7 Best FREE VoIP Apps for Android Call (2024)

VoIP Calling Apps for Android

VoIP apps can be vulnerable to hacking and other security breaches. These apps can also use a lot of power, draining the battery quickly. It is a major concern for users relying on Android devices for communication.

So, you should look for an ideal VoIP app will offer robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data and communications. It will also prevent unnecessary power consumption while ensuring stable connectivity for users.

Thus, we have researched 42+ tools and handpicked the 9 best VoIP apps for Android based on their features, tools, and user-friendliness.
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Top Pick

Hushed is a versatile VoIP and a free US phone number app beyond basic calling and messaging functionalities. Along with providing a free US phone number, the app offers additional features such as call routing. 

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Best FREE VoIP Calling Apps for Android

Name Key Features Free Trial Link
Skype • Audio & HD video calling
• Call Forwarding
• Call recording and Live subtitles
Basic Free Version Learn More
Google Meet • Host large meetings
• Broadcast internal events
• Live captions
14 days Learn More
Telegram • Encrypted calling & messaging.
• Broadcast Messaging
• Noise Cancellation
Free Software Learn More
OpenPhone • Voicemail to text transcription.
• Basic IVR (auto-attendant.
• Call recording.
7 days Learn More
Facebook Messenger • Augmented reality filters
• Automated chatbots
• Self-Destructing Messages
Free Learn More

1) Skype

Overall Best VoIP for Android Phone

I recommend Skype for any business that aims to improve efficiency and collaboration. With Skype, you have all you need to connect with a large user base effectively and affordably.

Its VoIP functionality has consistently been reliable, offering exceptional clarity and quality calls. Skype’s intuitive UI makes it accessible to users of all technical proficiency levels. Microsoft Office integration allows users to access Skype contacts and initiate calls or chats from within the Office apps.



  • Call Recording and Transcription: I could record calls and transcribe with live subtitles.
  • Global Free Calls: Free voice and video calls worldwide at low cost.
  • Group Communication: Group video/voice calls up to 50, chat up to 300 people.
  • Call Forwarding: It helped me transfer calls to any other preferred number.
  • One-Click Meetings: You can create online meetings with just one click. I find this incredibly convenient for quick setups.
  • Smart Messaging: Use @mentions and share files with other Skype users.
  • Background Effects: I could blur or change the background with pictures instantly.
  • Microsoft Integration: Integrates with Outlook, Office, and other Microsoft apps.
  • Customizable Notifications: Adjust notifications and availability status.
  • Platform Compatibility: I used it on Windows and iOS/iPad.
  • Customer Support: Access online chat and forums for support.


  • Accessible anywhere from any device having an internet connection.
  • End-to-end encryption for added security and privacy.
  • I could cancel Skype premium plans when I wanted without any issues.


  • You cannot communicate with non-Skype users.
  • A large customer base may cause network congestion for me.


  • Free Trial days: Free Basic version
  • Pricing: $3.59/month per user

Link: https://www.skype.com/en

Expert Advice:

Select a VoIP App that allows you to call mobiles as well as Mobile.

2) Google Meet

Best VoIP App for Streamlined Communication

I particularly liked how Google Meet handles video conferencing. It is best for ensuring smooth, reliable communication without any lag or interruption.

Google Meet offers various functionalities necessary for virtual collaboration, such as breakout rooms and hand-raising features. Its G-Suite integration makes it a convenient and secure option for businesses. This tool’s security measures make it an ideal choice for remote work, online classes, and virtual meetings.

Google Meet


  • Live Captions: Google’s speech recognition gave me live captions for meetings.
  • Large-Scale Video Conferencing: You can host up to 500 participants in video meetings.
  • Google Calendar Integration: This feature helps me easily schedule and join meetings from Google Calendar. I rely on it for my busy schedule.
  • High-Quality Video/Audio: Offers high-definition video and audio quality.
  • Internal Event Broadcasting: Broadcast events to up to 100,000 viewers within your domain.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Available on web browsers, Android, and iOS.
  • Customizable Layouts: I could customize layouts and blur backgrounds during meetings.
  • Google Workspace Integration: Integrates with Google Docs, Slides, and other Workspace apps.
  • Screen Sharing and Recording: I could conveniently share screens and record meetings for later use.
  • Voice-Over IP Customization: Easy-to-customize VoIP app with participant management.
  • Platform Compatibility: Supported on Windows and iPhone/iPad.
  • Customer Support: Access online chat, forums, and email help desk.


  • Users do not need a phone number to schedule a call.
  • One-click integration for easy calls and meetings via Google Contacts and Calendar.
  • I didn’t have to download it, irrespective of the device.


  • The free plan limited the number of people I could connect with and how long our meetings could last.


  • Free Trial days: 14 days
  • Pricing: Paid plans start at $6/month per user

Visit Google Meet >>

14-Days Free Trial

3) Telegram

Best App to Conceal Caller Identity

I found Telegram to be a top-notch cloud-based VoIP app. It gives your business the communication edge you need. You can experience the power of reliable, high-speed call delivery for seamless communication.

Telegram offers various call customization options, such as background noise suppression and echo cancellation. These can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs, ensuring a rich customer experience with high-quality audio and video.


Key Features:

  • Massive Group Chats: Up to 200,000 users in simultaneous group chats.
  • High-Quality Calls: It helped me make high-quality video and voice calls on Telegram.
  • Noise Canceling: Advanced algorithms suppress background noise for better calls.
  • Call Forwarding: I could forward incoming calls to another phone number.
  • Unlimited Media/Chat Size: No limit on media or chat sizes.
  • Secret Chats: Have private conversations with the secret chat feature.
  • Open Source Code: Provides free source code and open AI for everyone.
  • Fastest Messaging: Boasts the fastest message delivery among all apps.
  • Channel Broadcasting: It allowed me to broadcast messages to large audiences via Channels.
  • Reliable Messaging: Fast, reliable messaging even with low connectivity.
  • Custom Stickers: You can use a wide range of custom and animated stickers.
  • File Sharing: I could share photos, documents, and various files with others.
  • Multilingual Support: Available in English, Spanish, German, and more.
  • Platform Compatibility: Supported on Windows and iPhone/iPad.
  • Customer Support: Access email helpdesk and online chat for support.


  • Offers low data usage, which is ideal for users with limited internet data.
  • Open API & source code that is available for everyone.
  • Allowed me to share large files up to 2 GB.


  • It does not encrypt calls or meetings from end to end.


  • Free Trial days: Basic free version
  • Pricing: Paid Plans start at $2.20/month per user

Link: https://telegram.org

4) OpenPhone

Best Voice Over IP App for Automated Features

While I was examining OpenPhone, I discovered that it is perfect for those needing a virtual number for professional purposes. It ensures no calls are missed and records all information efficiently.

Its mobile and web-based apps allow easy management of calls, voicemails, and contacts and access to call analytics and reports. OpenPhone also integrates with other apps like Slack, Zendesk, and Salesforce for seamless communication.



  • Internet VoIP Calling: It helped me make calls over the internet, unlike traditional phone lines.
  • Local/Toll-Free Number: I received a new local and toll-free number.
  • Free US/Canada Calls: Unlimited free calls and messaging to the US and Canada.
  • Call Forwarding: Direct incoming calls to another phone number or device.
  • Conference Calling: Multiple parties can join a single phone call.
  • Basic IVR: Auto-attendant directs callers based on the pre-set menu.
  • International Calling: I made international calls at lower rates than traditional carriers.
  • Call Blocking: Block specific numbers or unwanted calls like telemarketers.
  • Virtual Phone Numbers: Access numbers not tied to a specific location or device.
  • Call Waiting: I like its alerts for incoming calls while on another call.
  • Voicemail-to-Text: Leave and receive recorded messages converted to text.
  • Contact Management: Store and organize information about contacts.
  • Platform Compatibility: Supported on Windows and iOS.
  • Customer Support: Access email help desk for support.


  • One new local or toll-free phone number per user.
  • I liked how easy it was to set up and how quickly I got accustomed to its interface.
  • Switch and manage phone numbers effortlessly.
  • No bloatware, saving storage space and improved performance.


  • I found long-distance calls can have a greater chance of latency and delay.


  • Free Trial days: 7 days
  • Pricing: Paid plans start at $13/user per month

Visit OpenPhone >>

7-Days Free Trial

5) Facebook Messenger

Best for Expanding & Connecting Socially

I tested Facebook Messenger and found its automated call-handling feature particularly helpful. You can effortlessly handle both VoIP calls and SMS messages with this user-friendly platform trusted by over 1.3 billion users every month.

One of the main benefits for businesses is its integration with the Facebook platform. This allows businesses to connect with customers and clients through a familiar and widely used platform. It amplifies the chances of reaching a broad spectrum of audiences worldwide.



  • Facebook Integration: Message Facebook friends directly from the app.
  • Group Video Calls: I could make video calls with up to 8 participants.
  • Call Management: Features include call waiting, forwarding, and voicemail.
  • AR Effects: Use augmented reality filters during video calls.
  • Multi-Device Support: It helped me access messages across smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Automated Chatbots: Interact with chatbots for information, answers, and tasks.
  • Fingerprint Security: It enhances chat and log security with fingerprint ID.
  • Polls and Surveys: I could create polls and surveys to gather feedback.
  • Dark Mode: Its darker theme reduces eye strain in low light.
  • Watch Together: I could watch movies, shows, and more via video chat.
  • Secure Fund Transfer: Send and receive funds with linked debit or PayPal.
  • Platform Compatibility: Supported on Windows and iOS.
  • Customer Support: Access online chat and forums for assistance.


  • Easy to connect with WhatsApp users.
  • Provides instant messaging, voice, and video calls all in one platform.
  • I can quickly start a group call with a group call link.
  • Noise suppression helps to filter out background noise during a call.


  • History of security breaches and vulnerabilities can be a concerning.


  • Plan: Forever Free

Link: https://www.messenger.com

6) Google Voice

Free-To-Use Google Workspace App

Throughout the appraisal process, I reviewed Google Voice and found its integration with Google products to be very beneficial. Simplify your busy schedule. With its user-friendly design, managing contacts and scheduling calls becomes a smooth and efficient process.

Google Voice is one of the widely used voice-over IP apps for Android. It provides multiple numbers, enabling users to separate personal and work calls. I could access it on multiple devices, making it easy to switch between different numbers.

Google Voice


  • Custom Voicemail Greetings: It allowed me to customize voicemail greetings for different callers or groups.
  • Call Screening: I could listen to a caller’s voice recording before answering.
  • Unlimited US Calling: You get unlimited calling to the US from anywhere worldwide.
  • Auto-Attendant Replies: Automatic personalized replies to calls anytime, anywhere.
  • Call Blocking: It helped me block specific phone numbers or unwanted call types.
  • Spam Protection: Advanced algorithms identify and filter out spam calls.
  • Voice Transcription: Written transcriptions of voicemails and recorded conversations.
  • Call Forwarding: I directed incoming calls to another phone number or device easily.
  • Affordable International Calls: You can make international calls at lower rates than traditional carriers.
  • Conference Calling: Multiple parties can participate in a single phone call.
  • Platform Compatibility: Supported on Windows and iOS.


  • Allows free number porting.
  • I could switch devices without interruption during a phone call.
  • Avail free phone number without a monthly subscription.
  • Reduces workload with its multi-level auto-attendant feature.


  • The free plan doesn’t provide shared access.
  • I wish its global coverage was not limited to 13 countries.


  • Plan: Free with In-App Purchases

Link: https://voice.google.com/

7) WhatsApp

Best for Affordable International Calls

In the course of my review, I found WhatsApp to be an excellent free VoIP app for Android. Its large user base of over 2 billion monthly active users makes it great for businesses aiming to reach potential customers conveniently.

WhatsApp’s voice-over IP apps for Android use an internet connection rather than cellular minutes. Therefore, it is a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone calls for users and businesses. Over 50 million businesses worldwide use WhatsApp’s business platform, demonstrating its broad reach and effectiveness as a business communication tool.



  • Encrypted Calls: All audio and video calls are encrypted and secure.
  • Group Internet Calls: I could make audio and video calls with multiple participants.
  • Call Waiting Alerts: It provided alerts for incoming calls while on another call.
  • Call Forwarding: Direct incoming VoIP calls to another phone or device.
  • Call Blocking: I could block specific numbers or unlimited spam calls.
  • Platform Compatibility: Supported on Windows and iPhone/iPad.
  • Customer Support: Access online forums, chat, and email help desk.


  • Allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp with their CRM systems and automate customer service
  • I like its read receipts that help track when my messages are read.
  • Enables easy tracking with Live Location.
  • I could call globally at affordable rates.


  • Requires disclosing your number for adding others.


  • Free Trial days: Not Available
  • Pricing: Forever Free

Link: https://www.whatsapp.com

How to Choose the Best VoIP App for Android?

To choose the best VoIP app for Android, you must consider the following aspects:

  • Security: Look for apps that offer end-to-end encryption to protect your VoIP calls and messages from potential eavesdropping.
  • Cost: I compared the cost of different apps before shortlisting them. Ensure you understand the pricing structure, including additional costs for additional features and in-app purchases.
  • Features: You should also consider the features that are important to you, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, screen sharing, and call recording.
  • User experience: I checked for apps with a user-friendly interface, clear audio and video quality, and reliable call connectivity.
  • Reliability: Look for apps that function consistently and without interruption. The app’s reputation, reviews, and testimonials can provide insight into its performance and reliability in real-world scenarios.

What are VoIP Apps for Android?

VoIP apps utilize internet protocol to transmit voice and video calls. It allows users to communicate using their Android smartphones or tablets. These apps are an alternative to traditional telephone networks. They offer additional features, such as instant messaging, screen sharing, and video conferencing.

What are the security risks of using a VoIP app on Android?

Here are important security risks associated with using VoIP apps on an Android device:

  • Viruses and malware: A mobile phone having VoIP apps can be susceptible to viruses, worms, and malware. These make them vulnerable to attacks using malicious code.
  • DoS (Denial of Service) Attacks: These attacks can fill all the available bandwidth on a VoIP network or device. It can lead to frequent termination of VoIP calls.
  • VoIP phishing: Scammers posing as official companies may ask for sensitive information during a call, giving a false sense of security.
  • Eavesdropping: Unauthorized individuals may intercept and listen in on VoIP calls on your Android mobile phone. It allows them to potentially gain access to sensitive information.


My experience with Skype, Google Meet, and Telegram shows each has distinct advantages. Skype is versatile, Google Meet integrates well with other tools, and Telegram prioritizes privacy. Hence, you can select based on your specific needs.

Among them, Skype proves its adaptability and usefulness, making it a smart choice for any business seeking versatile and reliable VoIP software. If you decide not to invest a dime, you may also opt for Google Meet or Telegram.

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