7 BEST VoIP Service Providers in India (2024)

Receiving all kinds of calls on your personal number means compromising your privacy. This is why several Indians have moved towards virtual phone number providers for making and receiving calls. With an Indian VoIP, you can get several local numbers for masking your actual number and use it for work and other numerous cases.

Choosing the best VoIP for India is a significant undertaking, as randomly picking a service provider can affect your business. A poor virtual phone number raises doubts about privacy, has high downtime, and poor customer service. Hence, we have made a list of the best VoIP in India after rigorous research on the providers, their services, pricing, free trial duration amongst others.
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Best VoIP Providers in India

Name Minutes Pricing Free Trial Link
CallHippo Based on the plan, crossing limit cost extra per minute $0 Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More
RingCentral Unlimited USA Calling $19.99 per month. 15-Day Trial Learn More
Nextiva Based on the plan, crossing limit cost extra per minute $19.99 14 days Learn More
Vonage 400 minutes local and low cost for long-distance calling $15 14 days Learn More
Exotel Based on the plan, crossing limit cost extra per minute $15 15 days Learn More

1) CallHippo

Best for cutting down communication costs

CallHippo is a VoIP system that is built to increase employee productivity. It automates workflow, which helps in tracking agent performance and makes communication cost-effective.

It also offers a flexible telephony network deployment anywhere with just a single internet connection. CallHippo has zero latency, over 50 Global servers, and is AI-enabled. Its products include Business Phone Systems, Speech Analytics, Voice Broadcasting, WhatsApp Business, etc.

#1 Top Pick

Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: Australia, Canada, France, UK, USA 45+ more countries

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit CallHippo


  • Power Dialer: It helps you deliver your daily calling components.
  • Smart Switch: You will face no connectivity issues as it offers you multi-telephony providers, before placing a call.
  • Smart call forwarding: This free virtual phone number helps forward incoming calls to several phones so you are always reachable.
  • Call queueing and barging: A superior monitoring the call can silently barge into the conference with this feature.
  • Voicemail: Receive voicemails and play them straight from your email.
  • Analytics: This VoIP system helps you track phone support’s performance, reduce call loads of the agents and measure missed calls.
  • Automatic call distribution: Distribute the calls to the best-suited agents for a better customer experience.
  • Call center analytics: Create data-based decisions for improving the support team.
  • Call Whispering: Speak to the agent secretly between meetings without disturbing the conference to guide them in helping the clients.


  • This VoIP service for home promises CLI in over 70 countries.
  • Interactive-voice response lets customers navigate and find the right department and agent.
  • It lets you build internal networks with a number of extensions for handling multiple calls simultaneously.


  • Integration process is not smooth in this VoIP of India.
  • CallHippo may have some hidden fees.

Key Specs:

SLA: 99.9% uptime
Mobile App: iOS, Android
Integrations: Zoho CRM, Zapier, Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Intercom, Shopify, etc.
Customer support: Live chat, FAQ helpdesk, email, and call.
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan
Pricing: Starts at $0 for a month for the Basic, and the lowest paid plan is Bronze for $16.

Visit CallHippo >>

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

2) RingCentral

Best for Advanced call routing

RingCentral is a single platform to manage all your business calls. It provides you with SMS, video call, fax, conferencing, unlimited calling, and several other services for handling your work. You can set it up within just a few minutes. Using it, you will never miss a potential customer or face disconnection allowing you to offer top-notch services.

This app will help you collaborate without hindrance and chat as a team using SMS for enhanced productivity. It is easy to use and lets you handle calls from anywhere, anytime. Ring Central has advanced features and deep insights into the reports about service quality, sales, and much more.


Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Business phone or toll-free numbers

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: Canada, U.S

Free Trial: 15-Days Free Trial

Visit RingCentral


  • Automatic voicemail transcriptions: You do not have to listen to every voicemail and will never miss any of them because of this feature.
  • No hardware: Does not require any telephony hardware.
  • Robust phone service plans: It is one of the best VoIP service providers in India that has advanced communication features like cloud PBX, video conferencing, etc.
  • Premium inbound call features: You can customize how your incoming calls are handled after office hours.
  • Unique Add-ons: It is one of the VoIP service providers with features like an Employee Directory, Call Tracking Metrics, Ring Groups, VoIP Connection, etc.
  • Analytics: Gain real-time insights with its MVP Analytics for making better decisions.
  • Number Porting: Port your existing phone numbers to the service without additional costs or timelines.


  • Automatically remove all unwanted noise in the background.
  • Track and report system usage and service quality.
  • It doesn’t have separate phone bills for different phone services.


  • This VoIP phone system lets you use only one number with a device.
  • It is one of the few VoIP service providers in India that does not support landline customers.

Key Specs:

SLA: Uptime SLA of 99.999%
Mobile App: Android and iOS
Integrations: 300+, including Microsoft 365, Zendesk Suite, and Google Workspace.
Customer Support: Email, phone & chat support, website form.
Free Trial: 15-Day Trial
Pricing: Starts at $20 per month, billed annually.

Visit RingCentral >>

15-Days Free Trial

3) Nextiva

Best for modern-day work

Nextiva provides a centralized platform and workspace with no friction. All it needs is internet broadband to set up. Nextiva helps you import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook or Google Contacts and start using it.

This company also offers a phone system, social media management, reputation management, NextivaOne App, contact center, customer experience, and productivity software. Nextiva has won several Stevie awards for its service in customer support.


Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local and International

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: Canada, UK, USA, Puerto Rico

Free Trial: 30-Day Free Trial

Visit Nextiva


  • Communications: Get unified communications with VoIP, chat, video calls, auto attendant, phone calls, etc.
  • Unlimited services: It is one of the VoIP service providers with unlimited calling, texting, and faxing all over India.
  • Conference calls: You can create conference calls with just a click from your cell phone and host unlimited video and audio meetings.
  • Application: Get a user-friendly app for Mac and Windows and high-rated iOS and Android mobile applications with this virtual phone system.
  • Easy collaboration: Schedule meetings, track projects, and conversations, share files, and create groups.
  • Insights: Track calls in real-time and offer customer reports and history of live-call data, analyze call logs, etc.
  • Security: It is one of the service providers in India with an ISO/IEC 27001 certification that gives top security and enhanced privacy with TLS and SRTP encryption.
  • Advanced voicemail: Includes advanced voicemails in the mobile VoIP app and an email inbox that lets you view, listen and manage them.


  • It has an easy setup; all you need is a broadband connection.
  • Nextiva data centers are SSAE 16 certified, and SOC II audited.
  • This VoIP provider in India offers expert advice, training, and webinars.


  • The support is a little slow in responding.
  • The mobile app glitches sometimes.

Key Specs:

SLA: It has 99.999% uptime and had zero outages in 2019 and 2020
Mobile App: iOS, Android
Integrations: CRM, VoIP system, Google, Microsoft, etc.
Customer Support: Ticket and chat are available with reliable customer support.
Free Trial: 7-day
Pricing: Starts at $20.96 per month per user.

Visit Nextiva >>

7-Days Free Trial

4) Vonage

Best for accelerating connections to your business

Vonage helps you power the customer experiences throughout their journey. It lets you connect with your colleagues and employees anytime, anywhere, from any device. Vonage is trusted by 100,000+ businesses worldwide and has over 1.15 million registered developers.

It includes communications API, unified communications, contact centers, conversational commerce, etc. Vonage boosts the communications that you need for your business. This VoIP has also received prestigious awards like Best Company by Outlook, The Cloud Awards, and Frost and Sullivan.



  • Voice Quality engine: Provide a high voice quality with its global carrier network.
  • Automatic speech recognition: It is one of the VoIP services in India that has voice control and a self-serve model with auto-speech recognition.
  • Conferencing and auto-join: Conduct conferences globally with great audio quality.
  • Audio playback: Get customizable voice prompts and various hold music.
  • Toll-free and local phone numbers: It provides a toll-free business number for SMS and voice calls.
  • WebRTC Enabled: Make calls over IP and PSTN with powerful programmable voice features.
  • Globally distributed call controls: This feature mitigates latency and increases call quality.
  • Voice Inspector: Get to know about the call quality analysis, simplify testing of the new voice apps, and perform debugging.


  • You can establish an exclusive audio feed for a specific participant.
  • Record up to 32 call participants in separate tracks.
  • Vonage comes with a Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)


  • This VoIP phone system reporting option needs improvement.
  • The dashboard can be difficult to use.

Key Specs:

SLA: 99.999% Uptime
Mobile App: iOS, Android
Integrations: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Teams, Slack, G Suite, Google Workspace, etc.
Customer Support: This VoIP service has Bot chat, a query form to talk to an expert, and email.
Free Trial: 14 days

Visit Vonage >>

14-Days Free Trial

5) Exotel

Best for businesses of all sizes

Exotel is a highly secure VoIP service with ISO 27001:2013 certified information security system. It is known for bringing in profits, reduced network latency, and high voice quality. This VoIP provider helps your business scale easily so you do not have to bother about the infrastructure.

It offers virtual phone numbers for businesses of all sizes in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, and several SEAian countries. Exotel received the Emerging Company Award in the year 2014.



  • Call recording: You can record phone calls and monitor them for business purposes.
  • Smart call routing: It has an automated call distribution feature that redirects the calls to the right employees.
  • Call queuing: Put the customers in a queue by playing music or a recording till the next agent is available.
  • Multi-level IVR: It is one of the VoIP companies in India that can personalize customer communications and automate tasks.
  • Visual call flow builder: You get a no-code, intuitive drag-and-drop builder to create custom call flows.
  • Simple setup: It is easy to set up, and you can start using it instantly just after 30 minutes.
  • Well-documented APIs: This virtual phone system helps you leverage powerful APIs to increase the quality of your calls and texting.
  • Analytics: Get a complete analytics report of performance and receive key metrics for optimizing your operations.


  • It doesn’t need extra infrastructure and works on all devices.
  • You can connect your team with just a single virtual number.
  • Incoming calls are free on all paid plans.


  • Its user interface looks outdated and isn’t very intuitive.
  • This VoIP phone system doesn’t have an auto-call facility.

Key Specs:

SLA: 99.94% uptime
Mobile App: iOS, Android
Integrations: XTRM, WhatsApp, ExoVerify, Voice, SMS
Customer support: This VoIP service has 24/7 support via email, phone, and Twitter.
Free Trial: 15 days
Pricing: Starts at $200 with five months validity.

Link: https://exotel.com/virtual-phone-number/#Virtual-number_features

6) My Operator

Best for enhancing customer experience

My Operator provides a seamless cloud telephony solution to its users. This VoIP provides its services in 97 countries and has 7000 customers. It was started to mainly help businesses use cloud calling services for better customer service. What began with only five members in 2013 is now a full-blown team of more than 180 members.

It has scalable customer contact center technology that prepares millions of conversations. My Operator has an automated IVR, scalable conversations, and AI-powered speech analytics.

My Operator


  • Call tracking: It helps track and monitor calls so you never miss a lead.
  • Push reports: My Operator is one of the service providers in India that offers a detailed business report through email and SMS.
  • Virtual Receptionist: It is one of the VoIP service providers that provide a virtual receptionist service 24/7.
  • Call recording: Record calls and listen later to analyze what the callers need.
  • Live Dashboard: You can check and monitor the number of calls connected and missed by all your units.
  • Live call info: It provides details for every incoming call straight to your web panel.
  • Multi-level IVR: Manage multiple calls simultaneously by customizing your IVR.
  • Live call transfer: You can transfer ongoing calls without dropping them with this VoIP phone service for small businesses.
  • After-hours call routing: Route the calls to specific agents after office hours.
  • Voicemail facility: This phone system allows customers to leave voicemails when no available agents exist.
  • Call forwarding: Forward business calls immediately to reduce the working time of the callers.


  • It has a sticky agent that helps you provide specific agents for the caller to resolve their issue instantly.
  • You can export log data to measure the performance of your agents.
  • It has a no questions asked refund policy.


  • Customer support may not be very responsive.
  • Sometimes the incoming number shows only once the call is disconnected.

Key Specs:

SLA: 99.9% Uptime
Mobile App: iOS, Android
Integrations: Zoho, Salesforce, Zoho PhoneBridge, Bigin by Zoho CRM, kreato, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, etc.
Customer support: This VoIP service has Live chat support and email ticket.
Free Trial: 3 days

Link: https://myoperator.com/

7) Doosra

Best for creating online accounts like Telegram

Doosra started with an interesting backstory. This idea first sparked when the Founder-CEO of Doosra was shopping on a Sunday morning in 2019 at a global sporting retail chain. It has only been a few years, but this company has already been featured in several reputed news corporations. The news mediums include BusinessLine, The Telegraph online, etc.

This VoIP provides 10 digits virtual number and safeguards you from spammers. It guarantees 100% privacy to the users and is a trusted solution to avoid security breaches. You can also gift Doosra’s virtual number to your friends and loved ones.



  • No SIM: This VoIP phone software doesn’t require a separate SIM card or a phone, as it works on your existing cell. All you will have to do is download the application.
  • Auto-Block calls: Block all your incoming calls on the Doosra number by default, and they go straight to your voicemail, and you can answer only when required.
  • Whitelist Contacts: This VoIP system helps you whitelist contacts so they can call you without staying blocked.
  • View SMS and OTPs: You can view text messages and OTPs.
  • Voicemail: Listen to voicemails left by the callers.
  • Secret passcodes: Get secret passcodes for incoming calls.
  • Special numbers: You can select a Premium or VIP number, which are specially curated.


  • It has AI-enabled call routing.
  • Doosra has a system status that helps you find real-time information about the status of their services.
  • It has multi-user login that goes up to five devices.


  • It has limited features compared to other providers.
  • This VoIP system offers very few integrations.

Key Specs:

SLA: 99.9% Uptime
Mobile App: iOS, Android
Integrations: CRM and Helpdesk
Customer support: This VoIP service has FAQ, Email, and Call.
Free Trial: 30 days of free service apart from activation

Link: https://www.doosra.com/

How to select the Best Virtual Phone Number service provider?

To choose the best VoIP call provider, you can follow the tips below:

  • Call management: Learn about its features like call forwarding, recording, blocking, internet protocol, etc.
  • Sound quality: Analyse the sound quality before subscribing to VoIP software services.
  • Multi-line: The best VoIP software should be able to separate your business calls from personal calls on both landline and cell phone.
  • Automated attendant: It always helps answer the phone, and the caller never gets a busy line.
  • Installation and use: A VoIP service must be easy to install and user-friendly.
  • Pricing: Learn about its starting plan and how much it costs for all the premium features, and if it has any hidden costs.


The different types of Virtual phone numbers in India are:

  • Indian Landline number: The number by VoIP providers in India consists of a 10-digit number, and the area code varies from two to four.
  • Indian Mobile phone number: This includes 10 digits. The first two numbers are access codes. The other three are the provider’s code, and the last five are the user’s number.
  • Toll-free phone numbers of India: The Indian toll-free number comes with 10 or 11 numbers and starts with codes like 1800 or 1860.
  • Indian vanity phone numbers: They look close to toll-free numbers.
  • BYOC: Bring your own carrier is a virtual phone number from a cloud-based phone system. You can move BYOC to a different virtual cloud telephony service.

VoIP service providers offer tips to users about emergencies and how to handle power outages and natural disasters. They advise call routing, diverting incoming calls to voicemails, forwarding calls to other business locations, etc.

They also have an SLA for refund in case an emergency occurs on their end, and you do not get the guaranteed uptime.

In conclusion

VoIP services help businesses and individuals make phone and video calls, send sms, conduct meetings, and much more. With the help of an ideal virtual phone number provider in India, you can also offer customers the best experience and grow your revenue. Some of India’s top VoIP service providers are CallHippo, RingCentral, Nextiva, etc.

Purchasing a virtual phone number is recommended, especially in a world where privacy has become our major concern. VoIP not only hides your number but also has several advantages for managing business, customers, employees, etc.

Best VoIP Providers in India

Name Minutes Pricing Free Trial Link
CallHippo Based on the plan, crossing limit cost extra per minute $0 14 days Learn More
RingCentral Unlimited USA Calling $19.99 per month. 15-Day Trial Learn More
Nextiva Based on the plan, crossing limit cost extra per minute $19.99 14 days Learn More
Vonage 400 minutes local and low cost for long-distance calling $15 14 days Learn More
Exotel Based on the plan, crossing limit cost extra per minute $15 15 days Learn More