6 BEST Wireless WiFi VoIP Phones (2023)

Wi-Fi VoIP phones enable you to use your Wi-Fi network instead of old-fashioned wired systems. They include special onboard circuitry to send and receive radio signals, which are used for wireless internet communications via a Wi-Fi network.

It makes wireless phones a good idea for workplaces with limited places for wiring but having a reliable Wi-Fi connection. They’re also suitable for companies with employees that work remotely. They are highly cost-effective compared to traditional phones.

To find the right WiFi VoIP phone for your business, we spent hours researching the top six models on the market. Our choice was based on sound quality, reliability, smart features, purpose, and more!

Best VoIP WiFi Phones

Name No of Lines Connectivity Price Link
Ooma Telo VoIP Free 2 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN $119.99 Check Price
Yealink SIP-T54W IP Phone 10 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN $228.00 Check Price
Grandstream DP720 Dect Cordless VoIP Telephone 12 USB, LAN, PoE $96.99 Check Price
Poly-VVX 411 12 USB, LAN, PoE $105.46 Check Price
OBi2182 12 WiFi and Bluetooth $69.99 Check Price
Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series 5 WiFi, Bluetooth, USB $259.49 Check Price

Here are some of our favourite WiFi VoIP phones in 2023.

1) Ooma Telo VoIP Free

Ooma Telo VoIP Free is wireless VoIP phone which is available with three handsets that include a clear display that gives you a picture caller-ID. This phone is also a fantastic choice for nationwide as well as international calls. The former is completely free of charge, while the latter comes at very low costs.

Finally, as a busy person who constantly makes important phone calls every day, you’ll appreciate the high voice quality and straightforward interface.

Ooma Telo VoIP


  • Comes with 911 calling with text alerts.
  • Equipped with PureVoice HD technology to make your calling experience smooth and lag-free.
  • Allows you to integrate it with smart devices such as Amazon Echo and Nest.
  • Let’s sync profile pictures and contacts from your Facebook account and other social media.
  • It gives you a chance to block unwanted callers or bots.
  • Enables you to forward calls to any number of your choosing.
  • Available with unlimited nationwide calling.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Ooma Telo app for quick access to your call log when you’re not present Adding the billing information isn’t straightforward.
Simple to set up and use even if you’re not tech-savvy The handsets’ sound quality gets lower if you move far from the router.
Has a clear, built-in speakerphone for when your hands are busy

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2) Yealink SIP-T54W IP Phone

If you’re a businessman who needs a phone with premium performance, you’ll like the Yealink SIP-T54W IP phone.

This Wi-Fi wireless VoIP phone has a 4.3-inch color LCD screen with a backlight, letting you use all the features easily thanks to the large display. You can adjust the angle according to your position for more convenience.

It’s also offers Yealink’s Redirection and Provisioning Service. It also lets you incorporate Zero Touch Provisioning without the hassle of manual settings.

With Bluetooth connectivity, built-in dual-band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, and USB 2.0 port, the Yealink phone is one of the best options for modern offices!

Yealink SIP-T54W


  • Many premium technologies boost the sound quality, such as Yealink Acoustic Shield, which keeps background noise to a minimum.
  • Perfect for those with hearing loss issues, thanks to the HAC handset.
  • Allows you to add multiple handsets to the wireless system.
  • Compatible with both Bluetooth as well as USB headsets.
  • Works seamlessly with the Yealink VC Desktop software to let you share content from your personal computer or laptop.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Lets you connect to 16 VoIP accounts You need to purchase the power cord separately.
The USB 2.0 port also enables voice recording A pricey option
You can add up to 3 Yealink expansion modules.

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3) Grandstream DP720 Dect Cordless VoIP Telephone

Grandstream VoIP phone promises to deliver top-notch performance to make and receive dozens of calls daily without compromising sound quality.

It offers dual Gigabit and PoE network ports. These features offer faster connections for a smoother workflow on busy days. Managers will also appreciate the phone’s conference-supportive features, integrated Bluetooth, and more.

Grandstream DP720


  • 48 on-screen BLF/speed-dial keys you can digitally customize to best suit your use.
  • Advanced security encryption technology to protect all your business’s communications, including SRTP and TLS
  • Available with encrypted XML files and zero configuration for maximum convenience.
  • Comes with a 4.3-inch color-screen display.
  • Works with four GXP2200EXT Modules and manages as many as 160 contacts.
  • Multi-language support, including English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, and more.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Produces clear HD audio Doesn’t support video calls
Compatible with EHS headsets Interface tends to be slow.
Let’s take 12 calls at the same time.
User-friendly screen layout

Link: https://www.grandstream.com/products/ip-voice-telephony-gxp-series-ip-phones/

4) Poly-VVX 411 12-Line VOIP Business Phone (Polycom)

Poly-VVX VoIP business phone can be an essential addition to your office or conference room because of its super-clear audio. It has 12-line keys and four soft keys that give you quick control over your calls. These keys let you handle features like Conference, Transfer, Call-park, and more.

It also has impressive connectivity features, including PoE, a USB port, and two Ethernet ports that enable you to provide LAN access to your computer.

Poly-VVX 411


  • Exceptional audio quality thanks to the Poly HD and Poly Acoustic fence technologies that ensure a crystal-clear sound and block background noise.
  • Available with a 3.5-inch color display that’s large and easy to read.
  • This wifi phone for home has a loud speakerphone that uses Acoustic Clarity technology.
  • Supports multiple types of headsets to match your preference (USB or RJ9).
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Backlit screen that enables you to see clearly in the dark Power supply not included
Easy setup and smart interface for busy offices Customer support could be improved
Budget-friendly price, which is suitable for small offices No Bluetooth connectivity
Rugged, long-lasting design

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5) OBi2182 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone with Power Adapter

For offices that need a simple WiFi VoIP phone with basic features and a reasonable price, you can try the OBi2182 device.

It supports up to 48 lines, has a large color display, and has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 to cater to your connectivity needs.

You’ll also appreciate its compatibility with Google Voice, which allows you to use up to six numbers per phone. This wireless handset uses the six buttons on both sides of the screen. You may assign them to different lines or dedicate them to speed-dial numbers.

OBi2182 Wi-Fi


  • Available with 2.4 GHz/5 GHz, 802.11ac Wi-Fi for fast connections and minimal lags.
  • It is one of the best home wifi phone is suitable for use with third-party and instant messaging apps.
  • It has an adjustable volume that you can set a few notches louder for people with hearing difficulties.
  • Offers immediate tech support thanks to the OBiTalk cloud-based management platform.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Supports multiple mounting options (flat, wall-mounted, and tilted) Hard to see the buttons in dimly lit rooms
Great sound quality from the handset and the speakerphone. The screen is overly bright in low-light settings
So much room for customization.

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6) Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series

Cisco IP Phone 8800 series is an ideal choice if you are looking for a reliable Wi-Fi phone that supports video calls. It performs best in executive offices, conference rooms, open workplaces, and more. It enables you to use hd voice and video collaboration, which is beneficial for a large company that requires constant communication between various departments.

It also allows workers to transfer calls to their smartphones to be reachable wherever they are—a useful feature for multi-story office buildings!

Cisco IP Phone


  • Many models support 720p HD desktop video calling without needing a separate device.
  • Countless Cisco collaboration services for calling, messaging, customer care, and meetings.
  • Cisco Expressway provides single sign-on access for remote workers.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Models come with multiple deployment options that help businesses cut costs. The screen could be larger.
Secure communications with the latest encryption technologies Initial setup requires added effort
Wired/wireless expansion microphones support Only accepts three conference calls, which is limited compared to the phone’s price point.
Up to ten-line keys
Made from closed-loop plastic

Link: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collaboration-endpoints/unified-ip-phone-8800-series/

Buying Guide

A VoIP, or voice-over-Internet Protocol phone, is a phone that uses IP technology to send or take call signals over a wireless connection.

It comes with onboard circuitry that allows it to convert telephony signals into digital signals to use with the internet.

DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phones have a built-in base station to transmit telephony audio signals. Moreover, each DECT unit can be considered to have a router of its own so it doesn’t interfere with your wireless network.

On the other hand, VOIP codless phone depend on your existing Wi-Fi network to establish telephony communications. They’re not standalone systems.

To make a wise, well-informed decision when buying a cordless Wi-Fi VoIP phone, keep the following factors in mind:

  • The number of lines you require.
  • Connectivity options (Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi, USB ports, Ethernet, and the like.
  • Compatibility with smart devices or apps.
  • Encryption and security features.
  • Ease of setup and interface.
  • Price and how it compares to your budget.

Best VoIP WiFi Phones

Name No of Lines Connectivity Price Link
Ooma Telo VoIP Free 2 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN $119.99 Check Price
Yealink SIP-T54W IP Phone 10 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN $228.00 Check Price
Grandstream DP720 Dect Cordless VoIP Telephone 12 USB, LAN, PoE $96.99 Check Price
Poly-VVX 411 12 USB, LAN, PoE $105.46 Check Price
OBi2182 12 WiFi and Bluetooth $69.99 Check Price
Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series 5 WiFi, Bluetooth, USB $259.49 Check Price


Wi-Fi wireless VoIP phones can make communication between different departments a breeze while keeping your offices clear of tangled wires.

If you’re ready to invest in good-quality wireless VoIP phones, some great options include the Ooma Telo, Yealink SIP-T54W, and Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series.

You might also want the OBi2182 Wi-Fi VOIP phone, Grandstream telephone, or Poly-VVX business phone.