-free, local area code prefix, or a customized number like 1-800-BOOKS. You can use them to forward calls to other numbers. You will get many impressive features like mobile apps, automated attendants, call queuing, and provides a real-time view of your clients.

👉 How to Get Indian Virtual Phone Number?

Here is how you can get Indian virtual phone number:

  • Step 1) Go to the virtual phone number provider’s website
  • Step 2) Sign up with your individual or business details
  • Step 3) Then buy any virtual phone number and start customizing the virtual business number settings
  • Step 4) Once you purchase the number, an executive from virtual phone number service provider will contact you and help you to set up the number and will answer your questions
  • Step 5) You can also call the service provider directly or fill the contact form on their website to get a virtual phone number

❓ How to Get Free Virtual Phone Number USA?

Below is a step by step process to get a free virtual phone number in USA:

  • Step 1) Sign up on any of the above listed virtual phone number service provider who gives free trial
  • Step 2) Enter your details and completer the Sign up process
  • Step 3) Once you sign up, it will allow you to use all their features for the trial period
  • Step 4) Choose the business location and major consumer hotspot
  • Step 5) After choosing the location, your virtual phone number will get activated and running by the virtual phone number service provider